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Article: Is Calligraphy A Dying Art Form?

Is Calligraphy A Dying Art Form?

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In many cases, the steps and process to learn the calligraohy art are not easy per se. Calligraphy has some specific steps that demand more attention. The fascinating hard process and beautiful result make the supposedly dying art form come alive again. Yes, the simplest answer is that the lettering is starting to make a big comeback. Why? Let's find out!


The Simplest Answer For you

Is it a dying art? The idea of dying refers to the forgotten or too hard to follow discipline. However, if you dig deeper, it is safe to say that calligraphy is not that hard to learn. It just takes longer times and practice to eventually nail the style. So, it is not completely forgotten. At the same time, it is better to consider the shifting trend from manual to computerization. 

Technology advancement has shaved a great amount of handwriting lettering art, not only for calligraphy but also for many other types of form. However, it does not mean technology kills art. They are just creating a new hurdle that the artist and the art itself have to get through and comply with. In other words, art needs to integrate the new trend. 

And that information explains the current state of the handwriting art form, including calligraphy. In many cases, many indications state that it starts making a big comeback. It is especially true for certain types of style, such as faux, bounce, and brush lettering (the modern style). So, is calligraphy a dying art form? No, it is not.  

Modern calligraphy is one of the current trends in society. Many artworks and designers have started to use the style to complement a huge range of projects, such as brand design, signage, logo, and even room decoration. And it is one of the reasons you cannot call it a dying art in the modern world. 

In this article, you will find some of the explanations that tell how the lettering art form has started to assimilate with modern technology. It covers the ranges of calligraphy types, styles, and a tiny bit of tips to start learning the art today. It is also worth understanding the calligraphy art form itself. So, you know more about the potential surge of popularity. 

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The Comeback For Calligraphy 

How to show you the proof of calligraphy comeback? The possible dying art is coming back with a lot of public recognition. The visual and aesthetic value of the art itself is one of a kind, which was later adapted to a huge number of implementations. You can find tons and tons of examples, products, designs, and lettering with this design. 

Thus, people start to get curious about how to learn the different ways to do the supposed to be a dying art form. Unsurprisingly, the surge of interest blends the sense of lettering and modern calligraphy. It also shows the range of traditional and modern styles, which offer different results as well as demand. 

People that love some complicated art style use the traditional form with a dip pen. But modern calligraphy offers more freedom. Thus, everyone can taste the sensation of traditional art with the touch of fun in the modern style. The two possibilities again offer a bigger pool of interest, which avoids the chance of turning the lettering into a dying art. 

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1. Traditional Calligraphy

In order to make it clear, the traditional style uses the very old handwriting technique using a dip pen. It does need a lot of practice. But people nowadays have a lot of help from technology. A high-quality ink, paper, tools, pen, and video tutorial are available out there. Thus, everyone can learn this old style, practice it, and make money from it. 

The style also harbors quite strict laws and rules. You need to consider the smooth movement, pen grip angle, swoosh, loop, curve, pressure, and many more. It is because the dip pen technique is not a normal pen and ink. It demands more care, so the result will look good. But the strict rules and structure are currently changing with the help of modern style. 

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2. Modern Calligraphy 

The best way to say that it is not a dying art form is the surging popularity of modern calligraphy. It is not a new idea whatsoever, so lettering art has been loved for years. However, the modern intake makes the traditional style way more approachable in the current time. So, what makes it different or interesting in the new generation’s eyes? 

The answer is more freedom. The idea of modern calligraphy is to revive the dying art of the forgotten and overly complicated or strict traditional style. It uses a very similar structure, but it gives more leeway to the creators. Thus, creating a bigger ripple in the communities to be creative upon the lettering art. 

One of the definite points from the modern style is the ability to get creative and have your style. The very basics of the (traditional) are adapted to the more freedom mindset. Thus, creating a vast possibility for people and new generation artists to develop a new style. At some point, the art form also simplifies the complex writing process. 

It makes it possible to use more than just the dip pen for the tools. You can make elegant and breathtaking lettering with a pen, crayon, brush, or digitally. All goes to the fact that it embraces change, broadens the possibilities, and makes it come back. And one thing that is for sure is that the art form has been developing from time to time. 

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Is It A Dying Art From?

Does that mean that calligraphy is still alive and thriving? Indeed, it is. However, it is more specific, to say the least, for a certain style. The traditional one is starting to get modernized. Thus, it is not dying anyways. Even the old regular traditional calligraphy from a decade or years ago is not exactly gone. 

But again, it is a different story if you are talking about calligraphy from the old Chinese or Arabic style. The new style and trend have safe art existences. During the growing technology, new forms surface with more leeway. It also comes with a better integration from the current or modern technology, which you call modern calligraphy. 

It helps lessen the misconception of the dying art of calligraphy. In many cases, the modern style is currently considered as the way to draw or illustrate letters. Thus, it is different from traditional calligraphy that focuses on handwriting techniques. Does it matter now? Yes, it is because the hand lettering and the traditional style are mostly manual. 

Meanwhile, the modern style embraces more possibilities. The faux letter can be done with simple tools. Brush lettering is pretty simple yet unique. Some other unique art forms come along with the new trend, such as the pencil, Crayola, dip pen, watercolor, or chisel tip calligraphy. Each of them accepts the shifting trend, modernization, and technology. 

Again, calligraphy is not a dying art form. At least not yet! With the help of social media and broad freedom, people can witness how varying the lettering art is. They can use ranges of mediums, items, tools, and functions. It might even shift the initial meaning and interpretation of the calligraphy lettering work themselves. Some people may use lettering for hobby, others even find it suitable as a great logo design ideas. But they are not dying nor gone.  

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How It Gains More Popularity 

One way you can see how the lettering gains more attention and avoids the sense of dying art is through its development. As time goes, the modern style embraces more possibilities from the traditional technique with a dip pen and ink. Or use the more unique and groundbreaking kits to make a more trendy and updated look. 

In this case, it is easier to point out some of the different types of lettering that are made possible with calligraphy and a modern mindset. While each of them offers a different taste and sense, they still take the basics of drawing calligraphy. Thus, the traditional or the old ways will not turn into a dying art form. 

1. The Dip Pen Technique 

The dip pen technique might be one of the hardest styles you can find in this art form. It is also part of the traditional design that comes with some technical skills. In this case, you need to use a nifty dip pen with a nib and a holder. The pen nib will hold the ink, and your pen angle will change the thickness of the strokes. 

However, it is also worth mentioning that a nib is a flexible tool. It has the brushing property that the pressure you apply will affect the stroke. The more pressure, the thicker it is, and the less pressure, the lighter the stroke will be. The writing technique needs more practice, especially with the dip pen that is pretty sensitive to pressure. 

One thing that is pretty unique about this not art is the way people use it for either traditional or modern calligraphy. Yes, you can make a very authentic design. But, adding some freedom and freeform will help you create a more modern intake. Thus, you can deliver the letters and illustrations way better than you thought. 

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2. The Brush Lettering Style 

As mentioned in the previous point, hand lettering consists of brush lettering style. What is it? The connection between calligraphy and brush tool surfaces from its popularity. You can tell and see that many calligraphy enthusiasts, practitioners, learners, or artists mostly know how to handle the technique.  

In this case, the main point is the use of a brush pen. The soft, flexible, and hairbrush tip makes it easier to make modern calligraphy. With the help of basic traditional knowledge, you can see how this type of medium has become more popular in today's world. You can apply pressure for thicker stroke, lighter for thinner stroke, and make aesthetic swoops with it. 

The brush pen as a medium itself is just a normal felt tip shaped like a brush. It comes in different sizes, types, and models, such as bristles and soft felt. The medium is also one of the kinds that are easier to get and learn. With the help of a creative mind and unique style, the brush lettering technique helps calligraphy turn into a dying art form. 

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3. Faux Calligraphy 

Another way you can see the epic comeback of the lettering art is through faux calligraphy popularity and sense. The modern technique is also considered a fake method since the name itself means imitation. So, it explains the real definition of the term. It is fake calligraphy due to the novel technique and tools. 

How is it fake? Traditional calligraphy art uses pressure to make different stroke weights, just like what you do with a dip pen and brush pen. However, in this part, you need to make the lettering art only with a regular pen. The unique technique demands the practitioner to draw the thick stroke and fill it with color. 

The takeaway from this style is how easy, and beginner-friendly the learning process is. People with no background in art or design might be able to nail the style. It also uses a regular pen that is also possible to do with any kind of writing medium. The point is to form an illusion that copies the sense of a calligraphy tool.  

The easy and beginner-friendly nature, plus its unique intake to the calligraphy art form, is the reason the lettering gets more attention. At some point, you can also find the work under the fancy writing technique in many projects. Thus, it happens to prevent calligraphy from turning into a dying art form. It even raises people's attention toward the style and makes it possible for everyone.  

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4. Crayola Marker

With how vast and freedom modern calligraphy gets, don’t get surprised with some unique style. One of them is the Crayola marker lettering, which is another new trend made by people on the internet. The point is that the beauty of the modern calligraphy art form is not limited to a certain degree or medium. Even cheap and low-budget tools are possible. 

The old Crayola Marker is a perfect medium that helps the dying art form revive. It is a novel idea considering the medium. However, the technique is not too far different from the brush lettering. Your stroke weighs heavily depending on the pressure you put on it. Lighter pressure means thin strokes, and stronger pressure leads to thicker strokes.  

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5. Chisel Tip 

Chisel tip is another medium that gets attention in the modern media. Some items such as highlighters, whiteboard markers, and many others are turning into a phenomenal lettering tool. Due to the unique shaped tip, you can easily make thick and thin strokes. It is the epitome of a traditional look with modern items, which hit the current trend. 

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6. Pencil Work 

A pencil can be the perfect item for people that start learning modern calligraphy. It is easier to get, cheap, and you can erase some mistakes to fix them. It is a god-like item for everyone that demands a perfect swoop and strokes. In this case, the pencil can help you make faux designs or apply the traditional not dying art technique with pressure and angles.  

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7. Watercolor Lettering   

Last but not least is the watercolor. It is one of the most challenging parts of this not dying art form. The watercolor brush or water brush has bristles in it. Thus, creating an uneven stroke. But it does have its charm, which is the clean color blend and saturation on the paper. It is also loved by modern society since it looks classic and unique. 

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8. Unconventional Tool

Calligraphy is not necessarily specialised with limited tools. There are tons of example under the art of calligraphy, which shows that it is never a dying art. In this case, the term mostly focuses on any kind of hand-made typography.

But again, this interpretation and meaning might differ from person to person. The style will differ from person to person, especially with the vast style and possibilities of the art form. In this case, any kind of calligraphy is not a dying art form and anything but a dip pen. It is anything such as a regular pen and pencil.

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To conclude all of the information, it is easier to say that calligraphy is not losing its charm or its gas. It is just taking its moment to follow suit with the advancing technology. It is just like any other handwriting technique, which is starting to assimilate with the help of computers. So, this lettering technique is not a dying art. But instead, it started to get used in modern fashion and had an epic comeback.  

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