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Article: 10 Best Solutions to Overcoming Creative Block

10 Best Solutions to Overcoming Creative Block

Are you facing a creative block and stuck with the same ideas?
Let's learn some solutions of how you can overcome and let your creativity flow again!

There is something unique about working as a designer, illustrator, or anything in the same creative circle. One of them is that he needs to feel inspired and focused. Being in the zone is one of the primary weapons for this particular job process. So, it can turn into a horrendous experiment when you are trying your best to be creative, but nothing comes out or feels right. 

In this case, you are struggling with what people call a creative block. It can happen to anyone, from writer to painter. When your job circles around being inventive, this condition can disrupt the job flow and make the result not as expected. The good news is that there are some solutions for writing, designing, or painting blocks. Here are some suctions to stay inspired.


1. Don't Force Creativity 

There is one thing that every creative work needs to underline. Creativity could not be forced. It is a sad truth that a lot of clients do not understand the concept of this creativity. Thus, they force illustrators or designers to create something innovative in a given time. But when the block hits you hard, simply getting inspired is not something easy to get. 

The best solutions in this part are to not force yourself. As a creative worker, there is a chance that you have a pretty high ideal in terms of your work. Creative blocks can make your work appear unsatisfying. It creates a mix of mental and emotional disturbance, which further clog up your idea and artistic river. So, the solutions are don't force it and let the river keep flowing even so slightly.

From many solutions, the idea of taking a break or just don't forcing yourself to look at the job is the best to do. Once again, don't force yourself to be creative this time. It is not an uncommon occurrence for someone to lose steam sometimes. Even cars need more fuel after a long drive, and so do you. Get some rest and recharge to help conquer your creative block.


2. Detox Your Digital Mind

Said in the previous point that you should not force creativity or get inspired. One way that is pretty recommended when getting rid of blocks is to stay away from your job for a quick break. This is one of the many creative solutions that are easier to do than the rest. It is especially true if you are spending many hours glued in front of a computer screen to do the job.

It can be a toxic habit for staying sitting down for long. It is bad for your health and also your creative mind. This block can happen to everyone. Graphic designers don't need to work digitally but manually as well. So, the solution that you need is to put down your job and take some breathing. Eventually, it will help you lessen the creative block. 

The main idea of these solutions is to go basic. Whether you are working with computers, technology, or canvas, the solutions of going basic can help you gain different inspirations that are far from your comfort zone. Take this chance as a way to experiment and get creative. At the same time, some solutions for blocks also underline the importance of distance from the daily task. 

That was the main reason for these solutions. You can get away from your daily job routine even for a few minutes. You don't need to do a lot of things as a distraction, just take a walk around and bring your notebook. Make sure you use the book, draw or sketch anything you find. It will help lessen the creative block. It also helps you avoid another block for another time in the future.


3. Do Some Monotonous Task 

There is a charm of doing basic jobs, such as drafting and sketching on your notebook or simply doing some house chores. It somehow turns into unique solutions that work in breaking the block of ice in your creative river. Doing laborious activities not only demands you to move the other muscle but also helps you get some distraction and time to think. 

Take the solutions of breaking creative blocks to do the abandoned chores. Once again, you don't need to do all the hard tasks. Simply cleaning the desk and your office area will help refresh your mind. The idea is to give your mind and brain a simple reboot or a break. With a refreshed mind, you can accept more creative flow and break down the stubborn block. 

So, what should you do? There are a lot of things that you can opt for. Cleaning the house or you can get some long runs to exercise. Sometimes, the creative block solutions are not something that is way too complicated. You just need to clear your head. However, it does not mean you can get some siesta time by watching movies. It might ruin your new flowing inspiration. 

Creative block is kind of unique in some ways that you can get back or slump even further. The idea of doing some monotonous tasks solutions is to refresh the mind with some light and easy-to-do tasks. It also brings another benefit as you do something productive. After you do it, the chances are that you will start to crave another creative work with some creative ideas intact.


4. Browse For Completely New Inspiration 

When the tips or solutions for your block do not give you a lot of ways out, then try to use the time to get some stimulation. Underline that in this modern era, you get the chance to get some inspiring ideas everywhere. Since you are staying away from the computer, take the time to browse some magazines or news. You can even walk around and look at nature. 

Inspiration is one of the ammunition for creative workers. Illustrators, designers, or even writers will need motivation from time to time. It also helps by adding creative ideas. In these solutions, you have to step out of your comfort zone and look for different aspects. Why so? The idea is to look at something new, so you get the sense of a new inspiring model and get rid of your block. 

You can break down the block by getting more inspiring ideas from different fields. Looking at other artists' work that is not in your field can feel more inspiring. At some point, you can immerse yourself by admiring the works. These activities will help you generate tons of new ideas and inspiration, thus help you gain more solutions for creative blocks. 

The solutions are pretty simple. At that point, you don't need to do too much. If you love watching some artists' work, do so. If you have some admirable artists that you enjoy looking at, try to put yourself in their shoes. Imagine that you are on their side and what they thought of creating such a creative job? These trains of questions might help you learn something new. 

Another thing that you might want to underline is that inspiration comes from everything and everywhere. You can read books, watch light or short movies, concerts, play, walk around the neighborhood, buy food, etc. The solutions of breaking down the creative block might demand you to awaken your senses about your surroundings and to get some ideas.


5. Don't Be Afraid Of Mistakes 

There is no exact yes or no in the creative realm. So, don't be afraid of mistakes or failures. Most of the time, stress and under pressure are two of the reasons why people get creative blocks. They cannot find a way to satisfy their mind and accept the job due to being scared of mistakes. The solutions are to conquer it, not be afraid of it. 

When a designer or illustrator is faced with this kind of block and feeling, oftentimes, they will stick with the same ideas and stay in their comfort zone. As said in the previous point, going outside the comfort zone will give you a wider range of inspiration. It can be the best solution to get back into your creative path. But if you are afraid, then you don't want to try something new. 

This kind of work field is filled with a lot of failures and blocks. When you are fixated with the comfort zone, you are bound to get stuck and unable to experience something new. That is why people can learn by mistakes. It's part of the creative block that you can conquer as long as you want to broaden the horizon and try some solutions. 

Once again, you can let yourself fail once in a while to learn more. It is not a mistake. It is a step to learn. When you are in this condition, you get the chance to challenge and learn your creativity. It is time to embrace the block that stops your inspiration and absorb more from it. Believe it or not, you will find this idea as the perfect solution to do.


6. Do The Task In Portions 

Another reason why a sudden creative block came out is an overwhelming job. In this case, there are some times that your project or task looks very tiring or so big that it makes you stressed out. Thus, with that kind of feeling, you will eventually feel stuck and lose any interest. In this case, take time to step back and try tons of solutions. 

You can step out for a second or so before continuing the job or get some inspirational activities for more ideas. If you still don't get the solutions to work, then try to do the task in smaller chunks. Just like a heavy chunk of a block, it will be easier to carry as smaller parts. You can do the same with your job. When one is too much, do it in a smaller portion. 

The solutions are pretty much simple, as you only need to manage the project and divide it into smaller chunks. Make sure they are manageable and doable under the given time. Thus, your creative mind will keep going. Take these solutions to do the job one at a time and compose them into a bigger picture. Eventually, you can overcome the creative block and finish the job.


7. Keep Doing It 

At some points, you cannot force creativity. But it does not mean you can stop doing your job. While some people do nothing and sit around just to find creative inspiration, sometimes the perfect solutions are applying some pressure to make sure it popped out and broke the block. In this case, the solutions are not stopping what you do altogether. 

One of the devils that you should conquer during the creative block is procrastination. This kind of activity will make you feel unwilling to do the job just because you currently have a block. At some point, people consider procrastination as the solution when there are difficult tasks and have no idea how to tackle the job. It can turn into a two-edged sword. 

So, how do you tackle the hard job and get inspired? At this point, when you have no idea and inspiration, you can jump right into the job first. It helps a lot to taste the water before you dip your head first. At some point, you have to keep going even when you find things getting harder. Thus, it will eventually work as a solution for your creative block. 

In other words, the solutions are to do the job but not force creativity. You cannot force your creative mind to work, but you can show up to keep up the work. It may not be a quick way to raise your creative supply, but being persistent can help you break the block. By pushing through and sticking with the task, you get the chance to generate more positive results.


8. Push Your Boundaries 

As you keep doing your job and get some relaxing time at the same time, now it is time to push your boundaries. One of the creative block solutions that tend to get overlooked is how people can learn more by pushing boundaries. Indeed, it can be scary to try something new or to expand but pushing boundaries to help you explore the vast horizon. 

Thus, you will get more exposure in the form of ideas and inspiration. It will be the perfect solution to break down your creative block. Deep down in every creative workers' mind, they want to challenge their abilities. In this case, take the next step by overcoming all your fear. Pushing the boundaries will supply your mind with harder challenges.


9. Write Down Some Interesting Things 

The human mind is a mystery. At some point, inspiration and ideas can appear out of nowhere. If you are on the verge of a breakdown due to a stubborn block, the solutions are to bring your notebook every time you are looking for inspiration. The idea is to jot down every idea that appears in your notebook and use it later as one of the solutions for your creative block. 

But how to do it? Surprisingly, you can do as easy as writing down every interesting thing you find alongside other solutions. You can write descriptions, draw, take pictures, observe, or anything. It can be in the form of random objects or simply people passing by. These kinds of ideas can help you supply the creative pool in your mind and slowly crack the block. 

Underline that anything works. You can save some stimulating thought, observation, or quotations. At some point, you can mention some other trivial details such as the book you've read, the films, the poster, or anything. These arsenals of inspiration can turn into stimulating solutions that help you a lot when you feel stuck under the heavy creative block.


10. Take Care Of Yourself 

Lastly, the best solutions for creative workers are to taking care of themselves. Everyone needs rest, enjoyment, happiness, and a break. Thus, make sure you permit to abandon all the struggle and get some refreshment. It can be anything, from taking a big breath in the garden, getting some power nap, or watering your flower collection. 

Just make sure you are kind to yourself. Taking care of yourself is also part of making a good and healthy job environment. Get proper sleep and food so you can complete the job. It also helps you to recharge and break out from the nasty creative block. The idea of having enough sleep will help power the brain and also work in most of the solutions. 

What makes these kinds of solutions work the best is not about how it works for a particular line of work. Everyone needs to do the same, no matter the job. A tired and hungry body can deteriorate your focus level, making you unable to think straight and creatively. Thus, it is fairly easy to fall into a creative block. Thus, make sure you get some self-care regime every day.



When it comes to creativity, there is a time when people get inspired and work thoroughly. But when the creative block hits, the best way to recover is to take a break, take care of yourself, look for inspiration, and keep doing the job but don't force yourself to be original. Detox your mind and try something new, so you get your imaginative river flowing again!

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