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Article: How to Use Monospaced Font In Your Graphic Artwork?

How to Use Monospaced Font In Your Graphic Artwork?

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Typography comes with a long range of typefaces. Some of the fonts even have unique shapes and sizes. These kinds of varying detail make the typefaces world have several categories and groups that share the same characteristic. Among those groups, you might hear about monospaced fonts. This kind of typeface has gained more attention lately. But what is it? Here is the detail.


Get To Know What is The Monospaced Typeface

Monospaced fonts bring a unique look that resembles typewriter lettering. The primary characteristic of this typeface is the use of evenly spaced size and horizontal space. Each character was meant to make it very easy to read and complement the single spacing aspect in the typewriter machine. Thus, you can call this typeface a quite blocky look.

As said in the previous explanation that the font has leveled horizontal space. It means that every monospaced character will never have a varying width or spacing. At first glance, you can tell this kind of typeface is lettering that has a little more spaced-out separated space. It will look different than the proportional typeface that is mostly used for modern lettering.

At some point, this kind of characteristic even makes it possible for you to make the same rectangle size and width around each character. As you draw it later on, you can see how each of them has the same spacing through the whole monospaced paragraphs. This kind of design and characteristic is the one that makes the writing recognizable.

Like any other typefaces, this design also has some varieties. You can find monospaced fonts or adapt both serif and sans-serif versions. With that in mind, you can say that this typeface is pretty much versatile and unique. Even more, this typeface could even deviate in flair and form. But the main characteristic of consistent spacing and widths will be there.

The fun thing about this particular typeface is the not-popular name. Most of you might have never heard the name, but there is a high chance you have encountered the typeface anyways. The easiest example is the Courier, century school book, Helvetica, Arial, or Monaco font. You might have used it for some time but do not realize that it is monospaced.



A Series of Monospaced typeface

As you know, this monospaced font has a wide variety. Thus, you can find two flavors or designs that help accentuate the typeface's characteristics. The vintage retro friendliness appearance comes from the more typewriter-like design. Meanwhile, the hard-edged style personality resembles a more formal drill impression.

The hard-edged style is the newer addition to the font families. You can also call it industrial-strength design. The characteristic is still the same, which has the same width and horizontal space. However, the function and the usage are pretty specific, which is to write code. In which case, the monospaced is hardly found or show up in the general public.

What makes the hard-edge very distinctive is the lack of a friendly and retro vibe. It brings out more techno and stark-looking impression. At some point, the creation and the vast utilization of these monospaced fonts became more creative. The design takes minimalistic touch into higher levels. It includes italic complements, several weights, and more glyphs.

It is also possible to find the more proportionally spaced monospaced. How come? The idea is to adopt the typeface design demeanor and create a unique proportion in it. Thus, creating a more modern and approachable font design. Some even associate the monospaced typeface with a creative work of some kind. Thus, making it one of the most versatile fonts.



The Reasons Monospaced Appears And Get More Attention

Is there any reason why you have to use monospaced fonts? In many cases, modern time fonts come with a lot of design, flair, and type. When people use this kind of typefaces, a high chance, the reasons are mainly for a visual identity. It makes such a unique addition to a simplistic and modern typography design.

But there are also traditional reasons why it starts to spread and develop. It was meant to resemble the more physical limitation of the typewriter's mechanic. Since a typewriter only has a single spacing and movement speed. The ribbon of the machine will only move at the same speed and amount each time. Thus, the machine creates a more evenly spaced font.

Each of the monospaced font characters takes the same amount of space to write. With the same spacing and width, it helps create even and neat typography. This kind of visual point makes it into more modern typography. It has its advantages and uses in the more modern media and usage. Some people even consider the font as less distracting.

Another reason that you might want to hear is that the font itself brings out a more direct approach. Monospaced evoke a very clean design and one-on-one communication in printing or any media. This point is the obvious missing standard print in the current standard print advertising. Somehow, many people still prefer easy-to-read fonts.

Created by ATK Studio


Some Monospaced Font Utilization

So, how can you use this kind of monospaced font and create something worth looking at? One thing that you should understand is the focus of the typeface that emphasizes the font's character. This focus helps generate and even space and width. At the same point, it helps build brand characteristics through its unique appearance.

Those kinds of characteristics strongly against the more modern fonts. Most of the proportional types always focus on their kerning and spacing. They put the focus solely to shape further recognizable, easier to read and cover a large portion of the text. With that in your mind, you can tell that the more modern design offers a bigger versatility and customizable aspect.

But does it mean that monospaced fonts are still alive? Yes, surprisingly, the typefaces have continued to be popular for reasons. Starting from its easy-to-use and read aspects to the more specific vibe it gives. In some cases, there is a bit of magic that makes the monospaced typeface appear washed off as it is printed. Thus, creating it a great imitation of a typewriter printout.

Created by ATK Studio

1. Stating Number And Finance data

One of the reasons why monospaced is still available and highly loved now is its clear and easy-to-read aspect. These kinds of advantages are hardly found in the more modern proportional fonts. Of course, one can play around and adjust the kerning or spacing, but the use of monospace will help ease the typography making.

The point is that this typeface has an individual spacing that allows an evenly horizontal space. It includes every number, letter, character, and symbol. You can tell a very big and obvious advantage of this monospaced font when working around numbers. It will be such a big help for finance that requires clear and easy-to-read data.

The characteristic that has neat spacing helps make spreadsheets or financial statements easier to read. The benefit of monospaced utilization also comes from the easier to distinguish numbers and characters. You can tell that the even or fixed width and size of the numbers' space help create a clear, illegible, and neat appearance.

You can try this monospaced advantage when playing around with numbers and some financial data. High chance that you will use a column-style layout. This kind of layout is the worst when using an uneven and unique styled monospaced font. It will make the layout appear messy and crowded. To avoid it, you might have to make further adjustments regarding the spacing and kerning.

If you ever consider finding an example, you can take a look at the airport schedule board. Monospaced font creates a clear distance between each character. Even when it has information such as cities, schedules, and other information, it is still distinguishable from far away. It is also very easy to adopt in different fonts or background colors.

Created by Dharma Type


2. Used as a Primary Terminals And Code Typeface

Another surprising yet very clear implementation of monospaced font is for coding or terminal. You can get a very easy example as you open the command prompt on your laptop or computer. Each of the characters will appear with an even and balanced-looking font. Those are the monospaced typefaces. But why this kind of typeface?

The reason comes from the primary focus to write individual characters. Coding and terminal demand people to pay a lot of attention to every character. This means a single miss typing will make the code fail. Thus, to ease developer or code editors, they use monospaced typefaces exclusively to create a clearer interface and display.

Some of the coding appearance itself can differ from one to another. If you are familiar with this kind of writing experience, you can tell how the monospaced typeface helps you find specific information in the whole coding program. It also helps you easily recognize font symbols from the pretty much-jumbled information in it.

Another thing that makes monospaced very beneficial is its ability to make every unique character into something standard. You can take a look at notepad, which uses this kind of font. The simple and minimalistic design negates any distracting characteristic. Thus, making each of the characters appear normal, standard, and even.

Another benefit of monospaced fonts comes from the excessive scrolling motion of coding and terminal. When using standard proportionally fonts with different spaces and sizes, the information will look messy. At some point, you have to work more with the alignment, positioning, and layout. It will add more jobs for writers or code editors.

Meanwhile, you will have an even and neater layout with the monospaced typeface. It is beneficial for those who are trying to find certain information. At some point, you can even recognize the data by recognizing the word length. It is easier to do when you are going to be flooded with a lot of numbers, letters, symbols, and many details.

Created by Dharma Type


3. Clean and neat Dynamic Label

Another good use of monospaced fonts comes from numbering and labeling. Just like the first point, you can tell that this kind of typeface offers a well-balanced and even horizontal space. Thus, it helps visualize an illegible and easier to read detail. At some point, it even helps to avoid distraction and bring out a consistent appearance.

The dynamic label is one of the best examples of good use of monospaced typefaces. The numeric label will have constantly changing texts due to certain information or usage. For example, the time elapsed, stopwatch, file size, or call time elapsed. The fixed spacing helps create a constant appearance and avoids horizontal wiggling, which means a neater design.

Created by ATK Studio


4. For Other Typography Uses

As you can tell that there are some specific usages of the monospaced font, you can also find that the modern artwork also takes this typeface as its potential target. In other words, the typefaces aren't always used for specific jobs. Sometimes, it is also a prominent addition for typography and to get a certain visual style in design. Some people also use it for branding.

This is where you can explore and play around with a monospaced typeface. The so-called fixed-pict or tabular font work for almost everything or every purpose. There are a lot of things that you can do, as long as you are good at doing so. In many creative interpretations, the typeface offers a unique style for some design projects.

The old-styled typescript is ideal for some vintage-styled design. You can play with this kind of typeface to create an authentic brand identity, such as logotype, signage, lettering, or even stamp. One thing for sure, you can always explore the font family. Monospaced font not only looks formal, but some more modern depictions also offer unique strokes and designs.

With that in mind, it means that the usage of this monospaced font is pretty much endless. If you want to add a modern touch to your fixed-space typography, look for some fun-looking typeface. Combine it with your creativity, play around with color, and fun positioning to fit the modern aesthetic. Use black and white color, and then you will have a minimalistic design.

At some point, the uses of this typeface even reached another usage. LED moving message as an example. You can tell that the use of a monospaced font will help create a more stable moving message. It also helps create easier-to-read details. When you use many characters, symbols, or numbers, the typeface also helps avoid disruptive visuals.

One good thing about this family font is the range of options. Designers or illustrators can add a variety of related designs to their projects. Monospaced is one of the options. It can look unique, clean, clear, and also recognizable. With that in mind, the use of this typeface merely for a stylistic preference.

Created by Cannary Fagen


When To Avoid Using The Monospaced Font

The point of creating even-looking writing is to make it easier to read data. It works the best for numerical data or when there is a specific need to create a vertical alignment. You can use terminal or code data, which show text-only information in the form of tables or such. However, some data types do not need this typeface.

1. Body Of Text

Stay away from the Monospaced font if you are trying to write down a full body of text. While it can create a more uniform appearance, a monospace font can destroy the shapes of words. It is something that you want to avoid as it can considerably decrease the readability aspect. Yes, it gives some authentic typescript style design. But it is harder to read.

This is why you found a much more proportional type and how frequently it is used in modern literature. There is an idea that sometimes readers can recognize and interpret words quicker by their shapes (length). The different spacing and horizontal space make single characters look different, for example, I and A. It makes them more recognizable.

2. Static Label

A static label refers to the label text that is not frequently changing. In this case, you can take the phone number label, URL address, email, and date label as the best example. When you write information, avoid monospaced font and use a proportional typeface that makes a more flexible appearance. Thus, help them stand out and look different from others.

3. Hand Lettering Contest

A monospaced font is not meant for beauty contests or anything in particular. Even though it can help create a more vintage touch in design, it will not give you a fancy-looking typeface. Yes, there are many other newer typeface families with some unique designs. But when compared to a more fancy-driven design, you should opt for cool-looking fonts.



As explained in the article, this particular font is inspired by the old vintage typewriter machine. The same-sized character underlines that the monospaced has made such a distinct charm. It resembles a blocky type of typeface. It also makes your writing and typography look more illegible, neat, evenly spaced, and unique.

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