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Article: Why Small Businesses Often Use Flyers As A Marketing Tool

Why Small Businesses Often Use Flyers As A Marketing Tool

Printed media is often used as a medium to share certain brand stories.
Let's find out why small businesses commonly use the flyer as their marketing tool!
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Considering how vast the business world and marketing is, you are likely to find a new way to market your product. Starting from the printed marketing tool to the online one, there is no end to your options. However, how if you are just starting the business? You do not have enough budget to afford the expensive tool for marketing.

The good news is you got flyers as the more down-to-earth and affordable option. It is one of the favorite tools used by small businesses on their ad campaigns. But why? Is there any better option? Of course, there are. But flyers as a marketing tool are always the best starting point. It has more than enough charm that fits the growing company. Here are the details.


What Is A Flyer

The business flyer is considered as one of the effective marketing tools despite the surge of online and digital media. How so? If you take a look further, the tool is a simple single sheet marketing material or poster that is posted to spread your company business. It works for small businesses that are trying to introduce their product, event, service, or promotion.

The key of flyers itself goes to the printed media that is meant to capture attention. It is engaging yet gives a straightforward message. Sometimes, the tool has a unique design to create a more cost-effective ads campaign. Thus, many small businesses decide to use the marketing item for their audience.

The design and the model itself are pretty simple. The typical model is an 8.5" x 11" paper with business marketing ads. It is printed in mass and sent directly to the target audience. The purpose of the marketing tools is to introduce your small businesses. It also has more specific information, which limits the number of pages and design to cut the tally.  

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Why Using Flyers

1. More Effective Than the Digital One

But then, how does it beat the digital promotion movement? The answer goes to the fact that printed material has a better engagement and connection to the target market. It is also due to the nature of modern society that is enveloped by digital media. Thus, a pointed tool such as flyers, brochures, or mail gives a respite from the constant digital exposure.

Another good fact is that print marketing tends to have a better sales and retention rate. It is something that every small business needs to keep on growing. Thus, the flyer can help gain consumer attention span, notice, attention, and CTA. That is why flyers as a marketing tool are the best solution in today's world.  

However, using a mix of digital and physical marketing tools is the best solution for your business. While it bumps up the project budget, the public exposure is grander. In other words, the flyer can be a great support for digital marketing. You can mix them both to fit the more modern audience.

The best example is using the flyer as the marketing tool that leads the traffic to your online shop. You can add QR codes to the tool and get the marketing function from it. It can lead to buying decisions, giving more attention, or providing ideas to use the customer device for engagement. Such ideas are the perfect solution for small businesses marketing ads.  


2. The Affordable Cost

The reason why small businesses love using flyers is the affordable cost. Even though digital movements are starting to take over the market, many audiences or targets are appreciating the physical ones. Most people will say that physical ads tools will demand more budget. However, it all goes back to the media and planning.

If you want to shave some budget in marketing, the flyer proves you the best. The production is very simple, and it can also use ranges of paper stock. The design is very vast, which means you can save some money by designing it yourself. If you got some production tools at home, you got the chance to print the marketing tool and distribute it by yourself.


3. Versatility

The good point that makes flyers a marketing tool loved by many is the versatility point. The nature of the flyer itself is pretty general and adjustable. You can use the flyer for many purposes, such as introduction, news, announcement, and many more. It is also very versatile from a production point of view.

Small businesses or creators can make changes depending on the need and purpose. You can adjust the number of the flyer as tools or make a design under the budget. The best example is using stock paper in the size of A5. It is not a huge marketing tool, but it is clear enough to explain your key message.

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4. The Right Target

It is not a surprise that a physical marketing tool can help reach the right target. Typically, it will be delivered through mail or hand-to-hand distribution. Doing this helps reach the associated target market. It also helps create a direct small business impression from your audience.

While it might have less scope than digital media, the business got a chance to be selective and get a targeted market. It is the complete opposite of online flyers or ads campaigns. Once you post the tools, it is available for most users. It brings more exposure, but are you sure it will bring back the audience? No, not really.  


5. Result Tracker

Another surprise why small businesses or big companies still use physical tools is due to its easy-to-track benefit. Marketing tools in the physical form are easier to pay attention to or monitor. You can distribute the flyers as a marketing tool along with coupon codes or QR code URLs. The number of people responding to the flyer and making purchases will be easier to track.

One of the unique points that show how flyers beat the online or digital marketing tools goes to its tangible product. Most people will feel that a tool that they can hold is more tangible than looking at the screen. Since your marketing media come through the mail, the audience will mostly read it. It is the complete opposite with unread emails.

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How To Make Flyers As A Marketing Tool

Considering the long list of benefits, it is true that small businesses can use flyers as a marketing tool. It is a marketing campaign that does not need a lot more budget and has a more dedicated target. But how can you make it to support your small businesses venture? No matter the design or techniques, here is how to make it more effective.

1. Always Focus

No matter how professional or complex the flyer design is, it doesn't mean a thing without focus. So, what is the focus? And how do you need it in your project? Since you own small businesses that might have a limited budget in the campaign, then you need to nail every aspect. The vital focus is the target market and message.

One thing that makes flyers a marketing tool that is more effective than the large scope of online media is the specific target. Try to plan out your small businesses' target market in the beginning. Build up every biography and the audience details to make your flyers reach the exact audiences. That is why the tool is very sensitive about the target.

The idea is that sending out using the shotgun approach will not work very well. The method refers to printing a large number of the tools, distributing it randomly, and hoping for the best marketing sales. It only bumps up your budget for the marketing effort, which is not the best option for small businesses.  

The focus on the marketing message helps make the flyer more inviting. The idea is that giving a clear and straightforward message will likely pique the reader's interest. It also helps avoid creating it with too much information. Take a precaution that the reader can easily get bored with reading material. Thus, focusing on your marketing flyer will deter the possibilities.  

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2. Determine The Clear Purpose

Your reason or purpose for creating the media will affect the flyer design or model itself. In this case, you can underline the fact that the tool can cover many purposes. Do you want to introduce a new product, announce an event, lead traffic to a website, or what? Depending on your marketing purpose, the tool design and content will adapt to it.

Another reason for having a clear reason is to make a definite path for the next marketing step. As small businesses that use flyers as a marketing tool, you got a limited resource. Rather than wasting your time with more than enough introduction, you can lead the campaign for the better. So, you can gain more meaningful results from the flyer.

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3. Be Creative With Your Design

With all of the brain consideration in mind, you can start to work around the visual. Again, the flyer's purpose and focus can greatly affect the design. Thus, you need to ensure that you make the best one for the business. In this case, it is better to pay attention to leave an impact on your audience. The critical first impression will help people more interested in doing more.

The good thing is many businesses that use flyers have a lot of options to elevate the flyer design. You can adjust and design the tools as you need. Starting from the fonts that have a bigger role in the creative imagery. It is where your audience will read about your business. Thus, ensure it is easy to read, rich, and also straightforward.

Do the same with the font size. Try to emphasize the use of font hierarchy. So your marketing tools have a clear message to tell. The key is to use a larger font for the headline or subhead. Then you can scale the marketing font down to make a body copy. Another good point on the small businesses' flyer design is to use two different fonts (max).

The marketing trick using flyers you can adopt is using images and color. It works the best if your business flyer has a compelling image that resonates with the company. Keep in minimal. So it won’t look crowded. If your small businesses prefer a text-heavy design, you can use black and white copies of flyers as a marketing tool.

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4. Use A Compelling Headline

Most of the time, the reader will pay attention to their first thing to see. In the case of a business flyer, your lure is the headline. The best trick that you need to use for the tool is to make an attention-grabbing headline. It is not only to tell the content, but your head should make people curious. The best trick is to add benefits in the headline.

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5. Don't Forget To Add Strong Call To Action

As you reach the end of the design, you have to ensure that it has a strong CTA or call to action. Why? Because the main purpose of creating a flyer is to pique the audience's interest and lead them to make an action. As an example, your small businesses campaign has the purpose of introducing a new product line.

A CTA should contain offers or leading words that help the audience to learn more about the product. One thing that is for sure is that flyers as a marketing tool CTA is highly related to the initial goal. What do you want from the audience? If you want to increase the sales rate, you can use CTA that leads to purchases.

The idea is that it is impossible to reach the business advertising media if you don't state what you want. It can be anything from buying your business product, heavy tools, service, visiting your website, and many more. If you know the exact goal, try to make the CTA dynamic, short, engaging, and compelling.

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Key Elements Of Good Flyers

1. Goal

As explained in the previous point, you have to pay a lot of attention to the making process. Talking about flyers as a marketing tool, you need to have a goal to ensure everything goes on the right path. That is why one of the most vital key elements in a good small businesses ads campaign is the goal. Regardless of your tools, the goal is the heart of your project.  


2. Selling Point

The selling point is the primary interest of your flyer. Most of the time, the best planning to create the best-selling point is using AIDA. The term is used in many tools, including marketing, business proposal, and other informative details. As one of many small businesses, you can learn a lot and produce more effective work with AIDA.

So, the AIDA is a plan based on four main primary points. The attention that highlights how the marketing has an attention-grabbing point to make the audience interested. Flyers as a marketing tool also need I that refer to Interest. Just like attention, you have to learn about your business or marketing target interest.

As you got the A and I, you can crave the D as Desire. It refers to how you hit the right desire or what the audience wants through your media. If you can choose the right point, the tool will turn into an engaging marketing medium. After that, the action will finish up the function and lead your audience based on the CTA. 

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3. Content

Your flyer content is the key element that needs more than just plopping down some information. Your content helps people to understand the goal, point, AIDA, and function of the tool. While it is vital to make a comprehensive detail, it also needs to be stimulating and eye-catching. Stay with the basic sentence. So everyone can understand.  


4. Headline

If the content is the saying that you want to tell, the headline is the hook. Small businesses that want to use an effective flyer need to learn how to be strong and impactful. You can throw some unique headlines that pique people's attention. It is also a great idea to add some benefit details of your business product. So the marketing can scope the audience's desire.


5. Design

After all of the information, your overall design will carry out the project's fate. How so? Most likely, your design will change according to the goal and content. Flyers as a marketing tool need a compelling design to resonate with the small businesses and the target. It includes the color pick, arrangement, details, images, or anything.

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With the advancement of technologies, the online advent takes a lot of role in business. Whether it is big or small businesses, it can provide ranges of budgets. However, flyers tend to be the first starting point that proves effective. The printed promotion items can reach a lot of audiences and are as powerful as digital media. That is why it is great for a small company. 

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