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Article: Authentic Brand Storytelling Framework for Successful Business

Authentic Brand Storytelling Framework for Successful Business

A brand storytelling framework is a powerful tool that can help your business become a valuable asset in the lives of your customers. Let's find out more!
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Brand storytelling framework has been the real savior for all companies during the past decade. Customers will be interested in ads that have special brand storytelling that involve their emotions. The world is becoming very competitive. Products and services cannot just remain average. 

A person may have an interest in one brand when it is promoted continually. But, he can choose another brand when he finds out that the other one is special. It means that as long as a business brand is being innovative consistently, it will have loyal customers. So, with this very tight competition, how can business owners keep their potential markets coming back and maintain a successful business?


The Importance of Brand Storytelling Framework

Company owners should make sure that their brands can change the focus on maximizing only the Google algorithm into a brand storytelling framework. Owners, who run successful business brands, apply brand storytelling in order to attract their readers. This phenomenon really can enhance brand awareness significantly.

Yes, it is remarkable to gain good recognition on Google’s first pages. But, it is even more impressive to make the conversion faster. Storytelling can impress readers. They will feel closer to the brand. When it happens, they will go into action.

The message that readers should catch should be a story that relates to the process of the business. The storytelling has to ensure that readers will feel inspired while their emotions are involved. Of course, it is not easy to create a story that enhances readers’ feelings. What business owners should do is find the framework of brand storytelling.

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Watch Out for the Steps

Generating ideas for the stories is the same as creating the brand storytelling framework. There are four aspects that owners can learn about finding chances to create interesting narratives. There are things to help owners to comprehend some methods in creating the brand that makes readers can connect closely.

Those four aspects will be explained below. They include

1. Understanding The Brand

The first story that all business owners should emphasize is the introduction to ensure that readers have a good understanding of the brand. As a business brand, there must be a story behind it. It can be about the process of choosing names or the beginning of the concept of the product or service. The key is to share all details that relate to the beginning of the product or service.

Inserting documentary videos, files, and candid photos about the beginning process is very interesting. It can create such a great impression of a brand, particularly the one that already has loyal customers. Sharing the initiation of the process can help any business owner to build a relationship that links closely with their target markets.

Explain the first stage of existence and what the brands stand for. It is like in a real-life when people get to know each other. They will share lots of things, like main principles, the concept of establishment, and values. The same thing applies to a brand. Without this storytelling framework, then how do customers understand the brand in detail.

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It is normal when customers prefer to set up good relations with products that have simple values that they can identify. Many products which are known well for ‘junk food’ have created innovative methods for producing similar foods with healthier ingredients.

Many burger producers replace the meat with vegetables and flour that they create with healthy ingredients. In this case, they don’t only attract vegetarians but also parents who prefer to buy healthy foods for their kids. Even nonvegetarians will be interested in the fact that a burger is made of healthy ingredients.  

When readers already capture the message, brand owners have to maintain a good relationship with readers. It is better to maintain another storytelling that will keep users feeling connected. Of course, it requires some time and a series of efforts because the story has to deliver different angles.

Created by Sasha Barabonova |

Keep in mind that even slight changes can become the core of the story. There are lots of giant-scaled brands that change their names. This is very interesting. Some of them have had better popularity ever since.  

Of course, there were some people who were not aware that those brands had changed their names. But, those brands launch other kinds of brand storytelling that enhance readers’ attraction. They can be through documentary videos or pictures. Behind-the-scenes is always attractive because readers or viewers will get a deep understanding of the brand.

Created by de_form studio |


2. Understanding Potential Markets

Brand owners should know their potential markets. Of course, it is easy to find. Finding communities through social media is the best thing to do. They mostly create themselves some communities that relate to certain products or services. This is where all brand owners should share their storytelling framework.

Things are getting easier when the popularity of uploading stories is increasing. Stories have more viewers than news feed. For brand owners, they have to follow what their audiences share. They might share their problems. When the problems relate to the brand’s existence, this is the right time to launch the right storytelling framework.

People don’t mind giving LIKES to true stories, even if it relates to certain brands. When the brand can help a person’s problem, it will deliver a major impact on viewers. Good influences will attract others to start buying certain products or services.

Created by Olivia King |


3. Understanding Business Counterparts

Nobody can make it alone. The same thing applies to brands. They have a bunch of people who help the company to get good recognition. Companies with an excellent reputation can remain strong whenever they have hard-working and loyal employees. They also have good business counterparts that help the promotion of certain brands.

Most of the time, some brands consider that they should cover up domestic affairs by putting up a facade in order to show off that their brands are a great success. The fact is that they should reveal things behind the scenes. The involvement of people who have been behind the part of the company’s success is very touching.

Having some video clips about the struggle of employees, the process of building a company, and other angles that are beyond imagination are truly the best appeal of a successful business. Documentaries are always interesting for everyone, particularly for viewers who have put their interests in certain brands.

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4. Understanding Loyal Users

Loyal users are mostly taken for granted. Brand owners forget that their existences are ‘to die for. Having candid videos or photos about brand users are very interesting. When they are arranged into a documentary storytelling video, it will show viewers that the products or services really have a great influence on common people. 

There are many brands that have succeeded in creating such campaigns. So far, they still can maintain the good work. Any brand that shares stories can step ahead of merely delivering messages about the product features. Brand storytelling is an experience that everyone can believe easily.

Loyal users have a lot of influence on how a brand can stand out from the competition. A brand can be the main theme of storytelling because there are loyal users that contribute to the brand’s popularity. A brand should be more than just a product or service; it should make a great contribution to users’ life.

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Loyal users are the ones who have the closest relationship with the brand, as they can easily tell their feelings honestly. By listening to their voices, brand owners know how to solve their problems. Users will not doubt to share their precise thoughts and won’t hesitate to show emotions that relate to the services. So, owners can create the perfect storytelling for their marketing content based on loyal users’ circumstances.

This process works continually that can help owners to build up a clear marketing strategy through the storytelling message. By understanding what loyal users feel, they know better about other readers that they are about to reach.

Created by Yangjin Kim |


What’s Next?

After fulfilling all of those four aspects, it is time to collect all of those aspects together. They can become the best framework of storytelling with more structured composition. The ideas will deliver good communication for listeners, viewers, or readers, whether they are new buyers or specific target markets.  

The key to a storytelling framework is helping brand owners to make an arrangement of their marketing visions through a method that gets the most out of readers’ engagement. Their loyalty is very important as well. The storyboards of brand owners should help them in creating their reference storytelling framework for the basics of their planned messaging in time to come.

Created by Valkiriaic |


The Storytelling Framework Benefits as Compared to Conventional Marketing Methods

It is not unusual to listen to some statements that urge internet marketers to build a storytelling framework. It is easy to apply when the marketers are used to creating a story. But, for marketers who only apply conventional methods for business marketing. They can find it challenging. This is a necessity that they have to go through.

The reason why it is challenging is that most marketers are used to utilizing business language. They are exposed to certain terms that are merely focusing on business marketing instead of telling a story. Marketers only comprehend some technical terms, business acronyms, as well as jargon in the common marketing industry.

Business terms and jargon don’t win the heart of customers. They don’t know what those marketers are going to say. They confuse with those concepts, so they prefer to ignore the brand, no matter how good the videos or pictures of the brand’s advertisement. Marketers mostly don’t master details about capturing the heart of brand users.  

They only focus on words that they understand instead of what users understand. All they have done is lose the audience’s interest in terms of the brand’s value. It is different when marketers know how to create a storytelling framework. A story uses terms that everyone can understand. This is the key to effective marketing. All the terms that relate to standard marketing should be transformed into narration so that everyone can comprehend and feel connected with them.

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The Basic Nature of Human Beings

Human beings have the basic nature of listening to stories well. Through storytelling, a human being can understand the problem within the story and connect to it because of the values within. There are always values within every story.

This is basically the real secret of effective marketing. The product means nothing without users. No matter how excellent the product or service quality is, it doesn’t reach anyone who doesn’t bond with it. The audience, as potential customers, is the main important key in any kind of marketing effort.

Now, what does a story have basically? First, it has the main character or the hero. The hero plays a major role throughout the story. The hero should fight the villain because the story is not a story without a hero versus a villain.

 But, who is the villain? It can’t be the brand owner, right? So, the villain is the reality. The hero should face reality and conquer it. The method of conquering the villain is the brand of the product or service.

Created by Kholab Studio |

Then, what things can make up interesting storytelling? Of course, there are characters within a story. Here, characters are anyone is involved. They can be new clients, business counterparts, and loyal workers.

Characters will add tension to a story. The story tension can be an opportunity for a brand to compete with others, the challenge that it has to conquer, the struggle through years or decades, and the old-school ways that should be set aside because of the new technology.  

This is the most interesting part. There must be obstacles that any brand to conquer. Without any obstacle, then there is no way a brand can stand out against the crowd. When the brand can conquer all the challenges and obstacles, then it is time to ‘call to action.’ If there is no solution, no buyers will be interested in the brand.

Created by HI! ESTUDIO |


Does A Storytelling Need An Expert?

Most business owners try to create a narrative story that relates to their brands. Of course, they need an expert to do it. Storytelling is easy when it doesn’t relate to brand marketing. Applying a story to any effort of product marketing is not the main job of a company owner. The owner has to focus more on expanding his business instead of merely narrating a storytelling framework, even if he is the one who understands the whole process of the company’s establishment.

There are experts who can help all business owners in crafting and creating a storytelling framework in an effective way. This is because an expert knows how to go through the right method in customer research. Customer research itself requires a series of times when a researcher still has to adopt some approaches among different customers.

Though storytelling seems hard to compose, it is much simpler for experts to compose. This is as long as they have done reliable research on customers’ needs and feelings toward any product or service. Life is complicated, which is the topic that any story adopts. Without a series of complicated events, the story will be dull.

Created by Leandra Rexhepi |

The expert will create a storyboard. In this case, he will frame out the narration from customers’ testimonies. Then, the narration will arrive at the customers’ sense in the most effective way. But, it is not enough. There are other kinds of storytelling frameworks that customers need to hear in the future.

Don’t think that customers will be loyal for a lifetime upon a product or service when it doesn’t meet their current condition. With this tight business competition, it is getting harder to maintain the right marketing concept. This is the main duty of the expert, in which he has to balance the use of conventional marketing methods with the latest one through storytelling. As long as the expert can define the four aspects above, then the storytelling framework is applicable to create any kind of content for marketing. It is effective for video content, articles for a website, and so forth.

The expert knows well that everything that it produces should finally return to what customers really want. He should also know about the obstacles that they face and how they can conquer them through the usage of the brand. It is important to remember that when a marketer doesn’t create content that fits the needs of his audience, then it is a total failure. The storytelling has to involve the audience to feel a strong emotion.

Created by Kyle B. Macy |


Don’t Hesitate To Hire Experts for Fast ROI

Hiring an expert is a necessity for the sake of a fast return on investment. Or else, business owners will not meet the needs of their customers, whether they are new buyers or even local customers. The expert in storytelling framework understands the latest technology, which helps business owners in making internet marketing successful among their competitors.

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