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Article: 13 Easy Steps to Start Graphic Design Business Right Now

13 Easy Steps to Start Graphic Design Business Right Now

Let's learn 13 easy steps to kick-start a graphic design business and make money out of it. Start from simple steps, then expand. Find out more!

When talking about starting a business, people consider this step as the hardest part to do. Indeed, it is difficult but not impossible, especially with the vast ranges of business to choose from. In this case, let's talk about the graphic design business that rapidly soars in the modern-day. With higher demand in internet usage and visual imagery, here is what you should do to kick start your graphic design business!


The Easy Step By Step To Launch Your Business

1. Define Commitment And Motivation

Business is all about devotion and commitment. You will need to underline that starting up a business is not as easy as opening a lemon juice stall as a kid. You will struggle and try the best to find the answer. That is why one needs the proper motivation and is determined to throw or make themselves work harder when things are going tough.

With that in mind, you can start by asking yourself about motivation and commitment. If you are motivated enough and fully committed to doing so, then go ahead and start. If your graphic design skill allows you to attract one client and make you want to start a business, then think twice. That kind of reason is not enough to support you in fighting all the hardship.

One thing for sure, with the high demand and rivals in the same field, you will need to work harder. Many people failed to develop and make their business blooming due to the lack of determination. This kind of commitment to start a graphic design business may include physics, financial, or mental.


2. Accept Your Skill

Since you are going to sell your skill in creating the design, then your skill will matter a lot. At the same time, you should understand that graphic design is a very vast industry. You can sell and create a lot of products with this kind of business. But, can you do that? Is your skill sufficient enough to handle a vast industry, or should you focus on your skill?

Your skill level will help determine the prospective client. At the same time, you can also determine the client's expectations about your business. That is something that you should not forget about because you might not realize some of the requirements. In this modern-day, there are some conditions that clients ask the related companies.

The requirement includes brand strategy, web, logo, and social media designing. There is also typography, animation, infographic, poster designing, or brochure designing. That is why the graphic design business relies on worker skill and determination. But if you find your skill is not enough, make sure to assess it, enhance, and expand it.


3. Never Stop Expanding Your Skill

As said before that this industry is pretty vast. Mastering one particular aspect will not be the best answer to compete in the ever-growing market. This kind of step is also very vital for you that has limited skill in the current time. Consider the time to study the current market trend and demand in the graphic design aspect.

In case you find that your skill is currently buried under current trends, then learn about it. For example, the rising demand for typography and infographic. To gain more client interest, you should expand your horizon and enhance your skill. If you have a growing skill, you can create a one-stop solution business but also has a specialization aspect in it.


4. Create The Vision And Mission

Just like determination and devotion, you should start thinking about what you want to achieve and how to make it happen. That is why every company or business will need things called vision and mission. The simplest example is hoping to serve at least 20 clients in a year. With that kind of vision, then make an appropriate mission to reach it.

These kinds of ideas will help you develop the graphic design business marketing strategy and dictate it as your objective. What makes it even more approachable is that this step is not limited only to the large achievement. You can start from the small or short and long-term goals that help business owners to monitor their business progress.


5. Determining Your Potential Client

As you know the vision mission, your skill, and your commitment, you can start figuring out the target market. Graphic design serves various clients that come in a vast range of fields, companies, and focus. There are also hundreds of segments to consider when determining the potential client. So what should you do?

The first thing that you should jot down is the scale. Small, medium, or large corporate companies? The bigger the company, the higher the price and the requirement. So make sure you got the correct and appropriate client. In this stage, the main focus is not about the huge income but your ability to satisfy what the prerequisites are.

Along with the scale, now you can squeeze down the selection by choosing the field. Who are the clients you are looking for? Are you targeting young women in the fashion design business or looking for the manly industry of automotive? That kind of option will further lead your graphic design business destination.


6. Market Analysis

When you get the potential client, then it is time to study the market carefully. Underline that this kind of business is considered a cut-throat industry. All of it has plenty and healthy competition to face. So, your graphic design company should be adequate to join the ship and jump down on the competition.

Market analysis is also a very vital part of starting a business, especially if the market itself is pretty vast and competitive. Winning the competition is not only about giving the best price, but also finding the chance to soar. You can start this investigation by paying close attention to the most successful corporation, or the most stands out in the crowd.

Underline what kinds of things make them different, become the best, and leading. It will help you understand what you are going to fight in the field. At the same time, you got the chance to figure out the best or the better services graphic design. It also gives you time to learn from the success and the mistake stories.

 Market analysis gives you the chance to create something new, unique, more innovative, or adopting good practices. Underline the idea of adopting. Your graphic design business should not plagiarize anything and ensure your innovative side. It will help you to keep up with business sustainability. 


7. Think A Lot About Your Pricing

The market analysis doesn't limit you to gain more information. After understanding the services and product, you can also learn how to price what you offer to the client. Once again, underline that giving the lowest price is not always the answer. You should understand the going rate in the industry.

Gather detailed information regarding the graphic design services and their rate. Adopting the rate and going a little bit lower will help you gain some clients. If you want, you can make a great deal but make sure to not make it appear too cheap. The idea of this part is to start building up your present and get your name out there.

Giving a lower rate is one of the first things that you should consider. Make sure that you can ensure that your client will be satisfied with your deal. Consider creating a thorough service quality category, such as premium, regular, and special services. That will help create detailed information and ideas of what they pay for.


8. Monitor The Legal Aspect

Don't ever think about plagiarism. The graphic design business is pretty prone to legal issues, especially regarding plagiarism, copyright, trademark issues, etc. That is why it is the best time to talk with a lawyer and learn the legal requirement or settlements associated with a startup business. It will help you take care of business insurance, registration, and so forth.

Starting a business also comes with very strict legal regulations. That is why it is better to be fully devoted to it. You can list them, from licensing, tax requirement, line of business, to the possible issues. If you got some spare money, there is nothing wrong with hiring a lawyer to help you understand the legal factors, including the refund policies and privacy. 


9. Expansion Plan? Hire Professional

At one point in time, you might want to expand your business to an even bigger corporation. In the graphic design field, it is easy to do but hard to perfect. You won't be able to do it perfectly without a helping hand because there are a lot more to do and consider. So, the solution is hiring professionals to execute all the expansion ideas you have in mind.

The thing is, once you expand the business, you will handle bigger clients. The frequency and the number will soar as well. With that in mind, forming a larger team will come with its ups and downs. That is why you will need to hire some experts, professionals, and sufficient manpower to finally handle the higher demand of orders.

As you get the chance to expand your business, make sure you hire professionals of different skills on your hands. For example, if your company's specialties are logo design but the demand is animation, then hire animators or those with the appropriate skills. Consider this idea as the alternative to expanding your skill in that field.

With these particular steps, your graphic design business will get bigger and bring a bigger market. Bringing experts to your business also helps in nurturing your team. While it might need a higher expense, it will add to your net profit. In the long run, the correct and appropriate experts will help you expand your business.


10. Get The Appropriate Gear

Everyone understands that graphic design will need sufficient gear to make it work at its finest. In this case, your computer system should come with top-range software, a professional app, and a high configuration. Underline that the appropriate gear will be the best weapon to offer the best services to your clients.

But didn't some of the applications come with free charge? Yes, most of the basic designs will not meet the high demand for technology. But why settle for the basics if you can give the best to your client? Most professional applications that have a one-off price or subscription cost will give you better and vast features.

However, you will need to be as wise as possible when it comes to spending. Do a proper detailed search of what tools you will use and need to do the job. If you can invest generously, there is a chance to upgrade your design services. You can offer professional services, resulting in high-quality content as well.


11. Get The Best Workplace

With the gears ready, you will need to prepare the workspace. In this case, you can start from your home. The idea of the workplace will always relate to the finance and the client base. That is why the starting point of your business venture can be in the form of not spending too much on the office space. You can start with a garage, just like Steve Jobs.

However, underline that you should provide the best workplace to do the job. Graphic design jobs mostly relate to inspiration, ideas, and creativity. Then how about creating a space that supports that idea? You can make a cozy workplace with a garden view: colorful room, workplace with tons of books as references, or anything.

In this case, you have the freedom to realize your dream workplace. But there are some factors that you should consider to make an appropriate one. The first one is ideal for the project and the job. As a graphic design business owner, a comfortable chair and desk for your gears are enough. The second is safe from distraction and interruption.

As your business gets bigger and you will need to hire more manpower, you can consider moving into a larger office space. Make sure you can accommodate all your employees and make them content working in the environment. An appropriate workplace and office building are vital to enhance productivity, ensure professionalism, and create a good impression on your client.


12. Design Marketing Plan

When everything is ready, now you can move on to a marketing plan. A solid marketing plan always has a big role in business sustainability. You can say that, no matter how good your work is, it will not work if no one finds it. That is why the marketing plan will be the solution to introduce your graphic design expertise, skills, and business.

To reach people with marketing, one should design and execute it very carefully. In the modern-day, non-conventional marketing techniques are pretty much favored. You can use social media marketing, google ads, SEO, and many more. All of it should be utilized to grow awareness inside the graphic design business market.

Other than non-conventional marketing, you can choose the traditional method. Using billboards, brochures, or news ads is still one of the ways to gather your target market interest. In this case, you got the chance to either use one of them or combined it. The idea of a marketing plan should be done depending on the type of customer you want.


13. Creating An Official Website

Since you are going for this kind of industry, one thing that you will need to have is an official website. The official website itself can be one of the most crucial aspects of non-conventional marketing, especially with the growing number of internet users. But, the official website in this matter serves different purposes.

Launching an official website will be your way to show the credibility and professionalism of your graphic design venture. You can use the website as your online portfolio of all the work you have done. The platform you use as the website will offer you a space to display all the services and the project you have done to date.

Use the ability as the online platform to show the best work and the most important client in it. With that, the potential client or customer will find your business worth looking at—all of it due to the trust build-up and reputation display. Secondly, the website will be your business contact.

As you have an online presence, the potential client can find and get in touch with you through your website. The platform also helps them to understand your skill, enquire about the quotes, and place their order. That is why you should think carefully about this part. Develop a well-designed website or hire a reputed SEO company to portray your business.



Venturing into a business realm should be under a lot of planning and execution. Even though the graphic design business is currently prospering, it doesn't mean you will get it easy. You will need proper planning from the very basic scratch of motivation, product, vision, mission, market analysis, legal aspect, marketing, creative tools, and workspace. 

So, are you ready to start? Which steps are the most challenging for you? Feel free to let us know all your comments on the section below! Have a great day, and cheers!

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