How to Learn Logo Design for Free

Logo design is one of the most important elements and the primary image of a business.
Let’s find out how to learn and practice logo design for free!

There are many ways to learn logo design, especially without paying even a cent. It is good for those who don't have too much budget to join a paid education or something like that. 

However, you cannot deny that sometimes it is confusing about what to trust and where to start. That is why; you need the right information to keep you chasing a dream to become a logo designer. 

As we know, a logo is not just a picture. It can be a way of branding and delivering the message of your business. That is why; it must be interesting and memorable at the same time. You may hire a designer to make one for you. However, sometimes someone wants to learn for free. It is a possible thing and here is some more information about that.

In his sophisticated era, where technologies are developing fast, it seems that people can learn everything from the online world. It is also about how to make a graphic. There are some learn logo maker applications that you can download and use for free. Below are further lists and descriptions of that. 


1. YouTube 

You cannot deny that YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform, and it is the biggest as well. This platform lets you find many kinds of information, including how to make a logo. 

You just need to type the keywords or things to know. After that, watch the video. Besides that, make sure that you have installed the design applications which are needed.

It is important because you can practice directly while watching the video. Don't forget to make a mistake when studying this skill by doing this way because the video can be played again and again. 

Make sure that you have the gadgets to practice and an internet connection so. For the gadgets, you may use a smartphone, computer, tablet, PC, etc. 



2. Design Application 

Nowadays, there are so many free applications to be used to learn graphic design. These apps will make people realize their creative ideas. You just need some minutes to do it. 

Besides that, it is free, and you don't even need help from a designer. This app has several features which are interesting and let you make a great creation. 

Those features are like managing the icon, size, color, text, and so on. It is a great tool for learning logo design since you can customize the image to represent your brand, company, or website better. 

The apps are available for various operating systems such as android and IOS. Make sure to choose the ones which are suitable for your gadget. 



3. Design logo Fundamentals 

If you want to learn about graphic design, especially how to make a logo, this is a platform to try. It is like a free online course for everyone who wants to be a graphic designer. 

You can learn how to make a great creation and understand the client's needs at the same time. What if you are a beginner who never deals with this process before? 

Don't worry because besides learning graphic design ideas, this online platform also gives some lessons for any level from the start until the end. 

Make sure to do it in a disciplined way and practice everything which is shared there. This will make you can master the method and process faster than before.



4. Adobe Illustrator for The Beginners 

It is also a great option to study for free. This method is done through YouTube. An account shared this short course in Adobe Illustrator. The course itself is done for three hours and is represented by Dan Scott. You can study the basic things of how to draw graphic design.

It starts with how to make the shape, line, brush, etc. Besides that, you will also be told about the right ways to manipulate the text, logo making, icon creation, and so on. During the class, there are so many pieces of training which you could try directly. However, make sure that you have installed adobe illustrator before. 



5. CANVA design school

If learning graphic design on YouTube is not your choice, then try to practice this way. CANVA also offers a short online course, and for sure, it is 100 percent free. It has many kinds of important materials to study, and so far, there are 12 different topics there. Each of them consists of graphic design elements which are easy to practice. 

Participants will learn to make the color wheel, mood board, typography essentials, and so on. This short source is good for those who don't have too much time to gain new skills. 

It is also recommended for you who want to learn logo design to spend your spare time. The lessons are quite complete and can be understood easily. You must try this one to add the skill. 



6. CalArts Specialization 

It is a program which is offered by California Art Institute. This free graphic design class is accessible through Coursera and can be attended by beginners to professionals.

There are five class options provided. These are the Basic Graphics Design, Introduction to Typography, Introduction to Image Making, Ideas from the History of Graphic Design, and New Brand.

Through the courses provided, you will gain an understanding of graphic design, which plays an important role in other fields. What are the examples of those aspects?

Those are the fields of interface design, motion graphics, and editorial. Interested in trying this learn logo design method? It is better to start now because it is completely free. 



7. Creative Live

Next, you can also take graphic design courses online for free through Creative Live. There is a special class with teachers who are experts from all over the world.

However, to take the free class, you need to register first and set a date. Each class is tailored to a specific design aspect which will be essential for your future journey. 

These are from building a portfolio to covering design, drawing base, and so on. Those were some recommendations for free online courses that you can take to learn logo creation.

Make your choice if you are interested in trying. Every way above are good for improving your abilities. Whatever your choice is, always ensure to use the right platform based on your condition. 



8. Offline platform 

Some of you may prefer to use offline tools. Thank God because these kinds of platforms are also available. They can be downloaded through your gadget. 

Examples are by using a laptop, tablet, or PC (computer). Several platforms are available such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. Each of them may come in different specs.

Before choosing one, it is better to find more information about them. Choose one which is easier and simpler to do to learn logo design, especially if someone is still a newbie. See the templates that they have and the features as well. Choosing the complete one is always better because you can do more creative with that. 



Why Above Platforms are Recommended?

The options above are quite popular and used by so many people in the world. That is why; you should try it to master the skill without paying any cent. 

There are some reasons why you are recommended to use the tools above. First of all, they have thousands of templates. These will help you to make a simple, neat, or modern design. 

Learning logo design with the tools above is also super fast. It is because of their amazing features which can save you time more than before. 

Although everything is simple and easy, you are still able to customize each element. That is why; making a logo that can represent a brand on target will be possible to do. 

Created by Andstudio |

The branding tools are also complete. You can create brand awareness even without any helps from a professional. Get some important files by using these platforms. Those are the vector file, social media tools, and branding guide. This is the right way to study design graphics in a complete method, even if someone is still a beginner. 


1. Make a Logo by Using These

The tools may have different processes or opera guides. However, some general steps can be used to make a creation. Below are those common guides or steps:

  • Enter the brand name. It could be the name of your business, products, and more. 
  • Choose a template. Each of those templates is interesting and has several styles. 
  • Custom the logo. You can manage the color, size, and font of the design. Make it suitable to your brand and the message that you want to be delivered. 
  • Download and publish the result. The next method is downloading the result. Then you can publish it online or print it. 

The steps are totally easy because a platform like an online logo maker is user-friendly. They have a simple work method that makes it a recommended way to study this design. This tool uses many templates made by professional designers. These are combined, organized, and modified to fit your company and brand concept.

The symbol generated by this tool is unique. You can organize and customize it until it is completely following the vision and mission of the brand. Download the final file and display a design that represents your company. Make sure you also put the image on social media, the business card to be printed, and upload it on your company or business website.

Created by Sergi Bayés |


2. Learn the Design to Make an Interesting One

Make sure that your business is well represented through a logo. The trick is to do market research that is trending at the moment and read various success stories as a way to learn logo design.

Of course, this research must be within the niche or scope of the business you are targeting. You can find the trend through social media or updates on television.  When choosing a color, always remember to do it carefully. The use of color must be consistent and represent the concept and vision, and mission of your business. 

Always remember that learning logo design is very important. The logo created should be easy to understand and remember. Don't make it too complicated with so many shapes and colors.  If people quickly get to know your brand, then you can be sure that your business is far superior to competitors. This can bring a great impact on people as the owners of a business.

Created by Tombik Studio |


Key Points On How To Create A Good Logo

There are some recommended keys if you want to make an interesting and effective creation. Find out more about that in the lists below:

1. Simplicity 

Make sure to learn everything in a disciplined way. You don't need to make a complicated one because simplicity is the key. What is the meaning of this concept? Simplicity means a creation that is easy to be understood and remembered. 

Besides that, it makes it possible to be used in any different social media. You can use two or three color combinations to make a simple design. Besides that, the font has to be easily read. Don't forget about the size too. 

2. Relevant

Every aspect which builds a creation must become unity and show relevancy to your business. A logo should represent your product or business well. An example is if it is a medical thing. People love to see it in white with a plus symbol. 

You can choose some soft colors which are warm enough. Meanwhile, the sports team logo can be different. They may use a dominant color that has been known by people. Usually, the shades are bright enough to see. 

These points are essential when you learn logo design. Make sure to know your business or product deeply to make the right picture creation. 

Created by Babu Ahmed |


3. Follow the Trend or No 

You can follow the current trend, such as using earthy shades, certain pictures, and so on. However, make sure that it is not too trendy so that it will be long-lasting. This is a smart way to save time because you don't have to make another revision in the future. A trick like this is also done by many popular brands in the world. 

4. Can be applied to many social medias

A good logo should be able to apply to several social media. That is why; you mayproductjpeg or .jpg. This format is common for an image. Then consider the shades again where they must be suitable for those media. If you need inspiration, white, gold, and black could be a nice idea to try. 

Created by HuskyFox |


The Types of symbols to Use

To learn logo design completely, it is better to understand more about many different symbols. These could be your inspiration in making a creation. First is the abstract form. The samples are like a popular bitten apple. A famous shoe brand with a check symbol logo is another example. 

The next one is an illustrative symbol. It shows exactly what is done by a company or business. The example is a vacuum cleaner image to show that it is a house cleaning service. Then you may use a bread picture to show a bread store business and something like that. The common one is a cup to represent a café, a spoon, and fork, etc. 

The last one is a logo with a font basis. You could see it in a soda product, Barbie, and many more again. This is a simple creation that is long-lasting and easy to remember. You don't need to use only one symbol because it is also possible to combine three of them. Usually, a company will apply the font basis to support the abstract and illustration forms. 

Created by Gert van Duinen |



Learning logo design for free is always possible. You may use the tools and platforms which are explained above. Most of them are free to use for many kinds of gadgets. Now, you must know your business and product better. It is important to make the right and interesting symbol. Besides that, don't forget to learn from the competition.

Learning from your competitors can sometimes be good. Try to find out how their logo can be successfully made or maybe failed. Learning from other experiences is valuable. After that, to learn logo design, remember to find inspiration. It is related to finding something more detailed about a creation. Those are like the names of fonts that are used, colors, etc. 

One more thing to remember is that you should make a space as well. It is important to make an icon stands out because people will be more on the symbol. You can write the points above in a note. Then think properly about your creation. Make sure that it is in line with what you want to have and the business as well. 

If it is possible, make a raw sketch first on paper or by using a gadget. Don't worry about making a mistake because an idea can come up at any time, and the final result could be different than the one that you imagined. That is okay as long as it still represents your product or business properly. Always remember and save these concepts if you want to learn logo design, even for free. 


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