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Article: 8 Things That You Need For A Successful Rebrand Project

8 Things That You Need For A Successful Rebrand Project

Rebranding projects can be very challenging as you need to develop better than the previous one.
Let's learn about these tips to build even a successful one!

Logo and company branding is supposedly timeless. However, there are times when trends and markets are changing. These situations demand the same action from the company, which is known as a rebrand. The project itself is pretty much what it has in the name. The company or organization are trying to change their image for the better. 

The function of rebranding itself is to reflect a new product, goals, offer, or values. At some point, companies use the project to showcase the company's growth. However, it is not a mere simple action. To initiate a successful rebrand project, both the company and the designer need some consideration points. Here are things that you need to prepare for. 


1. Determining The Values 

One thing that companies need to start rebranding is the value. The value of the company can change or get better over time. It is also one way to show the commitment and growth of the business itself. However, when it comes to rebranding projects, the company values will be the key to designing or targeting the right people. 

Another point that explains the importance of value comes from how it helps create the project and has better engagement and synchronization with the target audience. Value is something that every company should plan before starting it. Why so? One thing is for sure it will help the company to represent the foundation and culture. 

Determining the values is also one of the reasons for a successful rebrand project. The highlight is the ability of the company to underline the reason for its project. Most of the time, the reason behind the work consists of the need to match the changing message, brand design and introduce new goals or values. 

Another good reason to make a rebrand is when the company has outgrown the brand and needs to modernize the brand identity. It is a vital point that many companies consider due to advancing technology and trends. Since the action is a serious undertaking, most of the time, it requires venture in both money and time. That is why value is vital for a successful project. 

On the designer side, understanding the value also helps the designing process. The reason, the footprint, history, and information of the project will make designers create a more comprehensive result. A successful rebrand is not only about a new visual communication but more about a meaningful and representative rebrand result. 



2. Has A Clear Concept or vision 

The next consideration or preparation is vision or concept. Every successful graphic design or project always has a clear foundation. In this case, the rebrand project relies on the concept and the value. So, what is a vision or the concept? It serves as a way to inspire and help the company or the employee to plan for the next steps. 

Most of the time, visions are matched or placed side by side with a mission. Both propel the company goals and reason to exist. At some point, it also propels every person and the teammate to get closer to the company goals. To make a successful rebrand project, companies need to ensure they have a goal that is achievable with the vision or concept. 

So, what is your goal? Most likely, the company already has the idea from their value. A clear value leads to a better vision. And a strong and well-arranged vision will lead the company to move forward. The vision also helps the project itself. Graphic designers or professionals can plan the perfect ideas for the project. 

What makes it even more vital for rebrand planning is its ability as a guiding light. Vision terminology also refers to the product owner's ability to picture their work. What is it supposed to be, how is the limitation, and what is the value of it? The successful concept will rather help start a new beginning, which is why the rebrand project is here. 

The vision helps and states the project planning better. As long as the value and the purpose are well designed, it is not impossible to reach a successful result. It is especially true since the company vision is a strong force that drives everyone. When it comes to project design, vision helps plan features and general ideas of the design work.   



3. Know Your Brand Positioning

A successful rebrand project will not happen without a proper understanding of the brand positioning. There are cases that people only focus on creating visual rebrand ideas. The idea can either hit or miss if done without proper preparation. In this case, a brand positioning will help designers and the company to make a stand-out rebrand. 

How so? And what is the brand position? In the rebrand designing project, the terminology refers to an act of designing the company image and offering. The act was meant to occupy or throne a specific place in the targeted market. From that explanation, you can tell that a successful rebrand result should have a definitive point in a certain market. 

To make it simple, the brand positioning focus on how to make the rebrand project has differences. It is a key that makes the successful rebrand stand out in the audience, different from other competitors, and also sits right in the customer's minds. It is hard to achieve without a suitable value and vision. 

The process itself is quite complex. A successful project and a rebrand positioning strategy involve a range of methods. The idea should create a brand association in the customer's mind. With that idea, the company can shape the audience's preferences. It eventually helps the brand to gain better customer loyalty, willingness, equity, and retention.    

From the designer's point of view, the brand position is also a vital point of creation. The visual representation in the form of logo design or marketing will highly depend on how the company determines its brand positioning. The successful positioning can cover and tell about the preferred customer or target market. 

 One thing that makes it a part of a successful project is the ability to create a brand identity. Understanding and planning the positioning can help both parties gain insight on how to make a better brand identity. When done properly, It affects not only the design process but also the company employee as well. In other words, a successful rebrand project will envelop everything.  



4. Doing a proper Competitor Research 

Doing brand positioning will help initiate the rebrand project. However, the company can get better details and outlines by researching the competitor. Most of the time, a company that wants to rebrand itself will start with conducting a brand audit. It is a precursor of comparing the brand to the competitors. 

One thing that makes it vital for a successful project is its ability to learn the possibilities and plan other design elements. In this case, a successful rebrand project will include identifying competitors through online and offline media. Sometimes, your rebrand concept and design idea might appear in many places. 

The point takeaway idea of this rebrand project process is to learn the consistency, brand element touchpoint, value and offering representation, feature, and others. Successful research will guide both companies to review and consider all of the company elements. It will eventually underline the importance of not relying only on perception and internal belief.  

If you want a successful rebrand, researching your competitor is not about seeing what is better for your company. It is more about deciding to create differences. As you research the competitor, you get to know all of the competitor information and ideas regarding the market. It will eventually help you make a better rebrand project. 

Another thing that helps a lot to make a successful rebrand work is deciding what your competitor does and seeing if you can apply better. It is important to learn from the competitor's success. After that, you can rebrand your product and company from the research. One sure thing is that you can also learn from the competitor's mistakes and successful ideas. 



5. Choosing The Correct Personality And Tone 

After working with the brand positioning and researching your competitor, you will gain a better insight into the project. Who is your market? What kind of details do you want to add so you can sit right with the target audience? It is also important to learn from the competitor, so you can make a more successful branding and marketing. 

However, when it comes to a successful rebrand project, you have some underlying tone and personality. Because you are working with the rebrand, it means you already have the previous tone or personality. You can make a successful complete makeover or workaround with the previous successful project. The key point is rebrand consistency.

Both reworking or continuing the brand has different challenges. If you want to work around the old branding, you have to learn how to include the personality and the tone to fit with the newer product. On the other hand, if you want to do a complete rebrand project, it will need more research. At the same time, it is also better if you can link the old and the new product. 

Regardless of your options, the key to a successful project is the ability to create consistency. Similar tone voices throughout content form and communication are what you need to pay attention to. The use of tone and personality also portrays your brand style. Even more, how you display the term will eventually show the exact target market. 

One thing that is for sure is the tone and personality will go a long way. It can turn into a successful permanent brand identity. People or your audience will get accustomed to it, resonate with the brand style, and eventually make an impression of your brand. So, how to make a successful tone that represents the brand? 

The key takeaway is to choose a communication tone that resonates with the product. If you are currently targeting a more high-end audience, that means you need a rebrand project that is more thigh or formal. That was an example of personality and tone. You can also set out a successful rebrand idea by following the product goal.

The rebrand project tone and personality also reach more than just communication. On the later progress, both parties need to think about the color, font, and logo design. Each of the parts has to represent or resonate with the tone. So, the project is not only creating a successful design tone but also on how the successful project can create proper visual communication. 



6. Working With the new Logo 

The next part of the project is creating the logo. A successful design envelopes the brand identity through visual communication. A logo is one of the ways to make the company distinguish itself from the competition, show the target audience, what the product is, and the industry. It proves that the logo is a vital part of a successful rebrand project. 

But then, what makes it a successful plan? Is it the same or different with creating a logo in particular? When it comes to rebranding projects, the logo gains a lot of attention. The idea is that the company already has its initial successful brand identity. At some point, the brand also already has its meaning in the targeted market. 

So, the main challenge in logo creation is how to make the rebrand project represent the new value without losing the former one. It is not an easy challenge, which makes it need more consideration. Most of the time, a successful project did not 100% change the logo design. But change part of it and make a more modernized design.

A successful logo design can include a range of alterations. It might use a modern element that expresses the core idea in the industry or the product. It can also alter the elements, such as the shape, color, or form. It is considered a successful rebrand project if the logo can develop a new design that envelops all of the novel planning.  



7. Taking A better Typeface

If the logo works as a sign that represents the company, the font will be one of the elements in it. Logo and typeface are nonetheless an essential part of the brand's visual identity, which is worth considering for a rebrand project. A successful application of font or typeface can include how it represents the product and the brand. 

Most of the time, the typeface selecting process is down as the designer work. However, the company also needs to think about the ideal font. Underline the fact that every typeface style and design can represent different meanings. It can be playful, formal, or unique. It is also essential to consider how the font can lead the customer's interest. 

Another point that makes fonts part of successful rebrand projects is how it takes a major role in the brand personality and tone. In online or offline media, the use of fonts can make different interpretations. It also makes the information and digital media point, which include the use of the font in body text, headline, or message in general.  



8. Adding Color Palette 

With logo design in mind and typeface ready, you can make the project go further with a color palette. Along with the previous two points, color takes a big influence on the logo rebrand and visual element. It also plays a main role in creating an atmosphere, tone, personality, and also specifying the target market. 

With that in mind, you can tell how important it is to choose the correct color palette for a successful job. Regarding the logo design, the logo color combination should represent the personality, feeling and make perfect harmony with the goal itself. The successful project can also choose the appropriate color swatches to match the target market. 

The best example is the vivid, vibrant, and joyful color palette for a younger audience. The addition of effect and cool-looking shape make it sit with the more modern mindset. Meanwhile, the change of trend also makes many ideas go with minimalistic design. Again, the color choices can depend on the target market, trend, and goal. 

However, there are two main parts in logo colors that you need to consider. You will most likely use the main and secondary colors to help create a compelling logo. The point of creating a successful rebrand project goes to how you choose and implement the color in the new logo. It can be modern, classic, or anything based on the strategy and brand identity ideas. 




The key takeaway for the rebrand is the idea for a new company image. It is something that requires proper preparation for both the company and the designer. Vitals elements to ensure a successful project include values, concept, brand position, research. It also covers the brand personality, tone, logo, font, and also color palette. So it can visually rebrand the company.  

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