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Article: 8 Best Practices to Create a Successful Presentation

8 Best Practices to Create a Successful Presentation

To be able to communicate and deliver certain ideas, you need to be able to create a successful presentation. Let's find out how to prepare the slides!
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When it comes to dealing with clients, you need to nail the sense of presence. The thing is that presentations are not always about business. School or college also come with the same activity, in which you have to make a presentation for a certain task. While they have different purposes, the major question is the same. How to create a successful presentation? 

There are best practices that everyone needs to do to make a successful presentation. At some point, the presentation itself turns into something more critical such as win pitches and present work. But again, a presentation is not something that you can underestimate. At some point, it takes time to create a successful demonstration.

So, what should you do? Understanding the goal itself is not enough. You need some tips and tricks to own the audience. Whether you make a presentation to present design ideas, persuade for action, or simply tell facts, a magnificent work is what you need. Thus, to help you with it, here are some successful best practices that you need to underline and create:

1. Know The Audience 

To create a successful presentation, one needs to know the audience. Considering there are ranges of usage of presentation, that means nailing it needs a great understanding about the audience. So, who are they? Are they a student, co-worker, or a broad director that is thirsty to hear your brilliant ideas? Different audience means unalike problems and sense.  

That is why it is best practice to consider the audience before you present it. At the same time, you can find some other details to create the best presentation. Some of the details including the problem; what can you do to solve it? Who are they? And try to find what is the best way to reach them. Think about whether they will resist or not toward your presentation. 

A presentation should hit the right target with the best practice. People can get bored and unenthusiastic if they get something they don't want to know. In this case, bringing a perfect presentation can lead to a successful goal, whether it is a goal to get a better study score or to secure business deals. The best thing is to start with grounding information.   

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2. Choosing The Best Software 

As you know the presentation audience, you will create the design. But at the same time, you might also consider the ranges of programs to use. For most, using PowerPoint is a perfect choice to create a successful presentation. But is it enough? Based on your design and purpose, you might have to consider different software to nail many best practices. 

2.1. Google Slides 

As part of the successful Google Drive Function, the Google Slides might be one of the few used features. It works just like PowerPoint, in which you can create the best and successful presentation with a range of designs. The best practice for this successful presentation software is the benefit of real-time collaboration between connected members. 

It is a successful free software that you can use online. It can help you a lot to practice and create a perfect file. Since it allows real-time collaboration, you get the chance to work together with friends. However, you have limited features compared to PowerPoint. You can create a successful and best presentation but with restricted animation, themes, transition, etc.  

2.2. Canva

Canva is another software to create a best practice for the presentation file. The plus point goes to the minimalistic interface that helps create an attractive appearance. You got the chance to make a presentation with more than 8,000 attractive templates. It is also a very versatile program that allows users to create other design products, such as brochures or infographics. 

However, the successful presentation program's huge library can also make the practice harder to nail. You might get confused with the visual elements. At the same time, it is also available as two subscription-based plans. The work plan is around $12.96/team/month/ month. The Canva enterprise has custom pricing that allows users to create the best practice. 

2.3. Visme 

Offering a more user-friendly interface, the presentation software is the best web-based option. It offers a lot of best practices for the users, from record voiceovers, collaboration, analytic generation, and drag-and-drop dashboard design. In other words, it can help users create a more accurate and successful demonstration. 

The software also comes with a rich library of templates, stock images, and clipart. It has plenty of customizability that helps create a successful presentation design or practice. However, you need to pay some subscription fees, starting from the standard around $15/month, business $29/month, and enterprise with custom pricing.  

2.4. Prezi  

If you are looking for the most popular and successful PowerPoint alternative, you need to look at Prezi. It is a highly interactive software to create the best and unique presentation. However, most of the time, the program focuses on giving best practices for learning and business. One of the best features is zoom, which allows you to zoom key points and deliver the best performance. 

It can be very helpful to nail a successful presentation, especially if you are working with a lot of details. Another plus is the visually appealing software. You can use a lot of visual points to enhance the practice. It is not free software with subscriptions ranging from $3 to $59. The best plan is to buy one of the paid plans to avoid leaking your presentations in public.  

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3. Create High-Impact Slides 

If you know what the best software to create a successful presentation is, you will be bound to make an effective slide. So, how to do a best practice through the slides? There are some considerations, including some design elements. A presentation needs easy-to-read fonts, contrasting color, margin, and symmetry. 

At least those are the considerations to create the best slide. Make sure that you use a template or design that can appeal to the audience the most. However, you need to hold into the design to create order out of chaos. Planning a successful practice can take time. However, you can start by designing the slides and content using the basic consideration. 

While there are always different settings and uses in every software, you need to do the same practices. Plan the exhibition with the best font, such as Arial. You can also increase the readability point by using contrasting colors for the background and text. Try to respect the slide margin and use a drawing guide for the layout to help to nail the best practice. 

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4. Focus On Key Point 

The idea of a successful presentation is to deliver the information. In this case, you need to hold dear the key point or ideas that you need to deliver. In other words, make sure you are planning the practice with direction. Focusing on the key point will help you create a successful presentation that is straightforward. 

But, does it mean you should mind the time? Not really. In the case of best practices for the presentation, direction is the key. Without it, you might lose focus and wander around as you present it. Thus, it will create a loop and wastes time. So, how to focus on key points in a presentation? The best way is to take time and identify your key takeaways. 

From the key takeaway, you will need to build them up and create a compiling performance. Another successful best practice is to make the point simple and understandable. Underline the action and response that you are looking out for in the performance. If the audience can create, join, and follow it, that means you are successful in delivering the presentation. 

Again, this is not an easy practice. To nail the best practice, you will need to understand the context, planning, and audience. Build and create every sentence, graphic, and other element into a unit that has a purpose. At some point, you also need to consider the practice of adding graphics, charts, or videos to avoid impeding words. 

The idea of this practice also heavily relies on the sense of avoiding misunderstanding and distraction. So, focusing on the key point will create a successful presentation as long as you know how to compile them. The action is not merely presenting and telling the point but also help the audience to understand the content. That is what you call a successful presentation. 

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5. Avoid Walls Of Text 

What are walls of text? Just as the name implies, a wall of text is a practice where the slides are filled with text. Many people still don't understand the sense of successful practice lies in how they create the slides. That is why a presentation should capture the key point and explain it. With that in mind, you best avoid a wall of text. 

But why should you avoid this idea? Doesn't it help to convey more information or content? It does tell a lot more details, but is it important? Using a wall of text will hurt your successful presentation best practice due to the lack of fascinating elements. People will lose interest after the huge text. 

In this case, the best thing to do is to avoid more than 40 words of text. It is important to pinpoint your demonstration verbally. Thus, you can successfully gain people's attention and hear your words. But with a wall of text, your file will look more depressing and boring. To avoid this disaster, you have some practice tricks to hold on to.   

The best practice idea for a presentation is to create a slide without using paragraphs. It will make the appearance easier to look at. To complement the practice to create a successful presentation, you can use short sentences. It is also best to create or use visual elements to emphasize the main idea. Don't forget to play with font hierarchy to convey the message. 

The main point of this best practice is to put fewer words on each slide. With less text, you can create highlight points with more eye-catching text. It also helps users to create and layout larger text. So every audience can look at it. It also makes the slides more successful and attractive in a way it attracts attention without losing the key point.  

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6. Maintain Font And Color Consistency 

As mentioned in the previous point that the text has a big role in creating a best practice. With that in mind, you can say that you need to create the best and successful presentation with font and color consistency in mind. How do the two aspects relate to creating a PPT? In many successful cases, one should make the font easy to read with color contrast. 

It is one of the best ways to a successful practice. The slides and flow will rely on the consistency of the first slide. In this case, the concern goes to creating a consistent font style and color switch. In other words, it also relates heavily to the theme. To create the perfect blend, you need to play around with the two matters. 

The point of this best practice is to create a presentation with a maximum of three legible fonts with a big font size. It is also critical to use different sizes for the slide headings and subheadings. Thus, people can read and understand the hierarchy of each word. It is also vital to create a successful practice of color choice in the demonstration. 

The big pinpoint when it comes to color practice is consistency. Remember to create an impactful slide with the focus point without making it too distracting. Thus, the answer goes to the color themes. In this case, the best method is to focus on creating a successful presentation with the already available theme and its color scheme. 

Most of the time, the theme will have a varying layout in the same color palette. It is the best solution to nail a successful practice in color. Another best practice for the color is to use opposite or different color shades. Try to look at the color wheel to find the opposite hues that make a great contrast for the appearance. 

However, when it comes to readability, you need to focus on contrast. The opposite color practice works best to make words and text. Make sure either the font is darker or lighter compared to the background. You can also do the same with the theme and visuals to create a successful presentation. 

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7. Add Attractive Audio And Visual

Another successful practice that is best to do in creating a successful and meaningful demonstration is audiovisual. Objects and elements such as charts, videos, audio, or infographic can help captivate the audience. Create or add relevant media that suit the theme, the content, purpose, and audience. 

The key to this successful presentation practice is to add videos frequently. Again, make sure that the media are adequate with the project. If possible, you can also add a 60-second video to every other slide. It also works by adding repetitive ding to every changing slide. And add the best pictures that help create an approachable feeling around the boring charts.   

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8. Technical Consideration 

8.1. Store Backup 

Whether you create a successful presentation for school or a broad director, you need to make sure you won't lose it. The worst thing that can happen to your successful practice is forgetting or losing it. So, try to store the backup in as multiple locations as possible. You can create an online cloud account, use a USB drive, save it on your gadget and hardware.

8.2. The Audiovisual Equipment and your hardware

Nothing is more frustrating than a best practice that is hindered with bad equipment. You can deliver a successful project if the equipment works. So, to ensure everything goes without a hitch, examine all of the equipment. The projector, speaker, microphone, and others need to work. If you find some mistakes, speak to the technician beforehand. 

Don't forget about your hardware. Your laptop, phone, USB drives, or anything, make sure everything works as it is supposed to be. It is also a great practice to pay attention to the process and performance. Try to figure out whether you need to plug it in or borrow your co-worker for better hardware and successful practice. 

8.3. Print Hard Copies 

To create a successful presentation, you need to prepare for all possible conditions. In the worst case where the hardware won't work, you can rely on hardcopy. It is a best practice that you need to prepare beforehand. You can print out the slides and present them to your audience. If you have a good layout and design, the printed version will look presentable. 

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Final Words

At some point in your life, you will learn or have to do a presentation. It can be a crucial moment for your successful career or a way to get an A from the teacher. In this case, you cannot underestimate how to nail a successful best practice to create them. You need to consider the audience, the software, slide design, key focus, text, color, font, or the technical standpoint.


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