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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Candy Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Candy Logo Design

Kindness is like sugar; it makes life taste a little sweeter!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic candy logo design!
Created by Brent Schoepf |

So, for now, you are still busy looking for the candy logo design? If we may ask, are you still need any ideas? If you still need it, we have prepared some tips that will be a great start for planning the perfect candy design today.

Candy, in childhood, this type of food has always been our idol. The shape looks fun, the taste is very fun, and you could say everything complements the tastes of all children. It would be strange to find people who had never tasted candy.

While you imagine the delicious taste of candy, there are some people out there who are looking for opportunities to start the candy industry. That is, they want to run an industry or business in the field of selling candy with their special recipe and taste.

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk |

This kind of specialty, in turn, will drive the total sales of candy in the market. But there is one thing that is often forgotten, which is related to the candy vector problem in the product packaging.

You should never forget the logo design because this is always the main consideration for consumers, especially if the target is children. In addition to the importance of taste and shape, what makes them interested is when they see the design of the food.

If, from the beginning, the children were already interested in the design, the potential for the candy to be purchased would also be even greater. Basically, candy is a food that is suitable to be eaten casually. And this can also be the basis of ideas for making casual packaging.

Created by rasya |

There are also several candy shapes for you to make a benchmark for what kind of packaging design it will be. In the model of the basic, which uses transparent plastic packaging, you must be able to work with your designer to produce the exact candy packaging.

Moreover, because Candy is a type of food that will be eaten casually and shared among people, you have to know how to arrange packaging that will attract potential consumers one by one to buy it. And here are the tips for creating a candy vector:


10 Tips to Create a Good Candy Logo Design:

  1. Research The Market & Competitors
  2. Understand The Brand Value
  3. Matching Logo With Brand Value
  4. Choose A Suitable Design Style
  5. Start From Basic Shapes
  6. Use Cheerful Color Palette
  7. Choose A Suitable Font
  8. Use An Inviting Tagline
  9. Test Logo On Different Sizes
  10. Market Test & Ask For Feedback


1. Research The Market & Competitors

The first and most important is knowing the basics of candy logo creation. Without us knowing the psychology of logo, we will not be able to get a special impression and noticeable brand with similar effects and clarify topics.

Knowing if you know, then it will be an extremely difficult thing. If you are an attentive person, you will notice what is needed to get started and also know what tips will be useful.

Created by Sasha Litvinenko |

A company logo is basically a visual element that users and customers will be exposed to. It is also an excellent opportunity to get candy buyers in larger quantities if we can deliver a good candy logo design.

Things that need to be considered in the first place are scalability, flexibility, and also memorability. You can use multiple platforms to get started. And in the end, this will be a marketing campaign to make the brand still exist.

For the candy logo itself, the designs needed are ones that visitors and potential customers can enjoy. It meets the need of the consumers. So prepare various templates to be an inspiration in developing logo designs that will not disappoint.

Created by Fre Lemmens |


2. Understand The Brand Value

Basically, there are only 3 responses when they see a company logo – yes, no, or Amazing! Of the 3 responses, what would you like to get? There's no mistaking it; what you should be aiming for is Amazing's compliment to the candy vector.

It's a means to increasingly form a strong impression at the marketing level. For example, if you often remember the logo of a brand, then it is already a sign that one of the brand's business goals has been achieved to attract attention.

Created by Maycon Prasniewski |

So from the logo, you have to correlate it with your brand identity and always try to communicate with potential customers only with the logo. For that to happen to your logo, first, you will need to outline all of your brand's core identity.

Questions such as: “Why did this business start” “what are the important beliefs and values ​​of our brand?”, “what makes our brand better than competitors?” can be used to be the basis of logos for customers.

From this candy logo design, in the end, customers will describe your business. With a bit of effort, business goals and objectives will be increasingly aware that the logo is "just right." So you have to know the style that can be used.

Created by Ashley Gorman |


3. Matching Logo With Brand Value

After the 4 long points above, we have explained the ideal basis for business needs, particularly for a nice variety of logo designs. Setting the logo means you also have to understand what's next for the design, on the packaging, and on the website.

So that's what we mean, where you have to be able to combine the logo design with the overall brand collateral and seamless look. What this means is, from the viewer, that there seems to be no problem with your logo in any way.

Created by Farz Designs |

Your goal of making a candy logo design may be just to be a banner or packaging for your candy store. But over time and as the business grows, you really need to take a look at its brand new face of it.

The designer community should also be aware that one logo will be used more universally. Starting from the face of your business to becoming design topics for websites, brochures, and broader business marketing needs.

So that in the future, not many will be changed from one marketing place to another. Practically, your company only needs to change the size and placement. And the rest, it's just an additional element whose nature is fixed.

Created by Ahmed creatives |


4. Choose A Suitable Design Style

Make sure you have chosen the most appropriate type of logo. It can always create something unique and suits your company the best. Creating your logo will be a way to adjust the logotype that best suits the type.

The first type we would recommend is Lettermarks or monograms logos. You can find this from candy brands such as M&M, Cadbury, and several of them. The candy logo design will express that the business is all bout in your brand.

Created by SG Kivett |

Then there is the Wordmarks logo, which is personally a logotype that is also all about typography. You will have a great name for your brand, and that will also be a perfect way. And there are also pictorial, and logo symbol marks.

It is oftentimes used as a combination of wordmarks and visual symbols. There will be an iconographic image that represents your logotype. If you know some recognizable symbol, it can create something entirely new for your brand is truly unique.

Abstract candy logo marks are also a choice of candy vector type. How modern an abstract symbol will give personality as well as different demographic at the same time. But if it still looks normal, you can choose the Mascots.

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |


5. Start From Basic Shapes

It's common knowledge that there are many types of logos based on their shape. Some use squares, rectangles, triangles, and others in between. However, to increase the quality of the candy logo, just use a round or circle shape.

Though it seems quite complex, we really want you to know that this circle-like shape is related to security, felinity, and also continuity. And it can also be a sign of support, love, infinity, and also continuity from the candy vector.

Created by Danielle Hames |

This trend or the use of circular logos has been very popular nowadays. The circle is not just a random choice but will affect the psychological aspects of each person who sees it. Moreover, children very easy to accept the circle form.

There is a lot of inspiration that can be adopted from this circle logo, and it offers a blend of cheerfulness and stability. The average candy shape is circular and round. And this can relate to what we said, namely that there must be an association between shapes and logos.

The top application from the circle will show how you will give special gifts to buyers. The gift will not be seen but from all the taste that will be felt. Without horizontal lines, the logo looks more playful and less aggressive.

Created by Luke Bott |


6. Use Cheerful Color Palette

The taste of candy is known to be very playful and suitable for children's taste buds. Even when bored, the desired food is not heavy, spicy, or anything like that. Which will be the choice is that can provide a sweet taste.

So that also must be harmonized if the industry is engaged in the candy sector. Have you ever seen a candy logo design that is very firm, bold, and aggressive, while the taste is very sweet, energetic, and also suitable for everyone to eat?

Created by Farhad Ghanemi |

And that's what you should include in your logo. Use appropriate themes and characters, don't be so contradictory to each other. Meanwhile, if you find a color that is too bold, the children will not be interested in choosing it.

The color that is most chosen to be the main color of the logo design is the one that is liked by small children. For example, green for mint candy, blue for more gummy ones, and of course yellow, pink, to light blue for sweet ones.

A color selection like that will clearly determine the number of purchases later. If you prefer black or white as the base color for your candy vector, don't be disappointed if you don't become a target for children or even teenagers.

Created by Ariana Sánchez |


7. Choose A Suitable Font

The choice of font and typography to write your brand or brand on the packaging will also play a very central role. Nowadays, without using the right color selection, plus bad typography, there is no chance for consumers to choose.

Pick the right typography is indeed quite complex, and you need to understand the basics before making the main choice. Try it now; you just collect the candy packs you've ever bought and see how their font selection is.

Created by Valerie Durak |

If you find it unattractive, then immediately eliminate it and choose the one you feel is pretty cool. But do not immediately follow the typography so that your candy logo design is not labeled plagiarism. All you have to do is choose a similar one.

Also, adjust the amount of space between letters and lines. It still includes the font and typography section of the candy vector.


    Created by Tridente Studio |


    8. Use An Inviting Tagline

    It's a common fact if you are going to maintain a brand story with the essence of your business properly. And from the existing logo, usually, you will apply a design that stands with part of the design, and it's just a visual that can be simpler.

    If you do the editing as a whole, then you can get the inspiration behind your logo and its elements. And on the side of the existing logo spacing, then you can add a few words that explicitly describe your business.

    Created by Leila Howell |

    Its literal form with substance and simplicity, overly detailed design will have a big impact by communicating in a logo. Stick to the core of your brand message, as this is a general rule for you to consider when editing a logo.

    Also, make sure that it is the one that matches this visual. The variety will become a symbol of taking to your brand, and the icon of it will provide benefit new and potential customers after you put three words that describe the brand.

    This is the best way to optimize your logo. It can be visible online as possible, so it can be printed on the representation that improves value. Some words that best describe the shop are “Make Mouth happy,” “Land of Sweets,” and “Smile Maker.”

    Created by Trey Ingram |


    9. Test Logo On Different Sizes

    Previously we have recommended several colors that will be suitable for your brand. Technically, your brand color in a logo can be a hint for most people. Some think that the more colors used, the more playful it is.

    But this is a mistake. As a general rule, if you are going to edit a logo, you must be careful and selective about the number of colors in the logo that will be used. Moreover, we said earlier that color expresses different traits.

    Created by Isaac LeFever |

    Therefore, make sure that you do not choose the wrong color for the logo. You can't even add more than three colors to the logo. Not only playful that will be obtained from the logo, but choose a specific color, and it must be able to bring interest.

    Red for candy full of energy, orange for bravery, Yellow for happiness, green for nature, blue for peace, pink for sweet, purple for royalty, and brown for the rugged. And those are some of the top color choices that you can choose from.

    Created by SeaSalt Creative |


    10. Market Test & Ask For Feedback

    Create drafts from the start, so you don't have to struggle when determining your relevant brand. This is an achieve notoriety for the icons, and later it will be able to express the visual, and in the end, will attract new and potential customers.

    Creating drafts will also make you look professional. It is entirely up to you, but it can be excellent if you use an effective method. The top three designs in the candy logo design sector also always prepare drafts, and that's even better day by day.

    Created by Casign |

    Your target audience will increasingly understand what you want to show through the logo. In the end, you, as the brand owner, will get genuine and productive feedback without getting a lot of unclear criticism for the logo.

    It's the sake of a well-received logo if you can get feedback and eventually adjust it to what consumers want. Your final design will be related to the idea of ​​fresh eyes, and according to customers, it is absolutely flawless.

    Created by Halo Branding |


    Final Words

    As we mentioned earlier, logos are fundamental traits for your brand. It will take you some time to understand the design rules, but that's not the way to go for logo optimization. Follow some logos for the best inspiration.

    The presence of a logo will also increase your brand's visibility. That is also what will associate the brand with how people think of your brand, and it really works. A well-designed logo means you can associate some standard logo with your brand personality after.

    Created by Alen Pavlovic |

    Having people providing candy vectors means you will experience firsthand how people react to it. Brand association and then become generic in logo creation. Have it printer on the company clothing, brochures, banners, to the packaging of your homemade candy.

    Logo optimization doesn't, but it's always crucial for muddling the parameters. You'll already know if this small opportunity will be access to understand more about the candy industry. And, of course, your logo should be easy to see and understand afterward.

    We've highlighted some tips for you to get the primary purpose of the logo. You will also understand the importance of using schema markup. The candy logo design will also relate to how you decide the accessibility to the purpose of the logo.

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