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Article: Why Is Adobe Photoshop So Expensive Yet Still Worth It

Why Is Adobe Photoshop So Expensive Yet Still Worth It

Talking about photo editing software out there, you will find many options to work. But, you cannot say no to the fact that Adobe will always appear on the first page. As a company that leads on many editor programs, Photoshop is pretty much on the higher option tier. While there are also many alternative and new products popping up, this name is still a solid one. 

But, even though Adobe photoshop has been in the market for a long, it is still one of the most expensive options to pick. Back in the day, the photo editor was available as a once-off purchase. Made many people love the program due to the not-so-expensive piece of software. But now, Adobe changed its product into a subscription-based service. 

At a glance, paying an ongoing regular fee sounds very cheap and less expensive than buying one. It is also worth it since you can get the full service with a monthly subscription. But, the long-term payment can turn into an expensive one. So, is it worth it to pay for such a service? Why are people still using it even at an expensive rate? Read further for more info. 


What Makes Photoshop So Expensive 

Before going straight to the Adobe Photoshop worth, you better know the current rate. So, what makes photoshop considered expensive? Adobe changed its service to subscription-based to make it cheaper and less expensive than buying a full copy of the app. However, the rate is still considered high. But, how high is it that people ask for the worth? 

1. The Pricy Subscription

How much did you pay for the worth? One thing is for sure, and the worth and worthless opinions can differ from one to another. So, please mind that this article is based on personal knowledge and experience. Talking about the current price tag, Adobe photoshop is priced at around 10 USD per month. Yes, it is not expensive but rather cheap for a regular fee. 

The expensive consideration is also considerably false since Adobe does not only offer photo editor software. The worth also includes 20Gb cloud storage data as well as access to Adobe Lightroom. So, in other words, the not so expensive monthly fee will give you three advantages in one buying. It is photoshop, lightroom, and 20Gb cloud storage.

Adobe Photoshop also offers a different price tag for the subscriber. If you think 10USD is too expensive and it is not worth the buck, take a look at the higher tier. The second subscription tier is about 21 USD per month. So, the 10 USD photoshop is not even a rival for this expensive subscription option. 

However, again, the higher price offers more function. The worth of 21USD per month means you got bigger cloud storage (100GB) and some other Adobe software such as Portfolio, Font, Spark, and Fresco. That means that the expensive number might not be as pricy as you think, especially if you use all of those program packages. 

How about the higher subscription tier? The highest price that you need to pay is about 53 USD per month. Whether you have too much money to spend or want to use all of the Creative Cloud, the expensive Adobe photoshop subscription will be worth the money. It is especially for professionals that want to use high-quality programs for their careers. 

So, from those numbers, you can say which one is worth it and not. Since each subscription option has a different worth and package, one can choose the best that fits their needs. If you want to use Photoshop in general, the 10 USD price will not feel as expensive because you got the most out of the pick. 

2. The Cheap Short Term, Expensive Long Term

The old Adobe may have the purchase option for about 700 USD. Take a look at the number. 700 bucks in 2013 are very expensive for a single piece of software. However, Adobe Photoshop is pretty popular due to its solid ability to give the best quality program. But, if you are just a new designer that wants to taste=test the program, the 2013 photoshop is heavenly expensive. 

Who will buy a program worth for a short period at 700 USD? That is the question. That is why the Adobe subscription system that you can buy for $10 a month is the opposite of expensive. You only need to pay that much, which may be cheaper than some fast-food restaurant burgers. So, it is worth the purchase. 

It is especially true for those that are trying to use Adobe photoshop. They can pay for a few months, try and learn about the program, and stop if they don't feel right with Photoshop. The fair deal is worth more and gives a good deal even for a few years. You can count it that a year subscription will need around 120 USD. So, it is less expensive than the older version.

So, the idea of expensive and worth will depend on your perspective. For new learners, the 10 dollar deal can give a good option to learn the industry standard. The total expenses for 6 years of using it are also less than the 700USD price tag. You can also stop the subscription as easily as buying it. It means that the deal is pretty good for everyone's wallet.  


3. An Accountable And Updated Software

Remember that the Adobe photoshop subscription's lowest price is 10 USD per month. You can pay and use it as much as you want or stop using it when you feel it has lost its worth. But, one thing that you should underline is the sense of accountability. In other words, Adobe will constantly update the software and make it better over time. 

Rather than buying the expensive one-once purchase, Adobe keeps the user engaged and interested in improvement. It can change the sense of worth of the buyer. You might find that Adobe photoshop was too expensive two years ago. But, in the current update, you will find that the price is worth it for all the functions. It means the expensive tag is worth the update, right?  

Another advantage of using the Adobe photoshop subsection is to keep getting the latest version. As long as you subscribed, you got the access to use Creative Cloud and get new updates. At some point, the worth of the app will surpass the high price. It is better than buying a cheaper one once purchased but gets outdated quickly. 

4. Not A Free Application 

Well, Adobe software is never free. At least if you are looking for a real and official certified program, it is. Adobe Photoshop does have a seven-day trial from the official website. You can use it for a very short term without paying anything. But, you will need to buy for better access and further update. 


The Reasons It Is Worth For Your Need

If you think that the Adobe software is too expensive and does not worth the hype, maybe you should lower the expectation. Each program out there always has its worth and is not based on the users. But, the expensive tag in photoshop is not there without reason. And as a designer, newbie, or professional, this Adobe photo editor software can give you some advantages. 

1. Strong Foundation For A Program 

One thing that easily explains why Adobe Photoshop is worth it despite the high price is the foundation. Take a look at how long the Adobe company has been in the market. It takes us back to 1982 and 1990 when the first photoshop appeared in public. Since then, the company has been improving the program and making it worth today's program. 

Yes, there is a chance that age does not determine the quality. However, try to see why photoshop is still here, used, updated, and getting more expensive. The answer is quality. Many programs under the same umbrella focus lose their worth and eventually die out. And it will be the same with Adobe if this photo editor program has a lacking worth. 

But, the fact said otherwise. As one of the graphic software in the public market, Adobe photoshop stays solid. The price is getting more expensive, and changes to the subscription system are examples. It means that it is still in demand and keeps getting better over time. Without a strong foundation under the development, it is just another failed software. 

From that truth and fact, you can see that Adobe has put a lot of investment, time, and effort into making photoshop lead the market. Optimization upon updates and improvement keeps ongoing. Aside from the expensive price tag, Adobe Photoshop, which has stable, solid, and improvements, will always make it worth the fee. 


2. Stable Work Make It More Tolerable

As said before, Photoshop is one stable software in the market. The stability point explains how it still has demand, market, solid users, and fans. But, the stable worth is probably more than just an update or improvement. The point is to make the aspect and money you spent worth what you get. And Adobe nails it by giving the best all these years. 

The constant update, improvements, and new functions make the high price feel like something you got as you need. You don't have to worry about lacking function and work with it. The photoshop software itself has some stable performance. That is why many users stay loyal to the product. 

As a designer myself, the name Adobe Photoshop has been familiar since I was a student. During the high school and college years, the expensive software was part of a school sharing program. It was too expensive for students to afford. So, sharing it with many people for one account was the solution. 

Since that old experience, the change to subscription has helped many students to gain access to photoshop. Adobe's price tag of about 10$ is a great deal. Even though it has more than one version until now, the performance is getting better. Indeed, some changes occur. But, from the old to the new one, the stability aspect is always worth the money.  


3. Fast Editing Is The Reason It Loved 

Function-wise, one aspect that makes it still on the top of the cart is the performance. There are many chances that other programs cannot rival how photoshop works as graphic design software. Adobe photoshop performance constantly has subtle changes. There are times that some action will take since a new update. 

However, with some tweaks and improvements, the app can nail many features and functions quickly. Many will say it is a subtle or small point to show a solid reason for the program's worth. But again, stability and constant update mean Adobe is willing to fix issues plus add new parts to the programs. 

In many cases, the quick and fast performance makes the expensive price tag worth it. You can work with many layers in worksheets or create humongous graphic projects for a billboard. Adobe photoshop rarely has a problem in doing so. But again, that performance measure also depends on the device's compatibility and abilities.  


4. It Is A Industry Standards 

Hard to deny that Photoshop's performance, demand, and popularity in graphic design have turned it into a gold standard. In other words, many professionals use Adobe graphic software as an industry standard. You can see how many programs steal the same concept, model, icon, or function from this overpowering program. 

The idea of industry-standard also refers to the program's interoperability and compatibility with current technology. You can use the files for other Adobe's popular apps. The file extension PSD is also pretty common in many companies. Not only that, but the market also uses the expensive program as a pinpoint. 

As an example, you can get as many plugins as you want for Adobe photoshop. It means that even other programs, alternatives, or functions will eventually go straight back to this program. If you are working with many programs at once, such as 3D makers, video editors, or anything in the same field, some of them might also support photoshop files.   

Aside from being a center of the market, the industry standards also refer to function. Adobe keeps on improving this software. So the function gets more than just for adjusting or cropping images. There are many functions such as digital arts, drawing, 3D artwork print, font detailing, and many more. It later shows how the worth of it is equivalent to the expensive fee. 


5. The Varying Version For Photoshop 

It is not a surprise that Adobe created several programs while improving the program's abilities. In this case, the gentle start in 1990 made a great debut. And as of now, you can find at least six versions of it. They are CS, CS6, CC, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Mix. Each has different highlights and features that make them worth trying. 


Alternative For Photoshop 

What if the expensive monthly fee is unbearable? The answer and decision are in your hand. You don't have to force yourself to use Adobe Photoshop. There is a plethora of alternative similar design graphic software that might be worth your cash. Some of them might also be free and easy to access. So, pick whatever works for you. 

Some of the competitors that you can look at our very vast. The free for all options are Gimp, Canva, Sketchbook pro, or Krita. They are pretty popular options with different perks and quirks. If you are an iPad user, Procreate is worth it for drawing and illustration. But the best alternative is Serif Affinity photo with a similar function as photoshop. It is worth about 50 USD. 


Final Words

To conclude, indeed, Adobe photoshop has a high price tag for Photoshop. $10 a month sounds pretty affordable, but at the same time can get pretty frustrating in the long term. With all of the offers, programs, functions, and what you can do in the app, it is worth it. In other words, a nice option for those investing the money in digital art projects. 

For beginners or those who are learning digital art, the price still does some justice. You can stop after a few trials or continue using photoshop for the long term. The high price will eventually go back as your career gets better. Consider it as an expensive investment for big buck creative business in the future. 

But it cannot be denied that the expensive upkeep for every month can get burdensome. In this case, you can always consider other cheaper alternatives to Adobe photoshop. Remember that the most important aspect is to pick what is the best for you. Whether it is about the pricing, usage, or compatibility, the worth of the expensive fee should not be comparable.  

Adobe Photoshop is very expensive. It is not a free application, and you have to use a subscription method to own the photo editor app. However, the costs are worthy enough for the solid program's offers. You got most of the professional tools, stable, fast, and high-quality products. You can use it or choose the alternative; the decision is yours.

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