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Article: Motivating Tattoos: Creative Slot-Inspired Ink for Tattoo Artists

Motivating Tattoos: Creative Slot-Inspired Ink for Tattoo Artists

A tattoo is one of the most artistic and creative ways to express ourselves nowadays. We are placing them on our bodies for many reasons. Because they are fun, to mark something special, or to motivate ourselves. Motivational tattoos are extremely popular, as sometimes there is no one else who will pick us up and help us achieve something. Sometimes it is up to ourselves to find the strength, power, or simply a motivation to carry on and be the best version of ourselves that we can be. Luck is important. It is crucial for different life situations, especially when you are playing at the best free slots Canada offers, but in other situations as well. Those who want to be lucky and motivated, and also love tattoos will love slot-inspired themes for sure.

The Importance of Luck-Inspired Tattoos

Everyone should think a lot about what they want to have on their body before getting a tattoo. Of course, no one can forbid someone to place anything they want on their body, but in that way, there is nothing special behind the act itself. It is always nice when the tattoo has some sort of backstory, something behind it. A special date, occasion, or a person that will be on your mind when you look at it. It is the same with personal beliefs. A symbol of faith, hope, or luck is also a huge thing for a person. Luck maybe most of all.

Things that can be defined are easy to understand and even easier to forget. Things we can’t understand, see, or touch, that invisible forces are the ones that intrigue us the most. Luck is one of those things. No matter if you are doing a quiz, asking someone on a date, trying to score a goal, or playing at an online casino, luck is defining that action. When you are playing at the top free slots Canada has, like the finest picks on this page, you will want some lucky charm. And it can be anything, even a tattoo. Some people think that a tattoo is even better than a rabbit's foot or other lucky charms.

Difficulty Tattoo Artists Face When They Need to Recommend a Tattoo

It is not always easy to be a tattoo artist. The fact that one can’t make a mistake when it comes to drawing the tattoo, imprinting it on the body of a customer, and recognizing the pain limit on the person’s face and the need to take a break. However, maybe even more important than everything else mentioned is to be creative when customers ask for an idea. Believe it or not, some simple things such as spiders can have numerous illustrations to choose from. To stay original and precise, suggest and draw the right tattoo that will make them happy and satisfied. Because tattoos last forever in most cases. Originality is also an important factor, and that is why tattoo artists have a difficult time when they need to suggest the right one.

Slot Inspired Tattoos

There were always various symbols for luck, in the form of a leaf clover, a horseshoe, elephants, and others. But in recent times there was an abundance of symbols that originate from casinos, such as cards, dice, and spade symbols. After all that, it was only natural for slots to take their rightful place as popular tattoos. There are more and more free online slots Canada offers and players love them! It is simple to understand why slots are very straightforward. The graphics and sounds are amazing, and the rewards are given in a fun way. Due to their incredible popularity, the demand for slot tattoos is high. Here are some of the most popular ones.

777 Slot Machine

One of the most famous slot games is the one in which the grand prize is given when you have a 777 combination. You have probably seen it over and over, and if you wondered what the meaning behind it is, we found it for you. 777 is considered a lucky number, as banknotes with a serial number containing 777 are in high demand by collectors and numismatists. This adds to their value and makes them special. A tattoo that commemorates this classic machine is a great option for an everlasting mark on a person’s body.

Slot Machines That Give Original Prizes

The highlight of the slots is winning the jackpot. The grand prize is the dream of everyone who plays it. However, to make the tattoo original, one can add a personal touch to it. The drawing can include the traditional-looking machine that wins the jackpot, but instead of coins, the prize can be something more personal. Some symbols of a loved one, a favorite team logo, music notes if you are a musician or a spirit animal. The options are limitless, yet the result is unique. Sounds perfect for a very personal tattoo.


Like the symbol 777, one of the most famous slot game variations is with cherry symbols. It is important to know that in the old days, slot machines were available to minors, but instead of money, they paid out gum for kids. They were cherry, lemon, and plum flavors, and depending on the winning combination, you would get gum of that taste. When free online slots became popular, one of the variations tried to make the players remember their childhood, and they placed the cherries as a top prize. It is sufficient to say that their attempt was a successful one, and cherries became one of the most recognizable slots ever.


In modern society, tattoos have become the perfect way for one to feel artistic or recognizable. Human bodies became canvases for some of the most beautiful artwork that can be seen. Tattoo artists are faced with the request to be original and creative with their work, as people don’t want to blend in. The best free online slot games in Canada helped them get new ideas for ink on their bodies, and we mentioned some of the creative solutions for tattoo artists including them.

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