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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Guangzhou that You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Guangzhou that You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Guangzhou?
Here are some of the be st designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Building a solid brand strategy is one of the main tasks of logo designers in Guangzhou. When using their services, they are also advised to know some additional elements that can be included so that this logo can become an identity for the business.

There are lots of businesses growing in Guangzhou. This business must also develop to keep up with the current development of Guangzhou, which is getting faster over time. If there is an error in logos consulting, this can damage the image of the business.

In addition, the role of the logo is as a solid brand strategy, so there needs to be a special team engaged in elaboration and research related to company niches, peculiarities, advantages, weaknesses, and creative design levels of a business.

As for other logo designers, the branding of a company is quite difficult to predict its work quality. Still, maintaining the various experiences and relevant rankings is the most important thing.

As we mentioned earlier, Guangzhou is one of the fastest-growing industrial centers in China. As a massive city, local Guangzhou brand design Guangzhou creative agencies must work in a broader environment, especially in today's digital marketing era.

To find a branding agency in Guangzhou, popular beliefs say that one of the most critical skills is in all forms of detail. Obsessive inspection with GZ business must be maintained, and the in-demand brand identity component must be leveled up now.

In the last paragraph, we mentioned that one of the most critical aspects of brand design and strategy is to follow orders from local branding. Brand name, theme line, color palette, typography, to supporting graphics can be provided by these logos designers:


1. Comunicare Marketing 360

The first agency we recommend for those who want to use the services of logo designers in Guangzhou is Communicare Marketing 360. This company has been operating since 2009 and has been the background to the success of 150 projects.

Seven collaborations can be done simultaneously, with 27 people working in one team. They work remotely across the globe, so Guangzhou also gets its share. What makes it great is their communication skills.

Comunicare Marketing 360 is one of the best supported by their ability to communicate in Mandarin. This, however, has become a plus point in making it easier to adapt to the wishes of the Chinese population that needs logo designers.

The average pay for each project is around 1000 Euros, which is quite reasonable. Especially for a modern design studio, they present everything essential for developing the GZ business logo into what it is today.


2. Prismalia

Prismalia is more focused on the interests of Web Creation and Digital Marketing. But this focus is not why Prismalia does not try other sectors; they also focus on digital marketing in general design.

Prismalia has 23 people on their team; on average, they can speak all languages. One hundred seventeen projects are in their portfolio, which may add up over time. This Guangzhou creative studio has also operated remotely across the globe since it was first founded.

Prismalia also entered into logos design in logo designers in Guangzhou because of her skills in realizing visual communication with customers. Founded in 2019 and 2022, it has received a lot of appreciation from creative media and online advertising.

Prismalia is also one of the winners of the Google Ads Certification. And from the comments of users of digital marketing services or GZ Business, Prismalia's work is considered one of the best, with a 5-star rating out of 5.


3. Feel and Slic

Feel and Slic is an online advertising platform and creative studio based in France. They are a UI and UX agency that has served 150 projects. And since 2008, Feel and Slic have been one of the studios with the most awards for best logo designers in Guangzhou.

They have received three awards, and collaboration is urgently needed to make the 30 members of this team grow. Rating 5 out of 5 is also still achieved. Website and logo design are a few of their skills, but the main thing is innovation.

The awards that Feel and Slic have won are those given by Sortlist as one of the best logo designers based in Guangzhou. There is also a domestic title from Le Groupe LA Poste in 2016 and a Strategy title at the end of 2020.

For details on the location of Feel and Chic, you can visit 91 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, 75008, Paris, France. But if you look at their official website at, there are many Creative Agencies scattered in many areas of Guangzhou.


4. Pure Black Studio

Just like Feel and Clic, which is a studio that operates online. However, the pure black studio is said to have plans to expand its business to the Asian area, especially China, and it is most likely in Guangzhou.

Pure Black Studio has its headquarters in France; as many as eight people work as a team here. They tend to speak English, French, and Chinese. One hundred fifty projects are in their portfolio sheet, and 11 results from collaboration with Sortlist.

They work remotely across the globe and have been operating since 2005. Apart from logo designers in Guangzhou, Pure Black Studio also serves interests such as Website Creation, Graphic designing, Digital Strategy, Content strategy, and Ads.

For location details of Pure Black Studio, you can visit their official website at Apart from that, you also need to see their official portfolio.


5. Hello Pomelo

With project costs reaching 1000 Euros each, you will have a lot of expectations from here. However, all your expectations will not be in vain because Hello Pomelo will make it happen with the work of 62 creative people, including the logo designers in the Guangzhou team.

Hello Pomelo has been involved in 125 works in website creation. Not only in the website system but also in the overall design of their logos. And lucky for people who can use design services from Hello Pomelo.

They have won 11 awards, although they can still be classified as new designers. Hello Pomelo has won titles such as Meilleure Satisfaction Client Sortlist, Best Tech Companies FW500, and Developpeur de Lannee and has become a logo designer in Guangzhou.

In addition, the titles they received again were top 20 b2b companies France 2022, full agency design in terms of UX and UI, Expert Data, Professional Scrum product owner, Prix RSE IDF, Meilleure Agence Mobile Application, UX Design, and Agence Web.


6. BBS

Thirty people have joined BBS, a strategic number for logo designers in Guangzhou. You should check out BBS because its designs are more modern and meaningful than others.

No wonder BBS asks for a higher fee of around 2000 Euros per project. One hundred nineteen works have also been included for website creation purposes as a portfolio consideration. BBS itself has a good designer in logos.

They work remotely across the globe, but this does not rule out the possibility that they have won 9 titles since being founded in 2008. You can get other details after visiting the site, and you can also visit Instagram from BBS.


7. GrowthYouNeed

Still, in the creative agency business, GrowthYouNeed is guaranteed to fulfill everything you need. This digital agency is even guaranteed to have better skills in realizing all client needs, especially in logos.

GrowthYouNEed is relatively new to the agency studio world because it has only completed four works in website creation, despite the high project fees. From this media agency, what can be shown are things that are relevant to GZ.

GZ business usually doesn't want to deal with anything complicated. And what will be their consideration is none other than the awards they have won. This agency has collected as many as six awards since its founding in 2017.

Nineteen projects are in their portfolio, and they are still working remotely to serve what GZ citizens need. Thirty-two members are also ready to provide services to clients who want to get online advertising from the 15 logo designers in Guangzhou.


8. Flying Saucer Studio

Flying Saucer Studio, a name that still sounds foreign to you? However, this studio is arguably one of the best in the creative world. With 23 people in their team, this is enough to complete 89 works in their creation.

A flying saucer has received 27 ratings; from there, it still ranks 5th on the list. So this is also a plus point for the studio, including those of you who want to learn more about the modern creative world.

Flying Saucer Studio is claimed to use the GZ business background to consider what they need for business purposes and what they don't need. But for logos designing, you should follow their direct training more.

Flying saucer studio has received several titles, such as Hub stop Agency Parent, Webby Award Winer, FWA, and many more. To ensure you get complete detailed information, visit the site


9. Arcane Marketing

Arcane Marketing is in the Guangzhou Division and was founded in 2015. Their annual revenue has reached 3 million to 5 million USD. The price offered to use their services is relatively low, with stunning results.

It has 30 employees and makes it 100+ clients who visit every day with a retention rate of 98. SEO, Local SEO, PPC, web design, and logo design in Guangzhou are just a few of the expertise of this firm.

This creative studio also operates universally and can be reached via dial-up or telephone at 208 938 5998. Nathan Hawkes is considered a success for bringing Arcane Marketing to a high level of logo designers in Guangzhou and as needed.

Arcane Marketing is guaranteed to provide the best design results according to the client's wants. If you expect a revision, they provide a free option up to 3 times. But rarely anyone uses the revision service of their team.


10. Appeon Corporation

Appeon Corporation is the same, using the skills of a full-time employer to produce extraordinary results. Using various options or tools is also one of its characteristics. Appeon Corporation is guaranteed not to break expectations in the design world.

Appeon Corporation is also in the top 15 logo designers in Guangzhou because its total customers have reached 78 with a retention rate of 93. Low prices are one of the main reasons why people keep choosing Appeon Corporation.

SEO, Web Development, and Web Design are secondary works of this creative media. Overall, people give Appeon a high rating, which is 98%. If you want to visit the appeal corporation, you can see details at


11. UWeb

The Uweb is also a reasonable option for purchasing and utilizing creative media. GZ business is advised to know what the web is. Uweb itself is a business institution that has been operating since 2011 for logo designers.

Uweb also has a large number of employees and is one of the intense media performers. With the number of clients reaching 78 daily, the retention rate is 85%. But this is not because of the poor quality, but because of the price.

Overall, people put a figure of 96% for their work, which is a high number. Uweb is also one of the best Guangzhou logo designers. Users of their service will never regret it.

Uweb has a website,, and there are already available various creative works that have been made by designers there. Those of you who want to convince yourself to look for media and studios may be able to visit the site first and find the answer!


12. TryaoSoft Limited

Tryaosoft Limited has solid experience. As software companies, what they are dedicated to is presenting concepts with technology. Of all the business objectives, logo designers in Guangzhou Tryaosoft can present them.

With custom software development as well which then provides its own experience and satisfaction. In other words, the efficient project implementation at a lower cost with high quality. They also always use the best tools.

GZ business should also be familiar with Tryaosoft because it has been operating for a long time. We can say that their use of technology is one of the best and stands at the top among logo designers.

Tryaosoft Limited is headquartered in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. For those who want to access the site online, you can visit Contact details and consultations are also included on the site.


13. Langevision

Langevision is one of China's most innovative and dedicated video commercial companies. Based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and Guangzhou, China, they provide exciting, robust, creative, and practical solutions for all marketing communication needs.

Founded in 1997, Langevision has been known to specialize in 3 areas, namely logos design, product photography, and packaging production. Langevision offers other services, such as design and printing, and a new service, namely video production.

The Langevision website can be visited at It contains many portfolios, contacts, and consulting sections. Langevision is located on the 8th floor, #2 building, Invengo Tech Park, Tongguan Road, Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangzhou.



As one of the top 15 logo designers in Guangzhou, 68web has to be one of the most conscientious in the industry. Its location is in Guangzhou, Guangdong, and it has become one of the most developed in this modern era with high revenue.

Founded in 2007, has revenue reaching 5 million to 10 million USD. This is also because GZ business uses their services a lot. If you want to try a consultation, please call +86 020 8754 5320 on behalf of Bing Wang.

With more than 30 employees, they can serve as many as 54 customers daily. A high price doesn't mean a low retention rate. It even passed 90%; to be precise, it was at 92% for creative business purposes.


15. Guangzhou Nasack Web Design Studio

You should be familiar with Natick. You can visit the website at; these have become creative houses in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. They use imported printing machines for the best quality logo designers in Guangzhou.

Eighty-two logo designers can complete any logo design in Guangzhou Natick. So if you want something fresh for your business, Nasack is the key and the answer. The corporate logos will be one of the most investment-able ones.

Logo, Catalog, and Packaging are one unit here, and you will find a wide variety of businesses. Something new in the logos will be realized in the logo. Original graphic design with preparation from logo designers can be learned here.

Their email is, WeChat on Nasack, and Call on +86 20 298 069 09. The owner is Kevin Chan, and the location is Nasack Solutions CO., Ltd. For their service, there is also no doubt how good the quality is.


Final Words

It is crucial in this information era to understand what potential clients want. This is also a communication skill, and it turns out that conducting a company's message to its customers can only be done through logo design.

However, Guangzhou logo design is often hampered by creativity problems. We insist that it is possible to find a design Guangzhou Creative Agency for logo creation for business purposes. And this also has a high demand from the Guangzhou public.

Logo Designers work more and more as time goes by. Nobody's task gets any more accessible, and everyone seems to have realized that. Interior designers to home designers should also be familiar with visual communication.

With the designing communication Guangzhou Creative Media Agencies, corporate designers have understood their specializations and focus. Logos design is commonly associated with logo designers in Guangzhou, and this is the information you need to check the details first.