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Article: Essential Guide To Develop Stunning Perfume Branding

Essential Guide To Develop Stunning Perfume Branding

Not only the fragrance that is important, but the visual also has to become your main concern for creating stunning perfume branding. Find out more!
Created by Anas Belekhbizi |

The perfume world is pretty complex. The scent and how the product creates a fragrance are personal. People can have different preferences and tastes regarding the product. Given the array of possibilities, tastes, styles, or characters, product branding makes a lot of difference in the market. 

Someone cannot just call out their favorite cologne by telling the seller. They need to have a determining aspect that identifies and indicates the specific scent. It means one can refer to the product name, logo, or ingredient. Considering all of that matter, you who are interested in this matter will need proper perfume branding. 

But what makes good branding? It is safe to say that valid labeling refers to how a certain product can reflect the consumer and be attractive. In this case, perfume items can be different from how the brand communicates its message, quality, and nature effectively. Here, you will learn how to generate one that is perfect for your perfume product. 


Determine The Brand 

To begin with the project, you will need to start with defining and reviewing the brand. Underline that brand is not the same with packaging and logo. In this case, brand identity refers to the product's persona, emotion, and nebulousness. It means how people will look and think of your perfume product as a whole, not just simply the visual branding. 

With that in mind, determining the brand was not an easy part or step anyway. Consideration upon consideration, ideas to inspire, to the personal preference or aspiration can lead owners to determine the perfume branding. But, if you are clueless or have sort of little planning. Here are some tips that you can use to build the brands. 

1. Do A Proper Research 

No matter the product or no matter what you are going to sell in the market, market research is a must. When it comes to perfume products, you have several points to jot down—starting from the target market or audience. By determining the audience, you can make a more specific perfume product as well as not getting lost in the process. 

In this case, you can write down some demographics. Find the location, age, income, gender that you want to make. After you get all of them planned, thus you can start creating a buyer persona. This particular persona will be a great help in developing branding. For example, a young adult perfume will look and mean different for baby products. 

You can tell from the example that fragrance has the power to represent the target market or buyer. It is safe to say that perfume branding needs to tell the expectation, not only for who but also for what it has. A brand can help curate the sense of images for the buyer, such as an elegant and luxurious lifestyle. It will filter the buyer into a more high-end audience. 

Another expectation goes from the materials and values. Some brands accentuate certain material or ethical labor to make a certain impression. At some point, the perfume branding even built up the market area. You can identify the rival, price range, target, and perfume. In this part, you can take a look at the rivals' branding process and ideas. 

Created by Studio Kij |


2. Considering The Value

Business is about profit and selling. It is also about other aspects such as commitment, organization, or communication, but the value will be the determiner that you need to consider. In the case of value for perfume branding, it is not about sales. You can say that the value refers to how your product can benefit and solve the said audience problem. 

All in all, starting a business needs some research and a sense of the problem to solve. So, you got the target to archive and learn. So, what do you need to consider? As you are trying to make an efficient branding, you will need to answer some questions. Why would people buy your product? What kind of offer does your product propose? 

Will your product make any difference? Or how your perfume can improve your audience's life? The idea of branding is you will need to consider these kinds of questions and make proper answers. So, you can make a product that sets it apart from the rest, clear, unique, but valuable for people. In many cases, you can depict the formula as Value = Benefits – Cost. 

Created by Melih Ucer |


3. Building A Brand Personality 

So, what is brand personality? In perfume branding, you can say that it is a set of characteristics of the brand in the eyes of your audience. In other words, it is what shapes your product into smoothing that is accepted in the public perception. This kind of information is essential in branding, which represents how it says, looks, and acts. 

So, what kind of personality do you want to build throughout the branding? The way of personality itself varies from company to company. You can make a brand personality that is serious, friendly, flirty, manly, feminine, or fun. In a way, it is possible the brand personality at least has to fulfill these five primary keys. 

3.1. Memorability 
It is a very important aspect of perfume branding. You will need a personality that is standout, and to is remembered. It is something that you can do with many approaches, from the funny visual, extraordinary gesture, wordplay to something common and memorable. 

3.2. Trustability 
The idea of trustability is pretty much how your product delivers what it tells. Every product can claim a long-lasting scent, natural ingredient, or strong cologne, but only some can tell the truth. And your branding needs to do the same. Make sure you show and realize the expectation, so people will trust the perfume. 

3.3. Value
Perfume branding or any other product needs to have value. It is an element of your business that one product has a certain personality. What can you provide for your audience that is unavailable elsewhere? You can state the values in many ways, such as quality, price, type, to the identity.  

3.4. Authenticity 
Authenticity is not only about being unique or different but also reflects the company culture and goal. A perfume branding can look expensive, but does it fit with the image? Is the goal the high-end market or the low-end? This branding detail also helps the product follow the trend and changing preferences. 

3.5. Authority  
No one wants a cologne that is lousy and cheap (quality). In other words, you should build a personality by giving a sense of experts. Your branding personality needs to look confident and sure about the business. Make it 100%, not 50%, so people know exactly that the perfume branding was created with immense consideration and clear purpose. 

Created by Mondlicht Studios |


Making The Brand Identity 

After developing the long list of internal branding, you can now move on to identity. In the branding process, this part will demand you to create a certain impression and detail for the audience. From the impression, the brand identity focuses on something more apparent. You will work around the perfume visual and packaging branding. 

1. Visual branding 

The main point of visual design in your brand is about creating constant imagery across the organization. Your branding will force you to create something that can represent the product visually. This kind of idea is pretty vast and varies based on how you take the perfume branding approach. However, at least you need to cover these four aspects.  

1.1. Logo 
A pretty obvious visual representation or branding comes from the product logo. Either you want to accentuate it or make it appear as imagery, having something representative will help people identify your perfume product. It works with any mark or symbol for your perfume brand. There are also a lot of ideas to create a perfect logo branding. 

You can encapsulate the brand essence, identity, and personality in the logo. Given the vital role, logos come in many ways, from simple imagery or mark, character, symbol, to logotype. However, making one perfect perfume logo for branding is not an easy matter. There are some considerations, ideas, and things that you need to note when designing a logo. 

Some of the famous perfume brands use simple and memorable ideas for their logo. The main purpose is to make a clear representation, so one does not need a very fancy logo (except that was your goal or essence). Till this point, one of the challenges when creating logos comes from avoiding common styles and imagery. 

While there are a lot of options, generally, creating logos does need a lot of attention. Opting for a plain generic bottle with a text is not a good decision. While it is easy to make, you will lose authenticity and uniqueness. You will need to use anything you know about the perfume brand to create something specific, unique, and creative branding. 

Logos also work for a parent brand or separate perfume branding. This kind of idea is a great tactic to cover multiple products. This particular case makes the logo variance derivative of the parent. It still has the same essence but also has an individual personality and audience. Keeping the same perfume logo design makes your company look consistent. 

Created by Fernando Arrais |


1.2. Color Palette
Another representative visual branding is the color palette. The idea is pretty much to help the labeling envelope and create the personality. Through color, perfume branding can mean a lot and exude appealing emotion. From the somber to joyful, from kids to adults, from humble to prestigious, your color pick will eventually create the product tone.  

When choosing the color palette for the perfume product, you will need to think about the personality. It means you can determine and present the brand through color. Most of the branding for cologne comes with simple or complementary pairs. You can use a neutral background with a bold accent to accentuate the brand identity. 

When talking about perfume branding using a tone, you also need to consider some other aspects. Start with the fragrance impact. Some scent might remind you of flowers or the mountain trail. It is best to choose a color that can represent the sense, such as choosing the earthy tone or bright pink for flowers. 

Another consideration comes from the perfume liquid itself. There are some instances in which the product uses tinted liquid, which means you have to work around to choose the complementing color. This kind of idea will help elevate the visual marking and make a definite representation of your product.  

Created by Maki Studio |


1.3. Graphic
Whether you are using a graphic for promotional material or visual labeling, the imagery will help accentuate the brand. The attention for the perfume branding itself can cover all the aesthetic aspects, including the fashion, scenery, lighting, filters, etc. the idea itself is to use a representative picture that is also relatable and appealing. 

Most of the time, the graphic for the product will be tied more to the audience. Your choice will evoke the audience's feelings. More often, the best graphic for perfume branding is a real photo of people with a certain emotion and aesthetic touch. It helps accentuate the brand identity and also gives inspiration at some point. 

Created by Abdelrahman Khaled |


1.4. Typography
Also called logo font, tagline font, subheading, heading, or the body font, your typography pick also serves as visual labeling. In this case, the term refers to fonts or styles. Typography is considered essential since it will be the basis for the rest of your typeface choices. 

In other words, perfume branding should have a harmonious and relatable typeface. Thus, it can either contrast or fit with the logo font in a way it makes meaning. In general, many cologne products prefer a more elegant typeface. It can be in the classic script or serif lettering with readability as its priority. 

Created by Homework Creative Studio |


2. Packaging 

To complete the whole visual perfume branding, the practice also involves physical packaging. While it serves and works as visual, it also serves as an integral part of the audience interaction. The perfume packaging makes a real element that interacts directly with the audience, from the touch, texture, shape, to weight. 

2.1. Bottle 
Perfume bottles vary and get more customization over time. Since it is the main container, you need to make it identifiable but also functional. In many cases, the shape of the bottle alone can leave a certain impression. You can do almost anything and get creative with the options, from the boxy glass bottle, teddy bear bottle to the minimalist rounded bottle. 

What is essential is to consider the value and perfume brand identity. A modern, simplified, and practical design will fit with the modern millennial audience. Other than the bottle body, you can also consider the cap. Don't forget about the size that might help your brand gain more attention. And lastly is the target audience consideration for the perfume branding. 

Created by Arwan Ramadan |


2.2. Label 
Function as a mark that is applied on the bottle, your label design needs to complement the bottle and brand aesthetic. It can showcase variants, logo, detail, to some marking. To make a great label, you can make it balance the bottle design. If you use a unique perfume bottle shape, make the label minimal so they won't overlap each other. 

A distinct label can make the plain bottle perfume branding look more valuable. Some consideration comes from the theme, color scheme, shapes to the model itself. You can use the same or complimenting design or make it completely different. There is also an option to add a backside label, which is a good option for scent description, ingredient, or other information. 

Created by Anas Belekhbizi |


2.3. Box 
When your perfume product goes with the box design, you will need to turn it into effective branding material. More often, the box will be the first one that leaves a reaction since it was the displayed visual identity. The box itself can bring a lot of perfume branding experiences, from the visual to how the audience will be unboxing it. 

When talking about the box design, you can get as creative as you can. Choosing a unique shape might steal some attention. However, it also needs to represent the product and personality. Some of the great considerations also work with the feeling, material, and textures. There is an array of options that you can work with. 

The main idea of the box is to create an experience for the audience. It was the first thing that the buyer touched and compared. So, make sure you got something that makes your perfume branding stand out. Imagine what you want them to feel from the perfume box. From holding, opening, unwarping to using the cologne. Make sure it is memorable. 

Created by F61 Agency |



The idea of creating branding for perfume is pretty much more than just a good marketing strategy. When creating a specific and distinguished one, the process can get more personal. The design, looks, starting point, and marketing process can reflect the owner's personality, aspirations, and values. Thus, make the perfume branding process challenging and unique. Lastly, don't forget to enjoy the process!

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