10 Tips To Create A Good Minimalist Logo Design

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Simple and minimalism come in very subtle and similar terminology. Both are made to highlight the visual style, which is likely to make a timeless sense making an art project feel more impactful and memorable. The said situation is the key and a great point that can be used in crafting a logo. Thus, bringing the sense of minimalist logo design. 

The power of minimalism itself goes beyond the visual. The minimalist design emphasized creating a maximum impact with less complex detailing, which is in line with the idea of creating a logo design. Some famous companies also have it implemented on their logomark and sign, such as Adidas or Nike. 

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While minimalism and simplicity are not synonymous terms, it is safe to say that the two are heavily related to each other. Most minimalist imagery and logos are direct toward simple design, shedding every excessive attribute and paying attention to giving a direct impression to the audience. 

The tendency to work with simplicity makes the logo design process easier to achieve. It also includes how some of the key creations highlight the use of simple and low styling with maximum impact. It goes with the idea that a simpler minimalist logo and imagery is easier to remember, timeless, versatile, and more communicative. 

But it does not make the process of creating a good minimalist logo design easier. Some aspects should be considered, which you can find in the following tips in the crafting process. It goes with a special mention about the use of shapes, lines, imagery, spaces, fonts, layout, or styling. But, be sure to make every logo element simple and direct. 

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10 Tips To Create A Good Minimalist Logo Design

  1. Stay With Geometric Shapes 
  2. Experiment with Lines and Squiggles 
  3. Provide The Spaces Wisely
  4. Keep Everything Simple 
  5. Use A Minimalist Font & Typography 
  6. Using A Subtle Elements
  7. Utilize Color And Symbolism  
  8. Try Using A Retro Style 
  9. Pay Attention On The Layout & Grid
  10. Keep On Practice


1. Stay With Geometric Shapes 

One of the keys to the minimalist approach is the use of geometry. In many cases, the design will tend to avoid illustrative approaches that are likely to make the imagery look too much. That is why some simple geometric shapes can turn into the key and solution to minimalism. To support the idea, developers also need to work with composition and proportion. 

The simple and minimalist shape can turn into a pitfall if the creator cannot make it more attractive, and the solution is the composition. Take an example of using the circle, which is pretty common in logo design projects. It provides a very easy approach, is quicker to adapt, and works with varying companies' vibes. 

Created by Raz Keren | https://www.behance.net/gallery/142005033/The-Green-Dot

But to avoid boring looks, designers can also implement the golden ratio rule as its composition. It means you are not only putting the circle in the middle. Instead, you are trying to put it where the audiences will look at it. Creators can also use the rule of the third to realize the idea of minimalist logo design. 

In many ways, geometric shapes are also made out of varying options. With creativity, one can make a fancy, unique, or memorable logo with some simple shapes. Those basic shapes include circles, rectangles, squares, triangles, and ellipses. Along with the composition, playing with other attributes such as color and fonts will complete the minimalist design. 

Created by Yana Ivanova | https://www.behance.net/gallery/140886111/Matcha-tea-logo-design


2. Experiment with Lines and Squiggles 

Similar to shapes, it is also possible to approach minimalist imagery with lines and squiggles. The idea of using or crafting squiggles can be a bit more complex and challenging in the making. However, using lines or squiggles is also an option and tip that allows more creativity. Designers can incorporate the lines to resemble an object, action, or optional illusion. 

For a logo design, adding lines and squiggles can turn into more modern imagery that fits with the current trend. Even with current trends and popular ideas, the vast possibilities of squiggles design make it a unique addition to a minimalist approach. It can create a stylish context, an edgy look, a simple concept, and unique visual thinking. 

Created by Aleksey Busygin | https://www.behance.net/gallery/109227201/Technopodium

The best example is Nike's logo design. The idea behind its simple intake of checkmarks makes a memorable logomark. There are also varying designs in the health and medical industry which use the lines to replicate the heart line imagery. It is not only a minimalist logo design visual but also the best representation of the industry.  

At some point, the uses of lines are not only limited to sharp straight lines and boring imagery. Some creative industries can also use more unique lines with irregular weight, curves, or twists. The minimalist ability to take any form makes it possible to create exclusive designs, making it more memorable imagery in the industry. 

Created by Lipon Rayhan | https://www.behance.net/gallery/134813099/Tradex-Modern-logo-and-Brand-Identity-design


3. Provide The Spaces Wisely

Logo design and other familiar projects will always pay attention to the uses of spaces. The spaces refer to the white space or the negative space. To make a minimalist approach, the spacing aspect will directly or indirectly affect the process and the overall look. All goes to the fact that the simplistic design is always paying attention to a clear and easy-to-look factor. 

That is why white space or any space on the logo is part of the central elements. The ideation on the logo is pretty similar to the meaning of minimalism itself, which is about the space between objects. The clean aesthetic and the easier-to-look-at model should be the key to the space usage on the logo. Thus, be careful about incorporating the white space. 

To create the desired minimalist logo design, designers need to keep the element and the space in a friendly, spacious, and airy feel on the project. The main key and model is to keep everything looking well put together, avoiding the sense of being too busy and cramped. There is also potential to ensure the space gives a sense and essential addition to the imagery. 

Created by Andrey Tifanof | https://www.behance.net/gallery/115411207/AVANTGUARD


4. Keep Everything Simple 

Keeping everything simple should be one of the first things every designer needs to note. The idea of simplicity and the minimalist idea is pretty close to each other. That is why some logo design that composes the vibe will likely work with everything in the simplest way possible. However, it does not mean the project will lack some details. 

The key to a simple and minimalist model comes from avoiding too many details and seeking fewer elements in the project. Shedding the excessive elements and focusing on creating the real deal is the key. It helps avoid crowding and clunky design on the logo. In the end, working with simple and minimalism keeps the project looking professional and easier to remember.  

Created by MEDUZZA | https://www.behance.net/gallery/143878531/Modelari-Odontologia

Keeping it simple is not only about the elements. Some logos might have a pretty unique color pick, but it also comes with proper balance. In other words, when one aspect comes as more, the other should be lessened. Put an example of working with vibrant imagery; the typography or the layout should balance it out with fewer frank details. 

Working with simple and minimalist logo design also comes with the most basic works. Many will say that it is best to stick with the brand's primary color and some fundamental elements. Sometimes, the famous work out there still fancy the use of simple black and white design. That is why a good design for a logo is simply everything that works. 

Created by Symbol Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/86370161/FreshBrands


5. Use A Minimalist Font & Typography 

As simple is one of the keys of minimalist design, the idea goes to every part of the logo's elements. It includes the typography, which can turn out as the company's name or the letter mark design on the logo. Font design plays a major role in a logotype, which can make or ruin the work itself. It is especially true for creators that are looking for a minimalist approach. 

The font itself has the power to enact and bring the needed vibe, model, or ideation. It is because typography comes in various styles, models, and usage. Some come with the most versatile usages, and some have a simple and definite application. Take an example of the casual Comic Sans, which is associated with a young and fun vibe. 

Created by Tu Nga Nguyen | https://www.behance.net/gallery/126053101/Blue-Core-surf-dive-fish-rebranding

It will be different for font and typeface that goes in the same line as Times New Romans. The serif, sans serif, or the script can also be brought out a different sense of feeling, which should be related to the company brand. In other words, make sure the logo design font signify can represent the brand. 

But to encapsulate the minimalist style, designers need to use a recognizable typeface. IT can be something simple, casual, or custom font. The key is to fully embrace the brand's identity, pick fonts that can showcase the personality, and play with the spaces. It is best to work around the letter forms, which is the easier approach to making a custom font. 

Created by Rafael Silveira | https://www.behance.net/gallery/131542215/Conta-48-Brand-Identity


6. Using A Subtle Elements

Minimalist logo design also comes with more subtle imagery. It has similar principles in almost every other aspect, which should be made with simple ideation on the canvas. In this case, subtle imagery can appear in many forms, including using the most subtle, relatable, but also simple imagery of the company or brand industry. 

Being subtle refers to the ability to make a logo or a design that is more delicate and precise. In other words, the project should encompass less frantic ideas. Making the minimalist design easier to understand with a more direct approach to the presentation. In logo design, the option can appear as working with a letterform or icon. 

Created by Walter Mattos | https://www.behance.net/gallery/110145561/Five-Acts

It is also part of the branding strategy, in which the design highlights the sense of being recognizable and memorable. The subtle imagery of the minimalist attraction also prevents the chance to confuse the audience with others. That is why being unique but direct is a key to simple minimalist work. 

To achieve it, one can start by incorporating some fundamental imagery and icons. It is also better to consider wordmark-type logo design and use familiar shapes, objects, signs, or letters. After that, it is possible to alter the design and make the logo more personal. Sometimes it does not need many aspects since the idea of minimalist work is similar to the" less is more" concept.  

Created by Eduardo Grunow | https://www.behance.net/gallery/127208959/Facto-Brand-Design


7. Utilize Color And Symbolism  

As color and symbolism come along as an identity, logo creators should pay attention to this element. Many will say that going for simple and minimalist will restrict the idea of using color. However, color selection can contribute to brand recognition and logo design effectiveness. It is also considered one of the hacks for creating more subtle imagery. 

When taking color and symbolism on the minimalist logo design, one should consider the meaning and the representative vibe. It is best to learn about color psychology as well as usage. Take an example of green as the best representation of nature and calm. Combined with leaves symbol or imagery, the simple intake has fully embraced the botanical industry. 

Created by Taymoor Ilyas | https://www.behance.net/gallery/131375839/Planalize

By no means symbols and colors are the must-have attributes for any logo. There are plenty of minimalistic logos that fully embrace them entirely, bringing a more personal and direct approach to the imagery. However, it is always best to stay with the simpler model and make sure both elements work together. 

The addition of using smart color and symbolism is a mesmerizing visual and unique identity. There are many models out there that are not afraid of making changes and use some minimalist intake by playing with color. Take an example of Spotify with its green and soundwave symbol. It perfectly generates the idea of fresh, modern, and positive music services it serves. 

Created by HAUS studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/115019369/Liggo-identity


8. Try Using A Retro Style 

If it is too complex to work with some symbolism, imagery, and color, going with the retro style can be a great solution for the creation. Retro is one of the great arrays of minimalist logo design styles found in the market. It has a lot of aspects that combine varying fundamental design elements to make a more significant work.

In this 80s-style design, some of the key elements include working with sepia color, neon shades, outer circle, emblem, and text. The styling can offer the classic simple and minimal logo design models, which also start to get more attention from the current generation. There are also a plethora of trends and smart uses of shapes that can be a great inspiration.  

Created by iframe design studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/108385239/Folk-Local-Street-Food


9. Pay Attention On The Layout & Grid

As much as simple and minimalists pay attention to the attribute, designers also need to pay attention to the layout and composition. The layout can also relate to the use of space and position, which can either showcase the minimalist feel or make the logo look exhausting. The answer to how to make a minimalist logo should be around minimal layout design. 

To make that minimal layout, the company and designer might have to omit some aspects or work with certain variations of the logo. Take an example of creating a black and white version, the icon only, text only, or the altered design to complement the different versions of mediums. With a minimalist design, companies can utilize empty spaces.  

Created by Walter Mattos | https://www.behance.net/gallery/144925981/rede-arquitetos


10. Keep On Practice

Even with the varying possible design and approaches, the idea of keeping minimalist can get rather complicated. The design may look simple, but the less is more, the concept can complicate some planning and identity elements. Minimalizing and simplifying some aspects might also come with some errors, missing details, or models. That is why creation takes practice. 

To make it easier to make a minimalist logo design, one can keep in mind some of the fundamental elements of the design. The basic shape, image, lining, styling, color, and others can help achieve the idea. There are also a good number of options out there that help add some significant inspiration on how to approach the minimalist style. 

Created by Jessica Strelioff | https://www.behance.net/gallery/145663009/Kenchi


Final Words

Minimalist logos come along as one of the ways to bring the simple design to the place. Aside from its long various benefits, the use of the logo design can turn into a memorable, catchy, appealing, and clean work for the human eyes. It is one of the biggest tricks in branding and company identity making, especially for crowded businesses. 

The emblem should complement the idea of a simple and minimalist style. It includes determining and working with some elements, which highlight a quick, simple, and easy-to-remember attribute. The attributes themselves include picking some simple shapes, lines, squiggles, symbolism, and color palette. 

Created by Maro Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/136354183/TechTronic

In one way or another, the idea of minimalist logo design should pinpoint the simple characteristics. Thus, many aspects of the imagery will come as the modest, unassuming model. It goes to every aspect and attribute, including the pick of fonts and styling (such as the vintage model). At the end of the day, creating a minimalist design demands proper practice. 

Creating and working with a minimalist design can take quite a lot of practice, including working and crafting one. Even with the simple-looking logo, the process can take time and a large amount of fair research. The key of the simple work can be seen as focusing on creating imagery, which develops a direct communication with the audience with unique and limited attributes in it.  

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