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Article: Here's Why Brand Storytelling Is the Perfect Tool for Marketing

Here's Why Brand Storytelling Is the Perfect Tool for Marketing

In order to survive, businesses need to connect and engage with audiences on a deeper level.
Here's how to use brand storytelling as a marketing tool!
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Brand storytelling has been a great chance for content marketers to emphasize their content marketing. The effectiveness of storytelling is proven to be effective for readers to understand. Storytelling adoption has become a new phenomenon among website owners, as they have read lots of theories about effective marketing by using brand storytelling.

The phenomenon started with the theory of the human brain, which response to narrative very well. People will pay more attention to narration instead of merely a series of sentences that sounds like news or descriptions. The human brain can easily explore information that they receive into memories. Whether they are interested or not, there will be bonds. The more interested the brain does, the better understanding that it gets. It means internet users or potential markets can understand stories and try to explore more understandings when they are interested.

Internet Marketers Face The Brand Marketing Challenge

Brand storytelling is not an easy task to create, particularly for most internet marketers who want to build marketing efforts. Most of the time, they are focusing on their search engine optimization efforts by adding content based on Google's algorithms. This is particularly for well-established marketers. They are used to focusing on choices of hot keywords instead of building a storytelling narration. 

There are ways for strengthening the creative ideas in writing interesting narration for brand storytelling. The storytelling has some basics in structure, so business owners can apply them accordingly. This method is good for new or even giant scaled business owners. Some business owners have managed their marketing efforts by storytelling through interesting narratives. Some of them are even beginners who have been very active in staying updated with the latest algorithm of Google. They claim that they have reached potential buyers as the conversion. 

The truth is that brand storytelling narrates events series that tells about the foundation of a company. The narration doesn't only tell about the establishment of the company but also its existence about the vision and mission of the company. Storytelling can attract readers as books or novels attract their readers, in which readers can recall the existence of a company while they also build up an understanding of it before they make a decision to use its product or service. 

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The Popularity Of Brand Story Telling 

These days, brand storytelling popularity is hard to control. The effectiveness has been the main inspiration for all business owners. Marketing efforts by storytelling have similar effects like how a reader is highly excited when reading funny or love stories. The basics of storytelling affect readers significantly. The effect is different from the movie-watching process, in which a story can increase the tendency to create an image. It is also different from the process of listening to somewhat when the brain only mirrors the saying of the speaker. This is why brand storytelling is perfect for marketing efforts. The real effort is by emphasizing the story core. When a person can deliver an interesting story, then anyone will be captivated naturally.

The story can be about the process of building a business. The storyteller, or the internet marketer, can continue the story about how the products or services can improve the lives of other people. The real deal is to deliver unique storytelling about the brand in more effective ways. This is to engage all readers before encouraging them to build their relationship with the brand. 

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Effective Ways in Building Excellent Storytelling to Popularize The Brand 

Definitely, internet marketers must comprehend the factors that make brand storytelling poignant. They need to accomplish it very well, particularly for their brand story. In the end, the summary of the effective ways to build excellent storytelling to popularize their brands is all here. Setting up a brand to success is by telling stories in the right way. The story should be very meaningful because content readers don't only read your brand. On the other hand, they receive too much content that also grabs their attention. Of course, competitors need to grab the attention of as many readers as they can. 

The challenge that all internet marketers should conquer is to reach beyond the imagination of readers with interesting storytelling. They have to understand that most brands only create brand storytelling that is only focusing on their purposes instead of readers'. The fact is that readers want to hear a story that brings a good impact on them.

Created by Broklin Onjei |

The real challenge is that when an internet marketer is about to deliver brand storytelling, then the story has to be relevant to the interest of readers. If the story is only relevant to the brand, then readers feel like they are listening to a commercial like what they mostly hear on radios.

What kinds of stories that readers love to hear? Of course, any reader wants to hear entertaining stories with a little aspect on education or somewhat inspiring. This is because readers have to connect to the storytelling personally, even if it still relates to the marketing concept. It is crucial for not awaking their interests. But, internet marketers have to draw them into the brand storytelling without they realize that they are reading 'an ad.' 

The basic of the story is about how the brand can make improvements in their lives. The story should be worth listening to, so readers will invest their time in listening to it. Keep in mind that internet users have been very detailed during the past decade. Whenever they are not involved in a story, then they won't pay attention. It means the brand storytelling should be emotional with the tendency of reaching readers' empathy and emotion. 

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Beware of Telling Too Much 

Affecting readers is not as easy as merely telling brand storytelling. With the automatic emails with the stories, people will automatically skip or even delete them. Even worse, they don't even check the emails because they mostly arrive at the SPAM folder. So, it is recommended to create ways to reach readers who want to read stories that make them stress-free. This is the key to interesting storytelling. 

The first paragraph of the story should insert the emotional part of the marketing storytelling. Or else, readers will skip it without any doubt. Storytelling about a brand can be done through a video. It means the moral story with emotional touch should be in the first minute of the video. It is important to notice that too much saying is the most popular mistake that any content marketer mostly makes. A simple story is highly recommended though the storyteller should enhance the touching message instead of pushing readers with different, various stories that make them even more confused. 

What kinds of story that will make them interested? These days, people pay attention to the most common problems, particularly those that relate to their health. The stories about how to overcome the condition and maintain a good immune system instead of curing diseases are much important. Anyone, particularly patients of certain diseases, should be able to connect with the story emotionally. One story should focus on one kind of disease instead of discussing several health problems at the same time. Distraction makes the reader easy to forget any discussed topic.

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Focus on Real Stories 

Real stories enticed lots of interest. This is particularly related to brand storytelling. Imaginative characters are not suitable for marketing storytelling at all. The story of a brand must involve real people. It is much better when the people or persons are public figures. Their transparency will add value to the story. However, most people are already touched by the stories of common people who have managed to overcome difficult times in their lives. So, keep honesty and transparency above all else. 

It is true that not all brand storytelling will involve real people. But, content marketers should also focus on consistency in the message of the product or service by making a close relationship with the real lives of people in common. Whenever the message relates closely to what common people face, they will put their trust in the content.  

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Top Things to Include In the Brand Storytelling

1. Emphasize the Controversy

People love to see controversies in a story. Any controversy will add to the soul of the story. Just imagine a simple, legendary story about a wolf and seven lambs. When the conflict starts, kids will also start to pay attention more than they did in the first minutes of the story when the mother of the sheep says goodbye to her kids. Kids will stay alert as they are waiting for what happens next when the wolf impersonates the mother of the sheep. Of course, it is just an example. Some stories with conflicts are always interesting. So, brand storytelling should have a conflict that enhances readers' attention. When there is no emotional aspect, then the storytelling will become dull. 

Sadly, some companies hate to include conflict or adversity in the world of business though it is a real fact. They think that turning a story that is very clean and sweet that relates to the company's existence will only show off bad aspects. They think that bad stories will not show off their excellent reputation that can convince readers. On the other hand, the conflict will enhance the company's reputation whenever it can stand out against the crowd. People will notice the company's ability to survive through problems and conflicts. Some company owners don't want to show off flaws as they think that their potential customers will not buy their products or use their services.

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Any internet marketer should make sure that the storytelling performs the truth. The truth has lots of flaws. The same thing applies to companies. Besides, no readers will pay attention to perfection. They will be more interested in the company's struggle and its final step to overcoming problems. Readers prefer to follow through with the real-life story instead of mere fantasy. 

It means there is no need to hide conflicts or flaws. Instead, show them off. They become the real reason why storytelling is compelling. When a company owner is transparent about the company's hardship, readers will be more interested in finding the solution. When the company is being honest, it will be very interesting for readers to find out about the company's shortcomings, so they will deliver more respect and have a good connection with the brand.

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2. The Solution of the Flaws

Flaws are good to show off. But, they need to have a solution. This is another part of creating a good marketing method through storytelling. This is the nature that every story should have. It is true that most stories have bad endings. Yet, it is a necessity to create a happy ending. 

Let's start with the things at the beginning of the company's situation. Then, let conflict or flaw come through the situation. Then, it is important to add things at stake. The story should go through the effort of the brand or the company to find solutions actively to the problem. It is important to notice that the resolution will describe how the brand can solve the problem. In this case, readers will feel the emotional feeling.

All in all, the structure of the story should show off the existence of the flaws, the progress of the conflict, and the solution that the company deals with. 

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3. Point of View 

In this case, the point of view of brand storytelling is the perspective of readers. The story has to deliver the interest of readers to have a good point of view about the brand. The point of view with a good perspective will exist when the second point above is accomplished. Without any conflict and solution, there will be no point of view that readers will have. Even worse, they don't get an impression of the message. This will be a great failure of the internet marketer. 

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4. The Key To Getting The Awareness of Potential Markets

Potential markets have their own interest in having brand awareness. In this case, the marketer needs to enhance the storytelling into a very touching theme while still keeping the story short and concise. Readers can't stand more than a minute to watch promotional videos. This is why there is always a limitation of social media videos in terms of duration. 

Brand awareness is not a difficult thing to accomplish though it is not easy to deliver as well. It requires a series of surveys among potential markets. After a series of surveys, then the marketers of the company will summarize what points they should show off to gain readers' attention. The best marketing effort that involves brand storytelling is to show off how the company deals with the competition and the way it wins. Readers have to get the visibility of the product or service because it will bring a major impact. 

Never doubt to enhance the latest technology that the product or service is utilizing. These days, many people prefer products or services that use high technology for the sake of their versatility. For certain products or services, the environmentally friendly aspect is very crucial, particularly when the products or services are for markets in highly developed countries. This method is basically different from products or services that are promoted to people in third world countries, where the price of goods or services becomes the major consideration in buying decisions. 

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Pictures Paint A Thousand Words 

Using pictures to boost internet marketing efforts is not an unusual thing. In this case, internet marketers should insert the right pictures that support the brand storytelling. This will enhance readers' emotions and adds a bond to the readers. Any pictures or videos that go viral always enhance visual aspects. 

Some brand owners think that using visuals only works when the brand is hiring a popular person. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo and abundant products that hire him as the ambassador. Of course, it works by all means. But, it doesn't mean that readers underestimate products that don't hire celebrities as ambassadors though it still brings a great influence.

There are lots of examples of videos or pictures which help a brand to be popular. Most of them are available on social media accounts. TikTok has been one of the most successful social media platforms that deliver short videos with capturing messages. A one-minute video is most effective in delivering interesting messages that readers can catch.

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The Summary

It is time to make a breakthrough in marketing products or services. There should be no doubt that brand storytelling should be really effective. It should be real, concise, and full of attractive pictures or videos. Or else, no reader would even care, let alone have a good awareness of the brand. The best thing to enhance the brand storytelling is the honesty of any company to enhance the success of the storytelling. These days, people are too smart to be manipulated by fake facts, so beware.

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