Create A Sleek Logotype Design

Hey designer! In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create a sleek logotype design for your projects. As you may know, a well-designed logo has the potential to develop trust and help validate your business's authenticity. It tells your audience who you are, what you do, and how that benefits them as a brand, and it gets people to stick around. It also simply communicates to people with no prior knowledge or experience with your brand that you do great work. That's how powerful a logo is. So in order to create a successful one, I will explain to you an easy step-by-step how to create a beautiful yet powerful logotype for your brand.


1. Consider a Memorable Business Name

First things first, before we proceed on the design, let's start by considering a few potential names for your business or projects. This step is very very crucial. A branding study proves that a different business name can bring a completely different outcome to your business. It can give people a little sense and understanding of your brands. And it shows your brand personality. So choose the name wisely. Choose the one that is easy, memorable, and suitable for your business direction. 

2. Single Line Or Two Lines

Does your business name have multiple words? If not, you can skip this step. If yes, I recommend you separate your business name into two lines, especially if you are creating a logotype. When you make it into two lines, not only does it simplify the look, but it also makes the design looks more solid. You don't want your logotype to be too long, trust me. It is not adjustable, especially if you will be using it on different platforms with various spaces, dimensions, and requirements.


3. Choose The Right Font

In order to create a sleek logotype design, I would love to choose a font that is thick, bold, and has a clean, curvy shape. So in this tutorial, I recommend using BleepBloop font, which has nice curves sharp angles and is well designed by BlackFontLab. It also comes with various additional alternates that you can experiment with. Overall, it's one of the most dynamic fonts to create a sleek logotype. You can download the BleepBloop font on the link below!



4. Play Around With The Alternates Glyphs

As a width-variable typeface, BleepBloop comes in various widths of alternates glyphs. You can find 5 different lengths of each character, and you play it around to create a unique outcome. In these examples of the "Marco Polo" logo, I can customize easily whether I would like to extend the letter "A" or "E" or any other glyphs to be slightly longer. Because of the variety of lengths, it provides a sleek movement and dynamic visual for the logotype. 


5. Adjust The Kerning & Length Precision

Once you have decided on your logotype experiments, the next thing to do is to further check on the kerning. Check every kerning and make sure every spacing is well balanced. Another thing that I would like to do is to adjust the length between the first and second lines. I prefer to make it the same length, so it feels more solid and strong as a logotype.


6. Adding Elements

After everything is balanced and well adjusted, you might want to add additional elements if you prefer. And if you're adding an element, make sure it is nice enough to keep it on the same visual vibe. Remember, the logo outcome has to be sleek, clean, and modern. 


Final Words

Creating a logo design is not hard at all once you have found a suitable font to use. Once the font is decided, all you need to do is to adjust the little details and additional elements to complete. Hopefully, this simple tutorial can give you a better insight into creating your own logotype. Also, don't forget to leave us some comments on the section below. Have a great day, and cheers!

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