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Article: The Complete Guide to Pursue Graphic Design Career

The Complete Guide to Pursue Graphic Design Career

Are you interested in pursuing a graphic design career?
If so, then this article will provide you with the various information to equip your journey.

Are you interested in pursuing a graphic design career? If so, then this discussion will provide you with the various information you need to become a graphic designer with a thriving career. Of course, there are some tips that you can do to be able to develop your career in an industry that is in high demand, such as graphic design.


Graphic Design Industry

Before going into further discussion about the guide to selecting a career in the graphic design field, you must understand in more detail the information about this one industry. A graphic design career is currently the target of many people. This industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in this century.

Thanks to technological developments, the world of design, especially graphic design, is also affected and dragged down by the current development. Due to advances in technology, there is more demand in the graphic design field to be able to meet human needs.

A graphic design career is one of the best career choices that you can choose right now. As an industry that is growing very rapidly, this industry requires a lot of people to enter its industry. Therefore, there are a lot of requests and jobs available for you.

If you want to pursue a graphic design career, you must always observe the development of design trends. From year to year, graphic design is always evolving and also changing according to trends and people's demands.


What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Some of you may still be confused about what to do or what is the job desk of a graphic designer? Graphic designers have many types of tasks or roles that they can choose from. Each of these roles has a different task and job desk.

But broadly speaking, graphic designers have the task of designing, planning, providing advice, and also convey great graphic design for a company or for their clients.

What distinguishes a graphic designer from an ordinary artist or designer is that a graphic designer must also have a deep understanding of how to influence the public through their designs. One of the things that must be mastered by people who want to work in the graphic design industry is that they must master how to communicate to the public through their designs.

As a graphic designer, you will certainly be interested in creating or designing a poster, an advertisement, brochure, and also other types of product marketing that will be distributed to the public. All the marketing media that you design must make people be influenced and do what you want as a graphic designer.

If you are hired by a company, you will usually be asked to create a marketing design that can influence people to buy the products they offer. This is the main difference between a graphic designer and an artist or designer in general.

But not only for marketing and advertising purposes, but you will also be asked to design various projects that offer various messages to the public. You may be asked to design a touching piece, a happy piece, and so on. Most importantly, as a graphic designer, you must know how to convey a message into your design and deliver it well.


Role in The Graphic Design Industry

As mentioned earlier, in the graphic design industry, there are many roles available. These roles have different roles in this industry. You can find a role that is suitable and according to your wishes.

Actually, there are many roles in the graphic design industry, but the following are some of the most sought after and most sought after roles by people as one of their career choices in the graphic design industry:

1. Web Designer

A web designer is one of the career branches in the graphic design industry. Web designers have an important role in determining the course of a website. Usually, web designers will design prototypes, user interfaces, and also various elements in web design. Being a web designer can be complicated if you don't really understand how a web works.

Here you will not only design the graphic or the appearance of the web as a whole, but you will also determine and choose what navigation to use, what content to display, and so on.

If you want to pursue a career as a web designer, you not only need skills as a graphic designer, but you also have to understand computer graphics and also some specific information about website making and computer technology.

Web designers are currently in high demand in the job market. The development of technology has caused many companies and businesses to switch from conventional sales to online sales through their own websites. Therefore, a web designer can be a career that is worth pursuing.


2. Multimedia Designer

If you want a career design that is more flexible and can cover many things, this one career choice might be one of the best career choices for you. A multimedia graphic designer will design many rights and also involve various design elements.

As someone who is pursuing a career as a multimedia designer, you must master design with graphic elements, music, animation, and also various other elements to be able to create designs in all media and platforms. 

One important aspect to consider is the use of royalty free music options, which can greatly enhance your multimedia projects without infringing on any copyrights.

Because the job desk is very broad, therefore the skills you must master are also very diverse. However, a career as a multimedia designer can be the best career if you want a career that is not monotonous and always growing.

Multimedia designers obviously have to be able to adapt quickly to the development of trends and times in graphic design. Graphic design can appear in various types of media. 

If nowadays graphic design is generally in the media of posters and illustrations, it could be that in the next few years, graphic design is popular in other media. Therefore, a quick adaptation is needed if you want to pursue a career as a multimedia designer.


3. Logo Graphic Designer

One of the graphic design careers that currently has a lot of demand in the job market is a logo graphic designer. As you can already tell from the name of the job, if you pursue a career as a logo designer, then your job is to design great logos to represent a company, community, or institution.

In the business world, a logo is one of the most important identities that a company must-have. This logo will represent the identity, purpose, and values ​​held by a company as one of their ways to attract customers. Therefore, your job as a logo designer is a very important task.

You have to design a logo that can give a message as well as what your client wants to represent in their logo. Pursuing a career as a logo designer may seem easy, but actually, your job is not that simple.

You have to really understand the meaning of each color, symbol, and element that you will use in your logo design. You also have to know how to make a certain shape to be able to give a message and also symbolize something else.


4. Brand Identity Designer

If you want a graphic design career that is simpler and also role-specific, you can choose to become a brand identity designer. Brand identity is one of the most important marketing tools that a company or business must have to develop their business and also attract more consumers to get to know their brand.

As a brand identity designer, you are tasked with designing everything related to brand identities, such as logos, branding, advertising, brand color palettes, and many others. Of course, you have to represent the brand's characteristics in the designs you create.

Today's brand identity designer is also one of the graphic design career paths that are in great demand by many people. This career is easy to find everywhere because the demand from the company will always be there in every region or country.


5. Photo Editing or Photoshop Artist

Careers in graphic design will always be in touch and involve photographers in their design matters. Photo is one of the crucial elements and products that you have in this industry.

Many companies will certainly ask graphic designers to take photos of the products or services they offer to be attractive and appealing to their consumers. This is what makes photo editing or photoshop artists one of the most important career branches in the graphic design industry.

If you take a career as a photoshop artist, then your job is to edit or create an interesting photo and also appealing for the purposes of marketing and advertising clients who hire you. You must master photo editing skills as well as software to be able to enroll in a career in this field.


6. Creative / Art Director

In a design team, of course, there must be someone who leads so that all designers have the same vision and picture of the tasks they must do. In an industry that has to involve many people, such as the graphic design industry, there is a person in charge of leading the design team.

This person will usually be known as the creative or art director. In the graphic design industry, a design team can consist of designers who have different roles. Not only designers, but usually a design team will also involve photographers, audio masters, copywriters, illustrators, and many other roles involved in a team. 

Therefore, it is very important in a design team to have a creative or art director to be able to arrange for all members to be on the right track.

Career opportunities as an art or creative director can come in various types of sectors. But most importantly, usually, this creative or art director is the most sought after in a design-based company or one that has special staff in the design department.


Why Pursuing A Career in Graphic Design Industry is A Good Idea?

Even though we are already in modern times and technology, people are still very skeptical of careers in the field of design, especially graphic design. Art or design-based careers are considered as a career path that is less appealing to pursue.

In fact, however, this is not the case. Currently, art and design-based careers, especially in the graphic design industry, are one of the career fields that are the target of many people and also have a very high demand in the job market.

One of the main reasons why a graphic design career is considered less worth pursuing is because of the belief that a graphic design career will not be able to bring someone to get a big salary and also be successful.

Nowadays, being someone who works in the graphic design field can bring you success and high salaries. Job prospects or careers in the graphic design industry cannot be underestimated. As mentioned earlier, the graphic design career is one of the most developed career paths in this modern era.

However, if you are still skeptical about pursuing a career in this industry, here are some reasons why you should consider a graphic design career as one of your career choices.

1. Design Will Constantly in Demand

All types of industries will certainly always need a design for their needs, especially for marketing and advertising needs. You don't need to be afraid if your career will no longer be relevant or you won't get the opportunity to develop your career more.

Graphic design is one of the needs that is always in demand in people's lives. You also don't have to worry that you will be replaced by a robot at any time. A career in the field of design is one of the career branches that can never be replaced by robots because careers in this field always require creativity and brilliant ideas from humans that cannot be replaced by any robot or artificial intelligence.


2. Graphic Design Industry Consist of Many Career Path

As explained earlier, in the graphic design industry, there will be various different career paths that you can choose according to your own abilities or desires. Even if you only learn the basics of graphic design, there will still be lots of career paths that you can choose from.

Therefore, you don't need to be afraid that working in the graphic design industry will become a monotonous and unpleasant career. You can try various roles or career paths that are available according to your wishes. 

With these many career paths, your career will also become more flexible, so you will not be so affected by job market disasters that are usually experienced by many people.


How To Pursue A Career in Graphic Design?

With all the discussions that we have discussed previously, of course, you will be more interested in making a graphic design career as one of the career paths that you want to pursue, right? However, there are still many people who are confused about how to start a career in this industry.

To start a career in the graphic design industry, you don't really need to do anything grandiose. First of all, you can hone your skills in graphic design, or you can learn all the major basics in this industry. Nowadays, there are tons of teaching videos on YouTube or other sources such as webinars that can teach you the basics you need.

It's never too late to learn. Therefore, no matter how old you are, you can start to learn the skills you need in this industry. In addition, you can also take a degree in graphic design. If you can't be self-taught, you can go to college and also enroll in a degree in graphic design to get a career in this industry. 

Currently, competition in the graphic design industry is also quite tight; therefore, several companies or also job fields will usually be more likely to recruit someone who has a degree in graphic design.

Starting a career in graphic design doesn't always have to require a degree, but if you have one, you will have a much greater opportunity to have a higher salary offer and also develop your career further. One of the most important things that you must also prepare if you want to pursue a career in graphic design is your design portfolio. Whether you have a degree or not, a design portfolio is one of the main things that will determine whether you will be hired by a company or not.

Therefore, it is important for you to prepare a good portfolio before you actually plunge into this one career path.


Final Words

Graphic design is one of the career paths that is currently developing and experiencing a lot of demand in society. Because of this condition, a career in graphic design is one of the best career choices you can choose in the modern era.

This career path is also very flexible, and the job prospects are guaranteed at any time. This makes graphic design one of the industries with the most sought-after career path by many young people and millennials today.

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