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Article: The Complete Guide: Outdoor Banner Standard Sizes

The Complete Guide: Outdoor Banner Standard Sizes

There are certain standards of outdoor banner sizes that you should consider depending on your design purposes.
Let find out which dimension works for you!
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Though old, standard banner is still an effective way as the marketing media for every business. When you want to inform people about the products or services you have, you can easily put the information on the wall, put them in front of the store, hang on windows, or from poles. The problem is how big it should be so that people would be aware of the information you want to share through the standard banner? Well, choosing the appropriate standard outdoor banner size will lead you to success. The standard outdoor banner size is much depending on the purpose you want to achieve. So, before making a banner, first determine what your purpose is, then it will be easy for you to decide what size of the outdoor banner you want to make. Since the size does matter, read the advice below, and you might find it helpful.


Choosing the Appropriate Standard Outdoor Banner Sizes

Nowadays, you can find many kinds of banners, either printed or online. The frequent question asked by many people is how big an outdoor banner should be? Well, basically, there are some considerations that you have to take before deciding how big you want to make your standard banner is. The place you want to display, your target audiences, your purpose, and many other things should come as considerations. Besides, there are also many kinds of banners which you can find today, and each of them will only fit for one place, and not for the other. That’s why your choice should be based on careful thoughts. Now, let’s check the recommendation about standard outdoor banner sizes below!


Standard Outdoor Banner Sizes 

Before you display your banner to the crowd, there are some things that you should consider. The content, the design, and the spot that you plan to display. Here are some standard outdoor banner sizes that people use; however, when you come to the flyers producers, you can always have your own customized size.  

  • Rectangle banner in the standard dimension of 2ft x 3ft

  • Square banner in the standard dimension of 4ft x 4ft. If you plan to hang it on the building, you may add the size higher and put some wind-slits to relieve pressure when the banner is supposedly exposed to the wind.

  •  The 3ft x 10ft and 6ft x 2ft horizontal standard banners are also the popular sizes demanded by consumers.

  •  The standard size for vertical outdoor banners should be in the dimension of 4ft x 10ft and should not be lower than 4ft x 6ft. With this dimension, your banner would be easily seen by anyone among the crowds. 

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Indoor Banner Size

Next question that might come up is, how about indoor banner sizes? Could we use the same standard outdoor banner size? Well, actually, there’s nothing wrong if you want to use the same measurement of standard outdoor banners in the indoor ones. However, take a look at the space available. If you have enough space indoor to put your outdoor size banner, then it’s okay. But if you find that your indoor space is small enough, then you should consider designing a smaller one for your indoor necessity. See, considering the place where you want to place it is one important thing. 

Exhibition Banners

The first thing you have to do before making a standard outdoor banner for the exhibition is check your location. Take a look at your booth and see where you can put it. It will be even better if you can ask recommendation from the organizer of the exhibition. From there, you can start to design your banner effectively. The standard size used is typically 33 inches x 80 inches, and this one can be designed into a retractable one. Or you can use a standard dimension of 2 inches x 5.9 inches. However, if you want to use back walls as the place to display, then the standard size of 10ft x 20ft would be great. You may utilize the provided cloth by the organizer, or you can create your own. While creating your own may be a bit time-consuming, but it will surely meet your personal demand. 

Vertical or Horizontal?

Surely you have seen these two kinds of banners many times. However, when you are in malls or in a department store, you may see that those hung are the vertical ones. Why do producers choose this type for outdoor interest? Well, when you see a banner hung above you, it will be easier for you to read the information when it is vertical rather than horizontal. With some lists of the standard details you provide, it’s easier for people to digest the message you want to share. What you have to do then is to make sure that it is big enough to be noticed. Therefore, the standard size of 4ft x 6ft or 2ft x 6ft would be fit for this purpose. 

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Standard Outdoor Banner Sizes for Certain Purposes

Since every standard is made based on a certain purpose, then the size could be varied. This standard size choice should be made carefully so that the function can be as effective as expected by the creator. Here is some recommendation for standard outdoor sizes for certain situation and purposes. 

1. Decorative banner

This creation is commonly used to beautify the room for certain occasions or parties. Mostly, the banner would be placed on the wall of the room. Therefore, you should consider the size of the wall and its color or pattern. Make your wall the background so that the banner would stand out of the wall. If you want to make it square, then consider making it into the size of 8ft x 8ft, 10ft x 10ft, or 12ft x 12ft. And when you want to make it rectangular, the dimension of 8ft x 6ft, 10ft x 8ft, and 10ft x 12ft would likely be fit yours. 

2. Tournament Banner

This type won’t necessarily need many pictures on it. However, the main focus is on the detailed information of what is being held, when, and where. Therefore, you could use an outdoor type with the standard dimension of 3ft x 8ft x 3ft. With this size, you can give the information needed by the audiences you target. 

3. Big Events Backdrop

If you want to make a backdrop of a big event outdoor such as a festival or music concert, apparently a large size backdrop is needed here. People from the very last seat need to see this clearly. Therefore, you will need a standard 6ft x 6ft banner size at least. Some bigger events even may need a larger one, like 8ft x 10ft of backdrop stage. The standard dimension of 10ft x 12ft and 12ft x 15ft is also another size that is commonly used for this kind of outdoor occasion. However, when the occasion goes as big shows, the backdrop may go up in much larger sizes as 15ft x 20ft or even 20ft x 25ft. This size would make it possible to be viewed by all people around from any angle. All the people around the stadium would easily see it. 

4. Simple Occasion

Many of us would like to hold some occasion at home or outdoor for certain moments like birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, graduations, promotion from the offices, baby showers, and any other occasion. Those memorable moments often need small signage so that the invited people know what occasion that we are holding. For this kind of celebration, we should consider the place of the occasion we hold, the number of people we invite, and the catering we provide as well. And the standard banner size of 4ft x 8ft would be the best size that you could place on the wall so that your guests would notice it well. And you can use it as a photo booth as well when you take pictures.

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Standard Outdoor Banner Size for Advertisements 

A banner is still a good way to promote something, either a new product or a new brand. Recognize the appropriate size for acknowledging new products; then, you’ll set an effective way of promotion by displaying them. First of all, see where you want to put it. If you want to promote something in malls, then the vertical one with a standard outdoor banner size would be great. 

1. Promoting Products

If you want to promote your new restaurant or new menu in your old restaurant, you can try to put the outdoor banner on the wall with a standard size of 8ft x 2ft in vertical shape and 10ft x 2ft on the horizontal version. But in large stores, you may see that these would be hung from the ceiling so that people could see them thoroughly from every angle. 

For the menu, if you want to attach it to the wall, make it vertical with the standard dimension of 2ft x 8ft or 3ft x 10ft. With this size, you can put the picture of the food along with its price in a good proportion. 

2. Promoting A New Store

How big should I make a banner for opening a new store? Well, the answer is “it has to be big enough.” The correct size that you make during the grand opening will lead you to your success. The bigger you make, the bigger chance you get your audiences impressed. The most common size made for the opening ceremony is 10ft x 8ft (medium rectangle), 16ft x 3ft (Leaderboard), and 5ft wide x 16ft to 20ft tall; this size is fit for your sidewall building. With this large size, people will easily notice, and that’s why these ones are ideals for a grand opening for your new stores. Just hang it in front of your store, and let people see what you have inside. Besides, these sizes are also often used for non-profit organizations to share information, such as schools and churches. 

3. Upcoming Events or Products

This information should make people queue in front of your store. To make it interesting enough, you can make it as big as the one for the grand opening. But if you want to minimize the budget, you can make it smaller but not less interesting. Try to make the 4ft x 8ft or a bit bigger, like 8ft x 12ft, if you have enough space to display it, of course. Always consider that, the place you want to display., since some shops have limited space among other shops. Making a smaller one is not a bad option as long as you still consider the proportion between the space and the banner as well. 

4. The SALE

If you want to promote a SALE program, how would you do that? How big should you make the announcement? Well, the size of 12 inches x 12 inches would be fit well. To show this announcement, just hang it inside the shop to attract the buyers. If you want to make it rectangular, just adjust it to 18 inches x 24 inches. If you want to make it more noticeable, then make it bigger into 2ft x 6ft. 

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What to Consider When Deciding The Size of Banner 

There are several things that you should think about before you decide what size that you are going to make.

1. The Displaying Spot

Check first where you want to display. If it is a wall, then make the proportional size between the wall and the banner you’re making. 

2. The Purpose

Make sure you check again what your purpose is, then decide what size supports the purpose.

3. Budget

Your financial condition is important to factor in making any decision you make. Plan carefully so that you can still run your business and you’re not over-budget for the sake of promotion only. 

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How to Make An Effective Banner 

Since the banner is still considered as one of the effective ways in marketing, many businesses use it to do communicate with their customers. To make it effective, pay attention to some things below:

1. Use Memorable Words

You can use short phrases or sentences but still make them interesting. Print it in big fonts so that it will be noticed easily. Make sure the phrases or sentences you make contain the information about the products that you offer.

2. Put Main Pictures and Texts in the Centre

The center is the main point of attention by people. Most of them won’t see another part. If they’re interested enough in the main information in the center, then they will go through the other details.

3. Eliminate Unimportant Information

Don’t put too much information. Make the content simple, short, and to the point. Remember that not every people would stop and read the information you provide. And again, make sure that you choose the correct fonts, so it is readable. 

4. Set The Main Keyword

Avoid giving information in variation. Just catch the people’s attention by giving a certain message about the products or services that you recommend to them. Give that information directly so that people’s focus is set there only. 

5. Use Good Quality Pictures and Graphics

Use only good pictures and graphics. The use of those things should be eye-catching. However, you should remember that good quality is not the only thing to consider. The relevance of the pictures with the products you offer is also another thing to think about. Good pictures but irrelevant to the products you are promoting will lessen the effectiveness of the promotion you make. 

6. Choose the Right Color

Make sure that you have the right choices of color. Do a good combination, and you will make people interested in seeing your design. If your logo is quite colorful, then choose the other color to complete it but not complete it. The color choice may help people remember the products or the stores you have. 

Then, when everything is set, find a reliable printing shop to help you produce it. However, sometimes you may question yourself: “How should I make the design?”. Well, the simplest answer is that you could use the services offered by the graphic experts. Call them, and tell them what you want, then they will help you to design the banner as you expected. However, if you want to try it yourself or you want to make the concept by yourself, you can follow the tips below:

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Final Words

Remember that your main point is to attract people’s attention. Then, you need people to remember the detail you share. Therefore, you should design it as attractive as possible. First of all, you can start with a combination of colors. Color has played an important role in attracting people’s attention. The use of bright colors may help you in this effort. Put highlights on some important information such as phone number, address, email, and websites. Set the color in a good combination so that when people read it, it is still comfortable for their eyes but remains visible in the middle of the sun’s heat. Still, if you’re not sure about it, better call the expert.

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