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Article: The Benefits of Paper Bags for Environment & Brand

The Benefits of Paper Bags for Environment & Brand

Paper bags are the best choice for the environment and might also be the best option for your brand.
Find out more on how it can benefit your business!
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The benefits of paper bags have been recognized by many people all over the world. Paper carriers were invented in the mid of nineteenth century. At that time, there were only a few manufacturers producing paper carriers. A century later, plastic bags began coming into the market. 

As they were much cheaper than their paper counterparts, plastic carriers were more widely used. However, they proved to be a nuisance for the life of the planet. It is because plastic materials can be used only once. Over time, the waste of plastic bags piles up, as it takes so many years to decompose, resulting in littering, stormwater drain blockages, and other environmental problems. 

Because of the awareness of the negative impact of plastic carriers on the environment, environmentalists started raising their voices against the use of plastic bags in the 2000s. Even some states stated to make strict regulations regarding the use of plastic bags. Since then, bags from paper material has continued to be a preferred bagging item even though plastic bags are still popular. Here are the benefits of paper bags viewed from environmental and business perspectives. 

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The Benefits of Paper Bag for the Environment 

As mentioned previously, plastic carriers affect the environment in a negative way. This kind of carrier causes a number of different types of harm, such as clogging sewage systems, pollute the soil and water, destruct animal habitats, and so on. Plastic bag, on the other hand, doesn't cause much harm. Below are some benefits of paper bags that become the reasons why we should replace the use of plastic bags with paper-made bags. 


Paper is known to be a biodegradable material which means it has the capability to be decomposed by living organisms such as bacteria. It is because the paper is made from wood which belongs to plant materials. We all know that all plant materials are biodegradable.

Unlike plastic bags, the waste of bags made of paper will not linger on the earth's surface for the next thousand years. Most paper waste takes no more than six months to degrade. Even some types of paper start to degrade in two to six weeks. Although both plastic and paper carriers take some time to degrade, the time needed by paper to degrade is much shorter. 

The amount of time needed for paper to decompose varies depending on the type of paper and the temperature. In very cold weather, it takes more time for the paper to break down. Actually, paper can be decomposed at home. It just requires some simple steps. You can start by shredding the paper into small pieces. Then prepare dirt and a bucket. Add a layer of dirt, then add a layer of paper. Do it in turn after the bucket is full. Adding worms and biodegradable leftovers will make the decomposing process more quick. 



Being biodegradable alone is not enough for paper carriers to be environmentally friendly. More importantly, paper carriers are recyclable. As paper can be recycled, so many advantages can be taken. First of all, recycling a ton of waste paper can save approximately 20 trees from being cut and turned into wood pulp. Besides, it can save about 50,000 liters of water. Other benefits include saving more than 3 cubic yards of landfill space and saving over 220 KW hours of electricity. 

It also can slow down the release of greenhouse gases. The gases contain methane that leads to climate change and other environmental problems. Additionally, recycling waste paper prevents water and air pollution, which is definitely harmful to our environment. Such pollution is detrimental to the health of humans and animals as the water we drink and the air we breathe will most likely be contaminated by the pollution. 

Of course, there is a limit to paper recycling. Paper can generally be recycled up to six times. Every time it is recycled, the quality and strength will not be the same. The fiber gets weaker and shorter. That is why after six times of recycling, it is usually discarded. You may not realize that in our surroundings, there are many products made from recycled paper such as cardboard, white printing paper, tissues, newspaper, toilet paper, greeting cards, napkins, and paper towels. 

The paper recycling process includes five steps. First of all, it starts with collecting paper from waste bins. Bear in mind that contaminated paper is not accepted for recycling. Therefore, it is important to keep any paper clean before putting it into waste bins. Second, the paper is then sorted and transported to the recycling business facility. The next steps include shredding and pulping, followed by de-inking. The final process is drying, and the paper can be used again. 



As long as the bag you use has a good quality, it can be used over and over again. Reusable bags save trees. Since they are reusable, there will also be less litter. Plastic bags have a tendency to be thrown away after they are used. As a result, they end up as litter. Actually, this can happen too with paper carriers. So, the point is not to be careless in using shopping bags. Don't just toss them away after they are no longer used. 

At least, being reusable and degradable makes paper carriers better than plastic. For your information, plastic bag litter clog drains. As a result, the drainage cannot work properly, and it leads to flooding. Additionally, once plastic waste touch down in river or ocean, they pose a risk to animals that can mistakenly eat the bags or become tangled in the bags. 


Conserves Natural Resources 

One of the great environmental benefits of paper bags is that the capability of conserving natural resources. Paper carriers are made from recycled brown kraft paper, which is unbleached. It becomes the ideal solution to conserve natural resources while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving energy. Business owners can play an important role in making the use of printer paper carriers popular by endorsing their brand in style using the bags. 


Cutting down Toxic Waste 

Do you know that toxic waste has become a major concern in almost all countries? Toxin waste is mostly caused by the excessive use of plastic bags. One of the ways to cut down the massive use of plastic bags is to replace them with paper carriers. It is one way to save the planet. 


A Great Energy Saver 

In addition to the benefits of a paper bag, as explained above, the other reason why using the bag is an eco-friendly option for both businesses and individuals is that it helps to save a great amount of energy. As stated previously, paper carriers are made from locally available wood materials. It means using paper carriers can help save energy and cut down the transportation costs. This is the reason why we should support manufacturers who supply paper carriers. 


The Benefits of Paper Bag for the Brand 

Paper carriers are not only beneficial for the environment, but the environmental benefits lead to some advantages for businesses. From personalizing the brand to helping attract customers effectively, the use of paper carriers indirectly help increase the sale. No wonder that today there are many companies that use green bio-degradable paper carriers for their products. Here are the benefits of paper bags for the brand or companies that use them. 


Attract Customers Effectively

Due to the enormous development of technology, manufacturers of bags nowadays are able to produce paper carriers in various designs. One of the popular ones is the box-shaped design which stands straight to hold heavy items. There are even many artsy design ideas for the paper bag that make the bag look interesting and eye-catching. Some brands even create homemade paper carriers to make them more personalized. Such carriers are usually used for luxurious and expensive products. 

Available in many attractive designs, shapes, sizes, and colors, obviously, a paper bag can attract customers. There are two reasons for this. First, who doesn't like a trendy, colorful paper bag? Right now, the use of paper carriers is not limited to pack foods or coffees, but they can be used to pack other belongings such as lipsticks and glassware. It means that paper carriers can be such functional items anyone needs. 

You can hold anything in a paper bag. The demand for paper carriers is really increasing. That is why customers will feel happy when they buy a product wrapped in paper packaging, especially when the design is attractive. Furthermore, people of all ages and sexes use paper carriers from school children to seniors. Anyone finds a plastic bag a functional carrier to keep all of their belongings in a fashionable way. 

The second reason why customers are attracted to paper packaging is that they see another value of the brand. Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the benefits of paper bags, especially for the environment. Therefore, when they see a brand using paper packaging, they will show higher respect to the brand. In other words, through paper packaging, a brand can really make its products lovable rather than just profitable. 

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Effective Branding

Paper packaging has been considered classy and luxurious. Once, only expensive items from the well-known brands were wrapped in paper carriers, but today, due to the ban of plastic packaging in some states, almost every business uses an eco-friendly base for the packaging of their products. Brand details printed on paper carriers can be effective branding as this can give the brand a quick facelift. 

Furthermore, people tend to use their paper carriers several times, especially if they have nice designs and love to carry them along with them. This can serve as a continuous promotion wherever that bag goes. This is something that plastic bags cannot do as they are usually only used once. Paper carriers are not only used for packaging products but they are often used for packaging merchandise. In seminars or conventions, for example, the merchandise is put in a lovely paper bag. 

This is one of the benefits of the paper bag that cannot be found in plastic bags. Unlike decorative paper carriers that look appealing, plastic bags look cheesy, that people will not be attracted to look at them. The point is there are many ways to design and decorate paper carriers to attract more customers. 

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Durable and Resilient 

It is generally true that the majority of paper carriers are less durable than plastic carriers. In the first years of the invention of paper carriers, they were very thin and not resilient at all. However, as technology is getting more advanced, the durability of a paper bag has also significantly gone up. Today, it is not difficult to find a durable and resilient paper bag. Thanks to the innovations that have resulted in more durable and resilient paper carriers. Right now, you can find many paper carriers made of thicker paper with different kinds of coating that ensure their durability. 

Even, currently, there are some companies producing paper carriers with hand can-sewn sustainable fiber that make the bags sturdier than the average paper carriers. This kind of paper bag comes in the form of purses, tote bags, and purses. They can be washed and ironed as well. More importantly, they are super-strong for normal everyday use. Basically, you can tell that a paper bag is durable or not from how thick the material is and how it is constructed. A durable paper bag lasts longer, so it can be used for a long time.

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Highly Customizable 

Depending on your business or what kind of products you offer, you can customize the paper packaging in terms of design, size, and shape. The bags can be small and compact, while others might come in square shape and have a medium size. Even there are narrow and vertical paper carriers like the ones used to wrap a bottle. In addition, paper material can be printed with any design. You can also embellish the bag with collages, ribbons, or other ornaments in order to create an appealing and unique style. 

Not only does a paper bag have unlimited designs, but the choice of paper is also endless. The cheapest option is Kraft paper, as used in most food packaging. Other paper materials widely used for paper carriers are white cardboard, coated paper, and offset paper. The ideal paper used to make paper carriers should suit how the bags are used. Some of the desirable qualities in a paper bag include smoothness, toughness, and aesthetics. So, the material should be properly chosen based on the type of bag you have in mind.

It is true that the cost of plastic carriers is higher than the plastic ones, especially if they are made of high-quality paper and other embellishments as in artsy decorative paper packaging. Fortunately, they can be bought in bulk for a lower price. Above all, the price is worth it as you can take advantage of effective promotion through the use of paper carriers. Surely, investing in paper carriers can provide a good return. 

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Bold Messaging 

Many companies often use a bag not only for packaging but also as merchandise. It is because a bag, especially the big one, has more space where the companies can put more marketing messages on it. This bold statement will reinforce the brand on the bag. Even a great image can be printed on it. There is also plenty of space to put other information such as the website of the company or the Twitter address. 

The bag can also be used as a way to let people know about a campaign, event, or other things they need to know. Probably, there is a new event going on in the business or a new product line being launched that you need to draw attention to it? Overall, the bag that customers bring anywhere they go can be a mobile advertisement other people can see. 

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Reading the benefits of a paper bag as listed above, it is obvious that using paper carriers that are recyclable and reusable can really help save the environment. Besides, switching to this packaging option is an instant way to effectively rebrand any business as paper carriers are trendy and more attractive than their plastic counterparts. The bags are not only great for storing various shopping items, but they can promote business and build brand awareness, making them unique and prominent. These are the reasons why both business owners and customers should promote using paper carriers for a better environment. 

There are some points, however, that need to be highlighted. First of all, not all paper carriers are made of recyclable materials. Some of them are non-recyclable. Furthermore, some manufacturers use certain chemicals that can slow down the decomposing process. Therefore, in order to take the full benefits of a paper bag, you should make sure that it is made of recyclable paper material. Second, always try to reuse the paper carriers many times. If it is just used once, it will end up in a waste bin as litter.

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