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Article: How to Make A Stunning Birthday Banner

How to Make A Stunning Birthday Banner

When creating a birthday banner, certain elements need to be checked, such as readability, color, material, and more. Let's learn to create a stunning one!

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A birthday could be a special moment for some people. Therefore, many people would hold a party to celebrate it. For some parents, it is one of the ways they show their love to their beloved sons and daughters. 

In preparing a birthday party, there are many things that you should prepare, of course. The invitation, the food, beverages, costumes, presents, and the decoration as well. The decoration is one of the things that may take a lot of time and energy, as well as budget. You need a magical hand to create your home, your room, or your garden into something bright so that the party would be the rousing one. One thing important in making the decoration is the banner. The birthday banner is one of the most important things that you should make, as it is the center of Attention for everyone that you invite. This may also function as the stage, even if you don’t really put a” real stage” at your party. The right choice of decoration would make the rest of the party safe. 

So, how to make a birthday banner? Have you ever made it by yourself? Well, keep reading this article and find the important information that you need when you want to make a banner for a birthday party.


Birthday Banner 

A birthday banner is simply a banner that people commonly make for a certain purpose, which is someone’s birthday party. This design may come up in various kinds and forms. Since the world of design has been developed very well lately as the development of the technology as well, then you may find a large number of choices of birthday banner design. Below are some of the recommendations for you when you want to make a birthday banner.

1. Outer Space Theme

Birthday banner commonly uses bright colors to create a cheerful atmosphere. If you want to make a different design for your birthday banner, try to apply outer space for the background. The application of the galaxy as the background would give an elegant look, but still cute enough if you add the picture of the kid who has the birthday. Since the color used for the galaxy theme is quite dark, like dark blue and black, this banner would suit the boys. Adjust the color with the other decoration you use to create a good harmony. 

2. Natural Theme Design

Natural color could be the next choice when you make a birthday banner. The earth color would give you a comfortable sense but still cheerful enough. Bright brown may fit this theme; then try to combine it with brighter colors like yellow to make sense of spirit. Since brown is quite natural, you could use it for both girls and boys. 

3. Cute Purple Banner

The next option is for the main color, as the background is purple. This is “a save choice.” Purple as the background may enhance another color that you want to put on it. This color is also soft enough so that it won’t irritate anyone’s eye when looking at it. Add cute accessories to make it more rousing. However, you can add a touch of blue when you want to make a banner for your son’s birthday. 

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4. Unicorn Theme 

Many girls love this unique creature. Therefore, you can use it as the theme when you want to make a birthday banner, especially for your daughters. Use soft pink as the background, then add unicorn illustrations on it. Your daughter must love it very much. Then, attach your daughter’s picture with her cutest smile, then it will be the best birthday banner that you’ve created for her.

5. Super Hero Theme

Ask your kids, who don’t’ know Spiderman? I bet that almost every boy idolizes this hero. There are many series that have been made, and this hero is the most popular one among the kids. Of course, you can use the Spiderman theme on the special occasion for your son, as his birthday. Just use Spiderman as the whole theme for the design of the birthday banner, and make other decorations follow the pattern. Or if your son’s favorite hero is ironman, for example, then you can just easily make the iron man theme for the birthday banner. And, of course, other figures of heroes could be the inspiration in making the banner design.

6. Minimalist Design with Tosca color

Another color to be recommended is Tosca. Banner designs with colors pink, blue, and red are the most common ones. So now, it’s time for you to try Tosca as the main color for the theme of your birthday banner. When you make a birthday banner for your child, this color is fit either for boys or girls. The simple design but elegant would be the result of the Tosca give you. 

7. Simple Birthday Banner

When the one that you would like to throw a birthday party is no longer a child, then you may consider giving a simple design when you make a birthday banner. Paper-made a banner and attached by string may look simple, but with an elegant touch, you can make the banner special for the one who has the birthday. Teens would like to have this simple design rather than the rousing one.

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Making A Birthday Banner by Yourself

Today, there are many banner producers that you can approve of making your birthday banner. However, it is still possible for you if you want to make the birthday banner by yourself. You could even personalize yourself into the design that you make. When you have time, though without the ability at all, to make a birthday banner by yourself is still possible. With the help of the internet today, you can do it right away. When you look at banners closely, many times people forget about some things when they make banners, i.e.:

1. The Design of the Banner

A simple and interesting design is important. When people first are attracted to the design you make, they will easily get into the information you provide in the banner you make.

2. The Size

Size is another factor to be considered. The correct option of the size will lead you to success. You will be able to achieve your purpose effectively by selecting the appropriate size of the banner that you want to display.

3. The Text is Too Small

Pay Attention to the place you want to display the banner. If you want to display it in public spaces, pay Attention to the visibility of your banner towards passersby. That should be different when you want to place your banner inside of the building or store. People would not rush so that they may pay Attention to the indoor banner longer. And they would have enough time to digest the whole information you want to make. 

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4. Too Crowded

Though banner provides a large space for information, don’t put too much information in them. You don’t want to make people’s eyes weary reading them. Just make it short, vivid, and compact enough so that people would understand it easily. Better put the website or blog with highlights so that if people are interested in the information in the banner, they could go to those addresses to get more detail about what you offer.

5. Font Choices

The font choices should be based on the purpose of the banner itself. It will be better for you to use clear and vivid fonts. Avoid using crafted texts so that your words would be read and understood easily by people unless you have a certain purpose so that you need decorative fonts. If you have an aesthetic purpose, then you may consider using decorative texts. However, don’t forget about its readability since you need people to know what you mean.

6. Pictures or photographs

When you make a birthday banner, often you need to add pictures of the one who throws a party. This picture would be a significant part of the birthday banner. When you want to put pictures on it, don’t forget to choose the one with high resolution so that the picture won’t be blurred when it is printed. The bigger banner you make. The higher resolution you should choose for the picture. And only use the original picture for the banner to keep it in good shape.  

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How to Make Your Birthday Memorable

Making a banner for a birthday party is only one of the preparation activities to make so that the party would be the most memorable one. There are many other things that you still have to do to make it even better. As parents who want to make their kids happy and satisfied with the party they throw, things below are the most important things to do when preparing a birthday party:

1. Decide the theme for the party

The theme is important in an occasion, especially a birthday party. You can start by looking at your kids’ favorite. What cartoon character he or she likes, what color is his or her favorite, or discuss and involve the kid in determining the theme of the party. By doing so, the rest would be much easier to set.

2. Pay Attention to the budget.

Throwing a party for lovable kids could be a sign of love. However, don’t let this love becomes blind and finally devour you and the whole family into financial problem after the party. Setting a budget plan for a party is important. Measure honestly how much you can afford for the party. Otherwise, you will be broke after that. 

Do the calculation carefully. List all the important things, and leave behind the unimportant ones. Write down in detail what you need for the party, and that will help you to discipline yourself when purchasing things. 

3. Make the guest list.

Think about how old your kid is and whether he or she likes many people or not. If your kid is the kind of kid who doesn’t feel comfortable with too many people, it will be better for you to have a small birthday party at home, if possible. On the other hand, if you have a cheerful kid with a great open character that he or she could accept anyone, then you may consider making a bigger party with a larger number of guests. You can use the yard as the venue of the party, or you need to hire some other place for such party. You need to think about it carefully as well. 

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4. Choose the Perfect Moment

Dealing with kids is not an easy matter. When you want to throw a birthday party, you should avoid times when the kids usually have their naps. Also, try to find times where the kids mostly have a good mood. By considering this, your party wouldn’t end with noises from babies’ crying because they are hungry, tired, or even sleepy. Everything you do for preparation wouldn’t be in vain. 

5. Choose the Best Place

The place is also an important factor to consider. Home is actually the most comfortable and the safest place for kids. However, if you do have a small house, but you invite quite a lot of people, that won’t be a good choice if you hold the party at home. Unless you have a large yard and the weather is really fine to have such an outdoor party, it will be better for you to book a restaurant or an adult for the birthday that you make.

6. Select the Appropriate Dish and Beverages

First of all, think about how old the kids are at your party, and what they might like to have as the dish. Finger food might be one choice that you would like to serve since this kind of food fits children and adults. The kids can have it as well, even while they are playing games. The kids that you invite may come with their parents along with their younger siblings because there’s no one home to take care of the babies. In this case, you may consider preparing sandwiches in small cuts, sliced cheese, or some fruits that have been cut into pieces so that the guests can easily take them. 

For other kids, marshmallows, popcorn, candies could be the best dish that you serve. While for the beverages, you can prepare mineral water, juice, and milk for the kids. While for parents, all those beverages are also saved. However, you can add coffee or tea as well. 

And don’t forget the main dish, The birthday cake! Yes, you should not forget this one! 

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Other Birthday Perks

You may separate the cakes for guests with the birthday cake itself. Therefore, you can prepare cupcakes or muffins for the guests while just keeping the birthday cake for the main family only to be enjoyed later on. 

1. Prepare Games and Challenging Activities for the kids

Kids always have extra energy to play. Just don’t expect them to sit still, sing together, and do everything as you say. To make your birthday party more rousing, you can hire some mini-game booths like sliding or ball pools. Or, if you have a rubber poll at home, blow it, then fill it with water. The kids will love it!

2. Prepare Goody Bag

Maybe this one is not really important. But if you want to give small presents to the guests, this will surely give a good impression. Choose a safe game set if you want to share the guests. But, a choice like giving a storybook would be much effective rather than giving a set of games. However, that is much depending on your personal choices. 

3. Make Your Own Event Organizer

Hiring a party planner or event organizer could spend a lot of budgets. If you have a great family, it will be better for you to use the number of families to make your own committee for the birthday party. Call relatives, and ask their help to prepare the birthday you are going to make for your kid. When you gather them, then deliver the job description so that everything will run as you expected. For example, you can select some people to help you with the decoration. Then you can ask some people to help you with the dish, with the down run shows and the activities. Even you can ask someone to be in charge of welcoming the guests. With the help of every member of the family, everything would be much easier. 

4. 10. Prepare the Nursing Room

Well, it depends on how old your kid is and how old their friends are. If your kids are still under five, you should realize that their friends may come with their parents, and they often need some space to do personal things like changing diapers. Therefore, as the host, you should consider this one too. 


Final Words

Well, having a birthday party surely needs a lot of preparation and budget. Do careful calculation, and get the best thing that you can do. Don’t push yourself too hard. If you could do everything by yourself, then do it. But, if you cannot do that, you can always find an expert to help you. 

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