14 Logo Design Exercises to Keep Your Skills Sharp

Working as a logo designer can be a great challenge when dealing with competitors.
Let’s find out our several logo design exercises to keep your skills sharp!

Are you trying to improve your designing skills by doing some of the best logo design exercises? It's a great move and one of the best ways to seize the opportunity for growth. Later, the process drawings will also experience significant improvement.

Designing a mark may seem easy, but it's not like that. Even when you ask any good designer, they won't immediately answer if the designing job is easy, even if it's pretty complex.

Designing a logo means you get what you pay for, and we also want you to have the best mark drawings. Games can be the solution if you start building your brand's visuals. And for design purposes, you need to decide how they sketch a mark with their experience.

What they said may surprise you, too, because the emblem contains vivid images of symbols and drawings used to identify a company or organization. The mark, products, services, employees, etc., are recognized as the entire face of the business.

In addition, logo designs can be an opportunity to make a statement related to the organization because customers know which one will be their choice and what stops them from all the need to create a mark from logo practices.

Emblem creation may cost you a lot of time, and miss many other opportunities. Especially during the learning process, this will make you spend a lot of time. And even if you can, you still have to keep learning and practicing.

Always remember that the mark is your visual identity, and you don't just need a logo but also the identity that results from the emblem. The more extensive visual system here will involve typography, colors, photography, visuals, and layout, and it can be learned with this:


1. Designs a Quote

As we mentioned, the actual drawings require a lot of strategies. You will have to create something visually and think about deciding simultaneously as the picture. And because of logo design exercises, you might be able to start with quotes.

A quote is a collection of beautiful words. Here, you can then try to explore all these words to become a series of mark drawings. From these words that look basic, you try to change them into something unique, adding to your Designs Skills.

To combine beautiful typography into a logo:

  • Start by looking for inspirational quotes.
  • Add a background image, and it can be texture or favorite color.
  • Start by changing the essential font words to luxury.


2. Sketch Out Your Day

You can also do logo design exercises by sketching your day: a daily picture or a recap of a day you passed. Sketch out your day is arguably still very rarely tried, even though it will produce tremendous improvements.

Grab a pencil and paper and start sketching out three things that impacted you that day. If you feel you are having a difficult day, you can draw the theme of sadness, which will become a mark generated from a logo design game only.

We recommend this sketch out your day, and many others recommend it too because it trains creativity and growth potential. A sketch comes from an idea that is out of nowhere. So that by thinking about everyday life, you can also present a good emblem.


3. Browse Portfolio Sites or Galleries

Maybe your difficulty is when you start looking for sketch inspiration. As we mentioned in point 2, the idea came from everywhere and was unthinkable. So it would help if you started looking for other sources, including other people's portfolios.

You can combine some of the fascinating objects with other people's portfolios. Make a point to look at the style that you feel matches what you usually pick, and this is sure to be a great drawing idea whenever trying logo design exercises.

Browse this portfolio of sites or galleries takes 10 to 15 minutes to learn and understand. But after that, you have to reflect on how the designer or logo practices use it to make the mark visually appealing (or even not).


4. Turn Your Name Into a logo

An emblem is not just about an image or an element. To make it easier for people to recognize and remember a mark, the mark is also presented through a person's name. And this time, we want you to imagine yourself as a business owner.

After that, imagine you are a new business owner trying to come up with a logo that comes from your name. And try to create one of your names as a mark that will be displayed in all the company's marketing needs.

Start by including elements related to the product or service that characterize the business. From a few letters, you make an emblem, and this makes a lot of sense for logo design exercises because you know how to create your name.


5. Reimagine a Photo

Try to imagine a photo you have ever taken with your camera. From there, try to draw again and make it the mark element. This is not impossible and can be one of the best practices to improve your drawing skills significantly.

Start with a copy of an image you want to sketch and continue to have fun digitally with markers that have been prepared for design purposes. Set a goal to add something additional to an image to be a better emblem for the business.


6. Merge Two Unrelated Images

One of the best logo sketch exercise methods is practicing skills to stay sharp. Spending too much time on other activities may decrease your drawing skills. So any design practice must be carried out.

And one of the best types of exercise that can be done is combining two photos that are irrelevant to become a new masterpiece. In conditions like this, you seem to be forced to think about how to make the designs look appealing.

In addition, merging two images into one is fantastic, so it will help you determine the best sketch tools among other limited parts. And this logo design exercises method will also increase Designs Skills.


7. Designs Something for an Imaginary Client

Maybe you currently have a few mark design jobs, but that shouldn't limit you in your design needs. You can imagine if a client comes and needs sketch services and also needs some more creative space.

Designs something for an imaginary client into something fun and force you to think outside the box. Because, after all, you are not depressed in that condition. If the job is regular, you may be forced to follow the drawing style that the client wants.

But if you sketch something for an imaginary client, this can be an emblem design practice because you are not pressured. And because of this condition, you can think outside the box and be creative. Something different is about to come this way.


8. Redesigns an Existing Brand's Mark

In this industrial era, there are many marks that you can find. To the mark of a particular merchant, the mark of a company can be one of the entertainments to train your designs. From the available marks, not all of them look fresh in logo design exercises.

Try to determine which marks look outdated and need a change. Determine the mark and start trying to train your creativity by resigning it. In this way, you are not classified as violating copyright or any infringement.

Redesigning an existing brand's logo even gives you the potential to be hired by those companies to create new jobs according to their wishes. However, this is more difficult because you must break down the company's niche from the mark.


9. Drawing and Sketching

Not only games that can train and improve design skills, but only with drawing and sketching in general, this can also be a solution for all your needs to present excellent results if later there is an emblem that needs to be created.

These drawing and sketching are logo design exercises because they make your hands free to move and not stiff. In addition, drawing and sketching let you know the details or shading when drawing the realm mark.

As for entertainment, this will only help you find the color in question or the shape you want to use. And this does not require a great technical effort. So sketch practices need drawings and sketching.


10. Graphic Designs of Family and Friends

What if you tried to draw something that would make your family or friends happy? Try following drawing exercises by removing marks for family or friends, which can be used as group display pictures.

With those creations, you not only practice creativity but also practice all the necessities and details to make people satisfied. With minimal brain effort, you can generate some fantastic results, and of course, the results of these designs make you feel appreciated.

Designs for family and friends have become very popular these days. Not only because it's easy, but it also trains self-confidence. It is not uncommon for this to become a logo for marketing or entertainment purposes for logo design exercises.


11. Stimulate the Mind with Preexisting Content

You can train brain performance and drawing skills by stimulating the mind with preexisting content. It is easy, and you don't have to start everything from scratch. Even this method puts less pressure because it is easily accessible from anywhere.

Stimulating the mind with preexisting content can be done by looking for image ideas from the internet and starting to use the elements in it as a source of inspiration to create an emblem. And take it easy; you will not be subject to copyright law for this game.


12. Going Through All Available Digital Effects and Filters

Creating a mark on the internet can also do something buzzing. Many digital effects and filters can be used on a logo creation platform, and they can be logo design exercises because they will bring something unique.

Many visual ideas don't require the performance of your elbow directly because these can be used via a sketch platform, say, Photoshop. And what's more unique than that is that the images there can be created and get artistic effects too.


13. Enter Contests

You may not be very fond of this method. But instead of just relying on entertainment to train skills, the drawings also need to be prepared in the presence of competitive tension and pressure. So you can start thinking about it.

Entering a design contest from a company makes you have to explore further to create the mark that looks the most meaningful because the logo is not only about the appeal but also about how the niche and personality are poured.

In addition, if you enter a contest, you will learn many things from other contestants. So this will be good practice for mark drawings, especially for those who still want to know. And, of course, you have the chance to win this emblem sketch exercise.


14. Exercise Games

Playing games also trains one's Designs Skills, which is also rarely known. You might want to consider this if you don't know what else you can use to practice your Designs Skills because it helps the logo design exercises.

Practices like this will not only give accurate results but will also give you more knowledge about the world of drawing, even those that are not studied in the academic world. For those looking for good entertainment for practice, here are some options:

  • Pixel Guesser. Pixel Guesser is a game that tests your sense of pixels. This is used for logo designers who want to hone their Designs Skills in the digital world. Also, understanding the pixel details will help you know how to determine the marked size.
  • Quiz Fonts. Logo creation is also related to determining the font used in the mark. A designer should use it for a sketch template. Font Quiz also has 450 popular fonts you can practice and learn in this game of logo design exercises.
  • HEX Guess. HEX Guess is entertainment that relies on six long character codes assigned to color. This is a way to practice a sense of the colors that belong to the code. These trains focus as well as train the creative ability of a designer.
  • Icon Studies. Icon Studies means you study the details of icons or elements commonly used in designs. Starting from tiny spaces and animals to everyday objects, we will be tried here. With a silhouette display, icon studies have become an exciting game.
  • The Bezier Game. The Bezier Game is also similar to Icon Studies, where you play this game by creating the process of making curves. The shapes here help you understand commendable angles, which is an excellent process for practicing focus.
  • DEX. DEX is one platform with various tasks that will significantly train your drawing skills. This game is about how you can create type designs editorials for print, web, or many more sketch constraints, best for the logo design exercises.
  • Deconstruction. The next entertainment we will offer you is deconstruction. This game is about typography, so it's suitable for emblem sketch executives for branding purposes. With inspiration from here, a guaranteed drawing result will be guaranteed.
  • KernType. KernType is the next typography game design, and this layout is said to be more accessible. The first and last letters will have a particular side too. Also, you won't probably go back because KernType offers a lot of core finals.
  • Hue Test. Hue Test may be the answer for those who want to try entertainment relevant to color. Color vision, that's what many say about it. With 4K monitors, you can use HueTest, most appropriate for someone who wants to learn the process of making a logo a beginner.
  • Color Method. Mark designs practice can also be run by playing the game color method. The sketch is all about color play. Knowing the most appropriate coloring method will make the logo drawings more attractive. And, of course, the more logo design exercises, the better the result is.
  • Pixactly. Pixactly is a game that relies on pixels, and it will help you in terms of vision and sizing. If you are familiar with pixels, then determining the color and size is no longer difficult, as it is one of the best sketch practices.
  • Connection Type. This type of connection is entertainment that uses game fonts. It will improve your font pairing between designs, and along the way, you can also understand the typographic and graphic design exercise terminology or the fonts' history.
  • HEX Invaders. HEX Invaders is the most fun game to practice emblem drawing. When compared to other games, this is a game that correlates colors from all elements. And the idea of ​​this simulation entertainment is growing at this time.



Games are a solution for people who want to learn but more interactively. Games can be the solution if you are bored with everything academic. But the gameplay must also be relevant to the field one wants to enter.

Including improving one's Designs Skills, which is not an entirely easy thing. But to create something interesting, it never hurts to follow method after method that is specific and available for logo-making practices.

And remember that you have to know what you are doing because your sketch Skills will also increase as the game level increases. Starting from the color entertainment, pixels to other drawing elements are what will be focused on when playing games like this.

In addition, if you are worried about finding a specific and appropriate game that you want to play, maybe you can try a game that has an eye-catching user interface. And more importantly, many logo design exercises will make your skills sharp.

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