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Article: How To Fix Your Apple Pencil When It Is Not Working?

How To Fix Your Apple Pencil When It Is Not Working?

Graphic design is pretty spoiled with a range of devices such as a responsive stylus.
But how to fix your Apple Pencil when it is not working? Let's find out!

Graphic design is pretty spoiled with ranges of media and technology out there. One of the popular options is the iPad that provides good software and technology for designing. It gets better with the responsive Apple pencil that is working just like a real drawing tool. It will respond to pressure and is also pretty good for drawing on the iPad. 

However, nothing is perfect. The stellar Apple stylus also comes with some errors that tend to bother the users. The stellar pen can suddenly stop working during your sketching session. It can disturb your creative flow, which again makes one feel like crap. So, why is your apple pencil not working? You got some explanations for the possible issues.  

At least you can find four issues that are directly related to your Apple stylus. However, there is also one condition that it spots the issue is on the iPad itself. Some of these answers might sound pretty obvious. However, some people still don't know how to fix the error. The good thing is, the not working issues do not always demand you to the Genius bar. 


1. Pairing Issues 

One possibly the most obvious reason your pen is not working is due to the pairing issues. The thing is that pairing errors can happen on every device. Not only your iPad. Even other tablets with a wireless stylus will pose the same issue. It does the same with your iPad and Apple pencil. So, it is a good idea to check the pairing option as the first error fix. 

If you are a new Apple iPad user, you need to know that the pencil is connected with wireless technology via Bluetooth. It is not a cheap stylus with a rubber tip. Instead, it is working better with many compatibilities and responds due to the wireless connection. However, as a tool that connects through Bluetooth, it can make a lot of errors. The fundamental one is the pairing. 

So, the appropriate fix is to check the Bluetooth connection on your iPad. Check whether it is enabled and paired with your Apple stylus. If it is not, then you can repair the pencil and fix the not working issue. However, to fix the error, you need to know how to find the Bluetooth setting. The reason is the first-gen Apple stylus has a different fix method. 

The old one demands you to plug the pencil into the Apple iPad via the lightning connector. In the next fix step, you will get a prompt in the iPad that asks for pair confirmation. The fix is pretty different for the second generation, which wants you to connect the Apple pencil with the magnetic connector. Try it and see if the fix is successful or not working.  


2. Bad Pencil Tip  

Another error that one needs to pay attention to is the pencil tip. You can consider it like a traditional manual pencil that gets dull after long use. If it happens, you need to sharpen it again to make the pencil work again. However, when it comes to Apple Stylus, you might have to spend more money to sharpen the tip and fix the error. 

It is such a shame that the tip quality for your Apple pencil can hinder your tablet performance. The error can get very annoying when it affects the drawing result and its responsive ability. If you use the Apple iPad as a drawing tablet, be prepared for these kinds of errors. The good news is that the fix is not that hard to do. 

3. Rough Pencil Nib 

The first possible error that makes your apple pencil not working is the rough nib. Try to touch the nib, and if you find it a little rough, you might have to change it with the new one. But if the error does not affect your drawing, then you can wait for a later fix. Most of the time, the coarse nib will not glide smoothly in the iPad screen, thus creating an uneven drawing. 

Another good way to discover the error is exposed metal tip. It means that your pencil tip is worn off. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of methods to fix the apple pencil error. You can only replace it with the new one. It can get quite pricey, but it is worth more than buying a new Apple stylus. It is also not a surprise that Apple did not include a working new spare. 

The thing is, the first-generation apple pencil got one replacement tip to fix this error. However, the second generation does not have one. If you got this error for a new stylus and are still under warranty, you can go back to the shop where you bought it. The Apple retail store might exchange it for a new one as the best way to fix it.  

4. Loose Pencil Nib 

If you find the pencil is not working and did not find any error with the old tip, you might have to try to tighten it. From time to time, the pencil tip can get loose and suddenly stop working. It can be a bothersome error, but it does not need any complicated fix. You can easily tighten the tip of the pencil and fix the problem. 

To do the replacement fix, you need to hold the pencil in one hand. After that, you have to twist the pencil tip clockwise. Don't force the pencil to twist if it is already tight enough. At some point, the error is pretty hard to figure out only with your eyes. So, make sure you tighten it again to avoid the error. It is something common that every iPad stylus user needs to fix. 


5. Stop Working 

So, how if you already got the Apple pencil working and start sketching, but suddenly it stops working? You got so many answers for this kind of error. To fix it, you will need to understand the grounding error. Most of the time, the reason for the stop working error is due to the tip problem. It was already explained in the previous point. 

If the error persists and you find the Apple pencil constantly not working, you need to check both tools. Try to check the Bluetooth in your tablet. You might accidentally turn it off, or you are working with Airplane mode. You need to understand that airplane mode will kill every connection, including Bluetooth. It will show you the easy fix method.

To check it, you can swipe open the Control center for an easy fix. Here you can navigate to the Bluetooth setting and see whether it is on or not. Turn it on, and apple pencil work will be connected again. But how if it is still not working? You can see the stylus batteries. Remember that your stylus is battery-powered, so make sure it is charged properly. 

If some of the explanations still do not fix the error, try to reinstall the Apple stylus from your iPad. In this fix, it means you will need to repair the two tools. To fix the problem, go to the setting menu and Bluetooth. In the list of paired devices, click the I icon beside the Apple Pencil. In the pop-up, tap forgets this device and click the confirmation to continue. 

After you remove the device, you can repair the tools. It will help you fix the error and make it work once again. The fix is known as restarting your apple pencil. It does not take time, and you can make your device working as it used to be. Try to check the Bluetooth, to remove and repair the device to fix the sudden not working error.  

6. Charging Problem 

Since your pencil is battery-powered, it will not be working without power. It is pretty much a grounding error everyone needs to know. But there are times that people do not consider the possibility of fixing the batteries or charging error. People tend to assume the worst when faced with a not working stylus when it can get fixed by charging the device. 

So again, before you assume the worst and buy a new expensive pencil, try to charge it up again. In this case, you need to underline that Apple has varying methods to charge between models. The first-generation pencil uses a lightning connector. You can charge by connecting it to the iPad or using the charging adapter. 

Meanwhile, the second generation offers a fixed charging method using a magnetic connector in the iPad. To ensure your stylus is working for a long time, you need to keep an eye on the pencil battery level from the battery widget. You can find this detail in the notification center. It is an easy fix for your not working stylus. 


7. Cannot See The Stylus Battery

But what if you cannot see the pencil battery information on the iPad? If you face the error, it can be the reason you get ignorant of the battery life. Thus, it ended with run-out juice and not working apple pencil. So, to avoid it, you can add the battery widget. It will fix the missing stylus battery detail error. 

All you need to do to fix it is tapping the edit button at the notification center right at the bottom of today's views. In there, navigate to the battery's widget. Fix the problem by tapping and holding the three lines and drag them to the top of your listing. It will fix the error, giving information about the working apple pencil battery and other Bluetooth devices. 

8. Wrong Pairing 

If you use more than one Apple tablet or device, it can get complicated to know whether the pencil is connected or not. Surprisingly, many users get very easy to fix errors that still cause confusion. It is the wrong pairing. It only needs an easy fix by repair the Apple pencil on your iPad. If you are not sure whether it is paired or not, you can see it in the iPad Bluetooth setting.  

If there is no Apple pencil connected to the iPad, it is very obvious that it is not working. The error is that you are not pairing it with your current tablet. You can repair it again with the lightning connector (on the top end cap) or use the magnetic connector. It will give you a notification for pairing. Click agree, and you already fix the very fundamental error. 

But if the fix is not working and does not see a pop-up notification upon plugging it in, the error might be due to the compatibility. In this case, you need to check if your iPad supports the pencil. In other words, if the iPad and the stylus are not compatible, it will not connect. Apple Pencil is only compatible with all iPad Pro models and the 2018 iPad 9 7-inch. The older models are not supported. 


9. Compatibility Problem

When everything is done, but the apple pencil is still not working, then you might have to see the compatibility issues. As said in some previous points, you can see that some iPad is not working or compatible with your stylus. It is especially true if you use the older generation iPad while using the newer generation Apple stylus. 

However, some errors might come from the software compatibility. You cannot fix the error since the culprit is the software. In other words, you cannot make your pencil working no matter what. That is why you better double-check the application for drawing or note-taking that you download and install whether it supports Apple pencil or not. 

It can get very annoying if you have to pay for the app and find the stylus is not working with it. So, it can get pretty nasty. If you are going to buy and install an application, make sure it supports handwriting. When the app did not support the function, it is not an error to your pencil or the iPad. It says that you need to use a keyboard to operate the app. 

10. The Problem Is Your iPad

Are you sure the error is on your Apple pencil? How if the main culprit for not working the device is your iPad? Surprisingly there are times that the iPad is the one acting up. It freezes, or the app to run the stylus simply stops working. There are times that every smart device needs a refresh, and so does your apple device. 

So if the error persists, you can consider restarting the iPad. It is an easy fix for many errors. Sometimes your iPad app just stops working, and a quick restart is enough to help everything working like usual. Restarting the iPad itself is pretty easy to do. You can work on it by hard resets with the manual power button, touch id, or face idea. 

To restart the iPad, you can hold the power button until a pop-up option to turn off the device appears. Turn off the iPad and wait for at least one minute before you turn it back on again. It can help you fix some other errors, such as lagging or refreshing your iPad system. But if your apple pencils are still not working, consider getting the new one. 

There is also a hard reset option using your face ID. It is mostly working by pressing and releasing the volume up button quickly. After that, you will need to press and release the volume down. After doing so, you can continue the fix method by clicking and holding the power button for a few seconds. When you see the Apple logo, release the button, and the iPad will reset. 

Another best and quick fix when apple pencil is not working is the hard reset using touch ID. It is easier to do since you only need to hold down the home and power button simultaneously. Do it for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears. Your iPad will reset, and you can try the stylus again to find out whether it is working or not. 


Ask The Genius Apple Care

When you cannot find the exact reason for the not working stylus error, and all the fix methods are not working, the last resort is calling the Apple Genius. It is the Apple tech support that helps you find the error and how to fix it. If you have an Apple store nearby, you can visit them and look for the best solutions for your stylus error. 

If your Apple pencil is still under the limited one-year warranty, the company will try to salvage the problem. However, when the error is hard to fix, you might have to buy a new one. In this case, the best thing to consider when buying an Apple device is to get AppleCare. At least it will help cover any Apple Pencil error along with two incidental damage protection every 12 months. 


Final Words

So, did you find what problem with your Apple pencil? Some of the reasons your stylus is not working can be very obvious and solely need a simple fix. The best thing to do is to check the pairing, charging, tip, compatibility, and your iPad. If you found the issue is beyond them, you can ask Genius bar for an answer and help.

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