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Article: Landing Page Design Tricks for Better Conversion

Landing Page Design Tricks for Better Conversion

An excellent landing page design can convert website traffic into potential buyers.
Learn some of our proven tips for developing a successful landing page!
Created by Carly Jean Tan |

A landing page is a web page that appears after the website visitors clicked on a link in a promotional email, online advertisement, or search engine result. It is designed to fulfil a single goal: to direct visitors to the targeted pages with a higher chance of capturing potential customers. Thus, making a landing page is the best solution for increasing the conversion rates of business and marketing. However, creating an effective web page that could convert visitors to potential customers is not that easy.


Why is Landing Page Important?

Before jumping into the discussion about creating a better conversion of landing page design, designers must notice why it matters and becomes crucial for a marketing purpose.

A brand or business might have done a great job in building its website. But the work doesn't stop there. They still have to make the website to be able to attract customers and increase their sales.

The landing page is an excellent solution for that work. It could improve SEO and drive more traffic towards a website. Furthermore, it can lead visitors to a specific product, offer, and service that push them to take action.

Created by Tran Mau Tri Tam |

Unfortunately, there are not many businesses or brands that use web pages as a way to build a customer base. There is a misconception spreading about how this type of web page is hard to develop and maintain. It is simply untrue. Creating a landing page is not as complicated as most people thought. Creating an effective landing page design is more about getting and showing the customer what they are after. Especially now, when the technology of personalized ads has become very advanced, creating a targeted web page is not a challenging task. There is no doubt about the effectiveness could convert visitors to a buyer. Creating a good and effective landing page design for a website might be the best investment for businesses and brand owners.


What Makes a Good Landing Page Design?

To determine whether a website page design is effective and good enough to attract more buyers, there are certain standards that a designer could look up to. Here are some of the things that could help you identify:

1. Eye-catching and Stand-out Headlines

Headlines are the first thing that will catch the visitors' attention the moment that they visit your page. Headlines should be considered as a "hook" to engage with visitors.

Besides making a great impression with the page's design, the headlines should deliver an important message that includes engaging selling techniques. An effective page's headline should consist of persuasive and catchy words. Headlines should also be clear and shows what the company wants to offer to visitors.

Created by Tran Mau Tri Tam |


2. It Zero-in on The Offer

The targeted web page should not contain detailed information and details about a business. Visitors who clicked on the link are not curious about a business's history or slogan. They are certainly looking for the offer or the product offered to them. Duping visitors by not giving them something interesting is not going to lead them to be potential buyers. It's not that the page should not contain any information or be tied with the business. However, all unnecessary details should be separated from the targeted landing page and act as an extension of it.

Created by Dmytro Dedukh |


3. Focused and Free of Distraction

The landing page should be the place where the visitor could get what they wanted. If it's loaded with distractions, visitors are not going to focus on what they wanted before and change their minds. It should only contain the product offer that visitors clicked for and maybe a registration form. That way, it will be easier to lead them to take action and buy the product. That way, it is best for designers to use a simplistic style and design for the page. Maintaining the simplicity and the minimalist design of a page will help the visitors to focus and showcase the product that is offered.

Created by Double Vision |


4. Not Using Lengthy and Complicated Forms

Lengthy and complicated registration forms on the page might make the visitors discouraged to take more action instead of taking the offer that is marketed to them.

Try using simpler forms and avoid unnecessary questions. Or another solution is to break the form into steps and let the visitors see where they are in the process.

Created by Evren Yılmaz |


5. Specific and Customized for Audience

Targeting specific customers through customized marketing and campaigns will help to segment the customer base. Every person's needs are different, but a company can increase their sale if they target the right people when marketing their product. In this digital era, personalized ad technology helps businesses and brands target their advertisements to the desired market. The targeted page should also use and implement the same system.

Created by Daniel Tan |


6. Allowing Visitors to Access Other Marketing Channels

A visitor might have liked what a company offered to them. So there is a high chance that those same visitors might be interested in other products or offers than the company gives.

For example, suppose the people landed on the page that offering beauty products in general. In that case, that could mean those people might be interested in other possible channels that related to beauty products too. Providing links and social media information about the company might attract the visitor to see other things that the company offers. That way, the company could have a perfect and suitable customer for their market base.

Created by Mehedi Hassan |


Tips to Create a Better and Effective Landing Page Design

A landing page design is really important and crucial because it determines the likelihood of converting visitors into potential buyers. The better the visual, the more effective it is to increase its sales through its online platform.

After learning about the standards above, it will be much easier for designers to understand what is the essential requirement to create an effective page. However, there are also visual-related requirements that need to be considered when creating a landing page design. Here are some essential design tips that will help you along the way:

1. Including All Crucial Elements

The landing page or sometimes referred to as the "lead capture page," is used to convert visitors into leads and collect as much information possible from them through the registration form. A lead capture page should already contain all the information that visitors need to complete a transaction. It is also critically important for landing pages to consist of a headline, a brief description of the offer, emphasis on the value of the offer, supporting images, and a form to capture visitors' information. All of those previously mentioned elements should be included in one page that makes visitors see all of the features in one glance. That way, the visitors will be encouraged to complete the transaction before getting distracted or changing their minds. For more attractive and convincing results, product testimonies or security badges should also be included.

Created by Tran Mau Tri Tam |


2. Consider Removing the Main Navigation Menu

Once visitors land on the targeted page, the main goal is to keep them there and complete the transaction. If some links or distractions could make the visitors able to leave the page, there is a higher chance of them not completing the transaction. The link and the navigation to other web pages could distract the visitors' focus towards the targeted product and make them abandon the checkout or leave the page. So removing the main navigation could create less access for visitors to leave.

Created by Piotr Kaźmierczak |


3. Do Not Use Clickbait

Clickbait is commonly used in advertising as a way to attract visitors faster. But the problem with clickbait is that it makes visitors lose their trust towards the company or the brand.

Always make sure to match the headlines of the page with a proper call to action. Visitors must have clicked on ads or links because they were interested in the offers listed. If the offer doesn't match the content on the page, the visitor will be disappointed and lose their trust.

Created by Akash Das |


4. Less is More

A cluttered and complicated landing page design will only lead to confusion for the visitors. Do not put too much information and confusing details of the product or offer. Instead, try to use more symbols and fewer words if possible.

Embrace the white space on the design. Use a more simplistic and to-the-point image to attract the visitors more. As was previously mentioned, it is best to keep the page design simple with only necessary elements and descriptions to prevent cluttered visuals.

Created by Ann Ivanovskaya |


5. Only Fill The Form With Necessary Question

Every company or website has its standard of what is the necessary information that they want from a visitor. But in the general term, it is important to remember that the more questions or forms to fill, meaning the more work a visitor must do.

Created by Endmond Benson |


6. Keep The Form Short

A longer and too detailed form on the site will make it seem like a lot of work to do for the visitor. This could discourage the visitors from taking further action and complete the transaction.

Oftentimes, people do not want to fill a form just because it looks long and time-consuming for them. The designer could make the form box appear shorter and smaller for a simpler illusion.

Created by UX/UI Design Lab |


7. Focus on Emphasizing The Value of The Offer

Lightly describing the benefit and value of the offer could make the visitors more convinced to take the offer. Keep in mind to describe it briefly. Use more points or bullets rather than paragraphs.

Focus on highlighting the exclusive benefit that visitors might not get in other places. Choosing the right words could give visitors more incentive to convert into a buyer.

Created by Yegor Kostrykin |


8. Encourage People To Share

Social media sharing buttons are one of the crucial elements to be included on the page. These social media sharing buttons allow visitors to share the offer or deals offered to them on their social media.

It is indirectly one of the forms of free marketing. Visitors who are interested in your offer might share it with their relatives and promote the offer.

Created by Mahmudul Manik |


9. Create As Many Page as Possible

The more landing pages, offers, and content created, the higher the chances of people will notice the product or offer. Creating more pages and offers could gain a company more exposure from the people.

With that exposure, the opportunities and possibility for people to click on your offer are higher. Also, creating more pages means more personalized and targeted content for every market base.

Every market base has its characteristics. The more landing pages created, the more market base that could be targeted in the marketing action.

Created by Mehvish Iqbal |


10. Use More Engaging Words

One of the words that concerned visitors is the "submit" word at the end of the form. It is unstrategic to use the word "submit" because it makes people think that they are tied with a matter.

Try to use more engaging words at the end of the form. One of the best alternatives is to use the benefit as an invitation for people to send their forms. It could increase the likelihood of conversion.

For instance, if the form is to get a free voucher, the submit button could say "Get Your Free Voucher." Using this method has proven to significantly attract people to submit their forms because they are reminded about the benefit that they want to get.

Created by Tran Mau Tri Tam |


11. Add Prove Elements

Nowadays, people are becoming more careful about the information they share online, especially when filling a form. It is understandable, considering the scams and spam that are spreading all over the internet.

To assure the visitors to fill the form on the page, several things should be included in the page design. For example, a security seal or a privacy policy agreement could be included.

A security seal or privacy policy agreement will indicate that their private information will not be shared or misused. For a more promising alternative, add customer testimonials. Give the visitors a glimpse of how the customers think about certain offers or products.

Created by Majid Ali |


12. Include Rich Media

One of the ways to make the landing page more stand out is to attach rich media to it. Media that could be included are pictures, videos, gifs, or any other interactive media.

The design might not be something that is the most important aspect of the page, but it could determine how professional and trustworthy a company or brand is. It is best to include authentic images from the product or offer to make it stand out more.

But remember to still keep it as simple as possible. Use images or videos that are necessary and important to attract visitors to take the offer.

Created by Flowbase Studio |


13. Pay Attention to Copywriting

The most crucial factor on the page that could determine whether visitors will take further action or not is copywriting. Copy on the page is a "hook" to make the user take the offer.

The best way to copy and write is to address the problem of visitors and offer a solution for that problem. If it seems like hard work to do, investing in hiring a copywriter might be an alternative.

Many writing services could be hired to make your landing page stand out, more approachable, and convert visitors into buyers.

Created by Waseem Abbas |


14. Make It User-Friendly for Every Device

One of the biggest problems with many landing pages is that it is not friendly for several devices. For instance, some landing page design might work well for PC or laptop, but it is not user-friendly on mobile devices.

Creating landing pages user-friendly, especially for mobile users, is very important. As people are on their phones all the time, most likely, they will visit your page when using their mobile.

If the page is not working well on mobile devices, there is a high chance of you will lose half percentage of visitors and potential customers.

Created by Ольга Васильева |


15. Choose a Design Style That Represents The Brand

A company or brand might have its own identity and personality that make them different from others. The landing page should be the extension of their business website. It is important to create a page that still resembles the same personality as the brand.

The visual uniformity of a brand could capture the professionality of its product or service. A brand that has a consistent style of design and personality might seem more acknowledged and trusted.

Created by Bhaskar Rallabandi |



A great landing page design could be a powerful tool to help a brand or company boost its sales and attract the desired customer. All the mentioned tricks above will surely help you along the way for your projects. We hope you learn a lot about landing page topics through this article. And if you have any comments or questions regarding this topic, please feel free to fill in the section below. We will try our best to answer you in no time. Cheers!

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