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Hesland Typeface is one of the free vintage font that we highly recommend for designers who are looking for a unique writing style. This writing style carries retro and vintage themes inspired by vintage and rustic American styles.

This style is quite suitable for a rustic and masculine design look. You can download this free font at the bottom of this page. By using this font in your work, you can be sure that the appearance of your work will be much cooler and stand out.

Vultype Co has again demonstrated their ability to present the best letter designs for graphic designers. Hesland Typeface is also one of the best works of Vultype Co. This design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia, has produced lots of attractive typefaces that you can use in your designs.

In contrast to their signature characteristic, which usually focuses on producing elegant and simple work, this time, Vultype Co produces work with a rustic and vintage look. Although outside of their usual style of design, the display of these fonts is simply out of the ordinary. This typeface can even be said to be one of the best free vintage fonts made by this creative studio.

If you are interested in other works of Vultype Co, you can visit their online page on FontBundles.net. There you will be presented with a complete catalog of their works that you can purchase.

Hesland Typeface is a letter design with a very attractive handwritten calligraphy style. This free vintage font comes with a unique rough texture choice, which at the same time makes it one of the things that differentiate this writing style from other writing styles.

This typeface design will be very suitable for use in artwork that has a rustic and retro vintage theme. If you are interested in using this writing style in your work, you can download this free version here on this page.

You only need to fill in the data in the form of your name and email address. Then the free font version will be sent directly to your email. However, this bundle can only be used for personal use only, not commercial work.

Moreover, this free version only provides 1 font style. If you want a complete bundle that includes 8 interesting font styles, you should download the full version, which is available on FontBundles.net.

Both free or full versions include 6 features (Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeral, Punctuation, Ligature, Multilingual).

This free font is perfect for apple designs, logos, branding, invitations, and calligraphy. Because of its simple style, Hesland Typeface is flexible and easy to mix with any design style.

Letter designs like this will usually be very suitable when combined with a minimalist and simple fonts such as sans serif fonts or other minimalist types of fonts. 

  • 8 Font Styles: Regular, Regular One, Regular Two, Regular Rough, Sans, Sans Rough, Rough One, Rough Two
  • 6 Features: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeral, Punctuation, Ligature, Multilingual
  • Full Version is available here >
FREE VERSION (Personal Use License)
  • 1 Font Style
  • 6 Features: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeral, Punctuation, Ligature, Multilingual


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