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Article: How Much Money Can A Video Game Designer Make?

How Much Money Can A Video Game Designer Make?

Video game designer is becoming a preferred profession because it brings a lot of money for those who want to be seriously dedicated to it. It is not surprising that many fresh graduates or experienced applicants want to explore this one profession to get money. If you look at it with the naked eye, of course, you will imagine a very large salary for those who design these games. It is not wrong! They can earn a lot of money from the profession. In addition, money will increase if they have a lot of projects or they work for a truly world-renowned video game company. Getting money quickly from this game designer profession is no longer a dream.

If we calculate it roughly, it will be seen that the income earned by this video game profession can reach salary or money $70,000 to $90,000 per year. Of course, this money number can be achieved by those who have met certain requirements and criteria; for example, they have a Bachelor's degree, 5 - 10 years of experience in the field, and other requirements that also need to be met. Of course, those who are in Supervisor and Manager Positions will earn a lot of money, but video game designer is a profession whose designer salary can even be higher than the positions mentioned above.

Putting aside the high salary or money, you also need to know the responsibilities that must be carried out by workers in the gaming sector. They must be able to create the best game designs, mobile-friendly, trend-appropriate, not boring, and last but not least, can meet the objectives or goals of the related company. Of course, it is not an easy thing to make good and quality game-play for this game designer. They have to put forth their energy, mind, and creativity in creating all of them. In the early stages, usually, these gaming artists will create the concept first; after that, they begin to enter the next stage, namely developing it into the best game for the players. The higher the level of service, of course, the more money they will get. The salary range is between 40,000 and 50,000 on average money. However, it is only a salary, not including other allowances and bonuses they get. The figure could be higher than that stated if the company they work for is also of good in popularity.


Annual Salary

Now, let's discuss the annual salary range for this video game designer profession. If you refer to the general chart, the designer's annual salary earned by workers in this field is in the range of money $70,000 - $90,000 per year. Of course, the number is very high and quite tempting. The highest salaries are generally obtained from those who work in video game companies in the Private Sector category. Meanwhile, those who work in the Federal Government have an average salary. Why if working in the private sector can get a higher salary? This is because investors are likely to invest more money in this sector. In addition, the rules in the private sector are generally not too strict. As a result, the workers in it can freely innovate and carry out their duties without having to worry about complicated money rules at all.

Generally, fresh graduates who are just starting to work in this sector have to be patient to get the designer big salary they want. The reason is, there are certain rules in each company to increase the salaries of their video game designer. However, if the performance or achievements money obtained are good, there may also be big bonuses salary that can be obtained. It all depends on how they show their performance to the company. Not to mention, if the game made is also viral in the market. Surely there is a lot more money flowing into the wallets of the designer.


Hourly Rate

What about hourly rates from video game designers? Is by using the hourly rate, this profession will bring in more money? Not necessarily. It all depends on the management policies of each gaming company. However, if you look at the general graph, you will see that the hourly income of the designer salary is in the range of money $35 to $42. A number that is certainly not too big, but not too small either. Imagine, if this designer dedicates his time 10 hours per day, then in one day, the total salary they will get is money $350. This number, when multiplied in a month, will be very large.

Usually, the hourly rate is used for those who work on a freelance basis. However, some video game companies employ full-time employees with vulnerable salaries in the form of hourly rates. If this is the case, then workers can accumulate the total amount of money that they will get in one day. Then, they can calculate it in the form of the annual, semester, or annual income. Again, you need to know that this salary is in addition to money bonuses, benefits, and other compensation that the company can provide its employees. If the performance is good, the performance increases, the company is getting more popular, of course, there are additional designer bonuses salary that will be obtained for money these employees.


Tips for Increasing Salary

Video game designer is a profession that can be said to be able to provide a large salary. However, you should know that the current salary from this profession can be increased again. This, of course, must be money balanced with the value and contribution you can give to the related company. As long as you do your best, you will usually get the best too. It all depends on the situation, luck, and also how dedicated you can break the current trend. Here are tips to increase your salary in the gaming profession:

  • The first step in increasing the salary is to join a community that has a similar profession. This will make it easier for you to exchange ideas, add to the network, and increase knowledge with each other. The more communities you follow, the more information you will get.

  • In the second step, you need to hone your talent in the gaming designer field. Don't just be satisfied with what you have achieved so far. This will make you too complacent with your money comfort zone. It's time to maximize the abilities you have by continuing to learn without stopping. After all, there are lots of video game resources that you can use to learn, right? This is the modern era; everything can be accessed easily.

  • Third, you need to be selective in choosing the company you work for. If the company is a Start-up, then you have the potential to become a pioneer or innovation breaker in the related company. You can get a bigger salary because later you will be the first to start designer innovation. But, it doesn't matter if you work for a gaming company that has been running for a long time. Who knows the salary is bigger, and you can learn a lot from the experienced employees in it. Surely, if one day you can be at their level, your salary will also increase money significantly.


Salary Trends

When we were looking back around in 2004, the gaming industry experienced significant development. Many innovations began to emerge. From 2004 - 2010 alone, the money salary increase for video game designers was at 8.72 percent. A number that is certainly significant in magnitude. How about 2010 - 2021? When compared with the previous percentage, the potential for this increase could be more than 10 percent. It's even more likely than that designer.

Why? Because in the current era, many games have adopted the concept of Mobile Friendly and also the best User Interface for their players. This will ensure that these players can get a premium gaming experience and can play the games whenever and wherever they are. From here, there are so many innovation variables that continue to be improved. Not surprisingly, if the designer salary money trend this year is compared with several years ago, it will be felt that the difference is very big. More and more innovations are happening, and technological sophistication inevitably has to make video game designers more creative in creating a special game. But, there's no need to worry either, because after all, this profession still provides a lucrative income, and the career path is always there at any time, as long as technology still exists on this earth.


Countries That Pay the Biggest Salaries for Video Game Designer

It's time for you to know which countries pay the most for this game designer profession. This will help you to be able to determine which country to work in, especially if you are someone who likes to work abroad and feels confident in your skills and experience. The following is a complete list of the salaries you can earn by country. This data is data for the designer highest salary that can be obtained in this video game profession:

  • Washington = money $70,360 per year

  • Illinois = money $63,800 per year

  • Rhode Island = money $60,500

  • New York = money $56,280

  • Virginia = money $54,870

  • North Carolina = money $53,950

The next data will attach the lowest video game salary that can be obtained in this profession. The lowest salary is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for some people who feel that the small average salary is a luxury in their eyes. Some countries listed below provide a minimum salary for a game designer. Here are the data in detail:

  • Nebraska salary: $23,590

  • Delaware: money $28.020

  • Kentucky: money $28,320

  • Arkansas: money $28,630

  • Puerto Rico salary: $31,690

  • Ohio: money $35,370

  • Colorado: money $31,730

What do you think about the salary gaps for the video game designer mentioned above? Do you think the nominal is tempting for a designer? It all depends on how your perception is. However, if you look at it on average, the salary is already in a satisfactory number. The reason is, when compared to other professions that you can choose, the profession in the gaming world is indeed very tempting. Many people are successful and get double the money when they jump into it directly. It all also depends on how passionate and dedicated you are. The company will also see this dedication and provide appropriate designer rewards for its employees who excel.


What is Game Designer?

The game designer refers to a profession in the sector of designing and conceptualizing a game, wherein the end, the concept will be developed to create a variety of games, be it for video game smartphones or PCs. A designer even creates it for games that are developed in the form of a website.

The initial stage that is usually done by a designer salary in the field of gaming is to write a draft of the game that will be made. Even though the game has an entertainment theme, the designer will design it based on certain levels. In other words, players who later play in the game must complete some challenges that are available regularly. The existence of levels presented in a game will help players to be more enthusiastic in completing the existing designer challenges and make the game not boring or too monotonous to play.


Game Designer Responsibilities

This profession has some responsibilities to get money. The most important thing is how the designer can create something that was originally just wishful thinking, or from an idea, but then implemented in the form of an interesting game that can be played for everyone. Of course, the specifications of the game must also be clear. For example, the game is intended for players at what age, then what is the genre of the game, how much money can get, is there a chance that the game can be updated in the next Patch, and so on. Here are some of the main responsibilities of a designer in this video gaming field:

  • Create a concept or storyline of the video game created

  • Create a character that players will be able to choose in the game

  • Design maps, scenarios, and also the level of difficulty in a game

  • Make rules on how to win and how to lose in the game created

  • The designer creates a user interface for access via Smartphone, Website, or PC.

If you have a high level of creativity, surely some of the responsibilities mentioned above are not difficult to carry out. What needs to be done here is how to make the video game able to provide something interesting for the players.


Video Game Designer Salary Progress

It all depends on the skill level of the related game designer. If he has a capable capability in his field, then the salary he will get may be even greater. Even the higher the position he has, the salary will also follow the development of his position. That's why it is highly recommended for anyone who is involved in this division; it would be better if they do their best. The reason is some several parameters or indicators will be used by the company to consider designer salary increases money that can occur.

On the one hand, in practice, you have to compete to get everything you want, right? The following is the salary development of the game designer when viewed from the level and also the beginning of the money employee's career:

  • Entry Level: Beginner designers are usually Fresh Graduates or those who have just been recruited by the company and need time to adapt. In this case, the salary received is generally in the range of money $20 per hour.

  • Intermediate Level: For the middle-level designer is those who have worked in the company for approximately 1 year. From here, the salary they get will adjust because at least they have adapted to the culture and goals of the company. Generally, salaries at this level are in the range of money $30 per hour.

  • Expert/Advanced Level: For designers who have experience in the field of video game design for more than 2 years - 5 years, or more, and then they have entered the expert stage. This is because they will adapt so quickly and already understand the system from the company. Their salary range is usually in the range of money $35 - $50 per hour. If the company has great value or popularity, then the designer's salary can be more than that.


Video Game Designer Freelancer Salaries

What about the salaries of those working as freelancers in the money video game design industry? Of course, the freelancer's salary money follows an agreement with the related company. Usually, there will be negotiations in advance that are carried out at the beginning. After that, the company will determine how much designer salary money they should be able to receive. 


Generally, designer freelancers' salaries in this field are in the range of $25 - $45 per hour. The more experience and skills you have, the bigger it can be. Some people prefer to be freelancers, too, for various reasons. For example, they want freedom in their work. Even some people have become designer freelancers because they can get a higher salary. Whatever the form, this job remains a trending choice in the current video game millennial era.

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