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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Hong Kong That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Hong Kong That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Hong Kong?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Logo Designers in Hong Kong - Hong Kong's business market is alive and well. With its government policy of making Hong Kong pro-business and an open market, companies of all sizes have an equal playing field. From small businesses to small and medium businesses to large organizations doing rebranding exercises, they all have one thing in common; They need a logo as a business identity. It is very important for a company to have a logo, and there are a variety of logo design services available in Hong Kong.

As a business owner, you probably have some ideas about how you want your company logo to appear. You can also take inspiration from the logos of famous brands. As you can see, globally recognized brands often use simple logos. But of course they started with what was accepted at the time and moved on to simpler forms. In this day and age, our audience is becoming more receptive and open. Therefore, your company logo should use a simple shape or form. But getting a simple logo design takes a lot of time from a creative logo designer. If you are vying for a logo design service from an agency in Hong Kong, then pay attention to the following criteria.

Anyone who claims they can design a logo. But it takes a designer with a lot of experience creating brand value to design a logo. Logo design services require a team of experienced creators dedicated to clients. Start by getting as much information as possible from the employer. The creative brainstorming process begins using all the information collected. Then the logo designer can create the desired logo based on the employer's input, choices, and creative perceptions.

As much as possible, our Hong Kong logo design service will take into account current cultural sensitivities and future possibilities. Logo design solutions are endless. An experienced designer can convince the employer only to a certain extent. But if the business owner likes the logo, it can be an interesting conversation starter that offers a unique business perspective. Generally speaking, logo designers in Hong Kong are the best option if you are planning to start a business in Hong Kong.



Their team consists of experienced and highly qualified designers who are familiar with all the ins and outs of branding solutions in Hong Kong. They believe we can prove our expertise through our clients' success stories. As for the way we design our logo, we ensure the following characteristics are present in every unique logo design we develop: Simple but effective. Unique; aiming to highlight your identity among

They look great no matter what medium they are displayed on - from smartphones to large billboards. Everlasting; Keep your identity even if there is a change in the logo. Easy to remember; To be known in the crowd requires an unforgettable catchphrase. What this Hong Kong logo designers offer is a design that captivates consumers to make it truly memorable.


2. DD.NYC¬ģ

DD.NYC¬ģ graphic design is the choice for all your business needs. It is an expert in producing high-quality, effective ingredients for the brand and within budget. DD.NYC¬ģ is the team that clients hire when they search for results.

Their team of graphic design experts will design an effective presentation tailored to all your presentation needs. Investor groups, year-end updates, real estate fairs, or keynote presentations - make your presentation exceptional and engage your audience, large or small.


3. Base Creative Consultants Co. Ltd

They will help businesses differentiate and create relevant and meaningful brands that people can trust through integrated branding and marketing services. Base Creative is a multidisciplinary marketing and marketing agency established in 2003, with offices in Hong Kong, France, and China. They work with some of the world's leading entrepreneurs, helping them innovate, advance, and pave new paths. Create an integrated brand and business strategy that is well transferred to every cell of the company.

They provide a wide range of branding and marketing services, including brand strategy and identity creation, brand activation and integrated marketing communications, digital and social media, branded environments, and live events. With this integrated in-house expertise, they create a consistent brand experience at every touch point.


4. House of Forme

House of Forme is a full-service design and creative agency that supports the evolution of a brand from the initial concept to the end-user experience - through a holistic, narrative-driven approach.

They design compelling stories, methodical identities, immersive environments, and thoughtful objects. They create unique connections that address the different layers of the human experience. You will get experiences that change the way people feel, think, and act.

Their designs are very different. Exquisitely executed and driven by a strong narrative. They go beyond addressing commercial importance and necessity and transcend empty beautiful things but interesting identities with a dose full of nostalgia. Simply put, they create the spirit of the brand.

Perhaps House of Forme is a strong company in its field, with enough information, to be able to get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčits experience and track record. However, they can provide more details about their business. You can look for or try more powerful companies in this field. It may be useful to contact the House of Form.


5. Start advertising

This is a full-service creative agency in Hong Kong. We have years of experience in branding, graphic design, 3D animation, photography, and much more. Average is better than 'below average,' but not 'good,' at least not at TechBehemoths. Start Advertising Company Limited is one of those companies that may offer some projects, but it is not convincing enough. For this reason, the strength of their profile is average.

Suggestion: Contact Start Advertising Company Limited if you have great intuition. If not, work hard and find a company with a slightly better rating. We have 5,000 strong and amazing out of a total of 43,000+. List of service specialties are branding, video production, advertising, graphic design, designing a logo, design, and print


6. Havoc Digital 

This is a digital marketing professional, full-service, B2B growth agency that directs its full attention to helping small and medium-sized businesses expand their online exposure, attract a wider audience, and increase their marketing budget.

Havoc offers the expertly designed chaos needed to take your online presence to the next level. Havoc Digital lacks more compelling data about its portfolio and contains no or fewer customer reviews and incomplete descriptions of its businesses. Havoc Digital can actually do a great job, but the lack of transparency should encourage you to keep looking.

The list of service specialties is SEO, marketing strategy, digital strategy, content marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click, graphic design, designing a logo, and branding. Havoc Digital includes 18 services in its current region or territories. This means that the company offers an above-average range of services compared to its competitors. Good call. They offer a wide range of services which is a great find. This way they can cover more things during the project.


7. GO-Globe

Hiring GO-Globe to handle your logo project implies working with a team of highly qualified and experienced logo designers. They have completed over 500 projects for clients in over 25 countries. GO-Globe has been founded and operated by European Karel Zeeman since 2005. Today, their team of experts manages the business with offices in Dubai, Shanghai, Qatar, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia. 

GO-Globe - Logo Design Hong Kong works with highly rational clients who value an effective online business. Therefore, if you own a small, medium, or large business, maintaining a skillfully designed web project is the most important investment for your business. A business that is accessible 24/7 all over the world rightly justifies the extent of the influence and power of the Internet today.

Custom implies that it was made or done in accordance with a personal order. For your business to achieve the best possible results, your profits will increase as we customize every aspect of your project, from planning to promotion. Some of the key factors include efficiency, uniqueness, speed, security, scalability, flexibility, functionality, and optimization.


8. Harbor Studios

At Harbor Studios, they delve into much more than just fresh paint for your work - they take the time to understand the philosophy behind your current brand and the image you want to project. They will carefully study what worked in your past branding efforts and what gave you traction, and they will work with you to create an identity that is relevant to your business culture, the interests of your customers, and the industry around them.

Ensuring you have a consistent message, design language, and tone during external marketing and promotional materials is critical to helping customers understand who you are. If you already know what is important to your business and important to your customers, it is important that you take advantage of it.

Customers judge companies by their logo designs and promotional materials; If it's apathetic, disorganized, or sends mixed messages, you'll have a hard time getting past that first impression in future transactions. Make your brand desirable at first sight with the help of Harbor Studios.

Their talent goes beyond the company's illustrious logo. They've helped companies develop branded apparel, magazines, print ads, packaging, and even animation and video. Their clients include every type of organization, from charities to multinational accounting firms to sports teams, and with global experience, they are well-equipped to serve any business in any industry.



They provide integrated marketing services to our clients. Graphic design plays a big role when designing website graphics, e-newsletters, Facebook ads, or remarketing for display ads. Furthermore, they seamlessly integrate offline marketing initiatives into the digital world, ensuring a unified brand of print collateral (brochures/brochures) and your online presence.

Your branded business materials need more than just look good. They take the time to understand your business and strategic goals and create designs that sell. Great visual design and branding are the foundation for creating a strong, professional first impression and can help build trust and create new sales for your business. The uniform looks and feel across all designs also enhance brand recognition and brand identity.

Their graphic design team has over fifty years of combined experience creating stunning visual designs. Their designers come from diverse cultural backgrounds and excel in clean, simple, and modern designs that will capture the imagination of your target audience and communicate your business goals in innovative ways.



At FRESCO Hong Kong, their logo design team knows they have to create a logo that will give your company a distinct identity. A well-designed and created logo design will be very important in marketing and business promotion.

The professional team at FRESCO Hong Kong has a wealth of experience and creative energy, and they must be your best choice for logo design. They will work tirelessly to create a logo design that fits the message your company conveys. They will design a logo that is not only of outstanding quality but also leaves an imprint in the minds of your customers. They have a team of highly qualified and trained professionals who know the importance of marketing through creative logo design.

The logo design should convey the message clearly and simply, it should stand out aesthetically from the competition, and it should be as flexible as possible. It should be printable on paper, from billboards and billboards, and also be an attractive design on computers and smartphones. All in all, the designers at FRESCO Hong Kong will design a logo that will be engraved on consumers' hearts and also help your company grow!


11. Mozmen

Mozmen is an independent, multilingual creative agency that brings the full range of client communication needs under one roof. No matter how big or small the task, we will promptly fix any issues our customers may encounter. This makes us best suited for companies looking for a comprehensive creative team that can multitask and becomes a reliable business ally. Who is always there for any problems that may arise? 

On the other hand, they also operate as a production studio for the largest advertising conglomerates in the world, and as a result, we have production experience with some of the world's most recognizable brands. This experience allows us to provide the most professional service to all of our clients, regardless of size. Last but not least, they pay special attention to their ability to act as a cultural and linguistic bridge to all foreign companies wishing to enter the Japanese market and Japanese companies wishing to go global.


12. Grayscale

Your concept matters, and their job is to help you make it happen. Over the years, organizations large and small such as Cathay Pacific, HKU, and Lanson Place have trusted us to provide the best design and development solutions. With you, their team of curious people will understand your situation, ask the right questions, and provide an experience tailored to your demographic.


13. Mobo Design

Mobo Design is one of the best logo designers in Hong Kong. It is mostly a branding agency with many clients all over the world in various sectors. Their interconnected creative team and project managers aim to build long-term relationships with our clients to create, develop and strengthen brands in their "hustle" world through powerful visual communication.

They provide a wide range of branding and marketing services, including designing a logo, exhibition booth, photography, user interface design, UX design, network development, application development, model building, and telecommunications


14. Sprout Production Limited 

Sprout Productions is a global events agency, STORYTELLER specializing in engaging five senses, surreal interactive art experiences of the international dimension of any personal/corporate event.

They aim to turn each unique story into the most memorable and vivid event celebrated around the world. They are experienced in delivering creative custom décor innovation, with full-service global event management as well as every other aspect of event production, including custom creative design, entertainment, venue selection, invitations, catering, and integrated branding for a wide range of clients. This one of the best logo designers in Hong Kong knows that each of our customers has a different story to tell. It is the seeds that make it unique. They want to bring out the best in every event.


15. idNerd Studio

idNerd Studio is a Hong Kong animation studio that specializes in creating dynamic animation content. idNerd works with clients ranging from luxury to technology for both commercial and residential venues, events, and shows. As one of the few full-service 3D animation studios in the city, it offers a comprehensive one-stop service to all of our clients.

In addition to 3D digital animation, adored also offers 2D animation, video post-production services, and general design services for marketing and advertising. They are also the pioneers of interactive art in Hong Kong, with their own special collection of passion projects.


Final Words

You can work with logo designers in Hong Kong to get the quality of your logo design. The design process and the results you will get are just as important as a successful logo design project. With all these things on hand, you can rest assured that you are investing your time and money wisely and putting aside buyer's remorse.

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