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Article: How to Write A Proper Project Management Plan

How to Write A Proper Project Management Plan

A goal without a proper plan is just a daydream.
Let's find out how to write a proper project management plan to boost work productivity and efficiency!

For creative industry or any kind of business that involves projects, most likely, they need what is called a management plan. It is pretty much a document that the company needs to monitor and plan every detail. So, all of the efforts will not go wasted. It is also a way to prevent frustrating results for everyone that is involved in the project. 

But is it easy to make? Of course not. To write a proper project management plan, one needs to do thorough research. It should cover every piece of pieces, including the goal, idea, primary element, team, risk, or goal monitor. But it is also vital to pay attention to how to write the proper document. Here is what you need to underline.  


About The Terminology 

Let's talk about the terminology. Most likely, you already have an insight from the name, project management document. It is a formal document that is specifically meant and built to define how a certain project will be carried out. To say it bluntly, you can call it a proper proposal document that envelopes every management and idea for a certain project.

The function is pretty explainable from the name. But the document itself is not something that you can write easily. A proper management proposal will outline the assignment scope, goal, deliverable, and budget. It will highlight every single plan you have for the work. And also, it helps people in charge to keep it on track.

Considering how crazy important the document is, one needs to write it during the life cycle with other approval. In the business world, the project management document will go straight to the stakeholders before getting signed to the execution stage. That is why a proper document and plan are very crucial. 

But, what makes a proper project management plan? You can think of it as a project proposal. It comprises all of the information and ideas about the work. While it is quite simple, you will talk and convince the higher up. If you can entice their interest in the job, it means you are successfully writing a proper idea. 

So, you can underline the need for proper document design, plan, and ideas. Some of the points that you need to pay attention to are organized, engaging, and thorough. No one wants to read a vague document, especially for a plan. So, make sure you can write a job management document with that point in mind.  


Project Management Plan 

But then, a proper management plan also needs real information. It should cover all of the necessary pieces or details about the work. So, one thing that you need to learn ahead is the parts. The document has some main components that you cannot miss. Due to its importance, ensure you write all of the parts in your management plan document. 

Starting from the beginning, you will need a proper executive summary. The start of your document that consists of an executive brief will include some short descriptions. It summarizes the content, primary element, and what you want the higher up know about the project. Write it in a short but straightforward manner. But it also needs to be engaging to make readers curious. 

The next one is the scope. You will write down the proper strategy outline in the document. The idea is to tell how the project will be carried out and broken down. It will help you highlight the project management plan deliverables. After that, you can continue to write down the job schedule and resources. It will cover some specific measurements for your plan. 

The last two main components of the document include risk or issue in the management and the communication plot. The two details will support your strategy to work around the project. That is why you need to write a proper idea for every information and detail in the management plan. 

But, how if you are working on a big project? Can the document fit all of the detail? That is the reason you need to learn how to write a proper project management plan. The point is you need to write the what, how, and when the task is done. Try to convince your stakeholder or higher-ups about your plan in a concise and effective proper document. 

That is the reason why you cannot underestimate the management document. You need to tailor everything. Thus, you can write a proper, thorough, engaging, and clear plan. Underline that every detail will not fit in the proposal anyway. You got to look at every risk, possibility, budget, or everything. So, you can sell the client to your agency and make the project plan doable.


Tips On Writing A Proper Management Plan For Project

1. Highlighting Key Element In Executive Brief

The first part of the document that you need to write properly is the executive summary. As part of the introduction, your higher-ups will pay attention to the brief. It becomes one of the most vital components due to its function to tell the summary of your whole project management document. 

Highly possible your stakeholder will not take too many glances on the other parts, just here. That is why you need to write it properly. So, the function of the brief itself is to give a description or the key content of your project management document. It will introduce the whole plan even in very short sentences. 

The challenge to write proper briefs is not something you can underestimate. It can reach almost every part of the plan, which includes the goals, proposition, milestones, deliverables, and so on. In other words, the task management executive brief is where you write a summary of all of the proposals. 

But to nail the component, you need to develop and write a proof of concept. It will help you split the proper information into two contrasting pieces of evidence. One of the best proper examples is the executive brief that tells the project management plan's problem and solution. The two-column trick will help you write clear information that is easier to read. 

It is also a great way to write a proper introduction to the project management strategy document. But there are also ways to make the brief more interesting, engaging but also explain the proper plan. You can use visual highlighting to pinpoint the key takeaways, write using big fonts, add colorful icons, or any other ideas. 

But you do not necessarily have to write down a simple executive brief. When faced with a large project, your management plan will be bound to get longer. In this case, you are free to write with text-heavy documents. Dividing some of the information into sections, using small visuals, dedicated header, icon, and different background colors will make a proper design. 

Again, the point of the executive brief in the project management plan is to provide a proper introduction. It consists of a summary of your document. You can make it simple or text-heavy based on your need. The primary takeaways are to highlight every proposal point, highlight, organize it, and make it engaging. So, your reader wants to read the rest of the document.  


2. Visualizing Project Schedule 

Reaching on to the schedule part of the document, you might have to consider visualization. As said prior, you want to write a proper project management document that is engaging and not boring. At the same time, you want to ensure that the information is correct, understandable and also entice your higher-ups' interest. 

To make it happen, you can carefully plan everything with some visuals on the way. It is especially true for your proper task schedule. Why is it important? One sure thing is that the explanation can turn into a lengthy one. If you only focus on text-heavy data, it will make your higher up bored. 

So, the focus of the project schedule itself is to explain the step-by-step strategy on how to work on the tasks. It is a central part of your project management plan document that needs proper consideration. Without it, you will find that every idea and the design will lose its focus, crumble with the pressure, poor management, or miss the deadline. 

If you are not sure how to write an accurate and effective project schedule, there are a lot of programs that offer complex accuracy. Some of the plan tools even allow a visual plot for the milestone, task, conflict, or dependencies. It can give you more information to write and explain in the document. 

Using a proper program for project management is easily the best option. It is especially helpful when you need to write a high-level roadmap or schedule. The detailed timeline, visual representation, and plan ideas will put every individual in the loop. It is also easier to see and track the working progress. 

Regardless of your options in visuals or tools, you can only write a proper schedule with a clear responsibility. Determining, researching, and breaking down the duties of the team member is what you need to do. After that, you can point to the proper division of the project management plan for the right person and the right schedule.  


3. Break down The Project Team Structure 

If you want to make the management plan work as it's supposed to be, the thing that you need to pay attention to is team structure. Assembling a team is not as easy as you thought. A proper team needs to be able to work as a perfect circle. Your goal to write the document is to ensure the communication and communicating of the assignment go well. 

In this case, your rationale for breaking down the team will be the determiner of your document value. The main point that you need to consider is that you have to write a proper rationale, details, and information for your team and stakeholder. Your audience must be able to access the plan either for question or guidance. 

So, the best way to make the project management proposal is to present it visually. You can make a clear detail with the visualization that tells each of the team structures. One of the visual designs that you can use is an organizational chart plot. It is clear enough to tell the team hierarchy, the person's basic information, and contact information. 

Another thing that you need to write in the team structure plan is work management. You need to channel every communication within the team and the work they are accountable for. So, you can make a proper explanation for the project management plan. The design and model are 100% up to your desire. But the best one is a modest chart.  


4. Mentioning The Project Risks

This is where you need to write some more serious information. Your management plan might have to see the end of failure if you cannot present the project risk. So, one reason why you can write a proper document is the existence of risk factors. It will deal with talking about the breaking down of the risk, plan, and how to deal with it. 

The document plan part itself is mostly referred to as risk management. It covers some of the information that you need to write clearly and has a great rationale for it. So, the first thing that you need to write in proper risk management is the list of the factors that play in the project. It can be anything, and your job is to break down the structure. 

The key to a proper project management document is a hierarchical representation. You can do it for the risks and categorize them. It will be easier to learn and also understand for your audience. Some of the examples of the risk factor that you can write are technical, management, and external risk categories. 

You can also explain the proper hierarchy of each risk factor using level breakdown. You can take the technical risk factor breakdown to cover the requirement as the first level. After that, you can mention performance as level two. And the system as the highest-level possible factor. With a clear breakdown, you can write more thorough or deep planning for each issue.  


5. Use Suitable Template 

There are times that visual design does not matter for a project management plan. However, using a suitable template can increase the engagement rating and the fascinating value of your document. That is why you need to consider the best suitable or proper template for the project proposal. It is better to match the product or project identity. 

Another point that you need to pay attention to is deliverability. You need to write a document for your stakeholder or higher-ups. It means that you need to entice their attention with a straightforward, legible, and easy-to-read document. So, ensure your template does not hinder your project management proposal. 

It is also a good idea to write the management idea with the best or proper template. If you have already set the best template, it will save you some time to write every information. It is also easier to organize all of the details, the chart, reasoning and make a more engaging experience for your project stakeholder.  


6. Creating A Project Status Report For Future Monitor

The last point to write a proper document for project management is a status report. It is mostly placed on the last page, which is one of the fundamental pieces of information your higher-ups need. One pinpoint that you need to write in this part is the proper communication management plan. It is a plan that highlights the communication between the team and stakeholders. 

At some point, many managers overlook the information and make it in the last-minute meeting. To ensure you can give proper information and preparation, plan everything. You can write some of the project management details, such as launching meeting schedules, and also add the status report. 

The project status report can help you write a thorough plan. It mostly provides information that is vital in communicating updates, such as the task's progress. The detail can cover the work accomplishment, a problem that arises, format, and others. If you can write a proper report and stay active as the project progresses, it will help you build trust. 

It is also easier to see whether the project management plan is a success or not. For a more proper document, you can plan a broader report that covers larger updates. You write the statement as the job goes. it is easier to do if you can plan everything, such as choosing the visualization, checklist, point, or anything. And so, your proper document is finished. 



To conclude, you can say that creating a project management document is something that is far from simple. You need to consider all of the risks, plans, progress, and details to write a proper document for the strategy. It does need a lot of research. But more importantly, how you design the management document is what you have to pay attention to. 

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