30 Best Beauty Product Logo Designs That You Should Check

Created by Michell Wu -

Creating an attractive logo is a crucial starting point if you're looking to start your beauty brand. Whether you create skincare, hair, or nail products, a stunning logo will help sell your brand and products in the long run. With the proper design, you'll be able to communicate not just about your business does bus also your value, personality, and what feeling or vibe you want to make your customers capture. Here are some of the best beauty product logos to benchmark!


1. Ourganic

Created by Farhan irrfan



Created by Rakesh Khilare


3. Flor

Created by Amr Elwan


4. You

Created by Omar Gomaa


5. Mabige

Created by Hakan Eritir


6. Moon

Created by Olivier Segers



Created by Lucas Vizzotto


8. Aro Skincare

Created by Alexandra Nolot


9. NaBe

Created by Persona Office


10. Aware

Created by studio le_m


11. amade

Created by Olya Maklakova


12. Solis

Created by Gaia Bonetti


13. Leal

Created by Carina Frey


14. Flare

Created by Many-Minded Human


15. BO&CO

Created by Marisa Sorto


16. Aceskin

Created by David Eltino


17. Forestica

Created by Rakshana Vaseegaraan


18. AMNA

Created by Abdullahi Lawal Matazu


19. Human Factor Skincare

Created by DUE quattro


20. Et Toi

Created by Quiet Mind


21. Aluna - Beauty & Spa

Created by Brint Nguyen


22. blumin

Created by Susi Sánchez


23. Solaria

Created by Michell Wu


24. KLORE - Skincare cosmetic

Created by tince. studio


25. lelive

Created by Marnus Meyer



Created by Alena Koroleva


27. Agache

Created by Antonio Stojceski


28. Adama

Created by Anagrama Studio


29. Terrapi

Created by THIS IS TINGE


30. Jurlique AWE

Created by Visual State


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The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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