Create A Successful Logo Design in 5 Minutes

Creating a successful logo design can be challenging at times,
as there are several requirements that you need to achieve. Let’s find out how to do it easily!
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The creative industry tends to be misinterpreted or misjudged. People see how such a simple painting can sell for thousands of dollars, or a logo can stay cool for years just because it looks easy to make. However, the process behind its design creation is not something people can consider easy. There are points that creators need to work on more than just luck and hope. 

So, the concept of creating a successful logo design easily more likely refers to the tips and tricks behind the creation. In many ways, creators still need to put some effort into creating one. It is true since the logo and design industry is getting more competitive over time. Some innovative ideas and trends can shape the ideation of the making. 

That mindset can lead beginner creators astray and lose their smart-making idea to instill the easy aspect. It is unfortunate. But to make a successful logo design, one should carefully craft everything. Starting with the brand, business, meaning, target, concept, and innovative imagery, there is a lot to do. Here are some of those heavy lifting and ideation to do. 

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What a Successful Logo Needs?

Generally, there are at least five points that every designer needs to underline when making a logo. A successful design comes without an easy process, and it comes with five factors to make it sure. In other words, a logo should be timeless, memorable, eye-catching, scalable, and encompass the brand vibe. 

The brand vibe itself is found in the guidelines, which encompass the brand personality. A brand or a company's personality can include gentle, calm, passionate, trusting, etc. In the making process, creators need to infuse color, shapes, and imagery to showcase that ideation. In one way or another, the design is always related to branding.

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10 Tips To Create A Successful Logo Design Easily

  1. Understand The Brand's Background
  2. Work With Symmetry And Proportion 
  3. Always Keep It Simple 
  4. Play Around Negative Space 
  5. Avoid The Trending Cliché 
  6. Make It Different And Memorable 
  7. Try Combining 2 Or More Elements
  8. Make It Highly Custom
  9. Use A Vibrant Color Palette
  10. Make A Bold & Dynamic Visual


1. Understand The Brand's Background

In one of the basic designs, one should work with the background and research. It is similar to a logo since it helps represent the brand and company persona. There is also a point that shows how every logo has a story. It indicates that the easy point to highlight is to understand the design meaning and how it relates to the company or brand. 

Far beyond pretty, strong, and attractive sketching full of meaning, the design tends to have a hidden and obvious meaning. It makes the logo design even more meaningful, which is a slight surprise in its interpretation. The best example is the FedEx icon which has a hidden arrow on its letter type. It directs moving forward for its delivery. 

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In this case, there is nothing called creating logo design easily. The creator, you, should pay attention to many points. Meaning can be found in the use of color, imagery, shapes, or detailing. In this case, the easy and best tip to work on the meaning is to tie the design with the company's core values or mission. 

Put a point that many clients and the audience will try to understand the logo easily. Thus, an easy design was used on the project. But if you can put the hidden meaning with values and mission, it will blow the audience's mind. How to do it? Do research. Learn about the brand and the company, and know your competition to avoid any vague detailing on the design. 

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2. Work With Symmetry And Proportion 

Symmetry and proportion should be one of the easy points to help make the logo design in the process. However, the use of proportion and symmetry is not only about the same left and right positions. Many modern logo designs hide the proportion and symmetry aspect of their unique icon. Twitter is the best example of the symmetrical and proportion idea. 

The seemingly simple blue bird logo has its share of balanced curves and arcs in its design. When professionals put circles on the design, it does not make sense. However, the circle's positions and its uses make a well-balanced mark. It makes the work easy to look at and remember. However, this tip is not only about the icon. 

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There is also a good and easy way to implement the idea. One of them is the use of naming and tagline. Some logos use icons, company names, and taglines. To make a successful logo design easily, you need to ensure to balance everything. The best trick is to use 250-30 characters of the tagline, which should be shorter than the name. It is also easy to balance in the design. 

With three elements (icon, name, and title), you can adjust the logo position by harmonizing the sizing. Try to size up the icon. Put the name as the second biggest element and then make the tagline stay under the name. The key is to highlight your name and icon, not the tagline. 

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Another good mention about proportion is to make the logo design scalable. Scalable means you can make it bigger or smaller without destroying the details. You can do it with an easy pick on the image type, the vector image. A vector image is the best option for logos that need to look the same despite having an extreme scaling in later uses. 

Scaling is also a great mention of the iconic model. Consider using a more simple design with less detailing, especially for logos that will be scaled down. It is easy to add details when the image is larger. But when it is small, those little details will be gone and barely visible. It showcases that scaling, proportion, and symmetry can affect the whole imagery. 

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3. Always Keep It Simple 

If you are looking for an easy method to make a logo design, one of the best ideas is to make it simple. It is normal even for a designer not to have the ability to write or create beautiful imagery. There are also misconceptions that people can make beautiful typography as a designer, which is a false idea even though it helps a lot. 

In this case, the idea of making an easy successful logo design easily is by using a simple shape. Creating a simple model itself does not make the process fully easy. You still need to keep the work powerful enough despite its effortless idea. Take an example of Nike's checkmark icon. The work is timeless and memorable. But is it easy to make? 

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Making a simple logo tends to need out-of-the-box thinking. The best thing to make it easy is to turn the boring shapes into something fitting with the brand. Apple's design is iconic. The simple-looking apple picture is bitten, creating a unique meaning more than just a simple apple. It also adds a hidden meaning, such as a computer and a slang of bytes. 

Staying with the simple logo design is also a key to creating an easy, timeless model. Due to the less edit and trending, it helps the company avoid any need for constant overhaul and editing. It has unmistakable brand marks and logo design tricks. However, even this easy trick might need you to go the extra mile in the creating process. 

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4. Play Around Negative Space 

In logo design making, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and forget about the main point, the space. Negative space is the area surrounding the main icon, name, or tagline. What makes it so important in the creation is how easy it makes the work appear cheap or not. There is no standard on using the negative space in logo design easily, but being smart in using it helps make the work stand out. 

Generally, negative space is used to make the logo breathe. In other words, make space around it to make the reader understand or catch the real point. In its easy usage, you can consider the spacing at the front, behind, on top, and below. Depending on the logo design complexity, you might have to use a different space width in each area. 

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The key is you don't want the logo to be fully extended and reach the border. It will likely disrupt the implementation. An easy instance is when you use the work on a card design. Due to its smaller media, the smart use of negative space allows the work to be visible without obstructing any other details. It also adds an easy-to-read impression. 

But another trick on negative space is to use it as a hidden meaning. FedEx perfectly put the idea by hiding an arrow shape on the negative space between E and X. The hidden meaning is another easy addition that makes the logo more memorable. It is something that needs to be considered since the idea is rather easy but also needs planning. 

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5. Avoid The Trending Cliché 

One of the obvious tips on how to create a logo design easily is to avoid cliché or trends. It is easy to follow the current cliché and trend because it takes little effort to attract an ongoing market. However, it also comes with a negative effect, the receding value on personality and work. You will find that trend is bound to die sooner or later. 

This is why you should try working with timeless design. The timeless logo is easy to remember and does not need a lot of change. It makes less money to use and effort. The idea also highlights that designers need to make a lot of judgments before picking the easy-to-die bandwagon. It is okay to see the trend, but see the good and bad about them before ripping off the trend. 

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6. Make It Different And Memorable 

Following the idea of not following the easy trend and design bandwagon, you will need to make an ownable logo design. Ownable is a term that is loved by marketing, which translated to has a close tie with being unique, different, but relatable to the company. It closely relates to the idea of avoiding cliché, making something that is uniquely recognizable. 

Being recognizable helps create a design that is more likely memorable in the market. The company you are working with should be the anchor of every design idea you are going to work with. Sometimes it does not have to be an over complicated image to use on the logo; the key is to make it far more memorable. You can use a simple design, add details, and fill in more sketches to make it more unique. 

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7. Try Combining 2 Or More Elements

One of the ways to make a unique and fun logo design easily is by fusing two images and concepts. It is something that is more than easy, which likely requires out-of-the-box thinking. Take an example of Evernote, which has an elephant head and a small paper fold on edge. It is a unique concept that also stays focused on representing the brand image. 

The idea is likely to be close to the conceptual icons, which help represent the product with its imagery. To make it easy, you can blend two images and make a unique character. Take an example of PT KAI Indonesia, the national train company. The logo showcases a smart blend of color and shapes, creating a unique two-picture fuse. 

The logo has three stripes with blue and oranges color resembling a train car. However, it has a hidden arrow between the shape, creating a sense of the long strip of the train and its direction. Another good model is the WinePlace logo which fuses an upside-down wine glass and a thumbtack shape, creating a sense of a place to drink. 

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8. Make It Highly Custom

Similar to using unique imagery by fusing two different meanings, you can also make a custom type to avoid bandwagon. This is a sense where you are trying to add unique additions using custom lettering. It is not an easy option, but you can learn the typography knowledge to fully embrace the idea. The custom type will make a great successful design tip. 

Custom types demand more effort in creation. You might have to create a font that fits with the company's ideas, model, and vibe. In many ways, the easy way to get this idea is to use handwritten typefaces. You can write it by yourself and add some flair in the process. With you make it, the logo design easily turns into such a branding identity like how Coca-Cola owns its font. 

However, using handwriting also means you should ensure the design is readable. Readability is a point that people can forget pretty easily and quickly. Be sure that your typeface is readable in any size and orientation. The logo design does need more than an easy process, but it is always worth trying.   

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9. Use A Vibrant Color Palette

Color is always an easy addition. For a logo project, the color is a representation of the company. It harbors meaning, ideas, vibe, and details. So, it should be carefully picked. To nail the idea, one should understand the meaning and psychology. A great contrast is also a key to perfect color branding. Be sure to pick background contrast and the logo to make it stand out. 

Beyond the process, you also need to consider working with the grayscale version. Adding a true single-color help make more versatile ideas for the logo design. In this case, it is easy to do if you are trying to consider what logo will be used, the various cases, versions, and functions.  

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10. Make A Bold & Dynamic Visual

To make a successful logo design easily, you should try adding a sense of motion to the image. A nice arrow on the FedEx works, but you can also see it on Twitter's sign. The blue bird is flying. There are also a lot of ways to make it work. You can add the effect of running, moving, leaping, wind moving, rumbling, etc., adding a bit of motion to make the logo look unique and memorable. 

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Final Words

To put everything in one statement, it is safe to say that everyone can create an easy logo design by staying true to the basics. At one point, creation needs a lot of trial and error to get the best out of it. It also helps to ask your opinion on the making. You can get a logo that feels right for the brand. 

In this case, some of the tips to create a successful logo design easily is pretty much highlighting the basic aspect. You need to develop one that you know what meaning it can exude. Pay attention to the scale, size, and symmetry, avoid clichés, use smart icons, make it custom, and work with good color, space, and sense of motion should be enough. 

The creative industry comes with a lot of intrigues that every creator and designer needs to learn as time goes by. What makes a logo successful at one time might need an overhaul a few years later. It means you should be a flexible person when taking logo project design for work. It is not always easy, but basic ideas should help in creating one.  

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