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Article: 7 Steps To Build A 6-Figure Business Selling Poster Online

7 Steps To Build A 6-Figure Business Selling Poster Online

There are so many ways to build a 6-figure business, and one of them is by selling posters online.
Here are some steps you can follow right away!

Looking at how fast online business development is, shows how the market potential is not limited to certain elements. Selling products online makes it easier for buyers to get related items and allows sellers to have a bigger market. Among those many possible businesses, selling posters is one of the fads.

You can see how products of printed posters, custom design, canvases, wall hanging, typography, and many more are starting to be trending products. When the owner does everything right, this creative business can return with millions of dollars in revenue. Have you ever considered the potential of selling posters online and getting 6-7 figures in return?

Among many designers that work online with their posters, Desenio is a good role model. He is a man that has been selling products, including poster business, to marketing on every level. As a pro himself, the designer will be the best example for online business success. Are you willing to follow his rich way by selling designs and posters? Read these tips before you go.


Market Research Foundation

The first thing every business owner needs to do is to learn and educate themselves with the market research foundation. It is not only for selling products online but also offline stores and commercials on many levels or models that need a strong foundation. So, what is market research, and what should you prepare for this step?

Reviewing the market for selling posters is the key to growing your business's success. In the general line, you can say it is the way to help you run the poster selling work constantly and steadily. Thus, you will get the sweet chance of six-digit income from selling your online product. Here are some of the points you need to learn about online selling items.

1. The Niche

Start with your niche or online product niche. Niche is like a theme but has a bigger coverage of the product you are selling. It includes your poster design, which means whatever the product you are going to make, everything needs to go back to the niche. It means your business needs a clear line and lane to run the online transaction.

To help you get the niche, you can start by identifying the new segment of the target. It is also possible to see what kind of poster fits the current audience. It is important how your business selling poster online products can add value to the potential interest in the market. Other possible considerations are the trends, competitors, and potential financial margins.


2. The Theme

Along with the niche, you also need to establish and determine the theme. Your poster theme can help you stay on the suitable market shelves or criteria. It also helps you learn to focus on the product and similar themes, thus preventing quality loss. How and what kind of themes are you going to use? Stating this idea helps you sell in a suitable market trend.

In the case of selling posters, you can try to join the richer and more popular theme. Some popular themes you can work around with are typography, minimalist, vintage, art, quote, gallery, or anything. Each theme has a varying potential market, ideal design, attention, charm, and other elements.

Take an example of minimalist design that has simple art, text, color, and graphics. It is loved by millennials with a simple life and minimalist ideas. Selling posters with typography themes is also a good option for different markets. It looks clear, fun, and has a certain charm in it. There are also more posters that you can try selling online.

Affirmation design is currently in a rise of popularity. Online users love some unique, inspiring quotes, and you can try them as part of your selling poster online business. If you want or are interested in selling unique pieces, get the vintage poster theme. Many online buyers from everywhere appreciate the fun and enchanting look of vintage themes.   


3. Types Of Poster

Along with the theme, you can also try selling posters based on the type. The thing about poster production you can underline is how vast and varying the production can be. It can appear and be presented in different materials or designs. At the same time, picking the proper types can include setting up the target budget, types of themes, or market.

Take an example of working with framed posters or canvas prints. The different materials and designs make it come with a dissimilar market or buyers. It does the same with other designs and types, including metal print, matte, premium, and many more. When you can narrow down the market for your online poster selling a business, you won't get overwhelmed with orders.


4. Original Or Reproduction

Don't you think selling posters online is only focused on creating original works? If you dig deeper and learn more about a similar market, it is safe to say that the potential is far more than you can see. It means you can work with the proper poster selling industry as long as you know the proper etiquette. What does it mean?

In this creative sector, it is a bit of a surprise that even the most creative people can appear and sell some reproductions. It is not a thing you need to feel ashamed of. Photographers, designers, or artists can work with original design and artwork. It can be one of the charms and selling points of your online business.


Selling posters with original artwork is a good way to develop your brand. It also provides a nice exposure to the market. However, it does not mean people that have no creative abilities cannot join the business sector. You can still get six figures by selling, reproducing, and introducing some poster brands. Yes, you can work with other artists and sell to people.  

Does that mean you are selling whatever poster you have? It can be, as long as you put credit for people or the original artist. If you cannot work with them, at least you need to mention and show your respect to them. Another good way to join the online selling business is the limited offer, collaboration, and custom.

With this selling poster online method, you got the chance to offer a unique product. Being unique and different is one of the ways to set you apart from the competition. You can get more attraction on the market, increase the business name, and sell the product at a reasonable rate. It is a good point where you can start getting a six-figure profit.


Research Your Potential Market

Other than focusing on the product, your other business marketing foundation is the potential market or buyer. In this case, two of the best questions you need to answer are the who and why. Selling posters is not only about getting them over the customer's hand. You got to see if the online buyer is interested and attracted to the business sector.

1. Who Is Buying The Poster

Since you are working with posters, envision who your buyer should be. The idea is not only about the price but also the dimension, material, and usage. The online poster market is vast, but do you know who the core target audience is? Your target can range from students, parents, first-time enthusiasts, designers, too many other people.

Understanding the target helps narrow down your business and poster production. You can also up the game of your poster quality. It helps increase your product and eventually sharpens your product. It helps lay a good foundation to win your marketing focus, such as planning and selling posters online in a specific market.  


2. Why The Shopper Want To Buy Your Poster

Understanding why the buyer wants to buy your poster online helps define the best marketing strategy and niche. It makes the information and your selling poster business have a clear road to follow. It also affects your future business longevity, including the design update, material uses, design, and types of product sales to offers.


Research Business Methods

Talking and considering the other online selling poster business is one of the fundamentals of every owner. You can review what market, selling method, product ideas, and other offers are available for you. Learning about its availability also brings you to learn the profitability you can get. So, what should you pick? Here are some of the Selling Methods.

1. Print On Demand

Print on demand is one of the popular models for selling posters online. Under this model, the owner does not need to worry about inventory since the production is only done when the buyers are interested in getting the product. Generally, this kind of online selling is a good one for people with minimal investment and upfront cost.

There is also the possibility of testing the graphic design without financial outlays. Compared to many other models, it can save you time and money. But it does have a reduced profit margin since the market can get more competitive over time. It is also worth noting that the design option will have less variation. Thus, selling posters with this idea is a good first try.  


2. Third-Party Marketplace Selling

If you are not sure about developing a personal brand, you can also work with a third-party marketplace selling method. It means that you are selling posters online using some other sites, including Etsy, Society6, and Redbubble. If you are using this method, you get the chance to join right on the direct market. But it also means the competition is tight.

It can be hard to develop your brand during the listing. But, when you can, you are likely to stay on top. Working with those marketplaces can take a lot of preparation. But, you can always consider it as one of the easy ways to try selling posters as an online business. Some sites also already laid many FAQs and policies, which is good for your first business.  


3. Self-Manufacturing

Self-manufacturing and DIY are probably one of the risings in demand businesses. If you are okay with the long production, take this option as your online sales. The good point is that you don't have to buy or develop your printing press. Sometimes, you can work with printing companies to get printing services while you are supplying original artwork.


Establishing A Strong Brand

If you are ready with the production, foundation, and ideas, you can start establishing your brand. In this case, your work and task are to speak about your brand or business to customers. You can do it by offering high quality and significantly different products in the same market. It is also important to always appeal to and talk to your target audience, so you won't lose momentum.

Many other brand designs and online poster selling's quality is shown by the customer service and high-quality products. You can always do it in many ways, including giving extra discounts and interesting offers that not many people can give. And the last thing is making and selling your work to align with the emotional trend, belief, and responsibility.


Updating Your Work To Benchmark The Market

Updating, upgrading, and staying on the market is the key to a successful online business. Since you are selling posters online, that means you need to make the product stay in the market business. The point is to keep your company and product stay top-notch in front of your customer. It does not always need to be new but needs to stay up to date.

Take an example of a huge shift in typography trend to a more minimal design. For poster products, your ability to see the opportunity and change can help you stay on the market. Not only about the trend, but you can also see and update your product. It can include material quality, design, and better work or services.  


Creating A Winning Marketing Strategy

The next thing you need to build the business by selling posters online is strategy. Yes, you can make your website or join some third party, but it is not enough. With niche, brand, market, and product, you have to ensure the marketing strategy can hit the core audience. And that is one of your tasks to learn which one is the best.

1. Offline Promotion

Offline promotion is a good way to start your online business. Remember that you are new in the market, so telling people what you are working at and what you can offer is a good promotion. Start with words of mouth. You can tell people around you, friends, and relations. It is also easier to determine the target before going fully online to sell posters.

2. Organic Search

When you are ready with an online business, you can start marketing with an organic search. In this case, you are going to work with an SEO strategy. It can mean you are selling products through e-commerce, sites, and anything else. The key is to attract traffic to your shop, which is possible with the help of staying at the top of the analytic rank of search engines.  


3. PPC Marketing

To optimize the use of organic search, you can also use PPC marketing. It is a paid service that makes your online poster store and business appear on the first page of a search engine. It can also include robust marketing on many possible social media sites, such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and anything as sponsored posts.  

4. Customer Engagement

Leaving a good impression on your business helps attract more people and buyers. Since you are selling posters online, you can always join in online topics and products under the same niche. The point is to establish and develop legibility for your business. It can work better if you are doing it with proper engagement.

5. Content Marketing

For better and best marketing, you can use content marketing as part of your business. It is a good measurement to improve your activities as an online seller. At some point, it includes e-commerce blog content, social media, guides, buying guides, and many possible e-commerce marketing.


Picking The Right Tool  

If you want to make your business grow fast and be monitored, try to use some tools. It is not a must, especially if you are just a beginner at selling posters online. But if you do want to jump into online marketing and business, try some tools that help you in the process. You can get traffic boosters, Customer services, fulfillment tools, email marketing, and many more.

It is safe to say that selling products online always has a huge potential as a business. In the case of poster design and products, selling them online aids in increasing the major market and possible buyers. Generally, gaining six to seven figures of revenue is not impossible as long as you got everything in the right place or plan.



To jump into the proper online business, you need to start with fundamental market research. It includes research and learning about the niche, the posters, productions, theme, market buyers, establishing the brand, updating the items, and running with a suitable marketing strategy. In conclusion, good planning helps increase your success in online business.  

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