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Article: 12 Online Strategies to Gain Customer Engagement

12 Online Strategies to Gain Customer Engagement

We all know technology allows a better and vast business.
But how can we create online strategies to gain customer engagement. Let's find out!

Technology advancement comes with good and bad. On the plus side, the technology allows a better and vast business. However, it also forces brands to make and follow the new strategy to stay strong in the market. It is especially true for those who are venturing into online business. One needs an impactful strategy that is no longer a one-off monetary transaction. 

In other words, the current technology forces business owners to gain customer engagement. Positive customer experience is one of the vital meters that help such a business life-long. It also transforms into an organization's long-term relationship, which is why one needs to nurture long-lasting client relationships and an impactful engagement strategy. 

However, this is not a mere pity action. Showing care, empathy, and helpful action to the client turn into one of the many impactful strategies to gain deep-rooted loyalty. Engagement becomes another point that boosts the chance to acquire, convert, and retain clients. It is also possible to turn them into advocates. 

If you want to realize the idea of increasing customer engagement, you cannot merely brand your business. There are strategies behind the success of many online products. To help you gain all of the possible engagement, here are some of the tailored, impactful strategies that you need to use to conquer the modern millennial market. 


1. Utilize And Make The Most From Social Media 

One of the most impactful strategies that you can adopt in this modern era is utilizing social media. The existence of social media soars and emerged as a powerful tool for all kinds of businesses. In other words, everyone can do a lot from this media, from simply updating the homepage to creating content to gain clients and sell products. 

It has become one of the all favorite B2B or B2C business solutions to gain impactful engagement with the patron. Considering how big the social media user is, it poses a lot of possibilities for a business plan. At some point, social media also provides business features and purposes that help boost the brand's opportunity to gain and reach clients. 

But even though you can gain customer engagement with a full impactful strategy, social media is not a place to push your product or service. Aggressive promotion using social media will turn the strategy broken and have the opposite effect. Instead, you can focus on gaining better engagement with the client in the form of fun, relevant, and interactive content. 

The uses of social media as one of the strategies also come due to the ability to shed professional images. You can make content that is hilarious, unique, and fun as a way to gain engagement with patrons. Generation Z and millennials are very active in this media, which makes it one of the impactful ways for businesses to gain more engagement. 


2. Use Push Notification

There is also an impactful strategy that helps your client remember who you are. In this case, the sense of push notification will help bump up customer engagement. This is an impactful way that always reminds people about what you offer. This strategy mostly appears as a pop-up message on mobile or desktop screens. 

It is also a form of impactful strategy to inform your client about special offers, news, or events. However, you also need to craft a notification that excites patrons to click on it. The trick behind this strategy is to give notification at the right time. You don't have to spam them, but help them to get curious, click it, and help you gain customer engagement. 

3. Joining Some Trends 

To avoid being left out behind, you need to know the trends. It is an impactful strategy that helps your business stay in the line. The idea is that you can join some of the new viral memes or challenges to gain more customer engagement. The point is that you need to be smart when using the trend, so it can incorporate into your marketing strategy. 

The best example is using meme templates and sharing them on social media. It eventually helps your content gain more attention, interaction, and engagement. You can also throw some witty comments to respond to the buyer and gain some more engagement. The impactful point that you need to understand is timing. You need to be quick and take full advantage of it. 


4. Connect Your Product With Brand Story

There is a reason why such an impactful strategy like social media can be a backfiring technique. If you are too focused on a product, people will find it boring and annoying. To counter this problem and gain more engagement, you can connect the customer with the product. The best way to do this strategy is by sharing an impactful brand story. 

There are many ideas to nail the strategy. You can create videos or blogs about the brand inspiration. You can also hire or work with influencers to create compiling and fun content. The idea of this impactful strategy is to create engagement between the client and product by connecting the in-real-life situation with the brand. 

It can be a very creative idea to gain more exposure in online media. At the same time, by creating a relevant and down-to-earth brand story, you will have more variant content. An inspiring and impactful story is not only making good content but also boosting the engagement rating. People who find it interesting will eventually join the troop.  

5. Bring Relevant Content 

Nothing is more important than the relevant content. Most people gain a lot more active social media and gain tons of exposure from different brands. In this case, you can modify the creative range of content strategies to gain a customer engagement rating. You are not simply showing a product release, but you can also amuse your buyer with impactful, relevant content. 

The idea of this impactful strategy is to make as much content as possible within the same scope. You can underline the need to create content while understanding the regular's needs and interests; thus, you can gain more customer engagement. Take note that no one wants to read such irrelevant content on their social media. It is just wasting time. 

So, what should you do? As you make a much more compelling brand story, you can also make content that is helpful for your customer. Yes, you will need to use SEO trends and gain impactful strategy, but you can bump it up with more intriguing topics. However, again you need to make sure that this strategy still relates to your client and brand. 

In this case, the most impactful way to do it is by finding a topic that is helpful for everyone. You can design social media posts and blog articles. The key point to gain engagement is talking about issues that resonate with your customer. If your business is graphic design, then try to talk about how to curate a variety of content on the same horizon. It can be a tutorial to design ideas. 


6. Host An Event 

Millennials love to join big events. It should be one of the ideas to gain impactful strategies that connect business brands with the customer. In this case, you can host events that correlate with your target audience. The purpose of creating an event itself is pretty vast. You can offer value for your product and service even during a pandemic era. 

At the same time, this impactful strategy does not always need a big budget. A virtual event on a budget currently turns into another strategy to gain more engagement. In many cases, there are always a plethora of users roaming around the internet and social media for this occasion. Some platforms also offer the same service that helps businesses host events. 

What should you do to gain customer engagement with this strategy? The answer goes to the range of events possibilities on the internet. You can invite some expert or influence with a high follower to host your event. After that, use this impactful strategy to create a live session on your social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Clubhouse room. 

This kind of impactful strategy not only helps you gain more engagement but also interact directly with your audience. It is also a great chance for the customer to gain some knowledge about your product by QA section. As you do it, make sure you make the event more eventful with engaging topics, ideas, relevant content, and many more.  


7. Bring Up Giveaway And impactful Contest

Other plus points that make your event more fun and interesting for your customer are the giveaway and contest. It is one of the strategies to help customers gain more interest or engagement. It is not something that needs to be big. You can run the impactful event with some fun challenges to gain more buyers and see the result of raising engagement rating. 

In this case, your impactful strategy friend is the social media platform. As the number of social media users keeps on increasing, you gain the chance to reach the customer with some impactful strategy. The most common one is a Livestream giveaway. While you are doing this idea, ask your customer to follow your brand account, tag friends, and comment. 

It is a great strategy to gain customer engagement faster. It is also a unique strategy to gain more followers or potential buyers. You can ask your audience to tag their friend or invite their friend to join the event. So, you gain more customer engagement in no time. If you are not into offering a giveaway and contest during the event, do it from your impactful post. 

Many business accounts try to gain more engagement by creating impactful, more interesting content. At some point, this strategy also poses a bigger or wider audience as long as you are well-prepared for it. You don't have to make a big contest. You can post some trivial contests that help boost the engagement rating. 

The best impactful example is to create user-generated content that demands customers to share images. Whoever does it faster can gain a reward. Some of the business brands use this genius plan to expanse their audience scope and gain more customers. The image itself is part of the marketing strategy that explains the brand. So, it works as customer engagement and impactful marketing.  


8. Improve Customer Service 

One of the vital points for customer experience is customer service. It is also an integral point for customer engagement. That is why improving customer service is one of the impactful strategies every business needs to pay attention to. The idea to gain more engagement is not a mere interaction but also satisfaction. 

If the audience finds that the brand offers great interaction and support, they will not hesitate to increase engagement. It is also including some increase in many aspects of customer service, such as phone, messaging, or email. The key to this impactful strategy goes on the multiple channels for your customer service. 

Underline the fact that no one wants to wait very long to contact the service. That is why you can offer a range of options for the audience to reach your business. To make it impactful, consider hiring a support manager to leverage exceptional assistance. After you can provide exceptional aid, you will eventually gain a customer engagement rating. 


9. Offering A Real-Time Support 

Another good point to gain impactful engagement is real-time support. It is part of the customer service enhancement, which focuses on giving a fast response from your brand. The idea is that you are trying to win over your client by adding a live chat support feature on your website. In other words, the idea is to provide visitors instant assistance. 

It is also a great bridge to connect your brand with the client in such a faster way. Real-time support is a great customer engagement booster since those who have queries or issues can consult faster. Another plus point also goes to its ability to allow brands to respond to negative feedback and reviews. Thus, you will gain better and impactful customer satisfaction in the process. 

10. Personalized Emails

As said in the previous points, you need to bump up the customer service. In this case, you can make personalized emails to increase customer engagement. The point of this impactful strategy is to shed hesitancy to sign up for a newsletter due to the frequent emails. In this case, a tailored email will be the best strategy to set your brand apart. 

What makes this strategy impactful is the ability to lower the unsubscribe rates. It is not only to increase customer engagement, but the unique email is also the way patrons gain more information about the brand, knowledge, and engagement. However, make sure that the email will fit the brand and has relevant content. 


11. The Right VIP Patron 

After you are improving the customer service, you are bound to upgrade the whole aspect. In this case, you also need to pay attention to the privileged VIP client. You can tell how this strategy gives an impactful effect to your business condition from the loyal customers. Due to this consideration and long-time loyalty, they deserve special treatment. 

The unique thing about this strategy lay in the special treatment. You can create a VIP program or tier level that comes with rewards and special bonuses. Some of the examples include early access, special discounts, and other fascinating privileges. With this impactful idea, you can gain customer engagement faster as well as increased transactions.  

12. User-Friendly Website

The last thing that you need to consider is the website. If you are a business that wants to have a special domain for your product and brand, then make sure it has a good website design. The idea is that a user-friendly website will eventually leave an impactful effect on your business. People will enjoy their stay in the domain or feel to improve engagement. 

Another point of having a user-friendly website also goes to the importance of having an online presence. Considering how big the online market is, having a website will help introduce your product and services. It is mostly one of the steps that every customer tends to do before doing business with you. Thus, the impactful strategy is to capture their heart in the first place. 

From social media to the website, make sure you can provide a magnificent user experience. The impactful strategy will need you to collaborate with skilled developers. Thus, you can increase customer engagement using many options and possibilities. You can run or host events, introductory videos, creating a newsletter, push notification, and many more contents. 


Final Words

To boost or gain customer engagement, business or the brand must actively connect and interact with the audience. At the possible opportunity, it helps to build a sense of belonging and strong relation. Thus, you are not only gain more clients but also loyalty. It eventually shows that the strategy will shape and ensure your business continues in the hectic competitive market.

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