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Article: 30 Majestic Animal Tattoo Design Ideas

30 Majestic Animal Tattoo Design Ideas

Since ancient civilizations, the animal tattoo has been believed as a symbol of animism.
Here are some of the most majestic animal tattoos for your references!
Created by 60jams |

Since ancient civilizations, the animal tattoo has been believed as a form of symbolism or animism. This came from the view that people and animals are spiritually correlated, and there's energy that can help humans in their spirituality. Because of that, most people get animal tattoos because a certain animal carries meaning and symbolism close and relatable to the person. If you're looking for animal tattoo inspirations, you're in the right place! Check these tattoo artworks below!


1. kenji_shigehara_yktattoo

Created by kenji_shigehara_yktattoo |



Created by |


3. lambdin_

Created by lambdin_ |


4. haenytattoo

Created by haenytattoo |


5. tomo_silkneedletattoo

Created by tomo_silkneedletattoo |



Created by |


7. horimatsu_bunshin

Created by horimatsu_bunshin |


8. Mitattoostudios

Created by Mitattoostudios |


9. laurennruthless

Created by laurennruthless |


10. visceraltattooaix

Created by visceraltattooaix |


11. elly_tattooist

Created by elly_tattooist |


12. samanthagrimmtattoo

Created by samanthagrimmtattoo |


13. 60jams

Created by 60jams |


14. Ljctattoo

Created by Ljctattoo |


15. aiko_tttt

Created by aiko_tttt |


16. Tappymao

Created by Tappymao |


17. mister_corte_oficial

Created by mister_corte_oficial |


18. christina_lopez88

Created by christina_lopez88 |


19. Samwalkertattoo

Created by Samwalkertattoo |


20. prettypat.tats

Created by prettypat.tats |


21. morana_ink

Created by morana_ink |


22. joelalbatattoo

Created by joelalbatattoo |


23. j.and_art

Created by j.and_art |


24. bullytrapp

Created by bullytrapp |


25. tompinkerz

Created by tompinkerz |


26. dennis.riebel

Created by dennis.riebel |


27. spannerzdanny

Created by spannerzdanny |


28. Xjtattoo9

Created by Xjtattoo9 |


29. Tattoodlidani

Created by Tattoodlidani |


30. Marcusrochaart

Created by Marcusrochaart |


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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