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Article: Exploring Mobile Titles: How to Get Started with Mobile Gaming

Exploring Mobile Titles: How to Get Started with Mobile Gaming

Mobile games are the new breakout trend within the gaming arena—and for good reason. Traditionally, ‘gamers’ have been focused on either PC or console gaming, including new handhelds like the Nintendo Switch. Lately, some have also gravitated toward VR. However, improvements in smartphone design and expansions of mobile networks have shifted the gaming industry around.

Gone is the era of stationary gaming. In other words, both competitive and casual gamers are now able to play their favorite titles on the go using their mobile devices. Some prefer gaming-first smartphones from brands like ASUS, while others are happy to use their iPhone or Galaxy. Regardless of the device, every gamer should know how to get the most out of their experience.

If you’re new to mobile gaming and want to dive into the deep end, then get started with our guide below. In it, we break down some handy advice to help you get started in a category that interests you.


Casino Games

Those diving into their first mobile casino experience will notice that the virtual platform translates well into a smaller package—even if you don’t have a gaming-first smartphone. Whether gaming on a tablet or smartphone, you’ll have access to the same list of games as usual. That even includes live dealer games, which livestream a real-life dealer straight to your device.

But there are two key tips that you should keep in mind to get the most out of your mobile casino experience. First, keep a lookout for deals and bonuses geared toward mobile users. Companies looking to improve their mobile games might offer special perks. Second, keep a lookout for data usage. Live dealer games are a hit—but they can use up your plan.


Casual Games

Along with casino games, casual games are a hugely popular mobile category. This grouping covers puzzles, match-three titles, adventure games, and many more. Given casual games are designed for just about anyone to enjoy them, you don’t need to worry too much about the finer details aside from finding a game that suits your interests.

Our only piece of advice is to look out for free-to-play games. Most casual games use this type of monetization strategy, which can quickly add up and become pricey in the long run. Similarly, try to avoid games that require players to pay microtransactions to advance. To get a good overview of a game’s microtransactions, check out its reviews sections. Players are usually vocal about their opinion on a game’s free-to-play model.



RPGs are the most immersive category within mobile gaming. These adventures take players into imaginative worlds that follow a main character on an epic journey Some games take a more visual route, while others focus on the details, such as in-game quests and missions.

Regardless of which type of adventure you drift toward, you’ll need to keep in mind that these games tend to eat up your battery. That’s because most include advanced visual designs, while some also feature complex mechanics. If you’re downloading a few RPGs, then we suggest picking up a battery pack to extend your gaming sessions.


FPS & Battle Royales

Along with RPGs, FPS and Battle Royale games are becoming more popular. Traditionally, FPS and battle royales have been the focus of PC and console gamers. However, with the popularity of games like Garena Free Fire taking off, millions of gamers are now mobile-only competitors.

As with casino games and RPGs, you’ll need to think carefully about connectivity and battery life. Compared to other mobile gaming categories, both FPS and battle royale games require a high amount of latency to prevent glitches and stalls. Their advanced software is also apt to quickly drain your battery.

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