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Article: Sell Logo Designs On Hatchwise | Complete Review

Sell Logo Designs On Hatchwise | Complete Review

If you're a graphic designer with a knack for creating eye-catching logos, and you're looking to sell your designs in a competitive but rewarding market, then you've stumbled upon the right piece. Welcome to our deep dive into the world of Hatchwise, a vibrant platform where creativity meets commerce, and artists can effectively sell logo designs.

This guide is designed specifically for graphic designers like you, to navigate the intricacies of Hatchwise and maximize your potential earnings. From setting up an attractive profile that showcases your unique talent, to understanding the Hatchwise algorithm, this article has you covered.

We'll delve into every nook and cranny of the Hatchwise experience - how to upload your designs, pitch to clients, set competitive pricing, and even overcome common challenges. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a budding designer, let's explore how you can sell your logo designs on Hatchwise and transform your creative passion into a profitable venture. Buckle up and enjoy the ride - your journey to becoming a successful logo seller on Hatchwise starts here!


I. Let’s Get To Know Hatchwise

To truly excel in selling logo designs, it's crucial to understand the platform you're using. So, what is Hatchwise? Let's dive into the world of this exciting marketplace.

Hatchwise is an online platform for creative professionals where individuals and businesses come together to trade fantastic design work. Whether you're into graphic design, logo creation, or even business naming, Hatchwise provides a dynamic marketplace for it all. But today, we'll focus on the logo designers among us, eager to sell their unique creations.

So, why choose Hatchwise to sell logo designs? For starters, Hatchwise emphasizes quality, providing a platform that attracts serious buyers. These clients recognize and appreciate the effort, time, and creativity poured into each design. In other words, Hatchwise isn't just a marketplace; it's a community that values and celebrates creativity. This respect for artistry creates an ideal environment for you to get the right price for your hard work.

What truly sets Hatchwise apart is its crowdsource-based model. Clients describe their needs and set their budgets in a creative brief. Artists then submit their designs according to these briefs in a competitive yet collaborative environment. It's a unique approach, encouraging designers to put their best foot forward and clients to benefit from a range of interpretations of their briefs.

Hatchwise isn't only about selling your designs; it's also about growth and learning. The platform provides ample opportunity for feedback, with clients often providing useful insights to designers. This communication helps you refine your skills and develop a keen understanding of what clients seek.

Selling logo designs on Hatchwise, you'll find an array of categories, from ultra-modern tech company logos to charming logos for quaint bed-and-breakfast establishments. This variety ensures that no matter your design style – be it minimalist, vintage, abstract, or anything in between – there's a place for you on Hatchwise.

And let's not forget about the Hatchwise community. The Hatchwise network of creatives and clients is spread across the globe, making it a fantastic platform for expanding your visibility and reaching an international client base. Networking and collaboration with fellow designers and a diverse set of clients can provide invaluable experiences that go beyond just the sale of a logo design.

In a nutshell, Hatchwise is a digital canvas for your creativity, where your logo designs can shine and sell. So, now that you've got a taste of what Hatchwise offers, it's time to delve deeper. Stay tuned as we navigate through the process of setting up an account, optimizing your profile, and successfully selling your logo designs on this versatile platform.



II. Step by Step: How to Sell Logo Designs on Hatchwise

Alright, now that we've established a solid understanding of Hatchwise, let's explore how you can actively start selling your logo designs on this creative platform. Remember, a well-thought-out approach and a dash of patience can go a long way in setting you up for success on Hatchwise.

Step 1: Register and Set Up Your Account

First things first, you need to create an account. It's a straightforward process; simply provide your details, create a username that resonates with your brand, and voila - you're now a part of the Hatchwise family.

Step 2: Create an Outstanding Profile

Your profile is essentially your personal brand showcase. Use this space to express who you are as a designer, showcasing your unique style and abilities. Remember, potential clients will often look at your profile before deciding whether or not to purchase your logo designs, so make it compelling!

Step 3: Understanding the Creative Briefs

Hatchwise works on a contest-based model where clients post their design requirements. Each brief gives you insights about the client's brand, the style they prefer, and their target audience. Take your time to understand each brief before you start creating.

Step 4: Creating and Uploading Your Logo Designs

Now, it's time to do what you do best - design. Utilize the information in the brief and create a logo that ticks all the boxes. Remember, every design you create and upload not only has the potential to win you a contest but also becomes a part of your Hatchwise portfolio, helping you attract more clients in the future.

Step 5: Interacting with Clients and Revisions

One of the best features of Hatchwise is that it encourages communication between designers and clients. Once you submit your design, clients can provide feedback and ask for revisions. This interactive process is your ticket to creating a logo that aligns perfectly with the client's vision.

Step 6: Securing the Sale

If your design meets the client's criteria and stands out from the crowd, congratulations! You've made a sale. But remember, securing the sale isn't the end. It's essential to ensure a smooth handover of the design files and maintaining a professional relationship with your client. Happy clients can become repeat customers, after all.

So there you have it - a step-by-step guide to sell logo designs on Hatchwise. Each step is a learning curve, and every design you create brings you one step closer to becoming a successful seller on Hatchwise. 


III. Pricing Your Logo Designs on Hatchwise

Whether you're just dipping your toes in the waters of Hatchwise or you're a seasoned pro on the platform, understanding how to price your logo designs is a fundamental part of the selling process. After all, pricing impacts not only your earnings but also how potential clients perceive the value of your work. So, how should you price your logo designs on Hatchwise? Let's dive in.

In most scenarios, Hatchwise operates on a contest model where clients set a prize amount for the winning design. While you don't have direct control over this, it's essential to select contests that align with your pricing expectations. In other words, if a contest prize is set at a value that you believe undervalues your work, it may be best to pass and search for contests with a higher prize.

In the instance of Hatchwise's "Featured Designers" or direct commission work, the pricing dynamics change. Here, you have the opportunity to set your rates. But remember, pricing is a balancing act. Aim too high, and you risk scaring off potential clients. Price too low, and you devalue your work and potential earnings. So how do you strike a balance?

A good starting point is to take a look at the rates offered by other Hatchwise designers with similar experience and portfolio quality. This can give you a ballpark figure to start from. Next, consider your own design process. How much time does it typically take you to create a logo design? What are the costs involved in your design process, like software subscriptions or equipment? These considerations will help you determine an hourly rate, which you can then multiply by the time taken to create a design to give you a reasonable price.

But, remember, pricing isn't just about covering costs and making a profit. It's also about portraying value. Each logo you design for a client could be the face of their brand for years to come. Your designs bring value to their businesses, and your pricing should reflect this.

Once you have a price in mind, don't be afraid to justify it to your clients. Clearly communicate the thought process, expertise, and time that goes into each of your logo designs. Clients are more likely to appreciate the cost of your work when they understand the value they're receiving.

Selling logo designs on Hatchwise isn't a race to the bottom price-wise; it's a platform that appreciates the time, effort, and creativity you bring to each design. Remember, in a world of logo designs, your unique creative flair and understanding of a client's needs are priceless.


IV. Things to Consider Before Selling Logo Designs on Hatchwise

Jumping into the world of Hatchwise to sell your logo designs can be a thrilling ride. But before you buckle up, let's take a moment to go through a checklist of things you might want to consider. After all, a bit of preparation can go a long way in ensuring a smoother journey.

1. Know Your Design Style

First and foremost, understand your unique design style. Hatchwise hosts a myriad of clients looking for different aesthetics, so there's room for every design language. However, knowing your style will help you target the right contests and clients. Are you into minimalist designs or intricate details? Do you excel in vintage or modern aesthetics? Identifying this can act as your compass in the vast Hatchwise sea.

2. Brush Up Your Soft Skills

Communication is key on Hatchwise. It's not just about selling your logo designs; it's about selling your ideas, explaining your creative process, and understanding the client's requirements. Being able to communicate effectively can significantly enhance your selling experience.

3. Understand the Market

Keep a close eye on design trends, successful logos on Hatchwise, and the kind of logos that clients are currently seeking. Having your finger on the pulse of the market can inform your designs and help you create logos that are not only beautiful but also in demand.

4. Time Management

While the opportunity to sell logo designs on Hatchwise is exciting, it's essential to remember that creating a great logo takes time. From understanding the brief, conceptualizing, to designing and revising, each step requires dedicated effort. Be prepared to invest your time, and ensure you manage it efficiently.

5. Resilience

Last but not least, resilience. As a platform built on a competitive model, Hatchwise can bring with it the challenge of rejection. Your design may not always win the contest or get chosen by the client. But remember, each 'no' is a learning opportunity. Resilience and the will to keep improving are crucial traits to have as you start selling your logo designs on Hatchwise.

So, there you have it - five points to ponder before embarking on your Hatchwise journey. Each point offers a roadmap to becoming a successful logo seller on Hatchwise. Remember, it's not just about selling your logo designs; it's about growing, learning, and enjoying the process of creation.


V. Growing Your Client Base on Hatchwise

Your journey to sell logo designs on Hatchwise is not a one-time affair. It's an ongoing process of building relationships and growing a loyal client base. Whether you're a beginner looking to land your first client or a seasoned designer aiming to expand your reach, these five key steps can help you grow your client base on Hatchwise:

1. Design Consistently

Consistency is crucial in the world of graphic design. The more consistently you participate in contests, the more exposure you gain, and the higher your chances of attracting potential clients. This doesn't just increase the number of your winning designs; it also helps you build a robust portfolio, showcasing your versatility and commitment.

2. Engage with the Hatchwise Community

Hatchwise isn't just a platform to sell logo designs; it's a community. Engaging with fellow designers, participating in forums, and showing your active presence can increase your visibility. It's not just about gaining clients; it's about building relationships and earning a reputation within the community, which can often lead to more client referrals.

3. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Good communication goes beyond just understanding the client's brief. It's about being responsive, open to feedback, and delivering on time. By providing excellent customer service, you're not just delivering a logo design; you're delivering a memorable experience. This will make clients more likely to return to you for future design needs and recommend you to others.

4. Showcase Success Stories

Nothing sells like success. Once you have a few successful logo designs under your belt, showcase them. Share your winning designs, testimonials from happy clients, and your design process on your profile. This not only shows potential clients your capabilities but also provides social proof, which can be a powerful tool in attracting new clients.

5. Keep Learning and Evolving

Lastly, never stop learning. The design world is dynamic, with trends changing like the wind. Staying updated with the latest design trends, learning new software or techniques, and continuously refining your skills will keep you ahead of the curve. Clients are more likely to trust designers who show a commitment to growth and continuous improvement.

Growing your client base on Hatchwise is a journey. And while selling more logo designs is a part of this journey, it's also about nurturing relationships, building a reputation, and enhancing your skills. Remember, each client you gain is not just a transaction; they're a part of your Hatchwise journey, pushing you towards growth and success.


VI. Common Challenges in Selling Logo Designs on Hatchwise

Embarking on a journey to sell logo designs on Hatchwise can be an exhilarating endeavor. But like any journey, it comes with its fair share of bumps and obstacles. Being aware of these potential challenges can equip you with the right mindset and tools to navigate them. Let's look at five common challenges you might face when selling logo designs on Hatchwise:

1. Facing Rejection

Rejection can sting, especially when you've poured your heart and creativity into a logo design. With Hatchwise's contest-based model, not all of your designs will win, and that's okay. It's important to remember that rejection isn't a reflection of your skills but more about the specific requirements of a client. Use each 'no' as a stepping stone to refine your skills and understand client needs better.

2. Time Management

Designing a logo isn't a quick process. It takes time to understand the brief, conceptualize ideas, and iterate the design. Coupled with the number of contests on Hatchwise, managing time effectively can be challenging. Prioritize tasks, set realistic deadlines, and remember - quality over quantity.

3. Staying Motivated

Maintaining a constant level of enthusiasm and motivation, especially during dry spells with no wins, can be tough. Find ways to keep your passion for design alive, whether it's seeking inspiration from other designers, trying out new design techniques, or simply taking a break to recharge.

4. Differentiating Your Work

With numerous talented designers on Hatchwise, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. Developing your unique style, paying close attention to the brief, and going the extra mile in showcasing your idea can help differentiate your designs.

5. Dealing with Unclear Briefs

Occasionally, you might encounter briefs that are vague or lack sufficient information. It can be challenging to design a logo without a clear direction. Don't hesitate to ask questions or seek clarifications from the client. Remember, the aim is to create a logo that the client loves, and open communication can be a key to achieving that.

While these challenges might seem daunting, overcoming them can lead to growth both as a designer and as a professional. Remember, the goal is not to avoid challenges when you sell logo designs on Hatchwise, but to learn from them and come out stronger on the other side. 


VII. Additional Tips

Selling logo designs on Hatchwise can be a fulfilling journey filled with creativity, learning, and growth. You've understood the platform, learned about pricing, and even familiarized yourself with the challenges. As we wrap up, here are five additional nuggets of wisdom to take along with you as you navigate the world of Hatchwise:

1. Make Your Profile Stand Out

Your Hatchwise profile is your first impression, your business card, and your portfolio, all rolled into one. Spend time on crafting a compelling bio, highlighting your skills, and presenting a well-curated portfolio. This can greatly increase your chances of attracting clients and winning contests.

2. Master the Art of Storytelling

Selling a logo isn't just about the design; it's about the story behind it. Make sure to include a thoughtful description that communicates your design process, the thought behind the logo, and how it meets the client's requirements. A good story can make your design stand out in the crowd.

3. Listen to Client Feedback

Pay close attention to the feedback you receive from clients, whether you've won the contest or not. Client feedback is a valuable resource to understand their preferences, make improvements, and hone your design skills.

4. Value Your Work

It's essential to remember the value of your work and your worth as a designer. Avoid undervaluing your work in an attempt to win more contests. Remember, quality work at a fair price will attract the right clients and create a sustainable model for selling your logo designs on Hatchwise.

5. Take Care of Yourself

While it might seem a little offbeat, self-care is crucial. Creative work can be mentally taxing, and it's essential to take breaks, engage in activities you enjoy, and keep a balanced lifestyle. A happy, healthy mind can lead to more creative and innovative logo designs.

In the end, remember that selling logo designs on Hatchwise is not just about making a quick buck. It's about expressing your creativity, meeting interesting clients, and continuously learning and improving as a designer. So go ahead, embrace the journey, and let your designs tell their own unique stories on Hatchwise. 



Navigating the world of Hatchwise to sell logo designs can be a thrilling endeavor. This journey offers a platform to showcase your talent, meet fascinating clients, and continuously hone your design skills. Remember, each logo you sell contributes to a brand's identity, making a real-world impact. Embrace the challenges and celebrate your victories as you grow as a designer. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, Hatchwise has a space for you. So, leap into the world of Hatchwise, start selling your logo designs, and leave your creative mark on the world. Happy designing!


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