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Article: 30 Beautiful Artworks That Act Against Climate Change

30 Beautiful Artworks That Act Against Climate Change

Extreme climate events have become our new normal.
Here are some of the best artworks that have helped society to act against the climate change crisis!
Created by Brian Britigan |

Extreme climate events and record-breaking heat have become our new normal. Scientific reports have warned us to act fast to tackle the climate change crisis. We also have witnessed civilians protest and fight against government inaction. These actions can be in many forms; one of them is through art campaigns. Here are some of the best artworks that have helped raising awareness and act against the climate change crisis!


1. Cataclisme

Created by Ashot Gevorkyan |


2. 66° N

Created by Wang Ruilin |


3. Time

Created by Ferdi Rizkiyanto |


4. After The Flood 2021

Created by Gijs Vanhee |


5. Global warming and desertification problems

Created by Ahmed Hassan |


6. Crisis

Created by Eduardo Valdés-Hevia |


7. Foreign skies

Created by Agnieszka Żurawska |


8. Is California Doomed to Keep Burning? For TNR

Created by Samantha Mash |


9. The Age of Uprisings

Created by Zoran Svilar |


10. Virgin Earth Challenge

Created by Tom Clohosy Cole |


11. Cut & Collage : Climate Change

Created by Intancia Agnes |


12. There is no planet B

Created by Hala Kobrynska |


13. Climate change

Created by marta comas |


14. COP 26

Created by Cesar St. Martin |


15. Our Forest

Created by Patrick Salonen |


16. Penang has fallen

Created by Houston |


17. Dead sea

Created by Ana Barboza |


18. Collapse

Created by NEVERCREW |


19. Humans Cause global warming

Created by Alexandra Davis |


20. WWF - Australia

Created by cZerostudio |


21. Arche | "Mass" Exhibition

Created by Julia Hosse |


22. ALASKA's Unnatural Disasters

Created by DIEGO SALAS |


23. Greta

Created by Ron Berg |


24. Burning Out

Created by Brian Britigan |


25. Floating World

Created by Nick Pedersen |


26. Global warming

Created by Macbeth Corriea |


27. Environmental issue

Created by In Kyung Uhm |


28. Noah's Ark of the future

Created by Francesca Mucelli |


29. Climate Action

Created by Marcus Pendery |


30. Statue of Liberty Hand

Created by Adrien Ehrhardt |


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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