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Article: 10 Best Online Platforms to Learn UI/UX Design

10 Best Online Platforms to Learn UI/UX Design

UI/UX can be challenging for beginners; however, we have listed some of the best online platforms where you can easily learn UI/UX design. Let's find out!
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The UI/UX career is probably one of the most demanded in this modern day. It is especially true since the use of digital media, from the web to smartphone applications, is rising every year. That is why finding a professional or qualified UI/UX design worker can be such a challenge. With that situation in mind, you can consider it as a potential career.

However, you can learn and hone your skill better before kick starts your career. In this case, there are many ways to learn UI/UX design from a trusted source. One of them is by using online platforms that give you a range of courses around the in-demand skill. Among all of the options, these compilations will show you a bit of comparison from each platform.  

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The point of the comparison is to help you find the best online platform that can be part of your journey. It is also worth noticing that the idea and information might help you learn and find that each UI/UX design course has different pluses or minuses. So, either you want to hone your skill or start a design career, please check this information. 


1. Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)

Starting with one of the best online course platforms is the interaction design foundation. Among the 10 options, the IDF or interaction design foundation will give you specialized online courses for UI/UX. So, it is the best option for the career seeker that wants to learn from the industry experts. Since it mostly focuses on UI/UX design courses, it will specifically hone your skill. 

One thing that makes it worth it is the vast online programs offered by the platform. When one joins as a member, they can learn and access 29 beginner courses from the beginner to advanced level. All goes to the fact that it mostly emphasizes and talks about UX design. But is it only for those with UI/UX careers? No, it is not. 

The IDF also has some UX designer career classes that teach everyone to start from scratch. So, it is one of the best online platforms that you can choose. Not only that, the online courses and the teachers are industry experts or top academics. So, you will likely learn UI/UX design from humans and be graded by humans. 

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Of course, it will be a great benefit for those that are looking for interaction and real-life courses. On the platform system side, IDF will also guide and teach you to earn the vital certificate for the UI/UX design career. It is also one of the oldest online platforms that provide trusted and certified courses (since 2002). So, you don't have to question the platform's credibility. 

Since it has a long-standing position and trusted quality, IDF collaborates with some global companies. Some of them are Adobe, SAP, IBM, and many more. It also cooperates with UX design or related universities. It includes MIT, Cambridge University, Imperial College, etc. That is why it is one of the best online platforms to learn UI/UX design. 

The last thing that you need to know is the courses' price. Unfortunately, the platform only offers yearly payments. At the same time, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a self-paced online platform. The UI/UX class cost is also quite low, which is starting from $96 to $156 per year. It includes 29 courses from the beginner to the advanced levels. 

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2. Careerfoundry

If you are looking for an online platform that helps you pave the path as a UI/UX designer, you should consider CareerFoundry. It is another specific platform that provides tech education about UI/UX design. It comes with self-paced programs, so you can choose what you need to learn before finishing your education.

Since it offers an in-depth education, each online course can take around 4 to 12 months to finish. That is why three of the seven provided courses are the more expensive and vital classes for your career. Meanwhile, the 4 others are mostly focused on adding vast knowledge about design worlds. If you finish the program and learn UI/UX design, the platform will issue you a certificate. 

The certificate can be part of your design job resume. Not only that, but the best online platform also supports your career by giving a work guarantee and recommendation from an expert. It means you can get your money back if you cannot nail a job after graduating. However, you need to read the terms and conditions before getting excited about the promises. 

Aside from being fuzzy for the terms, the site is generally a great place for you who want to learn UX or UI design quickly. It offers a fast track that takes around 3 months with the help of human feedback and portfolio reviews. On the pricing side, the course cost around $699 to a whopping $6,649. 

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3. UX Design Institute

Another online platform that offers specifically related classes is the UX design institute. Just as the name says, the company that is headquartered in Dublin can get you the name of a UI/UX design professional. Not only that, but the website is also known as the only university-credited place to study UX design. So, it is worth trying. 

One sure thing is that the online platform helps you learn UI/UX design from world-class mentors or professionals. To make it better, the university courses are available in video or text-based materials. You can also practice and exercise to make your skill get better over time. 

Since it has a high reputation as a UX design school, you will learn courses that meet the standard of the UI/UX industries. So, after you graduate from this best online platform, you can start eyeing some companies such as Intel, Salesforce, Accenture, and many more. The study materials are also provided by SAP, Mastercard, Slack, Dell, etc.  

Due to the reputation and the professional programs, you might have to spur more money on the courses. It is pretty expensive since 1 diploma in UI/UX will cost you around $2,550. But it is one of the online platforms that focus on the subject. So, it gives you more in-depth knowledge, experience, as well as a reputation to improve your career resume.  

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4. Treehouse

If you are looking for a broad online education, take a look at Treehouse. The Treehouse's courses emphasize coding skills. However, you can also find some programs that help you learn UI/UX design in-depth. In this case, most of the time, it will lead you to iOS, front-end, web development, and related design. 

One thing that makes Treehouse one of the best online platforms to start your career is the vast and fast courses. The platform offers 19 UX design courses that you can complete as fast as 3 months. However, it depends on your learning pace as well. It might take longer since you are only allowed to submit one UI/UX project each week. 

While it is not necessarily focused on UI/UX, TreeHouse gives you a structured online program for you to learn. It can be a good addition to your resume as well as widen your skill. So, you have a bigger chance to get through your tech industry career. Aside from the program, the platform is also a great way to learn more. You can do many things anyway. 

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You can learn through online courses throughout the whole program. It is also a self-paced platform that helps you determine due dates or deadlines. It includes the ability to cancel or pause classes. As one of the known UI/UX designs best online platforms, TreeHouse will provide you with a certificate at the end of your graduation. 

However, it is not the place to specifically learn UI/UX design. So, whatever you learn and the certificate you get will not give you huge support compared to the other specialized online platforms. But it is not bad whatsoever. You got some more knowledge about coding that might help your UI or UX design career.  

Since the UI/UX courses are not nearly as specialized as the previous points, the pricing tags are also way more affordable. The platform accepts monthly pay that can cost around $25-$200 depending on your courses. There are a total of 19 courses 7-day trial, and you are free to adjust the learning phase. 

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5. InLearning used to be one of the premier online course platforms where you could choose to learn a range of subjects. However, in 2015 the platform was bought by LinkedIn. Thus, in 2016 you get InLearning which is the reincarnation of Lynda. Since it has bigger company support, it now has more than 8,500 online courses. 

The number is growing every day, and you can find a lot of UI/UX design classes. At some point, the UX design-related class reaches up to 150+ programs. But it does not mean that the teachers are experts or institutions. It can be anyone that teaches you. So, be careful when choosing a class. However, you can learn based on two main groups. 

The learning path is where you can look for random courses in the same field you are interested in learning. It is the best option if you are trying to use already structured lessons to learn something. So, if you are going to learn about UI/UX or design, in particular, you will find the list of routes that you can follow.

The next group is courses. In this case, you can choose standalone UI/UX classes. It can cover one or two subjects, tests, exercises, and many more. Each of the classes on the online platform will give you a certificate. So, it is a great way to increase your knowledge. The cost is pretty affordable for monthly payments, which is around 20 to 25 dollars. 

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6. Coursera

The same with InLearning, Coursera has thousands of online courses that you can use to learn more skills or learn UI/UX design abilities. However, Coursera is one of the best online platforms that partnered with global organizations, companies, and universities. So, at least you can learn design or any other class from an academic expert. 

The good thing about this platform is the three types of online classes to pick. If you are going to commit to a new career and looking to beautify your resume, pick the UI/UX online degree option. You can learn assorted courses in a particular field. Just like a university degree, it can take 1 to 3 years to finish. And the cost can start from 15K to 25K dollars. 

There are also specialization options that come with multiple classes under the same subject. In this case, you as a student can learn specific skills. It includes UI/UX design. The cost is more affordable, around $40-$80. And you also get a specialized certificate. But, Coursera is also part of the best online platforms due to the single courses. 

In this case, you can learn and meet instructors from some schools and universities around the world. The price ranges are around $29 to $99, which is reasonable for the standalone class. To make it better, the online UI/UX classes from Coursera are pretty solid. It comes with a range of subjects, tests, and activities. 

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7. PlurarSight

The PlurarSight is one of the options where you can learn UI/UX design from industry experts. Again, it is not a specialized online class that gives you a design class on UI/UX subjects. However, it mostly focuses on technology. So, at least you got some qualified classes and online courses from the platform. 

Rather than offer single UI/UX courses, PlurarSight helps its students to learn through the personal or premium plan. The personal will give you an online courses path that helps you goes through beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. It also costs around 300 USD per year and gives you a certificate for completion. 

The UI/UX premium plan costs almost twice as much as the personal one. It can take around 500 USD per year based on the course. In this plan, you got all of the personal features. However, you have to learn through interactive courses. So, you can get feedback and mentor on the online platform. It also gives you a certificate. 

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8. Udemy

Udemy online platform comes with a hundred thousand class library. It is possible since almost anyone can join, create a class, and launch them. With that in mind, the subjects are humongous and do not specifically focus on UI/UX design. So, you might have to think further about the course quality and expectations. 

It is also not supported by academia or universities. So, whatever certificate you get will not give too much advantage to your career resume. However, if you want to learn UI/UX design skills, new trends, or simply enjoy new things, this is one of the best online platforms to pick. You can pay as little as 12 USD per course. 

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9. Springboards

Springboards is a platform that provides courses focusing on design, analytics, or science. However, the online class or courses do not specify UI/UX design. So, it does not affect your career resume. The good points that you can get from this platform are the individual and personal mentoring system. It is very good to learn certain skills or subjects. 

The UI/UX online platform will give you a range of courses that you can choose based on preferences. Then, you will need to fill in some skills and available details before assigning a mentor for you. After that, the industry expert mentor will give regular feedback and go through the UI/UX classpath. The path includes working with many design assignments. 

During the online class and mentoring, you will learn more than just the subject. It can give you some career planning, interview tips, job search advice, and many more. After you finish the course project and finish, the platform will give you a certificate. It is a pretty decent choice to learn in private. However, the UI/UX class cost per month is more than $1,000.  

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10. Skillshare

Probably one of the rising and the biggest online platforms you can find is Skillshare. It is one of the best online platforms for you who want to learn more UI/UX skills. Whether inside or outside your career fields, Skillshare might have the skills class for you. It is given since Skillshare has more than 50 thousand classes in all subjects. 

Most classes give you one-sided video materials. That is why you cannot communicate with the instructor or the teacher. Its lack of response or feedback. It is also open to everyone, so almost anyone can create a class. It does not guarantee the qualities. Despite giving you a cheap way to learn UI/UX design, you won't get a certificate to prove your accomplishment.  

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Final Words

From this information, it is worth saying that each platform has its perk. The UI/UX online course and the focus are different. Not only that, but the pricing can also differ from one to another. So, you better prepare for the worst or the best from each platform. Don't forget your main goal is to learn UI/UX from them, not spending money for nothing.

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