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Article: How To Become A Successful Poster Artist

How To Become A Successful Poster Artist

Although becoming a poster artist doesn't need a degree to get started, it's challenging and enjoyable.
Let's find out how to become a successful one!

Creative careers and work have a huge potential in the market. For the modern market era, it also complements varying usages and possible models. Take an example of how the popularity increases with the rise of minimalist style. Many designers and creative workers try to take the chance to be poster artists. But is it an easy career to take? 

People can say that this job is like a dream. People with a passion for drawing, illustrating, and designing can archive a huge income on the line. But, becoming a successful artist is one different path to take. Yes, everyone can try and take the dip. But if you want to be a serious screen printer, illustrator, or poster designer, be sure to check these details beforehand.  


What It Is Means To Be Poster Artist 

Also known as a poster designer, screen printer, and illustrator, you can say that this artist job is not quite a simple career to take. Many illustrators and designers, in general, can dip down into the more poster-focused work. It is also possible for people working in certain sectors, positions, and industries to reach up into the business. 

Take an example of the TV and movie business. Under this sector, you can also see how posters have a huge role in the disguise of movies, TV series, independent, and marketing poster design. This is where you can see the huge potential and benefits owned by poster artists. Many huge movie and TV businesses are still working with designers to up their game. 

Does that mean you need to work with a business and company to be an artist? The answer is No. The movie industry is only one of the huge and vast amounts of possible places to reach as a poster designer. Many other possible places will work wonders and give a fantastic opportunity for illustrators, such as the F&B, tourism, design, home, and many more.


The huge varying business sector also indicates that this business is not limited to a certain market. If you see from the beginning, you can see that artists can start as self-employed. Individual and small artist production can also pose a huge return in the future, such as online poster artist jobs, print, design, and sales. 

Do you need to work with fancy items and dignified positions? Again, the answer is no. Being a successful poster artist does not have to start with high-end items. Some artists might work with some simple and low-end equipment. Some of the known artists out there start from the bare nothing or a very simple product. 

You can also highlight that the core point of the business is to work with a variety of people. The artist's job itself can be done alone. But a blooming poster business runner can work with bands, promoters, producers, and many other parties. The point is to work across the spectrum, which means to expand the market to inclined organizations that need posters.  

Sometimes, it is easier to say that being a poster designer and illustrator is not about the tool but the skill. Yes, to go about this career, you will need to see and pick one from many paths. You can start with small steps, joining a company, building experience, sharpening your artist skill, and getting better over time. It will help you shape up as a potential poster artist. 


Background Education 

Considering how focused and skilled the demanding career is, you might think about a preferred education. In many cases, you can say it does have some relation with the arts education. Designers or illustrators can be graduated from an art school or graphic design background. However, it is not a clear statement and requirement. 

Being a poster artist does not need a degree to get started. Everyone can make posters, make them as a business, and become a known artist. At some point, you can also pinpoint that to be a successful illustrator; you will need more than just ability in art and creative education. You might need to learn about business, finance, and anything else. 

So, what is the real answer? The core point that you can take to be an artist is to not put your education as a limitation. Just because people or a person graduated from a famous university does not make them an instant poster artist. Sometimes, they fail and are unable to stay on their track. Thus, working on a different career path. 

The same goes for people without an illustration and design degree. Sometimes, people with a high creativity level can join the poster artist career. It goes with the fact that creativity has no limitation. Everyone can join, take part, explore, and succeed. Pretty sure that agency owners, human resources, and creative directors will pay more attention to your portfolio. 

Does that mean you don't need to learn anything to be a poster artist? One sure thing is that college is not completely necessary. And the good news is that in this modern era, you can access many other forms of informal education, training, and online learning to learn about basic poster making. It can include a range of classes that increase some valuable points in your career. 

Saying that becoming a successful poster artist is easy due to the lack of education is not completely true. The current market and job position can be a bit undesirable for artists, especially with the risk of plagiarism and counterfeiting. That is why education is not the real deal of being a designer. You need to focus and put more effort into building a portfolio.  


Training and internship

While specific education is not necessary, it surely can help increase your competence as a poster artist. If you can and have the time to get a formal education, it would help. But again, the outcome is based on your performance. It means that high school GPAs and scores are merely numbers. You will need to grind during it to be a successful artist. 

Whether you have or not have a specific education, you can always try to sharpen your skill with the help of training. In the case of art and creative business, you can learn from people, inspiration, and ideas. And one of the best options is to learn more about your tools, market, and business. Don't limit yourself with certain work. Include many various projects to widen your skills. 

If you want and have the chance, take your training work with people in related business. As an example, you are trying to be a movie poster artist, try to work, or learn from a person that has the expertise. You can try interning with a screen printer and learn the needed skills. Take the training to learn more about the job outside what you studied in school. 


Talking about internship and training, you have to make the most of it. Some universities and colleges will suggest some places for you to intern in design agencies. It is a chance to meet many other artists and learn more about varying projects. You can learn about poster illustration, design, work, and its rate. 

In this case of an internship, most of the job is helping with the design time. When you want to be a poster artist, don't get twisted by the situation. Yes, you are bound to not work with design directly but take it for granted. The less exciting work can feel tedious, but you can learn more during that time. You can also make relationships with artists. 

One thing that you can get during the internship and training is the ability to learn about the real life of a poster artist. Poster work might sound easy, but it can be more than you think. It also allows you to learn to see how the agency works with other professionals. Do the internship seriously and kick your career. Who knows if you will be hired as an artist or a junior designer? 


Experience And Skills

The creative business sector is pretty hard to judge. One good image might not look the same to different people. It means that your poster artist career might have a different path from one to another. It highlights that the skills and experience variance can bring varying light, including your rate, professionality, and client. So, what kind of experience and skills do you need? 

If you are talking about today's culture, needs, and production, you will need to learn about maintenance or printing skills. For self-employed designers, those are at least the basic two skills to guide your business. Again, skills highly rely on what you are going to work and experiment with during your long poster design business. 

Not to mention how wide and varying the artist circle is. You can see some poster business artists come out from every kind of personality, experience, and educational background. Sometimes, people with less practice and work time can surpass the others. You cannot expect the same since the nature of the creative industry is pretty much unpredictable.


To cope with that situation and tolerate the need, you can try to add more skills and experience. Don't waste your time, and keep learning to create the best poster over time. Learn more skills to include and improve your product. With that in mind, you can start working as a poster artist by yourself, small business, or joining companies and agencies. 

Remember that this kind of work is doable in solitude or personal. Some artists also prefer working by themselves and providing the best original poster work. But, you can always join a company or agency to get more experience. It also gives you a chance to learn and reach a bigger range of clients.  

Regardless of whether you are going to work personally or with a company, it is safe to learn some basic personal skills. Personal skills include the ability to motivate yourself, how to self-start a project, and work surrounded by people or people. It eventually helps you handle and work with varying types of clients, handle the deal, or make contracts.  

Where can you learn some additional skills as a poster artist? If you are fine, try to get some online classes. There is a good portion of skill classes for personal development or other cool subjects. At some point, you can also learn the basic skills of poster making and illustration through online classes. It is pretty cheap, and you don't need to attend a real school. 


Building Portfolio

Along with your experiences and skills, you have to remember how important a portfolio is. You can say that a portfolio will prove your experience, skills, and abilities. As a poster artist that is looking for money, this thing helps you open doors for your business. You might attract people from your amazing works, including employers, clients, or viewers. 

In the case of professional jobs, you have to make sure the portfolio is always on point and to notch. Highlight that you are going to show your job, illustration, work, and design through a portfolio. People will judge you from what you display. That is why a poster artist's portfolio should be real, best, and professional. 

If you want to get positive notice from a bigger audience, you can make the portfolio more versatile. Yes, you are working on poster design. But it does not mean you have to limit your work. You can explore your portfolio under the varying poster styles, models, and themes, such as minimizing design or typography. 


While you can show varying poster designs, you, as a poster artist, also need to highlight your ability. Pick something that helps pinpoint your strength when creating a poster design. Set yourself at a different level and make yourself appear as an intelligent or worthy individual. What if you have so many that you cannot pick one? Ask for feedback and get the selected best ones. 

If you need, you can also use or make an online portfolio. In this modern era, going for an online site to flaunt your expertise should be the best thing to do. It is easier to send and show to your clients, designer, intern, or employee. Sometimes, it also gives you wonder about the world wide web. Who knows that your online poster work gets recognized by other artists? 


Tools And Items You Need 

You only need a little preparation to start working as a poster artist or illustrator. Your biggest concern should be skill and expertise. If you are working with posters for a movie, that means you need to understand how to highlight the story. But if you are working for marketing or campaign, learn about CTA and other elements. 

Other than that, you can also consider the tools and items. As a starter, you don't need to force yourself to buy a high-end computer. Sometimes you only need a device that works the best for you. You can work with a pen, tablet, or an iPad of some sort. Many poster artists embrace tablets as their main tools to produce beautiful drawings. 

If you can invest more, go for the industry standard. Going with a Wacom pen tablet and 32 Gb RAM computer or laptop should be enough. Remember to always stay on your budget to avoid any loss or failure. In the beginning, stages, focus on increasing skills, experience, and portfolio. With that piled up, you can start upgrading the equipment.  


Career Outlook and path

How big is the recognition and fan base of poster business and career? As an artist, this industry is similar to many other types of creative businesses. Recognition, commission and career path are based on the company. The big company can share a bigger market and possibly charge more for their fee. 

At some point, it is also worth mentioning the varying market and emotional trends. Some companies can work with brands and take a range of commissions. But at some point, the demand can die down due to the shifting trend. It is something that every poster artist's career needs to look at and anticipate. That is why starting with self-employment and building a portfolio is very vital.


Average Salary 

If you are looking for a six-to-seven-digit salary on the first try, being an artist will not fit your criteria. For your information, being an illustrator or designer with a stable commission and project can bring a salary from 29K to 75K USD. Depending on the project size, companies, act, or client, the rate can differ. For self-employed people, you can set the rate by yourself. For a company, you have a portion. 

Considering the ample potential of the job and how high the salary range can be, it is safe to say that people can try it. Yes, it is a job that some creative thinkers can take a dip in. But a poster designer or artist does need some considerable skills. Some artists take the experience as the pivot to encompass and expand their expertise as successful individuals. 

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