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Article: 10 Steps on How to Create A Stunning Instagram Post

10 Steps on How to Create A Stunning Instagram Post

A single stunning Instagram post could possibly lead to thousands of customer engagement.
But how to create a successful one? Here let's find out!
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Since social media gain a lot of attention, many companies and businesses start using them for commercial purposes. It is not a bad idea to create a business account on social media. But it can be bothersome for other users. It is especially true if you keep posting something to market products while using unfavorable posts to see.

It happens to almost all social media, including Instagram. The idea is that many people still overcomplicate the sense of marketing and create bad content for their goods. While actually, you need to create an engaging and stunning upload to enhance the conversion. But how to create a stunning Instagram post?

In this case, you can simplify the complicated steps into two main objectives; your post and how you set it up. Using Instagram to market something is not a simple thing to do. It needs to boost engagement, raise the rank, and get the proper attention. Thus, you can lead and sell from your stunning content. How so? Here are some secrets of creating one:  

1. Picking Up Your Goal

The first step that you need to do to create a stunning Instagram post is defining your goal. Underline the idea that everything you do in the business has meaning in it. If you know what you want and the purpose, then you can create and plan the other configuration. In this step, try to get the grounding goal before you create the stunning content.

Even if you are going for social media marketing, there are some other specific objectives that you need to find. Are you going to create it for sales, impression, or engagement? Remember that every type will tailor the post in a way it can fulfill your purpose. Such as an inviting, stunning design to increase engagement.

You can also underline that your business Instagram account should not always upload the same things or only for marketing. To increase engagement and sales, you can create a stunning post that makes people come to your account. It can be information, funny, educating, or rather silly updates that pique some curiosity. Even better, if you optimize Instagram features.

Yes, you can create a stunning photo, video, or story feature on Instagram to engage with your customer. Many stunning posts will change and follow trends. That is why you need to use it as a strategy to bait your customer interest. In this step, it's best to set the marketing goal as 80% for engagement and 20% sell.

So, the step will not merely focus on promoting your product. Instead, you are trying to engage the customer, increase the conversion, and get the selling going. Sales-oriented posts can plummet your engagement Instagram level. Which won't attract new followers, or even worse, you will lose the current follower.

The step to create a stunning Instagram post that is effective for your marketing goes back to how you decide the goal and the content. A 100% engagement goal is even better since you use social media to reach people. It means you can gain more followers and help lead them to the next step, buying your product.

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2. Understand What Works

You need to understand your product and what works for them. It is one of the fundamental steps in marketing, especially for a stunning Instagram post. Underline that you are not seeing your client or audience face to face. So, you have to make sure your stunning product is eligible for them. Thus, they will find a way to eventually follow your step to buy the product.

In this particular step, you have to work around the bust to find the right ways for your marketing post. The key point is to understand the audience's interest and what they are craving. The idea is that you will create a stunning idea that fits with the current Instagram trend or at least matches your audience's needs. So, how do you do this step?

2.1. Analyzing The Most Generated Contents

Start the step with analyzing your account and see what Instagram posts generate the most sales and engagement. The good thing is, you can do the analysis manually or using an Instagram analytic tool. From that point, you will find which one of your previous stunning uploads gathers more audience, views, or interest.

After you get some number from your post, do the same to your rival or competitor's Instagram account. You will find what kind of stunning marketing media works for them and you. To help you find the proper opponent, search using the hashtag in your niche. So, you can create one in the same manner.

2.2. Analyze Top-Performing Upload And Account

After you get some ideas, you also need to look for the top-performing Instagram account or post with a related niche. In this step, you will search for a wide range of users. That step will help you create a proper Instagram post that fits with the user demand in general. Thus, generate new followers and possible sales.

2.3. Use Spy Tools For Ads

If you are trying to create a stunning Instagram post with ads, you need to use an ad spy tool to analyze your competitor's strategy. This step will help you figure out some of the ads types they have. If you don't want to spend more on the tools, you can do it manually by visiting the account and the post.

Try to find what kind of ads they use and get inspiration for it. Most of the Instagram posts for marketing tend to use smart ads for retargeting the audience with their product. Again, it is good to create that balance between the sales and engagement goal. So, consider your competitor's strategy in using ads, stunning content, or the Instagram polls feature.

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3. Aesthetic Is The Key

With the goal and idea behind your post, you can start to create one. In this step, underline the fact that Instagram is mostly known for its media sharing proficiency. Most users are bound to compete to create a stunning upload by focusing on aesthetic aspects. So, attract your audience and create one doing the same for your account visual point.

In this step, you will need to pinpoint the importance of aestheticism. To make the step work, you can create a stunning Instagram post in the form of videos or images. You can also create and combine them by utilizing the carousel feature. However, to up your aesthetic post level and create one, you will need good skill and time. 

You can always download a template where it's already stunning, so you don't need to worry much about the aesthetic. These Instagram post templates are designed by top designers. You can use these templated just as it is, or you can edit further by yourself or your team. Here go some options:

Created by September 5th |


Created by September 5th |


Created by Eviory |


Created by Eviory |


Created by Eviory |



4. Consider Using Video

A video can bring more engagement from the Instagram user, but they tend to take more time to make. It also needs video-making skills to create one stunning filmography. Suppose you have the skills and tools to upload a video, do it. But make sure you can make a stunning one. Or at least, if your skill is not enough, you can hire some pro in this matter.

On the other hand, images will be more approachable and easier to use. The key visual of the picture goes on how you portray the content. It might not increase the Instagram engagement individually, but you can make more uploads and reach a similar level. In other words, you need to create a stunning Instagram post that compliments your ability.

Another alternative way to create a stunning upload is combining the two aesthetics. You can intersperse images and video with the help of others, such as professional video makers or influencers. The collaboration step will help you gain the benefit of the production and relationship with your creators, as long as you credit them.

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5. Bump It Up With Enchanting Caption

Is it enough with a stunning post? No, it is not. Instagram post's visual point is one of the major aspects to generate engagement. But most of the time, they only show small details of the deal. In this step, you have to complete the content with the caption. Underline the fact that people tend to learn more by reading the caption.

That is why make sure you get stunning visuals and engaging captions. So, what should you write for the Instagram caption? The best step to bump up the conversion and engagement is to create a direction caption. It works the best for sales-centered Instagram posts. You can tell them some information about the stunning product and steps on how to get them.

The point of sales-oriented upload is to get more persuasive. But you can also generate some engagement by witty story and action. The idea behind this step to create a stunning Instagram post is to add a call to action that asks Instagram users to like it or comment for more. The step can work for most, especially if you are great at creating stunning aesthetic posts.

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6. Use Relevant Hashtag

Another step that you need to do in an Instagram post is hashtags. Just like how Twitter works, you can generate many interests by using the correct and relevant hashtags. The point of this step is to create stunning content and publish with some hashtags that reach people. It can be the best way to expand your Instagram account spread and awareness.

The main point of this step is to use hashtags that people search, so you can create a post that goes under the radar. However, you should not combine your stunning content with random hashtags that have the most mention. Instead, you need to use at least three kinds of the hashtag with different levels, the high, medium, and low competition.

The high competition Instagram post hashtag is mostly used by more than 100,000 users. The medium one is around 50-100.000. While the low one mostly has less than 50,000 users. So, why did you need them for your stunning content? The idea of this step is to hit the explore page and reach a higher rank.

Only focusing on one hashtag Instagram post will make your content hard to find, especially in high rank. It is especially true if you have less than 10,000 followers. So, the best step for you to create a stunning Instagram post hashtag is to use the low and medium ones. But doing three of them will eventually bump up the chance of your updates to gain more attention.


7. Add Tag For Your Products

There are times that Instagram business users also have e-commerce stores. If you are one of them, try to optimize the use of Instagram features for your convenience. One of the steps to do is to create a tag for your product. Or take advantage of how your audience needs to venture to your bio to see the link.

It is also one of the effective steps that lead your audience to see your Instagram account content. Since the Instagram mobile app can't open a new tab, they will go to your account and look for the bio. The chance that they will also take a glimpse of your other stunning post, like it, and buy it.

However, this step is not only increasing the visit chance. If you create a tag in your content, people can simply click the picture, click the tags, and visit the landing page. It is a very convenient step and solution to create more sales. It is especially true if you create a stunning Instagram post to introduce your e-commerce store.

However, adding a tag to your stunning picture can be tricky. You need to create all of the tags easily to click and go to the proper link. The key to doing the step without destroying your stunning post is by adding one to five products per post. If you want to create more tags, make sure you space them out properly.

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8. Schedule Your Upload

Stunning Instagram posts are not only about visuals. The idea of creating a stunning visual, but no one notices it makes your content worthless. After you plan all of the needs, the next step is to create the Instagram post at the right time. Just like many other applications, there are up and downtimes. In this step, you need to find the best time for your content.

The strategic point about the schedule is very necessary for your engagement point. To nail this step, you got to know the flourishing time or the uptime of your audience. So you can engage right away. In this step, you can try to use Instagram scheduling software. It will analyze and suggest the best time. So, you can create a stunning post at the right time.  

Created by September 5th |


9. Do Some Promotion

Another step that will help you create a stunning Instagram post to generate more engagement is promotion. It is vital for the new account that has low followers. The underlying idea is that no matter how stunning your content is, it won't reach maximum engagement if people don't see it. So, you need to create a promotion for it.

9.1. Use Ads

The Instagram ads allow users to add links and send traffic to your specific website. This step will work the best to create a sales-oriented post. But you can also use a promotional link to a blog post in your Instagram account. So, you can lead the audience to your stunning content without leaving the site.

9.2. Outreach

The step will demand you to work with top influencers. The idea is that you will promote your Instagram account by asking the influencer to mention your name. You need to allow the influencer to add tags and create a stunning post for both you and the influencer's suitability. But the outreach promotion step might cost some money.

9.3. Embed It With Your Newsletter

If you use an email newsletter, you can create a link or mention your Instagram post or account as well. It is a great marketing step to lead your audience to discover your post, like, and possibly follow your account. The step needs proper targeting and curated ads to attract the correct audience.

9.4. Implement A Story

People love a post that is worth looking at. You can create a stunning visual or video with some story behind it. A little sneak peek before you create and publish it might help bump up against people's interest. The idea of this step is merely to focus on creating a more engaging update that brings sales over time.  

Created by Eviory |


10. Be Responsive

As you create a stunning Instagram post, you also need to be responsive. It will be a perfect step to make sure people come back and check your upload in the future. Try to comment as much as you can. It is also a great way to interact with your followers, understand their opinion, and make your audience happy.


Final Words

Is Instagram marketing something new? Of course, it is not. Many companies try to up their engagement and conversion game by joining social media. However, to make a decent and stunning post, the company has to polish its plan. They need a goal, know what to do, keep up with aesthetic trends, use relevant hashtags, promote, and be responsive. 

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