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Article: How To Plan A Powerful Bandwagon Advertising

How To Plan A Powerful Bandwagon Advertising

There are specific ways to boost your business.
One of the most powerful methods is using bandwagon advertising. Let's find out more about the strategy!

The possibilities to work with advertising are almost endless. You got a lot of options to work with. It includes location, design, budget, and bandwagon ideas. With all of that consideration, all of the businesses are in constant competition for audience attention. It later states one needs to make something powerful enough to beat the market. 

So, one of the options that businesses can choose is called propaganda advertising. It is a technique that emphasizes the use of target emotion. So, the commercial can have an impactful influence on their behaviors or opinions. In this case, the best type that is mostly used is bandwagon advertising. What is it, and how to use it? Read further for the answer. 


About Bandwagon Effect And Advertising 

As part of the propaganda advertising, bandwagon can either be on the right or bad idea. But when the idea is executed correctly, it can be one of the best ideas to reach audiences. The idea itself is pretty much trying to get the consumer to jump or follow the train. Thus, they will not miss out on the opportunity and be left behind. 

So, it is something that needs immediate action. But, the idea of using bandwagon advertising is to convince people to buy your product or services. The design and idea need a proper balance in its execution. Thus, it can force people to join the positive point. It is also vital to carefully plan everything to avoid backlash. 


How Does It Work 

Some points show how bandwagon publicity works. The idea is pretty much focused on the current trend and joining the fashion. So, how can people join the movement? What kind of effect did the advertising make that led people to see and join the opportunity? Here are some of the pinpoints. 

1. The Heuristics Mental 

Humans tend to use Heuristics thinking. It is a mental shortcut that allows them to make a quick decision, which later affects their behavior and idea about something. And in this case, bandwagon advertising makes use of the thinking process to make the audience make a rapid conclusion. 

Most of the time, the evaluation to do so relies on other people. In other words, your audience with heuristics can easily be affected by certain emotions to make a quick move. Once such a product is perceived and confirmed by others, it will be bound to gain popularity and stay on the bandwagon. 

2. Because Of The Sense Of Being A Loser

One reason bandwagon advertising is also considered propaganda is due to the nature of humans to follow the crowd. Wanting to be on the winning side tends to force people to have powerful judgment and take action. They look at what people see as right or acceptable and turn it into guidance. 

The idea also highlights the sense of socially acceptable or encouraging effects. It makes the audience want to be on the right side even when they are intentionally doing so. It is possible that popular belief, stands, authority, and norms are the basic guideline. But again, it can be an advantage or disadvantage for society in general.  


3. A Serious FOMO 

FOMO or Fear of Missing Out is the fuel of effective bandwagon advertising. It is a feeling of dislike being excluded from sociality, groups, events, or anything. In order to avoid being the outsider, many audiences will try to conform to the ideas or behavior to stay in the group. It later affects the decision-making consideration. 

The rising desire for certain trends is fueled by the need for approval from others. Sometimes it doesn't matter with the individual point of view. In the case of advertising, the FOMO trends play a huge role in the operation. You can see how Social media increases the sense of Bandwagon, which can be in the form of social trends, fashion, or actions. 

Working with FOMO and the desire not wanting to be left behind can be extremely powerful for your business. It underlines the fact that people tend to join the bandwagon as quickly as possible. Most of the unmaintained trends and bandwagon advertising can have a short life due to the short wave of the inclination. 

4. The Effect Of Groupthink  

Humans are social beings. If you take it as fact, you will see how the surrounding environment and society can affect individuals. In the case of advertising, the bandwagon tends to follow the fads and trends from groupthink. The desire to conform information developed a trend very quickly, which later turned out to be one of the influential advertising points. 


How To Use It 

1. Do Not want to be Left Behind 

The first way to use bandwagon advertising is to emphasize the sense of not being left behind. In this case, many advertising designs try to tell or use the limited number of items left. Thus, creating an urgent mind in the consumers. The surprising element of this idea goes to the fact that people are smart enough not to miss the opportunity. 

Advertisers will use tactics that show the scarcity of products. It says that the products are only available for a certain quantity, time, or editions. It will also work with the idea of a limited price tag, which later can hike up after the program. The bandwagon effect is pretty strong in this one since it forces people to take action, or they will miss the only opportunity. 

Sometimes, the sense of scarcity tactics also goes along with the effect of perceived popularity. So, the hidden point of doing so is to make your brand appear as if you are very popular. It makes an illusion that you are using this tactic to encourage buying behavior. The bandwagon advertising can be in many ways, such as limited edition or only one room left. 

If you are looking for the bandwagon commercial in this matter, you can take a look at the limited-edition burger from McDonald's. The company uses the feeling of scarcity in their product by highlighting the limited time offer or limited product discounts. People that are affected by the advertising will try to buy it immediately before the time is up.  


2. Be Part Of The Cool Crowd

Another way to make powerful propaganda advertising is to ensure your trend will turn the audience into part of the cool crowd. If you think it only works with the tween and teens target audience, you are completely wrong. The bandwagon effect can appeal to everybody, as long as you can emphasize the desire to be part of the community. 

At some point, it also works since the bandwagon advertising brought up the sense of being part of the great and fun side of the community. The point of doing this is to make your audience be part of the popular choices. It suggests that the advertising will help the buyer to be a smart and cool person, rather than those who go against the currents. 

The use of feeling and emotional value on your bandwagon commercial is the fuel. You are trying to make an emotional angle of being with the cool or the acceptable crowd. It later turns into a booster for buyers or audiences to take action for your advertising. Is it easy to make? Of course, it is not. You got to pay attention that it will not cause a backlash. 

The best example that you can see is the sense of using one of the popular products in the country. Bandwagon advertising is very popular for health and beauty products, such as makeup or medicine. In this case, you see the Maybelline bandwagon claims that indicate their product is immensely popular. It is not only good but also uses a sense of patriotism in it.  


3. Stay On The Winning Side

What it means by always being on the winning side is supposed to encourage people to take action and not be a loser. The idea of staying on the winning side or an accepted group is the nature of human beings. And some of the bandwagon advertising ideas try to create a certain position as the winning position, which later encourages people to take action and be on the right side. 

It is surprisingly one of the best political campaigns you can ever find. However, it is also not a new idea as an advertising tactic. One of the most popular businesses that use the bandwagon ideas is the automobile industry. Their commercials tout a lot of ratings, awards, and certifications that show their winning side.  

4. Build Credibility  

A quite similar idea to plan a powerful bandwagon advertising is using the credibility method. In this tactic, the company tries to win the audience's heart through testimonials and a happy customer's perception. At some point, the advertising also leads the consumer to go to the winning side. That is why the idea is very similar to the previous bandwagon tactic. 

However, the credibility point can be way more advanced than the winning point of view. Advertisers can support all of the claims using case studies. At some point, companies can also take one step further by using experts in advertising. It will make clear proof and an effective conversation for the target audience.

Where did you find this kind of bandwagon advertising? It can be anywhere, but most of the time, you can find it in the hotel or tourism industry. They make great use of testimonials, ratings, and reviews on every product listing. Thus, creating positive enforcement for the audience to take action upon the message of the ad.  


5. Dominate The Conservation 

One of the best ways to create an influential bandwagon commercial is going for conservation. The idea is that you can make people join the wagon or join the trend by expanding your brand conversation on wider media. In this case, one of the best options is online or social media. You can make a full force of advertising through this idea. 

The bandwagon effect not only gives a more diverse market but also increases your brand exposure. Once again, you need to pay attention to your target audience. So you can dominate or be talked about. As an example, you can work with influencers that make millions from being trendsetters. It will be suitable for a younger audience advertising. 

Social media, websites, or online marketplace are excellent places for bandwagon advertising. You can see the current trend and ideas to ensure your ads go in the right eyes. But, if you want to increase conservation, try to work with influencers. They are a powerful advertising tool that can be a trendsetter and make other people follow suit.  

6. Be Everywhere 

After you can dominate the conservation, you will need to ensure the bandwagon advertising will dominate the market. The idea is that you need to ensure your bandwagon marketing is everywhere. Thus your audience can get constant messages from your advertisement. It not only helps broaden the market but also makes better brand recognition. 

The more your audience sees your advertising, the easier it will be recognized. In the latter state, your brand is not only known but also getting more popular. It is a secret behind the strong bandwagon effect. Since people keep seeing your ads, it will make sense of popularity. Thus, forcing people to take immediate action and buy your product. 

Some of the best examples of this kind of commercial are hotel or villa campaigns. They can get more exposure and appear more in the public eye through various marketplace platforms. It appears on Expedia,, Trivago, etc. When the holiday time comes, people will have enough exposure for your bandwagon advertising and choose yours. 


Emotions To Include In The Advertising 

So, how do your bandwagon ads work? Since there are many ways to work with it, there are some pinpoints that make the advertising work. What makes the tactic worth paying attention to is that you can use it for almost every kind of campaign. If you want to make those kinds of ads, pay attention to these points. 

1. Working With Desirability (show advantages)

If you want to make a powerful bandwagon advertising, it is better to work around desirability rating. The strategy emphasizes the target audience's desires, such as wealth, beauty, health, respect, etc. In other words, you want to make your product the only brand that a type of person wants to use. 

It also translates that you are dominating the target. The main point of using this advertising strategy is to make an ad with the angle of desirability in almost everything. One of the best examples is showing a pair of headphones on the artist or talented singers. It makes a subconscious idea that tells the audience to buy a product and has a chance to be an artist. 

2. Appeal Through Transformation (from not using to using your product)

Showing a transformation point in advertisement makes a great force for the audience to follow your bandwagon advertising message. At some point, it is the middle of using desirability and embarrassment. The idea is that you highlight the effect of using your product or brand. It can also come in the form of changing their mind and trying your product. 

3. Use Embarrassment (show the disadvantages)

The opposite of working with desirability is creating embarrassment. The idea of this bandwagon advertising highlights the effect of not using your product. So, you try to show the disadvantages of not using your brand. It later turned into a portrayal of the undesirable, unattractive, and unhappy commercial force. 

But again, it is the charm of bandwagon advertising. By using negative reinforcement, you can create more sales. As an example, you can see the beauty product commercial. The ads show women that use normal face wash, not yours. It turns out the product does not do much, which later positions the character in an embarrassing situation. 


The Backlash You Need To Avoid 

Working with bandwagon advertising might bring a better sale. However, it may also not be good for you. There are some backlashes of using bandwagon as your advertising power. The first point goes to the fact that they put too much faith in popular opinion. It is better to make a personal judgment upon ideas and behavior. 

When taking the opinion and not doing research through your viewpoint, you are bound to be detrimental toward your ambition and desire. It is also an idea that makes you accept the norms easily. Thus, deterring your critical thinking ability in creating a more distinctive advertisement. It later shows how you need to be creative even though using bandwagon advertising. 



So, the main idea of bandwagon advertising is to follow the crowd and participate in the trends. Even though the idea of using or following the bandwagon will put you on the same page as others, being in the crowd makes you gain more exposure. It works the best for ads that try to blast through any strange or dangerous things in the process.

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