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Article: 7 Important Benefits Of Learning Calligraphy

7 Important Benefits Of Learning Calligraphy

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The surging popularity of handwriting art in this current modern-day makes it a therapeutic practice. The sense of putting pen to paper, doing calligraphy, and working with your hand manually help escape the advanced technology exposure. Again, it is a good sign that the resurgence of analog products brings a lot of benefits for society. 

But what kind of advantages do they offer? In this case, take a look at the popular lettering art form calligraphy. The art of calligraphy has been gaining traction with the help of online connections and workshops. It is not only part of the staple of primary education but practice with more positive sides. Thus, you can expect some of these benefits of learning calligraphy. 


Some Benefits You Can Get From Learning Calligraphy 

1. A Great Practice To Develop Motor Skills 

How much do you think a manual or analog practice will affect your motor skills? It is a lot. That is why handwriting has been part of the staple education since childhood. Children in kindergarten or even toddlers have been taught to learn writing and reading. Thus, they can develop fine motor skills from a young age. After that, the older they are, the better their skills are. 

It also happens when learning calligraphy. Why so? Many people start their learning session as an adult or in school. It does not mean that they missed out on the opportunity to learn from a younger age. But the practice is something that can be helpful even at later ages. The sense of calligraphy is pretty similar to the benefits of an adult coloring book. 

The idea of developing motor skills comes from the need to use a pen to create strokes and form letters. The activities have been known as the way to activate motor areas of the brain. Thus, helping develop motor skills, particularly on your hand coordination. In this case, the brain exercise and learning activities are rather bold and vast. 

The basal ganglia, cerebral cortex, and cerebellum are greatly enhanced during the practice of learning calligraphy. At some point, it is worth noticing the frequent benefit of the language portion of the brain. Along with learning the technique, learners are also exposed to varying language elements such as words, letters, spelling, and many more. 

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Thus, it somehow relates the motor and language skills coordination. If you consider the benefits of learning calligraphy, it will be more than just writing. From the motor skill point of view, the lettering form is the epitome of control and discipline. It is a handwriting style that is different from cursive. Calligraphy demands slow and steady strokes, which need control. 

So, practice is a vital point in this particular skill. You got to make sure to follow every stroke and method. Some of the styles and designs also implemented or learned to create aesthetic and legible writing. Thus, the learning step is not as simple as casual handwriting. You will find the benefit of patience and discipline due to the practice. 

The idea is that you have to nail the stroking method and the pen angle grip. It is part of the practice that demands more than just one or two hours to digest. At the same time, you need the dedication to master it. So, discipline is a vital part of learning calligraphy. The benefit also helps you to crave self-control as your value of life. 

Regarding control, you will find that calligraphy is full of techniques. Every stroke has different ways to put, such as thin upstroke or thick downstroke. You will need precise hand control to ensure you can create perfect and consistent writing. And so, learning calligraphy helps you to hone it further. Thus, the benefit will sharpen your hand control. 

Created by talenta.priyatmojo


2. Help Improving Memory Retention 

One benefit that makes a great spotlight is memory retention. In this case, the benefits relate to how manual or analog handwriting will improve memory retention. The idea is, it forces writers to spell every word through their hands. Thus, the benefits of learning calligraphy relate to the importance of strokes and styling in the lettering. 

You can say that make calligraphy is not only about beauty but also readability. Thus, every word or letter you make should make sense. This kind of mindset enforces the benefits of memory retention and language skill. You will spell every character by its strokes. After that, you need to ensure the lettering sentence makes sense. So people can read it. 

This behavior building from the learning practice will help either young or older learners. The best example is how students can learn or remember more if they write the word out by hand. It is also mentioned that calligraphy has the same principle. The more you practice and learn calligraphy, the better memory retention you will get. A great benefit nevertheless.

Surprisingly, these benefits of learning calligraphy are highly linked with writing practice. If you consider the advantages, there are some experiments and research that follow along with it. The article explains that the best way to master the material is to type notes. It is proven by neuroscientists and psychologists that handwriting is effective for learning. 

Created by luislili

And it also works with this particular art form. Whether you are learning calligraphy for work, side hustle, hobby, or anything, the benefit of doing handwriting still applies to you. The practice is also one of the getaways of modern technology-driven daily life. When digital continues to dominate, doing the analog approach help, you reach beyond the usual. 

Not only that, but learning handwriting calligraphy makes your art different. It means that one of the benefits you can expect is to capture more material faster and make a novel design. Every stroke, signature movement, and style mostly appear due to the analog design. After that, you can get health benefits as well. 

You need to consider the idea of lifelong learning. The underlying meaning is that you need to keep your brain running and exercise to keep it healthy. And calligraphy is one of the best practices to try. It is also worth mentioning the idea of using it or losing it. It means that you need to do the activities to enhance cognitive abilities and stay away from brain diseases such as Alzheimer's.  

Created by luislili


3. Sharpening Creativity 

Even though technology and digital works have been advancing, but there is a lot of limitation from it. Many calligraphy artists and practitioners use analog desks and tools to create even better art. It is one of the benefits of learning calligraphy that you can't easily achieve through technology, computer, or pen tablet. Not trying to be biased, but it is one undeniable truth. 

So, learning calligraphy will force you to do analog or manual. Yes, you can make a handwriting design through a pen tablet or so. But, the aesthetic, the feeling of gripping the pen, the stroke control, and the inks transfer will never be the same. Doing it manually is also more affordable compared to the expensive tablet or writing pad, which is another benefit for your wallet. 

If you put that into consideration, it is safe to say that creativity does not need high-end tools. You can start acquiring calligraphy with analog items such as markers, pencils, pens, newspapers, cards, or regular paper. It is easier to learn with. You don't need electricity, and more likely doable in many situations. 

So, how do the benefits of learning calligraphy relate to creativity? Regardless of the tools and medium you are going to take, the essence of art is creativity. You are bound to think and brainstorm for different approaches to make an appealing piece of art. In this case, the benefit will be how it exercises your brain, your mindset, and your way of thinking. 

Created by talenta.priyatmojo

Thus, you will have a better benefit in sharpening your creativity. One thing that makes handwriting calligraphy even more beneficial comes from the fact of keeping your hands moving and your brain running. In other words, learning encourages your brain to think further or higher. With the help of motoric practices, it also injects a sense of play and activities. 

The idea will eventually inspire your creative mind to flourish. It is also arguably the best way to explain the way handwriting and manual calligraphy shape up creativity. It has more leeway, and learners can play around with it. Thus, they cannot pour out their creativity. When compared to digital, the benefit is easier to get.  

Putting aside the idea of digital or analog, you can say that calligraphy, in general, is meant to help people create beautiful pieces of artwork. The artwork is not only drawing or painting. Learning calligraphy also forces your brain to think further and be creative. It shows you the discipline of strokes, styles, and culture from simple lettering. 

To make it easier to understand, the beauty of their penmanship is easier to put into practice. You can see that the benefits of learning calligraphy are rather vast and unlimited. Thus, it mentions that the passion and care of the art form are endless. It is proven from the ranges of implementation of calligraphy. It works for signage, logo, poster design, and many more. 

Created by luislili


4. A Relaxing And Meditative Work

If you ever think that learning calligraphy is all about stress, complicated technique, and intimidating work, you are completely wrong. The idea is that the practice is also relaxing or meditative. If you never acknowledge the benefit, try it as your hobby, not as a learning exercise to reach a certain accomplishment. 

If you put the learning activities as a hobby, you will find that the benefit is pretty much true. The work is very relaxing and therapeutic, like some other adult health brain practices. You can see from the way you put patience and discipline in the learning. Every stroke and every line needs to be precise. 

You also need to learn consistency during the calligraphy practices. The benefit is pretty apparent if you consider how every movement demands certain attention. As an example, one stroke at a time helps you concentrate. To make a great stroke, you also need to relax your body and slow down your breathing. It is a great meditative learning practice. 

When people start learning calligraphy and doing it as a hobby, their focused mind helps them forget or relax from problems. Thus, it is a great way to relieve tension and also meditation. Not only that, but it also gives you the benefit of stopping using electronic devices. It puts you to a brief stop from the exhausting phone or computer and goes analog for a second.   

And don't get surprised that you will also encounter the benefits of learning calligraphy in the form of new skills. Most of the time, people do not take calligraphy as one of the vital art forms. However, if you learn the skill, you can get more than just the ability to write better and prettier. You can make it as your side hustle and make money from it. 

Created by talenta.priyatmojo


5. Increase Confidences 

Nothing can beat the sense of confidence upon learning new skills. As said in the previous point, the benefit of learning this lettering art is way more than just writing. It helps you maintain your mental state as well as make money from it. Of course, it is something that is not easy to obtain. You need a long practice for the learning activities. 

One example of how the benefit helps boost your confidence is the ability to make something pretty out of ordinary sentences. You don't need to pay someone to write a beautiful message for birthday or wedding wishes. Or you can do some of the lettering work by yourself and be proud of whatever you can do from it. 

Not only about your handwriting ability, but you can also be confident with how the benefit aid you to maintain your mind and stress. It is also one of the benefits of learning calligraphy that you need to be proud of because mastering such a skill requires determination and time. Since you can master it, that means it confirms your belief that you can overcome difficulties and thrive with them. 

Again, it is a learning calligraphy lesson that you need to put your mind into. Anything that demands practice and skills does not appear easily or quickly. Calligraphy study takes a lot of practice and patience, which again has proven to be one of the factors that bring tons of benefits. Take pride in what you achieved because you deserve it.  

Created by luislili


6. Promote Critical Thinking And Enforce Making Sense Of Our Thoughts

A surprise benefit comes from the chance to engage in problem-solving situations. Calligraphy might seem like pretty writing or fancy lettering. However, the practice and the learning time are more than just that. You are bound to encounter problems upon mistakes from writing things by hand. It is not as easy as ctrl+z. 

One mistake can ruin the whole project. This is where you need to enforce your learning activities and calligraphy writing with a critical thinking process. You will need to consider the best design that is aesthetically pleasing as well as legible. How about calligraphy that serves a certain style and expresses complex emotions? This is where the benefit is proven.  

Those ranges of possibilities will force you to make sense of your thoughts. A deeper understanding of a certain style and how to handle problems is what you learn from this practice. It is also a benefit that means to help you in a design project, which is solving a problem, not making another one. Everything was made possible with writing practices. 

In this benefit, you got more than just critical thinking. When you can combine critical and creative thinking at once, you will have more benefits of learning calligraphy. As an example, a creation that shouts out beautiful handwriting as well as containing a deep message to tell the audience. It will make one art more meaningful. 

Created by olga_vunder


7. Facilitate Connection With People 

As social creatures, humans love interacting with the community. With the help of technology, the internet, and sharing media, the calligraphy community is flourishing. It gives a benefit for the creator, learner, or artist to connect with people. Again, it is a thing that you can join and accomplish during the learning process. 

But you can also connect with other people through your calligraphy art. One thing that makes this art loved, long-lasting, and aged well is the message delivering point. The idea of this benefit is due to the pretty readable lettering. You can convey information in a better-looking design, which appeals to many people. 

Created by luislili



So, the benefits of learning calligraphy are pretty clear. Regardless of your style, design, model, or information to tell, the art form brings a connection with the audience. It is possible to make a powerful remark, a touching word that beholds a treasured moment, or something that made an impact on them. That is why you need to consider learning it from the best. 

When talking about benefits, that means something which brings a plus or positive reinforcement. In this case, calligraphy comes as an art form that gives advantages in the shape of manual or analog practices. The use of pen, technique, and style not only adds nostalgia. But also improve one mentally, skill, confidence, memory, and many more.  

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