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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in the USA That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in the USA That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around USA?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

The USA comes as one of the biggest nations, uniting 50 states as its federal distinct. It also shares land borders with Mexico and Canada, which highlight its vast community in it. It makes the country have more than 331 million of the population with the power to be one of the most developed [ed areas in North America. It also indicates how vast the chance you meet the best logo designers from the country.

Among the abundance and huge scope, the country has an endless number of creative agencies. Designers with their style and works might arise with their expertise. Some even have their name as one of the top creatives in the USA and other countries. So, if you are looking for logo designers in the USA, it will come with a never-ending option. 

But to help get the best, this list comprises some highly recommended names or agencies across the USA. It is not only focused on one location but also spread from different states to others. Even though the options are vast, the said list of logo creators is not meant to create or signify a ranking.

Each logo creator or designer has a unique taste, service, and works. It means you got to find your preferred USA-based workers before sealing the deal. The following list will provide brief information, including names, locations, prices (if available), and where to check them. Hopefully, the information can help you get the best designers in the USA.   


1. Tilted Chair

Despite being advertised on the Google Search result, Tilted Chair can be one of the best logo designers you can find in America. Through its website (, the company instills a sense of human approach in its designers' work. It sure helps create a defining and unique sense of logo creation, especially to challenge the raucous USA market.

Looking at the gallery, you can see the range of notable clients and logo works. Red Bull, Time, Amazon, and some of the big USA brands appear as part of the designer agency portfolio. It highlights the expertise and style of the logo creator. Tilted Chair is based in east Austin, which you can contact and get more information through its websites.



2. Moxie Sozo

Moxiesozo is another one of the recommended logo designers in the USA that come with varying portfolios on its website. The company name came out as one of the top recommendations from google search results. The website ( showcases its wide array of logos and branding portfolio, which cover unique styles, models, and types. That is why it is a powerful option for USA companies.

The designer's agency is located in Colorado and can be contacted through its email. Looking at its works, the company has more than 74 projects compressing a range of unique products and logos. Some of them are for food and beverage products, but it does not mean the company cannot widen its range to provide high-quality design services for various projects.  



3. ElephantMark LLC

Elephant Mark LLC is one of the best full-service interactive design and branding agencies you can find in the USA, specifically in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. The company is considered small, with less than ten people running its business. However, it is one of the best options in varying Job or work portals, including Clutch, Yelp, and many others.

Looking at its website, you can see that the company has a long range of expertise as a design agency. The company's Clutch profile signifies a 25% logo-focused work. The biggest one is branding, followed by web design. For a company at this level, the work or project scale starts from $10,000. So, if you are looking for high-quality professional designers in the USA, check out  



4. Amberd Design Studio

Established in Los Angeles, Amberd design studio is one of the many best logo designers in the USA you can consider working with. The studio has a range of projects, including logo designers, digital marketing, and many other design projects. One thing that makes the company solid is its expert workers specializing in graphic designers, illustrators, or arts.

The official site,, helped prove its name. There are long ranges of project portfolios taking up various design projects. Some of them are sign creation, branding, packaging, and many more creative works. The site is also a very complete and direct styling, which comprises logo design prices starting from $450 to more than $550.



5. Logo Design NYC

As one of the most populated cities in the USA, New York is also given a range of capable creative or designer agencies. Among many, you will find Logo design NYC as one of the best logo designers in the USA. It is recommended in varying work portals and marketing places. Its move on aggressive works also followed with high ratings on Google, signifying it as one of the best creators.

You can find the company easily through Google search. You can also see it as one of the best designers in NYC, USA. The site ( looks direct and clear. It comprises all of the design-related projects, highlighting notable clients such as country roads or Macks moving. The pricing starts from $395 $595 to the enterprise bracket price of $1.995 for one-time work.



6. Aventive

Another distinguished full-service design company specializing in sign, graphic, and web design is KD branding. The USA-based company is located in Austin, Texas. The logo designer's commercial site is a window for you to see its works and quality. You can see that the company has worked with varying notable and luxurious products.

One thing that is worth considering is its further, vast, and comprehensive work for the project. The company will have its case study to learn more about the project. Later on, the designer will position the product with powerful imagery, launch it, and scale the business. Its site also indicates a great range of wellness products, best for you who has a similar business.



7. Graphicszoo

Offering a very attractive discount on its logo designers' services, Graphicszoo came out as one of the best logo designers in the USA. Looking at its official site (, the company also offers some great purchases for its sign package to Canada. The price started at $49 from the original $99. For a new company or startup, it is a gem to consider.

Another good point to pick is the premise of the company. It takes up the similar sense and works of auto-generating AI logo, which can create the imagery in less than an hour. But with the help of human designers, the USA-based agency put the process into three quick steps. The steps are meant to showcase the working journey and process.

The first is when the customer needs to choose the services package from the company. The designers' services will depend on the package, including the total revision, style, to version. After that, the USA company will need details of work and preferences. Later on, the company will finish it in three or four work days. It can be a great option for a quick, simple project.  



8. Terraslatepaper

Terraslatepaper exudes a professional and multinational-looking designer company. The website highlights the logo works from a very simple, complicated symbol to a unique identity. Looking at its prices, the company pretty much offers more expert and professional leveled work. The rates started from $219 per logo, which is a great steal for the USA or international company.

TerraSlate is one of many logo designers in the USA that has its work purpose and focuses on creating innovative printing solutions. It means the company is not fully committed to working with symbols but more on the branding and marketing process. But it does not make the company lack its credibility and quality in creating a high-quality company identity.

The logo designers under the company are experts with a range of expertise in creating works for varying industries and businesses. Some of the notables' works are on the military application, including coast guards, air forces, and marine. The company is located on Broadway, and most of the reviews are positive, with almost five stars on its bet.



9. Logo Design Valley

Highlighting its award-winning professional design company in the US, the Logo design valley is one of the best to pick. The studio is a professional designer's firm located in Texas. It has a high success rate, with a total of 1583 logos done. The key to their success goes from the spectrum of the services, where the company puts a huge emphasis on research.

The logo designers in USA highlight that it is not only about creating an identity. Instead, the company took a precise and scientific approach to create it. In other words, there is value in research, brainstorming, development, and execution. There is also a function where the company breaks down the project into smaller pieces.

The idea is to help the company architect and incorporate the design project easily. Along with the comprehensive process, you can see from its website that the company has a wide variety of works and styles. It comes from simple imagery, and symbols, to unique styling with vintage imagery or details, which explain the expertise and the company's ability in the USA market.



10. PKG Branding

PKG branding is a logo design company that is also widely known for its high-quality Packaging and branding services. As a company with less focus on the logo, the designers' agency comes with an awesome brand packaging portfolio. Some of them are Quakers, Saputo, State Fair, Wrigley, and many other renowned brands in the USA or worldwide.

For its sign products, the company put its services under its identity creation. The company explained all of the details on its website, In general, the company comes with varying possible works and design packages. Thus the pricing goes bracket-style, starting with a basic offer of $12,000. It comprises package and logo designers' services from the USA company.  



11. Indigo Logo Design

The challenging market of logo designers in the USA pushes every agency to go extreme or creative. In this case, Indigo Logo design put its idea into two powerful moves. The company offers affordable custom design as well as high-quality results from the best designers. It is also indicated on the company's site,

The company stated that they are USA designers that are experts in crafting a variety of logo styles and types. It includes iconic, typography, illustrative, or animated design. The company itself is also packed with unique styling and projects, which you can see from its official gallery. It indicates the vast works and projects models as its experience.



12. Logo In Hours  

The company that is settled in Houston, TX, USA, is one of the best-recommended logo designers by Google search and Map. The company has 5.0 stars from around 145 people or reviewers. It highlights the company's capability and ability as a logo creator. The company is another option where the working process takes a great point of the human mind and ideation.

It starts with the customers talking and texting the company (through the website The process is done to deliver the idea, concept, color, and business. The next step is where the designers take their time to brainstorm and sketch the work to fit your preferences. In the end, the company will deliver the product with its source file and 100% satisfaction.



13. Wow Branding

Wow Branding might be one of many logo designers in the USA that pinpoints its long experience as a key value. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the USA creative business, which makes the company a stellar option for strategic works and unique styling. For once, the design agency might be small. But its small community makes up for its product result.

Most of the firm's works are not only focused on logo designer services. It also comes up with varying options and services, including work with brand strategy, web development, digital marketing, and many other unique options. For a new company residing in the USA, WOW branding can provide a unique identity from its modern, simple, and minimalistic imagery.



14. Wilson Printing Marketing

Wilson logo designers put their minds to helping the company to improve its identity. The rebranding offers and services are worth considering, especially for a USA company that has its old long outdated design. This service itself is not easy to give since it pushes the designers to work under a designated rule or already made brand. Thus, Wilson Printing Marketing can be your best answer.



15. Digital Silk

From start-ups to Fortune 500, the company has a long list of partners of all sizes. As one of many logo designers in the USA, it has unique touches in the works. It includes services such as animated logos, rebranding, branding, community strategy, or other designer offers. Based on its website, the company is a professional service in the USA. It has everything from initial design to finalized with a successful identity.



Final Words

The USA is huge; it makes your choices likely endless. Thankfully most creative companies have offered to work remotely. It means you don't necessarily need to visit every logo designer's place or location. It also comes with the fact that most verified and highly recommended designers in the USA are ready or already running their online website.

It means you can work, ask for quotes, and get information about logo projects or many other related services online. If you are interested in working with some other logo designers, it is also best to measure who, where, and what you are going to hire. This is where at least you need some measurement on the process.

In this case, at least put some points on your logo project scope and planning. You will also need to do more research about the USA market, style, designers' ideas, and trends. Going further, pay attention to the design and ideation that every designer provides you. It might help showcase the works and your preferences.

The last is asset delivery, which is the key to how the logo designers in the USA will work and provide you with the final result. You don't want a worker that cannot fulfill the job. That is why this list only poses as a recommendation. The final pick is up on your hand, preference, idea, and need. Be sure to check their information and keep the experience of the project positive.

In other words, the said logo designers listed in his article do not make or mean a solid standard of the USA's market. Some of them are the best or people found with the highest rank in certain job portals. Other than the said qualification, your pick will befall right into personal preferences, ideas, and needs. Whoever you are going to work with, be sure you got the proper contact and offer for the day.