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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Tokyo That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Tokyo That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Tokyo?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

If you live in Japan and need a logo designer, then you need to know the logo designers in Tokyo. That way, you can use their services to create the logo or design you want.

A logo or symbol is a symbol that becomes the identity of an organization, company, product, or even an individual so that it can be more easily recognized and remembered by others.

So, you have to make a symbol as good as possible so that it is easily recognized by the wider community. This is certainly very useful for those of you who have products; with an attractive symbol, your product can be more easily recognized by the public or consumers.

Historically, the initial function of a logo was as a product differentiator. However, starting in the 1940s, the function of the symbol began to develop into an identity that included a company image, as we will explain in the discussion of the logo.

What is not a function of a symbol is a compliment because a logo does not only function as a complement but also becomes an inseparable part of a product, company, or organization.

In short, you can make a symbol as corporate identity, create or convey a positive company image, give a good impression and also trust the consumers who are your target market, and of course, as a means of product promotion.

Therefore, the existence of a logo is quite important and becomes an obligation to be owned by every company or organization. The better the symbol you use can also increase your consumer's buying interest.

That way, sales can increase, and you can get a lot of profit from it. An individual or company you can trust to create a logo is on our list of logo designers from us.

All the designer graphics that we have included in this list already have an experience that can not be doubted. Some of them have even been in the world of graphic design for decades. No need to linger anymore; here we explain the logo that you should check.


1. SGK

The company that we recommend for you to use its services in making your product symbol is SGK. SGK is a company engaged in the graphic design industry with an office in Shinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan.

Logos are not always complicated; in fact, the simpler the logo you have, the easier it will be for consumers to know the products you have. This is what the logo designers in Tokyo are trying to give their clients.

SGK has "purposeful brands built simpler," which means that they try their best to make the symbol you ordered simple but still have meaning according to the order you requested.

The logo rank first serves clients from all countries. So for those of you who live outside the city of Tokyo or even outside the city of Japan, you can still use their services to help you in making symbols.

If you are interested, then you can contact them through the website The prices they set are quite varied, ranging from US$ 100-149 per hour.


2. Robosoft Technologies

Robosoft Technologies is a company engaged in graphic design and has been trusted by many consumers who have used its services. So it's no wonder they are included in the list of logos.

Not only serving symbol orders, but robust technologies also have other services, namely product growth analysis, engineering, and advisory, that can help you determine what product to choose.

This Japanese graphic design company was established in 1996 as a software developer and has been one of the pioneers in mobile app development from 2008 until now.

In that year, they witnessed a lot of changes in landmarks in the world of technology which are also very influential in our lives.

If you are interested in using the services of a company that is included in this list of logo designers in Tokyo, visit their website at You can also ask about many things for free with them.



BAUM is an independent design company with members in Tokyo, Paris, and Copenhagen. This company works in two categories, namely branding design and urban design. Of course, if you want to create a symbol later, you can use the branding design services they provide.

They can work on the concept, strategy, graphics and identity, products and packaging, atmospheres and streets, exhibitions and craft markets, websites, and on-site experience. Even though they only have 10-50 employees, they can afford them and are among the logo designers.

Their main office is located in Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan, and charges around US$ 100-149 per hour. Interestingly, they also accept jobs of various sizes from XS to XL.

There are already so many products that the logo designers in Tokyo have made, ranging from bottles of alcohol to district-level development, which is certainly complicated and not easy to do. Even though you have an office located in Tokyo, this is not a problem for those of you who live outside Japan.


4. URALA Communications

The next company on our list of logo designers is URALA Communications. They have an international team that has a good understanding of the local market.

That way, if you order the symbol of a product from them, you not only get an image but a logo that contains a lot of value and can attract the attention of consumers.

URALA Communications has an office located in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan. These logo designers in Tokyo have more than 200 employees who have experience in their fields for dozens or even decades.

So you don't need to hesitate if you want to use their services because it has been proven starting from the quality of the products produced. Moreover, your order will certainly be done by professionals who already have a lot of experience in the design world.


5. Tokyo Desk

The company that we will discuss in the discussion of the next logo designers is Tokyo desk. Tokyo desk is very experienced in the world of design, always providing the best quality for each client's ordered product.

If you visit their website, which is they have done a lot of designs. Starting from the german embassy, ‚Äč‚ÄčGree Inc, a global pharmaceutical company, and many others.

One of the logo designers in Tokyo has a motto that is better with art. So if you are, they will try their best to make your order design with elegant art by prioritizing the main principle, namely the identity of a product.

This company believes that art has the power to change the way we communicate, the way we see the world, and ultimately the very fabric of our society. In accordance with their motto, which is "better with art."

This logo has an office located in Setagaya City, Tokyo, Japan, with only about ten employees. They accept design orders with a minimum value of US$ 10,000, with results that will surely make you feel satisfied.


6. BrandCurb

BrandCurb is the next company to be included in our list of logo designers in Tokyo from us. The company has an office located in Shinjuku City, Japan, with approximately ten employees who are professionals in the design world.

Their experience in the world of design certainly cannot be doubted. Brandcurb has done a lot of work with the highest quality. You can also experience their services and get the best symbol results.

So it's no wonder they are included in our list of logo designers from us. They claim to always complete orders on time, communicate with clients well, and also prices are not too high. You can make a minimum order starting from US$ 1000 with an hourly fee of only US$ 25-49.


7. AQ Works

If you are targeting young people, a futuristic design with bright colors can be an option. Vice versa, if you have a target market of old people, you can choose a simple and elegant design.

You can delegate all these requests to AQ Works, which is also included in the logo designers in Tokyo. AQ Works will help you to create imaginative products and services with a method of understanding consumers and culture.

This, of course, can further increase the sales of your products and can also further develop the company that you have created. There are many services from AQ Works that you can use, ranging from user research, design sprints, rapid prototyping, design and development, team mentoring, and also expert reviews.

You can contact AQ Works via the contact listed on their website, namely On the website, you can immediately place an order for a symbol or use other services provided by logo designers.


8. VIS

Vis is a company engaged in the graphic design world and has an office in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan. This company has a mission to bring a smile to all offices.

Because they offer offers for various designs ranging from logos, office designs, relocations, and layouts. So you can also use other services they have besides creating a symbol using the Tokyo logo design. This company has less than 50 employees.

Even so, they already have decades of experience in the graphic design world. Many companies or offices, both small and large, have used their services. And all of them are satisfied with the work they have done; it's only natural that VIS is included in the list of logo designers in Tokyo in our discussion this time.

As already mentioned several times before, a good product is a product that is easy to remember and liked by the customers. The more consumers are interested in your product, the more sales of your product will increase.


9. Kissing gourami

Next is Kissing gourami, which is a graphic design studio based in Tokyo and geneva and produces quality products that can certainly affect your product sales.

There are already a lot of companies that use their services and feel the benefits. Do you want to be one of them? If yes, then you can contact this company on the website

The company's main office is located in Koto City, Tokyo, Japan. Its location in the capital city of Japan makes it easy to reach anyone. But don't worry if you don't live in Japan.

Because you can continue to use the services of this company that is included in the logo designers in Tokyo by contacting them via the contact number listed on the website as mentioned above.


10. Japanese Paradigm

The next company on our list is Paradigm Japan, which has an office in Shinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan. Paradigm Japan is a multinational, multilingual team that has the capabilities of graphic designers, writers, strategists, UI/U designers, programmers, and project managers.

Almost all services owned by the paradigm have their own benefits for the development of the business or product that you are living. So there is no need to feel doubt anymore if you want to use the services of the Japanese paradigm.

Logo designers in Tokyo this is also cheap because they receive a minimum job of only US$ 5000 with US$ 100-150 for an hourly fee. If interested, you can contact the contact listed on their website, namely



Because this company has an international scale, of course, they have also used the best logo design software. Not only that, but they also only hire employees who have experience and high-flying hours in the design world.

So you don't need to hesitate anymore if you want to use LOWORKS services as a trusted graphic designer because it is certain that your order will be maximized to attract customers and increase sales.

They also provide developing, testing, deploying, scaling, and hosting services whose quality is unquestionable. In addition to creating a product symbol, an attractive promotional website design can also be an attraction for consumers.


12. Brandcreate

The next company on our list is Brandcreate. Brandcreate is a company engaged in the world of graphic design by only recruiting experienced employees.

In addition to serving logo orders, they can also create beautiful websites, beautiful brochures, great branding, and many others. The work they do also no longer needs to be used.

These logo designers in Tokyo have services ranging from branding and digital marketing services available to you to effectively, efficiently, and also stable business growth. Their team is available through various platforms ranging from chat, call, or email.


13. Birdman

Birdman is the next graphic design company to be included in our discussion list. This company has an office located in Tokyo and makes it easy for clients to conduct consultations either directly or indirectly.

Besides having an office located in the capital of Japan, Birdman is also one of the best graphic design companies in the world. They have made many logos to decorate various products in the world.

There are so many benefits that you can get if you choose Birdman as the company you trust to design the symbol on the product you are going to sell. Starting from attractive branding and also drastically increasing sales.


14. Mount

Mount is the next company that we will explain in our discussion. Like other companies, the mount also provides a variety of services. Among them are logo design, web developing, consulting, and many other services.

By using this service, you will be helped to write an attractive product description so that more and more buyers are interested. Besides that, you can also use other services that the logo designers in Tokyo provide to maximize your product sales.

This company is very cheap when compared to the quality of the design that you will get later. So you don't have to worry anymore that your design will be ugly and not according to the order that you discussed with them before.


15. TMCreation

The last company on our list is TMCreation which also has an office located in Tokyo, Japan. Even though their office is located in Japan, those of you who live outside Japan can still use their services by contacting them via the website or social media.

TMCreation is one of the companies whose services are widely used by various large and leading companies from all over the world. Starting from Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Singapore, and also America, many have used their services.

Like other companies, they also accept clients from various countries ranging from Europe to Asia. Their quality doesn't need to be used anymore because TMCreation is one of the best Japanese graphic design studios.


Final Words

The smaller the number of jobs, many people experience stress because they do not get a decent job. Even though they are graduates from well-known colleges or universities.

As a result, many people today prefer to open their own businesses by selling products. By opening your own business, you can even create jobs for other people who haven't got a job.

However, starting a business is also not easy because you need to think carefully about products, promotions, to product logos. Without a symbol, of course, consumers will find it difficult to distinguish the products you make from other similar products.

Not only that, but the logo was also created to influence the psychology of consumers. The products you offer to consumers will slowly influence them to buy products or use the services of the brand you offer.

Branding is a reflection of a company's brand. That's why the role of the logo is very important to support the progress of your business or company.

The logo is like a magnet that can attract all the objects around it. In branding activities, the symbol plays an important role in reflecting the quality of the service or product being marketed.

So it's clear how important a symbol is in the development of your business. So you need to know logo designers in Tokyo who can help you to create a logo for your product.