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Article: What Is A Marketing Plan and How to Create a Successful One?

What Is A Marketing Plan and How to Create a Successful One?

What makes a great strategy is the willingness to take risks and challenges.
Let's find out how to build a marketing plan and create a successful one!

When talking about business, then you got a lot to cover. You are not only trying to make money, but you also need to cycle your income for your career. In this case, one of the biggest expenses that you have to handle is marketing. As an owner, there is a high chance you are here to learn how to create a successful marketing plan. 

Indeed, everything needs a proper strategy before execution. It includes complex marketing. It is something that you cannot stay away from whether you are a private business, freelancer, or small stall owner. But what is a marketing plan? Before you learn how to create a successful one, here are some of the details you need to learn beforehand.


About The Marketing Plan 

The first thing that you need to learn is the marketing plan itself. What is it, and what makes the plot successful? The fundamental information that you have to absorb is the meaning, which is a report that outlines the business marketing strategy for the future. In particular, a strategy that covers the coming year, every quarter, or month. 

The proposal itself is not a simple book read. It consists of a lot of aspects that every business owner or freelancer needs to learn. Some of the information that jotted down in the marketing mostly include the overview of the successful marketing and advertising plan. It also goes beyond general strategy.

You will need to create a clear plan about the target market and customer need description. It is something that needs more than just a statistic. You got to experience the ship before tasting the wave. Some other details that you need to include in the marketing plan include the current market position, timeline, and the KPI or key performance that you track. 

The best answer to the what is marketing plan questions can be easily answered with a definition of an effective future strategy for your promotion stage. One thing that is for sure is that everyone needs a proper and well-defined proposal. Why so? Because it helps a business or freelancer to focus on successful marketing goals. 

But is it easy to do or create? Most of the businesses will say no. You got a lot of information to put inside the proposal. At the same time, you also need to master or know the market. Thus, you know what the right or wrong direction for the plan is. However, it does not mean that every successful marketing work is harder to create. 

There are times where individual freelancers can survive in the high-level market by themselves. The one-man army does the proposal by themselves and nails the career. However, you can also get help from consultants. As you choose a consultant, you can ask what a marketing plan is, how to make it, and what is considered a successful one.  


Step By Step Creating A Successful Plan 

Moving into creating progress. A successful proposal can, again, can be made by yourself or by a consultant. If you love a challenge, building the best or successful strategy will be one hell of a ride. You have to learn as time goes, try to find the mistake, revise the marketing idea, and create a successful solution. 

Another point that is worth mentioning is the plan, in general, has a varying scope. It is due to the business purpose and the type of the organization itself. The best example is a marketing idea for a specific business that focuses on online media or when the owner wants to plan an overview gathering. But overall, there are at least seven points to create one. 

1. Creating An Executive Summary 

After you get the answer to what a marketing plan question is, you can create the marketing strategy. The first thing that you want to make is a simple executive brief in this phase. You need to create one that entices people to pay attention to your success plan. That is why an executive summary will be the face of your strategy. 

So, how to make it engaging and worth looking at? One of the answers is a successful well-written marketing executive summary. The brief appears at the beginning, which can be either a welcoming introduction or a boring one. On this page, you will create some explanation of your company objective, the triumphs, future strategy, and some contextual facts.  

It can be primer information for your whole ideas. Thus, the successful executive brief will include a bigger portion of your strategy in a shortened version. It includes metrics, milestones, facts, employee narratives, and more. At some point, you can find the answer to what is a marketing plan question from the brief.  

Even though the brief consists of almost all of the details, it should be straightforward. You can create it with brief, to the point, short, and has a narrative of fewer than four paragraphs. A successful summary will tell your company or business growth and how it advances in the market. The metric and the factual information will support your story. 

It can be called successful or effective if you can pique the readers' interest through the information. One thing that makes it unique is how you need to explain the whole successful marketing strategy in quick data. You are not showering the audience with specific plans or marketing ideas yet. But, you are trying to fascinate their interest to read the rest. 


2. Has A Metric-Based Marketing Goal 

With a successful executive summary ready, you will move on to creating the marketing goal. You can spout all of your objectives. But, a successful marketing plan will be made of metric-driven data. In other words, you need to create a goal based on what you have already made during your career. 

The determining goal phase can also answer what a marketing plan question is. It underlines that having an objective is vital for the company. It is especially true and necessary to create the strategy with real numbers. In other words, you cannot use vague ambition such as increasing Twitter followers. 

You need a number to support the data. You can tell, reaching 1K Twitter followers is the more successful metric-based goal. Another good idea to create a successful strategy goal is creating a percentage. Adding the year you want to achieve will create a timeline bonus. It will look much clearer and more applicable.  


3. Plan Out The Target Identities 

As explained before that, it is the outline of your future successful marketing strategies. If you consider that answer, that means you will need to create a clearer base about your target market or buyer. That is why one of the plans that you need to consider is the target persona or identities. 

To make sure you can reach a successful business, create a clear user or buyer persona outline. The idea is not only about how you get the most from successful marketing but also how to get the right buyer. It is a plan that takes a lot of role in the business journey. So, what is your idea? Before starting a long and more complicated term, start with your buyer. 

Create some answers to who, what, when, where, and how questions about your customer. it will help you create the best outline to create a successful sale. So, who is your buyer? What do they do, or what is the age limit? When do you want to sell, or when is the goal deadline? Where do they come from, or where do you want to sell them? And how do you execute the plan? 

Try to solve and answer those questions to create a clear successful strategy. It also helps you get some answers regarding the prior what a marketing plan inquiry is. To make it even better and successful, you also need to do user research. Most of the successful professional businesses out there take their time to map the best target. 

You can start by interviewing the potential customer. Survey your audience, research other companies in the same industry, and conduct a more specific focus group. All the compiled data will help you figure out the proper user persona. Create it into a statistic, put it in your marketing plan, and ensure everything is clear. 

In the case of successful market targets and market research, you can do it in two ways. The first is sticking to the general basic information. You can mention the gender, age, activity, income, and some public or general data in your strategy. But you can also create a more specific user persona. 

In the case of a specific user, you need to create a lot more consideration. You can mention the age, job, identifier, even the more personal identification such as introversion or extroversion. The details will influence your marketing content message, which later creates a better specification for your successful ideas. 


4. Competitor Research 

If you want to create a successful plan, you need to brace yourself with a lot of research. After doing the user research, you will face a competitor study. Investigating your business rival is not an easy feat. In many cases, you have to go far and beyond to learn the competitor. It is not only about who they are but also how and what they are doing. 

As explained in the answer of what is a marketing plan, understanding your competitor will lead you to plan the best idea to surpass them. It is a promotion part that needs more than just creating guesswork. You might have to go to the field to learn how well or successful the rival works are. After that, you can create a solution that is better than them. 

Some of the details that you need for competitor research include their team, leadership, marketing plan, sales, social media strategy, top financial, user personas, and many more. You can also get a bit deeper into the research by taking some info regarding how your rival creates blog/content, SEO, social media marketing proposal, and other successful strategies. 

Your competitor is not only the one that you need to surpass but also an individual that you can learn from. Take the opportunity to create a better successful marketing plan. You can learn from their successful work and also avoid the same mistakes. The process itself has a varying different facet that you can create one step further successful proposal. 


5. Determining The Key Metric And Baseline

Most of the time, the answer to what is a marketing plan question is not only to create the best one. It is also one of the reasons to know your business stand. So, what is the key metric and baseline? It is one of the determiners that can help you create a successful advertising strategy. The idea is that you cannot compare anything in the future if you have no base. 

That is why a clear and definite metric plus its baseline will help your process to create the strategy easier. One thing is for sure; your baseline will allow you to accurately track the business progress over time. It tells you some information about the standard for your proposal. Thus, you can see what the successful and the flop ideas are. 

It goes along with your marketing plan or business goal. You will find that the baseline turns into a booster to reach the objective. In the case of your marketing work, you are free to create any baseline. However, the best one is to add a simple chart or infographic. It will help readers and the business owner to avoid intimidating boundaries without demystifying the data. 


6. Bring Out A More Actionable Plan 

Until this point, you are already learning about the components. Following the information and then creating one that suits your business will help you get through everything. However, a successful plan will only work if every point is actionable. It is something that you cannot forget when building up a future marketing strategy. 

The idea is that you have all of the relevant metrics and the contextual information in the strategy. So, not only what a marketing plan is? You also need to answer how to break down the strategy and make it come true. There are some ways to break down the successful plan and make it easier to understand. 

The first one is using flow charts. It will help you lay out all underlying plans into more simple, visual, and easy-to-understand marketing details. The second one is mind maps. It is one of the most effective ways to explain your plan in detail and with precision. You have the chance to create main components and explain how it interacts or everything. 

The third idea is to use a color block, which means to minimalistic the information inside your marketing plan. It is a strategy that saves you time but is also easy to read. The key point is to break your marketing strategy into separate tasks. You need to create or add brief details, make it in smaller chunks, and people will have an easier time tackling the idea.  

Other visualization methods that help you explain the actionable strategies are a simple timeline or product roadmap. The two visualization ideas are similar to each other. Both help clarify the timeline and progress, which can be helpful for other business departments such as the designer dept, promotion, or production.  


7. Create A Tracking Report 

If baseline helps you create the standard, a tracking report will help you save time to track results across your team. In this section, you are free to create or choose how far you want to plan the marketing detail. Regardless of your minimal or maximal tracking, the primary point in creating a successful report is a distinct measurement. 

You are most likely to learn about the answer of the prior what is a marketing plan. Thus, now is trying to find what, how-to, and how often you plan to track the planning are the basics of the tracking report. The guideline will eventually try to ensure whether your business or company can follow the marketing plan or not. Ensure every matrix is clear so you can get the right measurement. 

There are ways to create tracking reports. You got a checklist that helps note down tasks and create a simple yet explanation about the progress. You can also use a program such as Sloth Rank Tracker to examine the more complex metrics. If you can do it regularly, then you will find whether the marketing plan is successful or not. 



Considering how vital a marketing plan is in every business and career, it is safe to say that you have to create and master it as time goes. Marketing is not instant learning by book knowledge. One needs to practice understanding the ups and downs of progress. You can try the steps and tricks as a guide, which might help create the best-suited successful plan. 

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