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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Chongqing that You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Chongqing that You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Chongqing?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

The digital world industry has been talked about a lot, and the market for logo designers in Chongqing will increase. The design of the growing time is also more varied. Furthermore, the credibility built by designers in there will be significant.

To develop a business, the logo will be essential thing because it will be an identity and something that the audience will remember. In this regard, we will also say that logos creation cannot be done arbitrarily.

Remember that website and logo design is a very crucial thing. For this reason, various design firms and creative agencies exist in Chongqing. They will deliver quality products and services according to what the customer wants.

In general, if we pay attention to the characteristics of the Chongqing logo design, it is simple and relevant to the business. And that will then be a vital part and a powerful way to instill a mental association directly with fonts and colors.

Other great designs for logos include letter and word marks. This is made memorable so that it generates interest in the brand. Memorable logos combine elements that add a creative impression. From the product design offered, work will be born.

As an additional suggestion, for those of you who are planning to create a design, use versatile elements. This will make the logos a plus in itself. The different media used will also expose the brand to the world.

Even when you’re looking for a logo that looks the best in terms of visuals, this doesn’t mean that everything fits the criteria. There will be several elements that can be developed. Saying more with less, just use the services of 15 logo designers in Chongqing for the best result:


1. LogoBee

You can start trying to use the services of LogoBee if you are confused about finding a designer logo offline. LogoBee provides services worldwide and can be tested by Chongqing residents as well. We guarantee their service is also quite good.

The work of LogoBee usually focuses on something that plays with simple elements. They provide services for logo design, website design, brochures, stationery design, and logo animation. 

LogoBee’s work is arguably one of the most effective for developing a business in the professional arena as well. LogoBee entered the ranks of 15 logo designers even though all processes and procedures were carried out online because they were guaranteed.

Professionals in the design field directly regulate them, and this is one plus point that is rarely found elsewhere. Regarding the design results, you should also consider other issues. It’s not just about the price or even the visual service of the business itself.


2. Studio7Designs

Just like LogoBee, Studio7Design still doesn’t have a physical office in this city, but you can meet the agency directly. Studio7design is more focused on creating a new logo for the business, while it is still doubtful for revision purposes.

So for those of you who are planning to start a new business and want to revamp your logo, the design team from Studio7Designs will help. This will also help portray the true identity of your business through something that attracts the attention of logo designers.

Indeed, in appearance, Studio7Designs rarely changes the appearance of logos. But this is not because it lacks inspiration, but because it is its essence. So, don’t hesitate if you want to use the services directly from that institution.

As the name implies, Studio7Designs keeps seven logo designers in Chongqing working here. It looks pretty complex how they work. But every time it collects the results from the client, there is rarely another lousy comment.


3. LogoJeez

LogoJeez offers product designs from logos design to animation. Simply said the same as any other logo designer firm. But about the 15 logo designers there, Logojeez tries to provide more varied elements and colors.

The brand includes elements, lines, and colors that scale up the work on this design level. In general, good logos are easy to design when focused. So for a relevant design, the LogoJeez name needs to be considered for you.

LogoJeez is also an impactful brand and will keep you on their minds design. And business needs will help you portray your identity in the customer’s head. Because, after all, with a design that is easy for potential clients to remember.

 The business will also be recognized easily. In addition, a more professional appearance will then be a plus for the identity of your business without changing the characteristics. Logo designers in Chongqing need to consider the best element to provide.


4. Amedisys

AEDsys, or AED information system, is a logo design service that will also attract attention. It has become a popular one in China. Although there are many other design firms, Amedisys has characteristics that others do not have.

With a background in the world of information systems, it will be easier to increase the meaning of the business. They understand more about what needs to be included. In addition, there is also a more professional appearance according to identity.

Speaking of AEDsys, they do have a headquarter in the US. But it is not impossible to find his agency directly in China. And it’s because of this that ultimately led us to add this to the logo designers in the Chongqing list.

Because AEDsys was initially engaged in the Information System sector, everything was adjusted again to the use of computers. This is indeed an additional step. But with a method like this, the design results shown are claimed to be more symmetrical.


5. Magnet

The Magnet logo, following the tagline on its website, reads “Redefining business brand and identity. There are also popular words used by Magnet, namely “Full-Service Interactive Agency,” whether it’s for small or large businesses of logo designers in Chongqing.

Magnet is referred to as a design agency with a complete package of graphic designing that adapts to customers’ needs. They have a unique creative team engaged in the design, development, refinement, and implementation.

Magnet is also widely chosen by marketing services ranging from small to medium to large scale. It is also possible for non-profit organizations to use the services of this in-house graphic design team. All tools and techniques used are also classified as the latest.

Logo designers in Chongqing always have creations that other creators don’t even think of. From here, we can also say that the actual work they present to you goes through many processes, so Magnet provides three revisions.


6. Pure Black Studio

Pure Black Studio has eight people who are engaged in design. Their primary languages are Mandarin, English, and also French. They have created 150 portfolios, some of which are also the result of collaboration with other logos designers.

The advantage of being included in our China logo designers Chongqing list is that Pure Black Studio works remotely across the globe. It started operating in 2005 and has grown to become one of the most developed design studios.

There are also branding & Positioning services along with content strategy consultation. And it is because of this that then made Pure Black Study what it is today. Details can be seen on the following website:

Pure black Studio is known for its bold designs. This is a distinct advantage and is not owned by other studios. Logo designers in this China region have their design characteristics. Small businesses are advised to use pure black services because it is simple.


7. Atomic4

Atomic4 is a bit more expensive than many design studios we’ve mentioned. But the fact that Atomic4 is one of the best design studios is, of course, undeniable. Even the team that works here are the best people.

With 45 people on the Atomic4 team, their work is extraordinary. They speak Catalan, English, Spanish, and Mandarin. One hundred forty-one projects have been in their portfolios, and 11 collaborations have been started. They work remotely across the globe.

Founded in 2016 and has been a member of logos designers since 2020. With 45 members in their team with a rating of 4.98 out of 5 stars. The detail of the logo designers in Chongqing is at, including their portfolio.

Atomic 4, when compared to competitors in the same field, also has its advantages. It’s more superficial, and fewer elements are shown. Designers in Atomic 4 are more trained, so the highlighted design characteristics are still something that fits.


8. Prismalia

Twenty-three people in the Prismalia team have done 117 projects in their portfolio. Eight collaborations started on Sortlist, and they work remotely. They were founded in 2019, have received two awards, and have been a member of the designer group since 2020.

Prismalia is engaged in website creation, digital strategy, SEO techniques, advertising, e-commerce, and web application. The awards obtained are Google Ads Certification and Google Analytics Certification in the same year.

The headquarter of Prismalia is in Spain, with a 5-star rating out of 96 ratings. All gradients and massive palettes are in the form of more selective and unique colors. They should always aim to stand out, and you should check out these logo designers in Chongqing.


9. GrowthYouNeed

Six awards were conferred here: Google Premier Parent 2022, Future 40 by Station F, Facebook Partner, Linked Partner, TikTok Partner, Pinterest Partner, and many more. These 32 team members with high budgets and quality too.

The objective behind the collaboration in this logos designer is profitability for social media campaigns. Constant and timely support and a real desire to under in the detail of with headquarters in France.

They advertise there with an agency that is responsible for multiple brands. So the way they advertise via digital display ads will be a true collaboration. They have a genuine desire to understand customers’ needs for logo designers in Chongqing.


10. Vistaprint

Not only producing logos but also engaged in packaging. Professional designers are ready to bring your ideas to life, thus providing a wide variety of products. And they even offer a more reputable service.

Vistaprint are professional designer ready to add new colors to your logos, with a 24 to 48-hour turnaround service. Designers from the Vistaprint team also agreed to provide three rounds of revisions with a designer.

You can select a product to customize and tell the designer what concept you want. Customers always feel that the logo designers in Chongqing are professional, dedicated, and very focused on what the customer wants.


11. DMA Digital Marketing Agency Chongqing

DMA, or Digital Marketing Agency, is one of the logos design agencies and studios in the Chongqing division. From the 93 reviews we found online, all believe this is one of the best you can find for now on every logo designer in Chongqing.

DMA Studio’s revenue this year has been recorded at more than 10 million dollars. This number makes sense after we look at the year found of DMA, which has been operating since 2002. They also have 80+ employees to help with the design.

There are more than 500 active clients from DMA, with a client retention rate of 96. Other services besides logo design are PPC, Reputation management, or Web Design. You can contact this logo designer at 800 569 2754.


12. Appeon Corporation

Appeon Corporation is a studio built by Zhang Xier. He is also the head of the design in an office built in 1999. You can call 877 327 7366 to try to inquire about services from Appeon Design.

With revenue reaching 10 million to 50 million dollars, the number of employees who have reached 100-250 people is spread to many branches. For clients, the average daily is 78, including from another logo designer that operates in Chongqing.


13. Design160

Design160 also operates in this China Division. You can also ask for services from Design160 studio by calling +86 1359 0388 582.

Design160 is a platform in which the user can see a wider aspect of the design world. You can find these 15 logo designers in Chongqing. You should check because their main products, such as web design SEO, and you can contact Linda Jin at 86 755 2585 7202.

The address of Design160 is Tai’an, Shandong, Chongqing. The employee is 101 – 200 people with annual revenue of US $1 Million to the US $2,5 million. Their main markets of them are North America, South America, Eastern Europe, as well as China.


14. Sekkei Studio

Sekkei Studio is not owned by Chinese or citizens. But here, it involves a lot of work from designers from Chongqing. Sekkei Studio is the best design studio in Chongqing, started in 2008 by David Henriques.

The total revenue is 1 million to 5 million USD. With the number of employees in each branch reaching 10 to 50, this logo designer is no doubt.

Sekkei Studio is a Logo designer in Chongqing that has 50 clients daily, with a client retention rate of 92 percent. They also provide Reputation Management, Web Design, SEO, and Web Development services and have a dedicated team.

Overall, their service gets a score of 98.8%. You can visit the site, or you can also call +86 21 5116 8268 for consultation purposes.


15. Haibo Network

Haibo Network has been operating since 2011 and is now one of the most successful Chongqing logo designers. With only three designers, this doesn’t make their whole project bad. Even the client retention rate reached 96 percent.

Haibo Network has a high total revenue of 3 million to 5 million dollars. The price is higher than competitors, making it often not an option. But in fact, the result of the logo that is received later is one of the best logo designers in Chongqing.

Haibo Network has become a popular place for people who need design. So Haibo Network then provides other additional services. And the overall score of Haibo Network in this industry is 97%, which is still a high number.

As most people have said, logos are essential for a business. In Chongqing, logo designers will create branding in the business world. This is also one thing that customers look at when looking for a company in an industry.


Final Words

We can also say that the main characteristic of logos is all the available uniqueness. It must be simple, relevant, memorable, and timeless, and of course, the Chongqing logo design must be versatile. 

Looking at all the designs available in the Chinese region, you should think of something more that stands out. Especially for business purposes, you need to make sure the design seems outstanding. Compared to the competitor, you have to find the best one.

The logo’s quality will also be considered by a customer regarding whether or not they become a customer of a place. If the resulting design is not attractive, then this will not be customer retention. If otherwise, then this will be a plus point for the business.

So what you need to do is make a good logo. You don’t have to make it on your own because you can find several studios that include logo designers in Chongqing, but you should check them to know the details of making the logos carefully.