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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Hanoi That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Hanoi That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Hanoi?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

If you are a businessman living in Hanoi, then you need to know the recommended list of logo designers in Hanoi. That way, you can create a better symbol to attract the interest of consumers or your target market.

Hanoi is the capital of the country Vietnam which is undoubtedly one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists who visit. The beauty of the city with typical Vietnamese architecture coupled with the warmth of its people makes Hanoi never empty of tourists. Not only that, countries in Southeast Asia tend to have a cheaper cost of living. So it's not surprising that many tourists visit Vietnam, one of which is Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam.

The number of tourists who come becomes one of the business opportunities for you to start a business. That's why you need to know the logo designers in Hanoi to help you build and improve your business. The capital city of Vietnam has many interesting tourist destinations that you must visit. Starting from the Hanoi Military Museum, Hanoi 'S Old Quarter, Forbidden Purple City, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Saigon Central Mosque, and many others.

All of these tourist destinations are certainly very unique, interesting, and of course, suitable for you to visit with family, friends, couples, or alone like a solo traveler who likes to explore a place alone. If you are a new businessman, a symbol becomes a much-needed instrument for them. Because the logo has the function of identity for the product you are going to sell or promote.

Logos can also be used by companies, groups, or organizations. From this, we can conclude that the symbol becomes an identity that must be owned by a product, company, or organization. If there is no logo, other people or consumers will certainly find it difficult to distinguish your product. Therefore you need to know the list of recommendations for logo designers that you can use to create an attractive symbol.

No need to wait any longer, you can immediately listen to our explanation regarding the recommendation for the best symbol designer who has an office located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here's our discussion below.


1. Hanoi Brand Development Joint Stock Company

    The first agency that we will describe in this discussion of the logo designers is the Hanoi brand development joint stock company. This agency has years of experience in the graphic design world.

    Not only that, but it also includes dozens of graphic designers and professional creative staff who are ready to help you create a symbol that is used as the identity of the product you are going to sell.

    They have served many clients with their respective requests and managed to provide the best for all clients. Naturally, this agency is often referred to as the top graphic design company in Vietnam.

    The joint stock development agency has various services, including design profiles, catalogs, brochures, design employee cards, visiting cards, design labels, stamps, labels of products, design invitations, calendars, wedding cards, and many others.


    2. Thicao Brand Design

      The second company to be included in our discussion of our logo designers in Hanoi is Thicao Brand Design. Thicao Brand Design is an agency that has an office in Hanoi, Vietnam, with a focus on graphic design.

      Not much different from other design companies, thicao brand design also has several services that can be very useful for the development of your business. Some of them are branding, symbol design, video production, advertising, and many others.

      This agency only employs people who are experienced in their field. So they can produce the maximum design according to the wishes of the clients. Thicao brand design is one of the famous graphic design companies in Hanoi.


      3. Brandcom, Vietnam Brand Communication Company

        The next agency that we will explain in the discussion of the most popular logo designer recommendations is brandcom. Brandcom is a company engaged in software solutions and businesses with offices in Hanoi, Vietnam.

        The services owned by brandcom include customized software development, web application development, mobile online application development, online marketing, and also IT solutions.

        All of these things can be helped by Brandcom through the services they provide. You only need to talk to these logo designers and explain what details you will use in promoting the product.

        The many services provided by Techcurve allow clients to directly use only one company to do various things. That way, the symbol and other things that you order on Techcurve can be more structured and neat because they are done by the same agency.

        No need to worry, brandcom has the advantage that it is equipped with experienced employees with sophisticated hardware for the creation of maximum client designs. So it's no wonder Techcurve is included in the list of logo designers in Hanoi.


        4. Agecko Joint Stock Company

          Agecko Joint Stock Company is a graphic design agency from Hanoi and has been around for a long time. This agency has a fairly long life which makes it one of the signs that they have quality.

          One of the best companies in the list of logo designers has a lot of services that you can use. Starting from market consulting, social media marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, design & branding, and so on.

          Apart from focusing on design, they also have a focus on marketing. As we all know, a good marketing strategy also needs to be planned so that the business can run smoothly according to your wishes.

          Many large, medium, and small companies have used gray alchemy services and have experienced the services of these designers. Not only serve clients in Vietnam, but they also serve clients from outside Vietnam, such as countries in Europe, America, and other Asia.


          5. Vietnamese stoms

            Stom Vietnam is the next logo design Vietnam that we will discuss on this occasion. This symbol designer has an office in Hanoi, Vietnam, and already has sufficient experience in the graphic design world.

            This agency is one of the most well-known companies in Hanoi with their specialization in translation, graphic design, printing, and advertising. They have a goal to create a symbol according to client requests, help improve work efficiency and increase competitiveness in the market.

            This agency only employs employees who are both graphic designers and creative staff who are professional and have years of experience in the graphic design field. So naturally, they are included in the list of recommendations for the designers in Hanoi.


            6. PPO Vietnam Company Limited

              In making the logo, make it as good as possible so that it is easily recognized by the wider community. This is certainly very useful for those of you who have products, with an attractive symbol your product can be more easily recognized by the public or consumers.

              You can get that if you choose to use PPO Vietnam Company Limited. Although the name is still rarely known by many people, you will never regret it if you choose their services as logo designers in Hanoi.

              PPO Vietnam Company Limited is a web design agency with offices located in Hanoi, Vietnam. They are a sister agency to PPO Vietnam Company Limited, which is the number one web Hanoi logo designer.


              7. Vietnam Designer Group

                Vietnam designer group is the next agency to be included in the discussion of the logo designers this time. This agency specializes in providing graphic design services ranging from brand design, print design, advertising, and design to animation, motion graphics, character drawing, and art on demand.

                All of these services can certainly be very helpful for the development of your business. You also don't need to worry because they always provide the best design results to all their clients without exception.

                This is because the logo designers in Hanoi have both graphic designers and creative staff who are professional and have years of experience in graphic design.

                Vietnam designer group has also become a customer of various companies around the world. In fact, they do not only serve clients from within the country, but they also serve clients from abroad. So no wonder they are often regarded as Vietnam's famous graphic designers.


                8. Graphic World

                  Founded in 2014, the agency from Hanoi, Vietnam is able to prove that it can still exist in the midst of intense competition from companies engaged in other graphic design fields.

                  This is, of course, not a mere coincidence because Graphic World Company has a characteristic that is to always provide the best quality designs, which makes it much favored by consumer companies and become one of logo designers.

                  Graphic World Company has a variety of services, including symbol design, packaging design, brand identity development, and many others. All of these services can help you in growing your business.

                  Logo designers in Hanoi also dedicate themselves as a partner in starting a business. Almost all aspects that new entrepreneurs need to do are in the services they offer.


                  9. Solution Group

                    Solution Group is an agency from Hanoi, Vietnam, specializing in graphic design and brand consulting strategy. It, there are many professional graphic designers who have years of experience in their fields.

                    Not only is this agency known for being innovative, professional, and producing attractive products, this agency is also known for being the most considerate of its clients. So no wonder they are one of the companies that are included in the list of logo designers.

                    There are already many companies from within and from outside Vietnam who use the services of a solution group as their partner in making logos to develop their business by increasing product sales.

                    Because of the experience and commitment they have, namely by always giving the best to clients. You don't have to worry about ordering a symbol design with a solution group agency.


                    10. Rubee Vietnam Joint Stock Company

                      Rubee Vietnam Joint Stock Company is an agency engaged in the graphic design world with a long-standing and able to prove it to survive as the best graphic design agency in Hanoi.

                      The ability of a company to survive and continue to run its business shows that they are able to provide the best for its clients. That way, clients will continue to believe in them, and they will survive until now.

                      This agency will help you to build a brand that reflects everything you ask for. Logo designers in Hanoi have employees who have decades of skills and experience in the graphic design world.

                      So you don't have to worry if you want to use the services of rubee Vietnam because it is certain that the results will be satisfactory and according to your request. Because our team is made of employees with high design and creative skills who are ready to accept all challenges from clients.


                      11. Queen Brand Co., Ltd

                        The next company that you can consider using their services is the Queen brand. Queen brand is an agency that has offices in Hanoi, Vietnam, and already has experience in making designs belonging to their clients. Queen brand is one the most famous Vietnam graphic designer.

                        This designer consists of professional creative employees and staff who are ready to assist in making designs according to your orders. The results of the designs they make are also definitely of high quality, considering the experience they have.

                        When it comes to price, you don't need to worry, because the green brand never sets a price that is too high and will set the price according to the order you place. Of course, this is very suitable for those of you who are still new businessmen and need a large capital to develop products.


                        12. Bratus design agency

                          Bratus design agency is the next company that we will explain in our discussion. Like other companies, the mount also provides a variety of services. Among them are symbol design, web developing, consulting, and many other services.

                          By using this service, you will be helped to write an attractive product description so that more and more buyers are interested. Apart from that, you can also use other services that the logo designers in Hanoi provide to maximize your product sales.

                          This agency is very cheap when compared to the quality of the design that you will get later. So you don't have to worry anymore that your design will be ugly and not according to the order that you discussed with them before.


                          13. Pisee Vietnam Joint Stock Company

                            The next company on our list is Pisee Vietnam, which has an office in Hanoi, Vietnam. Pisee Vietnam is a multinational agency that has the capabilities of graphic designers, writers, strategists, UI/U designers, programmers, and project managers.

                            Almost all of the services provided by logo designers in Hanoi have their own benefits for the development of your business or product. So there is no need to feel doubt anymore if you want to use the services of the Japanese paradigm.

                            So you don't need to hesitate anymore if you want to use the services of Pisee Vietnam as a trusted graphic designer because it is certain that your order will be maximized to attract customers and increase sales.


                            14. Hi-Idea Logo Design

                              The next company on our recommendation list is the Hi-Idea logo design. Hi-Idea Logo Design is a digital marketing agency with a focus on several business instruments in Vietnam with the right consumer clients.

                              Hi-Idea Logo design has various services ranging from digital marketing operations to assist you in building a business, especially if you are a new businessman who does not have much experience in the business world.

                              These logo designers in Hanoi will listen to all your wishes or anything you want in order to make your business a success. After getting an overview from you, they will ask various things that are more technical in nature, starting from the target market, sales goals, and so on.


                              15. Good Service Company Limited

                                As the name implies, these logo designers always provide the best service to every client. Not only that, but they also have many clients who come from countries in Europe, America, and Asia.

                                Good service company limited is a logo or symbol design, as well as a software development company that you can use to help your company grow and your products become more advanced and developed.

                                This company also only employs employees who have years of experience in the graphic design field. Therefore, the results of your design will definitely be very good according to your request to them.


                                Final Words

                                We all know that a symbol is an important instrument that must be owned if you want to build a product, company, or organization. If the company you founded does not have a symbol, then consumers will have difficulty recognizing your company.

                                In this case, the symbol also has a function as the identity of a company. The logo is also the difference between one company and another. Interestingly you can create a symbol according to what you want using the help of the logo designers in Hanoi.

                                With the help of those who incidentally are professionals and experts in their fields, your symbol can be attractive and have the meaning you asked for from the graphic design company.

                                According to its early history, the logo serves as a differentiator from a product or brand. However, over time the symbol has changed its function into an identity attached to a product or company.

                                One thing that is not a function of a symbol is a compliment because a symbol does not only function as a complement but becomes an inseparable part of a product, company, or organization.

                                The better the symbol design you have, the more attractive it will be to consumers. Therefore you should use the logo designers in Hanoi described above to help you create logos for products, companies, and organizations.