Top 15 Logo Designers in Hyderabad That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Hyderabad?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

While just about anyone can make a logo, not everyone can make a good one. The task requires knowledge and experience, which only professional logo designers have. Unless you are a professional designer yourself, you will need to hire a professional designer to make a logo for your brand.

Why is hiring a professional designer important? There are many reasons why. Firstly, a professional designer will provide you with a professional-looking logo. Such a logo helps to create a positive first impression that lasts for a long time.

Secondly, a logo is not just a text or image. A logo is your brand's visual representation. It is the face of your branding. As such, you want one that represents your brand, tells a story about it, and at the same time, sets your brand apart from the competition. A professional designer can provide you with one.

Thirdly, professional designers know the principles of good design. While everyone can make a logo, not everyone knows how to make a memorable and functional logo.

Fourthly, professional designers will provide you with the right logo formats. In general, logos come in two formats: raster and vector. Raster formats are suitable if the logo is used in photographs and non-scalable mediums, while vector formats are versatile and scalable.

These are some reasons why you want to hire a professional designer. Here's the problem: there are plenty of designers out there. Since hiring a professional designer costs you money and time, you want to hire the right one.

We got you covered. In this post, we have a list of the top 15 logo designers in Hyderabad that you should check out. We explain each designer briefly to help you decide which logo designer fits your needs the most. Alright, without further ado, let's start.


1. Amplus Solutions

Amplus Solutions is a Hyderabad-based digital marketing and web design company. While the team is based in Hyderabad, the company's clients come from other parts of the subcontinent as well as overseas.

The highlights of the team are their readiness to meet the client's requirements and their ability to provide clients with quality solutions. The team consists of talented developers and designers, and experienced consultants.

Before starting a project, the team dedicates some time to understanding the client's business and target audience. This enables them to deliver tailor-made solutions that meet the client's requirements and needs.

As one of the top 15 logo designers in Hyderabad area, Amplus Solutions offer a wide range of services, such as digital marketing, web designing, web development, mobile application, web hosting, e-commerce, print media, SEO, and content.


2. Brand N Digital

The second one on our list of the top 15 logo designers in Hyderabad is Brand N Digital. Brand N Digital is a one-stop digital transformation consultancy firm that offers various services that help clients grow their businesses. Indeed, the team is dedicated to helping clients reach their maximum potential.

The services that Brand N Digital offers are many, including design and branding, digital marketing, data analytics, consulting, web and mobile application development, software development, marketing automation, promotional films, and even online courses.

The team has years of experience in the field and talented experts who are ready to serve both small-scale and large-scale companies from all over the world. So whether your business is new or established, the team is eager to partner with you and help you grow your business.


3. Gexton

Standing out from the crowd is not an easy thing to do. There are so many brands competing against each other; all seek attention. If you want to stand out, you will need a good logo. And to have a good logo, you will need a professional logo designer.

Gexton understands that. The team consists of experienced experts who are always thinking outside the box, helping clients to stand out from the crowd. Not only that, but the team also understands that each client is different. Thus, the team offers various services to meet their needs.

From graphic designing, digital marketing, website designing, website development, domain and web hosting, website maintenance and support, mobile application development, and content management system to GPS tracking and security solutions.


4. ColourMoon Technologies

ColourMoon Technologies was established to help individuals and companies make the most of the internet and leverage it for their business. The team has 13 years of experience in the field, serving clients from multiple industries from all over the world.

Among the highlights of the team are their multi-disciplinary expertise, flexible engagement models that suit different needs, and excellent communication coordination with clients. Like other top 15 logo designers in Hyderabad on the list, ColourMoon Technologies offers many kinds of services.

From graphic designing, which includes logo designing as well as UI/UX designing, and digital marketing. Web development and mobile app development to game development. The team has completed more than 5,000 projects for 2,000+ clients across the globe, with 99% of on-time project completion.


5. Hannan Design Studio

A good logo tells a story about the brand. Hannan Design Studio understands this well. The design studio helps brands tell their stories with original and creative designs.

Over the course of 10 years since their founding, the team has honed their skills and gained valuable insights into the market and the perspective of buyers. Not to mention the team has worked with businesses of varying sizes from several industries.

The team strives to grow with the crowd and stay up to date. As a result, the team knows and understands what buyers want, helping clients to connect and convey their brand message to the target audience effectively.

Besides logo design, Hannan Design Studio also offers services such as brand identity, website design, marketing collateral, publications, packaging design, coffee table book, and social media.


6. CanGrow

Hiring a professional logo designer costs you money. That's why you want to make it as cost-effective as possible. You want to make it worth every penny. That's exactly what CanGrow offers. CanGrow is a digital marketing service provider that offers top-notch services at a cost-effective rate.

With years of industry experience and unique technology solutions, the team is capable of delivering high-quality services to clients. The team is committed to striving for excellence in each service they offer, not only fulfilling their clients' digital needs but also helping them to grow.

CanGrow started as a small-scale SEO service provider. Now that it has become a digital marketing service provider, the team offers various services, including designing, website development, content writing, Search Engine Optimization, social media, and Pay Per Click.


7. PurpleSyntax

PurpleSyntax is a full-service digital marketing agency in the Hyderabad area that helps brands to scale locally as well as globally. The team consists of creative experts with multi-disciplinary backgrounds who are driven to help companies turn their dreams into reality through their digital expertise.

Like other top 15 logo designers in Hyderabad on the list, PurpleSyntax offers plenty of services. Besides logo designing and branding, the team also offers Search Engine Optimization, content writing, digital strategy and consulting, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and App Search Optimization.

The team believes in simplicity and a structured approach. For the team, digital marketing is their home ground. They have extensive knowledge and understand the ins and outs of it. While the team is based in Hyderabad, the team has worked with hundreds of brands from around the world.


8. Swio

A good logo is many things at once. It is simple, clear, and easy to understand, among others. A complex logo may look good visually, but it is harder to understand and, thus, less likely to communicate well with the audience.

Swio understands that and more. The team uses modern methods instead of conventional ones, is detail obsessive and process-oriented, and offers honest pricing. No confusing packages and no hidden pricing.

As a one-stop branding agency, Swio provides clients with a wide range of services, including logo and branding, digital marketing, website development, and even business registrations and compliance. The team helps businesses build their brand identity.

If you are looking for a logo designer that understands the importance of simplicity, then Swio is one of the top 15 logo designers in Hyderabad that you should check out.


9. The Lutetium

When you are looking for a designer to hire, two of the factors to consider are experience and expertise. Think of creating a logo for your brand as an investment. Since it is an investment, you want a good ROI. That can only be obtained if you hire an experienced and expert logo designer.

The Lutetium is both. The marketing agency has nearly a decade of experience. The team consists of talented individuals who are driven to help clients build their brands and grow their businesses.

Moreover, the team has worked with clients across the globe from various industries, including technology, hospitality, travel and tourism, retail, automotive, and healthcare.

The services Lutetium offers include graphic design, Search Engine Optimization, web design, web development, mobile application, social media marketing, web application services, and pay-per-click optimization.


10. Samastham Info Tech Services

While experience is an important factor to consider, it is not the be-all-end-all factor. Indeed, even logo designers who don't have years of experience under their belt can make awesome logos. Samastham Info Tech Services is one such designer.

Compared to the other top 15 logo designers in Hyderabad, Samastham Info Tech Services is quite young. With a team of very talented individuals with diverse skill sets, Samastham Info Tech Services has been able to deliver results efficiently and satisfy many clients.

The team offers plenty of services, such as designing (which includes logo design, business cards, posters, etc.), website (business, e-commerce, organizational websites, and so on), digital marketing, application services (IOS, Android, Windows, and web applications), and social media marketing.


11. Additive Advertising Agency

Also, one of the top 15 logo designers in Hyderabad on our list is Additive Advertising Agency or Additive Ads for short. Additive Ads is a Hyderabad-based digital marketing agency that offers branding, website design, digital marketing, as well as printing solutions to businesses of all sizes.

The team delivers clients' imaginations and ideas, improvising them in the best way possible and helping them to grow their businesses and build their brands. The team consists of driven and talented individuals who strive their best to help clients reach new heights.

Additive Ads doesn't just design logos, though. Besides logo design, the team also offers other kinds of services, from website designing, copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, and social media marketing to email marketing and growth hacking. Yes, it really is a one-stop solution for businesses and startups.


12. Thomas & Rad Creative Branding

Thomas & Rad Creative Branding is a creative branding team that offers diverse branding solutions to businesses. The team consists of dedicated individuals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds who are eager to work with clients to develop or evolve their brands.

Of course, as a creative branding team, Thomas & Rad Creative Branding offers logo design as part of its brand identity services. That's not all, though. Other services the team offers include

  • Brand strategy (naming, brand positioning, brand architecture, and research management)
  • Brand design (company and brand name, package design, design application, brand assets, brand framework, and brand guidelines)
  • Brand activation (brand experience, audio branding, film and animation, concept implementation, and employee engagement)
  • Digital branding (digital assets, digital content, web design, and UX design)


13. Scroll Ahead

The next on our list of the top 15 logo designers in Hyderabad is Scroll Ahead. Scroll Ahead is an award-winning digital marketing agency. The team offers a wide range of digital marketing services for clients across different industries from all around the globe.

The team aims to offer the best digital experiences possible and deliver not just high-quality but also market-defining solutions that add value and give clients a competitive edge. The team designs future-proof, human-centered digital experiences.

The members of the team are highly talented and motivated individuals with diverse skill sets and backgrounds. All of them are eager to assist clients in achieving their goals and delivering amazing results. Scroll Ahead's services include branding, digital marketing, web development, web design, and website maintenance.


14. Approach Digital

Approach Digital is also one of the top 15 logo designers in Hyderabad. Approach Digital is an independent 360-degree digital marketing agency that helps both small and large businesses build their brand in an ever-changing digital landscape.

A good logo is a must these days, and the team acknowledges this. As such, the team strives to create designs that people love. Since each business is unique, the team focuses on each business' core principles and concepts and then translates them into an impactful brand story.

The team has more than 15 years of experience in the field. Not only that, but they also offer great flexibility, optimized marketing costs, as well as a dedicated account manager for each client. Besides logo design, the team also offers brand development, brand communication, brand persona creation, graphic design, and printing.


15. Ideal Designs

There is no successful marketing campaign without a good logo. It is a requirement, especially in today's world, where hundreds and hundreds of brands compete against each other. All seek the same thing: attention. And what better way to get attention than a good logo?

To be considered good, a logo must at least follow good design principles. To name a few: be simple, scalable, and original. In addition, it also must represent the brand's identity well. Not all logo designers can do this.

Ideal Designs understands the above and the importance of a brand logo deeply. That's why the team strives to create logos that not only adhere to good design principles but also reflect their client's brand identity, are memorable, and connect with the target audience. 


Final Words

A good logo goes a long way. It represents the brand, tells a story about it, and allows it to stand apart from the crowd. It attracts new customers and retains existing ones, too. One of the first steps to making a good one is to hire a professional logo designer.

Not all logo designers are equal, however. Some designers are better than others. Some designers may have more knowledge and experience than others. Some are able to suit your needs better than others.

Hiring a professional designer to make a logo for your brand costs you money and time. So, be sure to hire the right designer. Take your time to find professional designers. Don't rush and hire the first designer you encounter.

Do your research and learn one or two things about them. Learn about their services, skills, experience, previous clients, etc. Find some customer reviews, so you know how they serve their clients.

It takes time to find the right designer, but if you manage to do it, it will benefit your business in the long run. Our list of the top 15 logo designers in Hyderabad above should make the search process a lot easier and faster.

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