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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Shanghai that You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Shanghai that You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Shanghai?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Ideally, you will need lots of creative ideas and inspiration to find logo designers in Shanghai. The industry is constantly evolving, and the vision you have will be the answer to all of that. You can also find hundreds of logo designs in other sectors.

The logo is a brand identity, which will be a visual that many people remember. Because if we look at statistics, people who remember a brand don't see it from its name or even the products it offers. But let's start with the mark used.

The logo is worth more than you have ever expected. Logo design is a popular sector in the region, and everyone is busy looking for inspiration here. It is also the industry that has the task of leveraging your logo.

Indeed, not everyone can help you find the most eye-catching mark designs. But you can first find inspiration on the internet that the relevance of the logo to the business can make it fit the taste well and count on many apps and tools.

Now, you must never forget one fact mark creation is not only with visual thinking. Instead, it must consider the visual communication factor, where from the logo, what can be conveyed. What is the message of the business owner to the prospective business client?

Don't forget about copyright because that is also one thing that is often considered unimportant. The fact that a design Shanghai agency has the potential to take a business to a higher level is accurate.

It is including with a custom image for your Chinese logo that has decent quality, and that's what is even more important in Shanghai mark designers. Logo creation is one thing that you should check, and the designer's qualifications will determine the quality.

We have to admit that the mark creation was not what we had imagined. The logo is an important part of your business branding as well as a means for building recognition with the target audience. You can use the following logo designers services:


1. AjiCreative

AjiCreative does not operate in China, but it is an online platform connecting all designers worldwide with their clients. This does businesses oversea accessible to people who want to use other area sketch services.

This includes finding and using AjiCreative's services, mainly in the Paris area. AjiCreative itself is a web agency in France, Paris. Aji Creative, of course, is not a foreign name in the designer's head of logo designers in the Shanghai industry.

AjiCreative has an address at 10 Pl. Vendome 7500 Paris, France. Clients who wish to use the telephone facility can call +33 1 84 60 83 83 for local and +33 1 84 60 83 83 for calls from international numbers outside France.

Headquartered in Paris, Aji Creative has logo designers in Shanghai mark too. They will also serve all the needs of the Shanghai client. So for consulting services, you can visit the site and contact us!


2. WSI ‚Äď Digital Marketing Agency

WSI is a global network that understands well with a marketing strategy in the digital era as it is today. The purpose of agency marketing is to generate more sales leads, build brand awareness, grow the online reputation and improve the website effectively.

Can you guess what platforms and tools they use to get and realize all these things? Their way to achieve this is to use a logo because Shanghai logo design is known to be the most effective for brand awareness.

WSI even considers all logo designers in Shanghai to be the solution for your specific marketing challenges. There are also many recommended strategies to approach digital marketing.

Especially since the entire team is experienced and can be checked at, Digital Marketing Agency created by WSI will bring you the best mark, and your Shanghai logo quality will categorize as the best.


3. Mon Agency du Web

It has become the most famous web Design in Shanghai at the cost of around 1000 Euros per project. This is an international platform for sketch purposes. It's no wonder that Mon Agence duWeb has become one of the most popular logo designers, at least in Shanghai.

Mon Agence du Web also has many logo designers, which will be a solution for those looking for consulting services through design. Your business mark creation is sure to be one of the most memorable because of the innovation from the team.

Mon Agence du Web also has the skills to deliver quality. Mon Agence, who works a lot in web creation, must have been familiar with digital tools. So far, the selection of tools will determine the success of the logo designers in the Shanghai project.


4. Digital Talent

If this is based in many countries and is a digital marketing agency, that will provide a lot of help for business needs. There are in Australia, France, Spain, Sheffield, and China. So many logo designers in Shanghai know this place.

Talentum itself always asks about what things can build your business to grow. So they will find out what doesn't work for your business and try to come up with a logo designer in Shanghai sketch that suits everyone.

Having a client who is satisfied with the way they work is an honor and an award for everyone here. They present a guide that is suitable for industry talent. Talentum Design, you can visit their official website at


5. Yield Studio

You can check the Yield Studio profile at first. However, you might be surprised to find out that this is one of the firms operating in France. But don't worry; there are many solutions for Shanghai residents.

You can visit the site first and see other works. With everything in mind, is this an example of the logo design Shanghai you want? If correct, you can proceed with placing an order.

This order can be made via the website as well, and visit the "Make Project" section. This will be followed by making a sample or rough design. For other details, please send a consultation email first to


6. iPulse 

iPulse is a sketch agency located in Hong Kong, an area relatively close to logo designers in Shanghai. The tagline they use is partnering with brands to create value, energy, and honesty from various designers.

iPulse is also engaged in branding, web design, marketing, and graphic design. Those who passion about this field can consult their logo designers. Of course, this aims to present creative designs like this

Their creative agency ideas come from everyday experiences about what is happening in Hong Kong. They do not differentiate project size or scope. Their priority is to discover, design, and develop the quality of design masterpieces.

iPulse is also a creative Design Shanghai engaged in branding, namely, to create authentic ideas with efficient procedures. Marketing is also one of their main focuses. Their location is at iPulse Limited, 13F, Konnect, 303 Jaffe Rd.


7. Thread Design

Design Shanghai never runs out of ideas but continues to have passion and remains fascinated by brand challenges. The two fundamentals they set are the work, value, and all this because the client wants satisfaction, so it must be coherent.

They make brand experiences, so they must fit together with business harmony. For those who want to visit the Thread sketch office and studio directly, you can go to the location of Number 5 Lane 310 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu Shanghai 200031, China.

Thread Design also has branch offices, one of which is in Indonesia Badung district, North Kuta. This is a sign that this digital agency is one of the best. Their WeChat can be contacted from their ThreadDesign ID of logo designers in Shanghai.

If you're unsure what these logo designers are doing, check out their Thread sketch profile or visit their portfolio page at or email


8. Boopin

Boopin is well known in many countries as one digital marketing agency that prioritizes quality. Boopin operates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, and Singapore. The highlights are creativity, technology, and intelligence.

Logo designers in Shanghai use all types of communications, experience, and creative problems for clients' mark problems. Boon can help clients to establish a strategy to answer all things needed by clients through marketing.

With 10+ years of experience, many campaigns, and producing more than 10 thousand pieces of content, this Shanghai logo doesn't need to be questioned about its quality. The answer, of course, is very good for creative design.

Boopin Shanghai is a branch of its headquarters in Dubai. The location is in Shanghai, and it is located at 2F, 328 Hua Shan Road, Shanghai. Zip CodeL 200040 can be contacted via email at

Meanwhile, for those who live in Shanghai, you can start calling +86 21 6266 1255 to ask about logo sketches or consult first. Their portfolio is included in the following link for more details:


9. The Orangeblowfish

It has been operating for more than ten years, and this is a distinct advantage of one of the best design agencies. Design Shanghai significantly push creative boundaries to create their conversations and drive business value even higher for logo designers in Shanghai.

The Orangeblowfish is believed to be a creative & Branding agency that will present image quality that is unlike any other. Their expertise is in creative branding service, brand experience, creative & graphic design, and Digital.

The awards they have received for the past two years are also very many, and that's all international certifications. For a consultation with their logo design, please email or

Their portfolio or work from their logo designs can be seen at this link Meanwhile, for those who want to visit the address, you can go to Suite 208, Building 3 210 Taikang Road Shanghai, 200025 P.R.C.


10. JungleFish Shanghai

Junglefish Shanghai Co. Ltd is also one of the best mark designers located in Shanghai. They have an agency studio at Jungle Fish Shanghai Ltd Office number 1A, Anken Life Building, 655 Chang Hua Road, Jing An District, zip code 200041.

For those who want to make a phone call first to book a consultation schedule, please call +86 21 6155 9800. What makes it unique is that this international design consultancy in Shanghai is in charge of brand communication.

Many clients trust Junglefish Shanghai because this Shanghai design is believed to have objectives in market-focused brand strategy. With services such as Chinese naming, Chinese logo design, and visual identity to Chinese elements in logo designers in Shanghai.

Many awards have been won by Junglefish Shanghai, such as the Platinum C.R.S. Award 2019, APAC Transform Award, the Top 10 Design Firm, and many more. Just use the Junglefish service and get the benefits right away.


11. MOSO Branding & Creative

Business interests are indeed the most important, and this makes us always believe that MOSO branding & Creative is the solution for digital marketing needs. MOSO Branding & Creative is one institution that has been operating for a long time as well.

As an agency engaged in branding & creativity, their special values are brand planning, brand strategy, and brand communication. They also provide brand innovation for all forms of unique, impactful campaigns.

MOSO branding & Creative is a logo designer in Shanghai headquartered at 05-115 WeWork, No. 500 Guangdong Rd. World Trade Tower, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China. You can also email them by contacting


12. QPSoftware

QPSoftware can also be a solution for those of you who can't find a mark designer's service in Shanghai. Located at No. 288 Yuyao Road, Room 406, Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality 2000000 tower, of course, you can easily reach there.

Getting high reviews makes QPSoftware Web Agency a very growing business. Over the last ten years, logo designers in Shanghai have been known for their web agency. In various sectors, they are also primarily engaged in digital projects.

QPSoftware has been in this field for more than ten years. There is no limit to big or small projects; that's a distinct advantage. So, for more details, see logo designers on Shanghai's official website at


13. Melo & Yan Design

If you are in Shanghai and want a logo design, then please visit They speak Chinese, English, and Italian, so this is what makes the projects in the portfolio look diverse and interesting.

Melo & Yan Design was founded in 2016 and can work remotely across the globe. You can also contact Melo and Yan via the email platform You can also call 0086 186 2116 2507 or WeChat Void_bottle.

Melo & Yan Design has a variety of works, and you can see them directly from Wan Ping Nan Lu, WanTiGuan, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000 is a place to visit when going for a consultation.


14. UNIC

UNIC Group covers a large panel of services and primarily engages in visual effects and animation for a luxury experience. UNIC's Shanghai office is at 135 Yanping Road, Building 2, 2nd Floor, Shanghai 210000, China.

UNIC speaks Chinese, English, French, and Russian, and they were founded in 2016. For other details about UNIC, you can contact their email listed on the website, but don't forget to include a precise email address.

This Shanghai logo designer will always provide what you need in terms of marketing and branding. As this Is the essential part of the business, meaning whatever the strategy is, the mark will be recognized. And afterward, UNIC is the solution.


15. European Sign Company Limited

It is a private company limited by shares with an alternative legal name in Z.H. Their jurisdiction is Hong Kong, with the dissolution date reaching 25 September 2015. And although it is an incorporated dissolved company limited by shares too.

Their details are on the European Sign Company Limited company located at Headquarters in Shanghai then made this one of the most attractive choices in the modern era of the logo sketch industry for logo designers in Shanghai.

Logo designers are indeed not very vital in Shanghai's small businesses, as the citizens there tend to buy and get services from what they used to get. But if you want to have an advanced business, the European Sign Company Limited is the answer.



Final Words

The new mark design must directly reflect your brand. Enhance the ability first to make a solid first impression, and first pieces of branding potential encounters are a means for brand identity. Understanding the audience is the key to creating a great logo.

However, the actual logo designers and mark sketches cannot be made haphazardly. Many factors will determine the quality of the design. Connecting the logo with the customer or audience means that the market used in that sector is more mature.

Making a logo also determines the position of a business in the industry and competition. Accurately, mark creation reflects the business' unique story and important details about that kind of sector. So do not be surprised if the logo has a unique story that is also long.

Being different is the key to making a memorable presentation of your business. Try to find different colors, styles, fonts, and formats, even though this is a risk to your mark. Logo designers in Shanghai should also know everything about the logo.