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Article: Brand Identity Guide For Marketing Strategy

Brand Identity Guide For Marketing Strategy

Let's learn deeper about brand identity and how it connects to marketing strategy in general!
And what kind of impact does it bring to one another?
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The concept of this topic is not complicated, just as every individual is different from the other because we have distinct features and characteristics. This article will discuss in detail what brand identity really is and how it affects the marketing strategy. I will slowly start explaining the topic from the basic senses, and then we can move further into the deeper issue.

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What Is Brand Identity?

This overall sense of personality that immediately comes to your mind is called the brand identity. It is every sign that engages with your five senses and sets one entity apart from another.

Every business has arranged different elements and strategies that set it apart from the others. They are competing to build a different image that stands out for customers to identify.

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The term "branding" is different from "brand identity" in the sense that branding involves the series of actions that you take to set a strong brand identity elements of your brand. For example, just imagine as if you are a high school student. Teachers might not recognize you if you might just have multiple similarities with your friends who have the same hairstyle, same likability, same hobby, etc. People will not recognize you until you portray something different between you and your friends.

To maintain a particular identity, you will need to focus on the cultivation of an impression. In this case, you can change your hairstyle, wear different shoes, change your personality, and those efforts for changes are called branding. Brand identity is when you are identified with certain identities, such as a female with short blond hair, musician of pop-rock music, often do a circus act on her concerts, and I bet you know who she is. So that's the impact of a strong identity, you stand out from the others, and people immediately recognize. When you have something that makes you distinguished and apart from others, that is your identity.


How To Build A Strong Brand Identity?

When you are creating strong brand identity elements, there are certain points of view that have to be clarified to build a successful branding. Let's look at these two key points that will help you along the creative process.

1. Have a clear vision and mission

The first and the most important step in creative process is that you should know who you are, what your mission is, and what you actually want to present to the world as a brand. If your visual identity has any kind of ambiguity and unclarity, it could result in misperceptions and similarities with other brands.

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If you want to get a clearer idea of your vision and mission, consider asking more questions and digging deeper. The deeper the question is, the differences you will set apart from other competitors.

  • What are your products?
  • What gives you an edge over the competitors? Do you have something unique that your competitors do not have?
  • Why did you start this business?
  • If you are given just three words to describe your brand, what would you say?
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2. Focus on the Design and Quality

If you do not have a high-quality design, the whole creative process could go in vain. People love good visuals. Always keep in mind that the foundation of your brand is high-quality visuals. For example, if you have a graphic designing business, people should immediately get an idea of your services only by looking at your brand. Some other things that will help you maintain a strong brand identity elements are by maintaining the design quality of your website, logo, packaging, and other collaterals as they reveal the quality of the services that people expect you to provide.

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Important Design Elements for Successful Branding

Previously we have mentioned quite a lot about brand identity elements. So what are those? There are several important graphic design elements that are powerful enough to set apart your personality from the others; here goes:

1. Typography

While dealing with the branding materials, you should pay special heed to the typography and fonts. This is where the important role of typography comes into the picture. Modern research reveals that people could get directly influenced by the way you write the words. Typography is commonly being used as a branding tool. Choosing the proper font that suits your brand personality alone could amplify your brand for better recognition. Whichever fonts you chose or typography treatment you made, those decisions will greatly impact your identity.

Created by Agustina Rezola & Paula Arcucci |


2. Color Palette

There's a study reveals that particular color has a personal connection to a certain group of people. For example, all of us are well familiar with McDonald's yellow and red colors. The brand color has held a powerful recognition for the customers and affects the brand strongly. Colors could directly impact people's minds, such as red color brings excitement, while the green color represents money or nature, etc. Black and blue color often use for a professional type of personality. The pink color is often trending among the brands that have stuff related to women and teenage girls.

Created by Tanya Kar |


3. Forms and Shape

Another key element that can attract people to your brand is the use of forms and elements. The impact of the round and circles logo would be different from the square logo, and the same is the case with other things that get directly impacted by the form and the design.

If your brand is intended for women's products, you should go with elements that might represent fragility and feminism, such as circular or curvy lines. However, the squares, rectangles, and other straight-line shapes are good if you want to represent strength and efficiency. So whichever forms and shapes you choose for your design will reveal your company's overall personality and vibe. The more personality is showing from the design you have, the stronger the visual identity can push through the competitive market.

Created by Ahmed Abd Elaziz |


4. Logo

The most important elements that creates the brand identity is the logo. The logo is the face of your brand. It could represent your standards, uniqueness, creativity, who you are as a brand, and which community you represent.

A strong logo is one that has its visual appeal, simple, and straightforward. Also, consider using a strong color palette, as it will help leave a long-lasting impact on people's minds. You have to make your brand to be memorable and not easily be misdirected by lots of competitions.

Created by Theo Kim, Mo Choon & Mobills-group Corp. |


5. Website & Social Media

Your website and social media pages are the hands of your brand. Whether you are running an online business or selling digital products, you should focus on creating an eye-catching and professional website. Consider investing with an amount of budget to hire professional social media marketers or website developers. Their expertise could help you create stunning landing pages and boost your traffic across multiple platforms.

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6. Business card, Email Design & Collaterals

The design of the business cards, emails, and collaterals will somehow indicate what your brand really is. It clearly shows the overall identity and image of your business. You might not need to be overly fancy with the designs, a simple yet creative visual will help you even so much. The overall visual is also very important because it would help you build up a personal connection with the target audience. And it's always better to keep the design compact, sweet, clear, and simple.

Created by Firma Design |


How Brand Identity Affect Marketing Strategy?

Strong brand identity could definitely bring a positive impact on the way businesses to market themselves. A strongly designed visual identity elements could save a lot of budget and time for businesses to proceed with their marketing strategy. In the coming lines, I will explain how brand personality can affect the role of marketing strategy.

1. Earn Recognitions

If you have adopted the right brand identity elements, implement the proper branding strategies, and focused on all the essential elements, people will definitely recognize your brand easily. It could result in a massive growth of your business without activating many strategies in marketing. It could save your marketing budget, and it also saves your time.

Created by Aria Dimaano |


2. Generates Customers

With the right brand visual identity, you could attract potential customers offline or online directly on your shops, websites, or through various social media platforms. Similar to what we have explained above regarding color and all other visual elements. You can use those as a strategy to attract your customers. You need to have certain research of your customers' preferences, what kind of brand they usually interact with, or who the other brands that successfully retain your target customers, etc. The deeper your research is, the more efficient it will be for you to proceed with the marketing.

Created by Widarto Impact |


3. Creates Trust

When you work on unique ideas and avoid copying others, not only will you gain brand recognition, but you will also gain the trust of people. Trust will help you get far in the business. To build up trust, you have to make people understand your brand value and what makes your value different from others. If customers respect your brand value, they could potentially become your loyal customers.

Created by Marcelo Sanchez |



Building up the brand identity is the surest way to entice the people towards your business. Keep in mind the several elements mentioned above that could help you change the game and stand out from your competitors. Also, try to have some research and find a deeper understanding of your target customers. The more you understand your audiences, the more you know how to play with your brand personality.

And the stronger your identity is, the more efficient you might put your money, time, and effort into the marketing strategy.

Created by Moe Selwaye |

I hope this article helps you understand better this topic and how it's connecting to marketing strategy. Feel free to leave comments or questions in the section below. Cheers!

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