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Article: Learn How to Build Trust With Brand Consistency

Learn How to Build Trust With Brand Consistency

Do you keep losing your customer? Here are some guides to help you build customers' trust by developing strong brand consistency. Find out more!
Created by Luis Alberto |

When talking about business and marketing, you will find branding as a core. Branding itself is the first step to create a product identity, characteristic, and trust. That is why communication of your identity to the audience will be the prime consideration. To put it on the utmost potential, then you will need to develop brand consistency. Here are the details. 


Determining Your Values And Vision 

The first and probably the most fundamental step is determining your values and vision. Every business owner or entrepreneur will always need to do this step. No matter the size of the business or the company is. Ideally, this kind of step will help you make a grounding and understanding of your brand. 

So, who are you? What do you want or hope in the future for your product? Then, what kind of solutions or steps will you take? What is your goal or achievement? Whether you are going to build trust for your brand consistency or your customer, make sure to jot down all of the underlying stories about the brand. 

The idea of doing so is to make a distinct yet appropriate branding solution. Who will believe a gym brand with a cute hello kitty picture in it? Probably just a little. It also helps to implicitly or explicitly show your audience what they got or what they will do with your product or brand. But before that, here are some pinpoints to underline. 

Created by Luis Alberto |


1. Your Target Should Understand Your Vision And Values 

Since you understand that a brand identity needs to show your vision, it doesn't mean you can make a fancy design without considering the understandability. Some designers might choose the simplistic approach to create a modern yet straightforward model. But then, is it meaningful enough to make people understand?

Believe it or not, you can build customer trust by implementing brand consistency that is easy to understand. In this case, you must focus on the communication function to tell them about the branding. You can use the construction logos as an example. Some of them use images of paint to eventually underline the primary job of a painting company.  

Created by Luis Alberto |


2. Choosing The Appropriate Imagery 

You can also depend on the stereotypical design to adapt to the already known ideas in society, for example, for the fitness brand and activities. The most appropriate imagery that enhances the brand consistency is showcasing the fitness-related pictures on social media, logo, advertisement, YouTube content, website content, and marketing approach. 

The appropriate imagery itself is not only limited to picture. Find out some of the other media that fall in the same niche. In this case, since you want to make fitness branding, then make sure it is related to health and living themes. Some of the best ways to do it are by adding inspirational campaigns, daily updates for fitness, health trivia, and many more.

Created by Luis Alberto |


3. Making The Message Consistent 

Brand consistency means that you will need to be the same for everything. In this case, the messaging should not differ from the previous media to the future one. SO what should you do to make it the same? The answer Is to reinterpret your mission again and again over time, so people will always recognize your idea.

That is why you can include specific wording to convey the message. For example, is the term ``get healthy get real" for the fitness business. Use the same tone of voice, add specific terminology to describe the business, implement the consistent aesthetic, and then you will get a uniform identity or the optimized brand consistency.

Created by Luis Alberto |


4. Stick To Your Initial Branding Aesthetic 

As mentioned in some of the points, you should stick with the color palette. The color palette is one of the essential keys to creating identical branding. You can take a look at the bigger company as an example. The most optimal way to build brand consistency is by sticking up to the specific branding identity.

The good thing about modern technologies is that you have a lot of mediums to be creative. But when your goal is to build trust, then be consistent with the meaning and the theme. One of the best examples is the farmer's Dog website. The company keeps conveying smarter and healthier pet food through their ingredients, their imagery, their content, etc. 

A professional modern real estate, for instance. They tend to use blue hues to represent professionalism, the same aesthetic for the website, the company card, media, and pamphlet. They also have the same fonts, tone, and palette to create an unbroken identifier or characteristic about their product. Thus, it makes their media appear linked and recognizable.  

You can also take the S'well company for your brand consistency model. To fit the mission of getting rid of plastic bottles, the company uses transparency as its weapon. You can see it from the about section on the website that arouses people's connection. The product, the logo, and the website design also appear with a minimalist appearance that strengthens their bond.

Created by Luis Alberto |


Developing Trust Through Visual Identity 

if the meaning and the vision appear pretty implicit, then you can build trust with a consistent visual identity. This option is one of the easiest ways to maintain brand consistency. However, it also needs a constant refresh, update, and changes to ensure the look, the model, and the language is current. The prime key in this side is the brand style. 

So, take a look at the logo. The logo will be the first façade that people or customers look at. That is why an easily identifiable logo is the heart of brand consistency. With the logo design in tag, you can also use the same approach to the set of typography and color palette to reassure customers with a sense of reliability. 

Another good thing about visual representation is the ease to adapt and the usability. Most likely, they are going to be the primary feature that can be used repeatedly across mediums. You can list some of the forms, such as signage, digital design, packaging, and other advertising materials. With identical looks, you can leave an impression on the potential buyer.  

Created by Algoritmo Design |


1. Creating A Logo 

Starting with the logo. If you want to consider or create brand consistency, then this media is the ultimate identifier of your brand—the first thing to see and the first thing that left an impression. On a wide scale, some logo designs such as Apple, Target, and Nike are the most simple yet meaningful ones. 

But you can also take a look at an abundance of startup logo design that gives creativity, uniqueness, and fit with the modern trends. The Hotel Palms icon drawing of palm tree and sunset creates a distinctive touch and identity. What's more, the logo also comes with monotone color that enhance the identity and serves its brand consistency. 

The use of minimal color, yet a single model of the logo is a perfect elaboration of  brand consistency. It can be used in different settings, such as alternate sizes, backgrounds, or color schemes. At the same time, the smart logo design may appear with varying format, addition, or absence of fonts and context but still reinstate the identity. 

Take a look at the logo model. The logo fits well in every backdrop and position. It can go along with the text and the information, standing alone as a small logo, complement the varying orientation of text, or appear with different drawing models. So, it is not only the aesthetic but also the scalability, the understandability, and the versatility.

Created by Marka Works |


2. Carrying Your Message Through Color

Another smart way to create brand consistency is the color palette. Talking about color, this is one of the fundamental considerations of creating brand identity. At some point, the uses of constant color choices come in very small detail, such as the vibrant red of Coca Cola label or the red and yellow arc of the Mc. Donald.  

One thing for sure, big or small brands use color to create a brand identifier and increase the recognizable states. The cute soft pink and gold blend in Rose brand appear in almost every type of medium it has. It creates an impression of a soft feeling. It is also perfectly lined up with the brand name "silk and bouquet."

Another pinpoint of the product is the meaning behind its color choices and consistency. The company wants to project wholesome images of eating ice cream with family and friends. It brings back the sweet memory, nostalgia, the saccharine enjoyment, and the innocence of youth. The brand did well for its consistency and identity. 

The brand consistency with the pink palette is not limited to one medium. When you look at the brand, the pink palette appears in every last detail, from the ice cream tubs, digital design to the labels. With a branding identity done right, you can ensure that the brand will always rephrase the meaning and the vision as well.

Created by LG Beauty |


3. Typography To Enhance Recognition 

With the rising trends of simplistic design, typography still holds a prime role in branding. Your font selection is as important as the other aspects. Some of you might consider using default fonts, but no matter what your font types are, they will always represent your brand. In this case, the font identity can be an alternative to varying products or packaging. 

The best example for this kind of font brand identity is Kolkata. The company has several prints and branding that allow the font or color combination to be consistent. The brand mostly crafts its identity through the uses of font type. The visual identity that Kolkata's uses represent the great, bold, fun, yet not overwhelming. 

Another plus point for the company brand consistency is the use of custom typography that makes it look unique. The font has a mix of sharp and curved types. It is a serif-like point but more casual, which builds the brand's unique personality. As the font goes with the logo images, they both compliment each other and make a uniform appearance. 

The uses of text and the imagery of grocery in the logo explicitly tell the main service it has. It shows the reader exactly what the trader joe is and what they will get from the logo. It explains that the company sells high-quality groceries with individual styles of services. You can tell that the design comes together and states the meaning continuously while keeping brand consistency. 

So, is it impossible to use traditional fonts such as Helvetica or Arial? One thing for sure it will have a completely different impression without the unique typography. The essential and exclusive font design makes one distinguishable. It turns out to be an iconic model, just like Coca-Cola fonts that work as a trademark and also bring stronger brand recognition.  

But it doesn't mean that you should or have to create new fonts. Underline that it is okay to use the traditional font since everything can affect the brand consistency. What you need to remember is that the font type can speak your brand's purpose and identity. It can look formal, casual, luxury statues, down to earth, or childish. That is why you must think carefully about the font.

Created by Badal Patel |


Conveying Your Mission And Messaging 

As you find out the values, vision, mission, and establishing the visual identity, then you have to design the mission and clear the message. The messaging serves a great deal for brand consistency and part of the essential tool for your brand recognition. So, what should you do? Underline that messaging can appear as many things. 

From the simple tagline of your product packages, copy on your website, to the caption on the last Instagram post. With varying models and mediums, the repetitive message, purposes, and brand consistency will help customers understand and relate to your overall brand. However, the key point and the trick is the regular repetition that doesn't always appear repeated.

You should put in your mind that it comes in different kinds of medium cross outlets and models. To make it appear consistent, then the messaging should speak from the same voices. At the same time, make sure that the message is not too wordy. As small, short, yet sweet is the perfect way to enhance readability and understandability.

Created by Tata&Friends Studio |

A small little secret is that you should remember that human attention span is pretty short, maybe even shorter than that of goldfish. That is why you can ensure brand consistency by drawing the customer in your short and memorable message. Take a look at the Mc. Donald tagline "I love it." It is easy to recognize, repeatable, and also stuck in your head. 


1. Using Keywords Consistency 

If you love using words, then keywords are the best way to maintain brand consistency. In this case, no matter the messaging, the logo, the color palette, or the theme was, you can always create a distinctive keyword. However, you will need to understand your brand's voice to capture your brand spirit. You can figure it out by taking a look at your brand and what it has to offer.  

As you find them, jot down at least ten adjectives that help describe your brand. It can be fresh, cool, luxurious, or anything. All you need is to use the adjective as a way to influence the identity of the messaging. After you have all the defining adjectives, you can start to plan out all of the necessary details. Remember that you need to be consistent.

Created by Monotypo Studio |


2. Make The Message Short But Impressive  

To bring the message while also creating a creative tagline, you should check the Spindrift way of doing it. The company uses clear, concise, and easy-to-understand information. It represents the message of containing real fruits and no additives in the drink. So, it is safe and fresh, just like how the packaging appears very simple and fresh in the eyes. 

Through their messaging, it successfully creates brand consistency with a creative approach. It implicitly and explicitly reminds the customer about their branding identity. It also tells Spindrift's values and vision. So is it always the same tagline that appears over and over again? No. The company uses the same tones and messages through different wording. 

Some of the heading are such as, made of a real squeezed fruit, made by real people, real fruit, really, the best ingredient, to Yup, that's it. All of them look different but state the same meaning. It is also very short and concise that explains a lot about the minimalism approach the company wanted. Thus, it is always a perfect brand consistency model to try.

Created by Unordinary |



So, whether you are trying to optimize the already developed brand or trying to make one from scratch, those three pillars should be there. Make sure you create consistent values, messages, and visual identity, so people recognize your identity. Even though it is hard to keep up the brand consistency, but the result will always worth waiting for.

If you have any comments regarding this article or information regarding brand consistency, feel free to write them down in the section below. We hope you enjoy this reading, have a good day, and cheers!

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